Game of Thrones || The Direwolves

Game of Thrones || The Direwolves

It’s a direwolf. There are no direwolves south of the Wall. Now there are five. Lord Stark. There are five pups, one for each of the Stark children. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. You will train them yourselves. Nymeria, gloves. Stay, Lady. You’ll feed them yourselves, and if they die, you will bury them yourselves. We found no trace of the direwolf, Your Grace. Go! Leave, now! So be it. We have another wolf. No, not Lady. Lady didn’t bite anyone, she’s good! Lady wasn’t there! What about you? And what do they say of Robb Stark in the North? These are my terms… I’m not a Stark. Rickon! They call him the Young Wolf. I will litter the South with Lannister dead. The runt of the litter… …that one’s yours, Snow. Ghost? What’s wrong? They say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf. My dreams are different. Mine are true. A wolf is more appropriate for you than a bear. You must be Summer. The wolf is of the North. She deserves better than a butcher. Come here. Nymeria, it’s me. Arya. I missed you, boy. I can’t do it by choice… …it happens in my dreams. You’re a warg, Bran. It’s in your blood. There sits the only king I mean to bend my knee to. The King in the North! Farewell, Snow. And you, Stark. *Grey Wind snarls, then whimpers* Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding. He is the White Wolf. The King in the North!

73 thoughts on “Game of Thrones || The Direwolves

  1. Your videos never cease to amaze me, now no matter how strange it may sound to say this, thank you Lord Baelish

  2. Very good video again! Love the direwolves, especially Ghost! I'm hoping to see him again in Season 8. #freeghost 🖤

  3. You have enough clips for the direwolf but not king Robert I know you have the gendry one with him but a solo tribute would be awesome

  4. I just had to tell publicly what I think of this and all your other videos. I am astounded by the quality of them. I cannot think of how they could be improved. Why try to better the best ?

  5. direwolves>dragons
    and I hate how show minimizes their bond with the Stark children, warging. Even Jon’s resurrection without losing his humanity could be explained by him warging into Ghost when he was stabbed instead of fire magic shit.

  6. As soon as I emotionally recover from game of thrones another one of these videos come out. Great job by the way

  7. Greeaaaat video ! Just amazing, i really love it. You chose well the music. Vraiment superbe as we could say in french

  8. Omg I love your video very much, it made me cry. Thank you for bringing back thoese memorises
    And sorry for my English

  9. My, no, no, no!!! Stop!!! (no, don't stop!) But have you no mercy??? This music With the Direwolves??? I'm gonna drown in my own tears 😭😭😭
    Amazing job, great video!!!

  10. A tribute to dire wolves and all animal companions everywhere. I totally loved this video. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself. 💕

  11. Wow! You're very talented on your video edits, scene choosing and song pairing. Great job, as these videos have kept my full attention and the emotion in the realm.

  12. Ppl die in GoT, 'aw that's sad', A direwolf dies, "NOOOO FKN WAYY… WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I CAN'T BREATHE… cries for hours "

  13. Finally 4 the Direwolves awesome animals 2 bad so 😭 some live&die great portrayal of these howling beast's FANGS 2 you ✌️ out

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