Gaetz explains why he voted with Dems on War Powers resolution

Gaetz explains why he voted with Dems on War Powers resolution

100 thoughts on “Gaetz explains why he voted with Dems on War Powers resolution

  1. Hey Matt. You just showed you're a brainless turnip. Side with Dems on anything and just got played. Good luck in Primary.

  2. It was a CR Concurrent Resolution —-no power or force of law behind it. Political grandstanding. Why would Gaetz go along with this? He's been compromised. Another one bites the dust and gets revealed.

  3. You can't run a country, a company, a kitchen, a cleaning crew etc. by committee. There is only 1 leader. Matt, you've disqualified yourself for any leader position. Pity, you are so young.

  4. I like Representative Gaetz, but he is wrong about the elimination of Soleimani being an act of war, rather a military operation. The President does not need the approval of Congress to neutralize an enemy of mankind. Final analysis: If Soleimani was in Iran, he would not have been a target.

  5. UP NEXT: SENATE DEBATES: “Is it unconstitutional to follow the constitution?”

  6. Looking at the comments, it appears many people are unable to see the bigger picture like Matt clearly did. The resolution made restrictions on the executive branch now and in the future, meaning that future presidents would be limited regardless of party affiliation. This would be an extra check and balance against the US getting themselves into extended wars. It's bigger than the Democrats vs. President Trump and that's what Rep. Gaetz saw.

  7. Congressman thanks for explaining that.
    Explaining what? He just spent 4 minutes talking gibberish.
    You have lost my support!

  8. He spoke to potus AFTER the vote. That's all you need to know.

    Gaetz: You mad at me? 😥

    Potus: Nah but you should've talked to me BEFORE the vote 😒

  9. What do they have on you Mr. Gaetz ? It must be huge to make you start undermining your President and his team's decisions. After all you know exactly what is going on against your President and country by the Democrats and you do not get to use those who died fighting for their country to justify your vote. This was not a vote to fix anything , it was a vote to undermine President Trump and you knew it.

  10. Why is Nancy Pelosi allowed to double talk in a Tucker interview??!

    Wait, What? That wasn't Nancy?

    Oooops, I didn't have my glasses on and only heard the (predictable) Swamp spin attempting to justify their actions as the draining continues; exposing the more cleverly disguised.

  11. Matt is doing a huge disservice for the solidarity of his party and Trump. His vote is inconsequential but the optics are really bad. I like Gaetz and I’m going to give him another chance.

  12. It's been need congress approval to go war. This vote is to limit President make any decision for protecting American from Irania regime. Come on Matt, you should be smarter than that. But yet you side and bow to Pelosi. Shame on you 🙄 🙄

  13. It's a non-binding political move, Matt so why try to stir up trouble and give the Dems something to make a big issue about. If I was in Matt's state I would not vote for him.

  14. Matt Gaetz is part of the DEEP STATE!!He was appointed by OBAMA!He help HILLARY get elected!!And he also helped BIDEN!!

  15. The congress already has a say in extended periods like war.  Trump blew up a sand mite that was responsible for dead Americans, attacking our embassy and planning more attacks.  I was going to vote for you in 2024.  You may still have time to redeem yourself…

  16. Matt Gaetz, never try try to limit our presidents power. Especially when the swamp is doing it. America agrees it's time for action and not love.

  17. The War Powers Resolution has no teeth, it's a non-binding resolution. It was a political attack against President Trump taken by Pelosi. Matt Gaetz assisted Pelosi in this political attack against our president.

    Since this was purely symbolic, it was nothing more than an attack against Trump, and by voting with Pelosi, she now can say even Matt Gaetz was against President Trump.

    She will twist this until it's unrecognizable.

    Matt "The Moron" Gaetz is a dumb as he looks..

  18. Its so wonderful to look down at the comment's and see trumpturds turning on your own kind like the rabid bunch of snakes you all know you are.
    Score one for the Democrats!!!
    Suck it losers!! 🖕😎🖕

  19. Matt, what did anyone say to you or give you to vote that way? You're babbling did not impress anyone with real character. Judas was all about money also Matt.

  20. I still don't get it, but the Patriots are in control. Maybe there was a reason that we are yet to find out about. It doesn't really affect POTUS''s ability to carry out strikes, like he just did. Basically, I believe this 'resolution' is pointless and already covers what is in the Constitution. "Much ado about nothing" as Shakespeare wrote.

  21. Traitor, move to the Democrat party. This guy needs to be replaced. I knew he was a RINO when he was kissing up to Occasionally-Conscious.

  22. So he's passionate that the, do nothing to get paid, United States Congress must vote in order for the POTUS to declare war…..even though it already clearly states in the United States Constitution that Congress must agree in order to declare war. What are they going to vote on next? That women should have the right to vote? This is what our hard earned money is paying for and yes, the 3 Republicans should be ashamed they literally just agreed with a political ploy that is no more than the Dems misleading the American people. The sheep that believe every insanity the Dems utter actually believe that they just saved the world from Trump randomly declaring war on other countries! Nevermind Congress already held that power AND Trump never had any intention of declaring war! EVERY member of Congress should have voted no as it was A COMPLETELY USELESS WASTE OF PAPER!!!!

  23. Dont be fools. We need Gaetz. Nothing is wrong for voting for that bill. Its a good bill. Especially if the shoe was on the other foot. You'd be for it if Obama was president. Dont go and vote out people like Gaetz. That would be dumb. Its idiotic to always vote down party lines. He is showing he can think for himself.

  24. Aww man I like this guy. Not sure all the specifics here, but it feels like the wrong move to make. I think it is important for the parties to get along, but it's the wrong vote to cast considering the number of people in Congress, and the number of leaks there could be. Timing issues and secrecy issues could hamstring us

  25. What were you thinking Matt….. not a good move! Don’t tell me you are another Romney, Collins or Murkowski……Founding fathers did not have terrorists to deal with and sophisticated weaponry….Trump or any President, has to make split second decisions.

  26. Iran is every child ever. They keep pushing and pushing trying to figure out where the line is. All other world leaders and Americans former administration were the weak soft pained parents that let their little shits become little shits. Trump is the parent with a backbone that is going to draw a line and back it up.

    Give and inch they take a mile. Stop letting Iran walk all over everyone and draw a line and stand by it.


  28. Gaetz this is a sad moment for the Republicans. You ought to stand up and together with your party whether you like it or not.

  29. No licensed academics in politics= (the handling of the public's business). They have loyalty to clicks, and are programmed to think different than real world educated patriotic Americans who follow God and the Constitution with no agenda/lobby, ego driven ideology etc. Lawyers- bar license to 'practice' law, doctors licensed to practice medical ALL Great Britain/ UK origins/loyalty/programing – We freed ourselves and AMERICA was born. Now we vote for lessor of problems and lawyers debate, make laws and B.S. our rights away …simply read and follow the road map of government * THE CONSTITUTION of the U S.A..

  30. DUI Gaetz is another one of those spineless Republicans who kisses Trump's butt in public then bad mouths him in private.

  31. president Trump does not want war!! ..Biden signing documents for a war .. ..pelosi is a nut case ..she is now copying presidents speeches..

  32. All the comments be like:
    90%: Traitor! Not patriot! U fired!
    10%: Oh no! Maybe he will use his free will also for the impeachment vote!

  33. Congress needs to be cleaned before it can be exposed to military intelligence. If you can’t see that at this point, just walk away and watch some Netflix. Matt Gaetz can die slow. 😘

  34. It's Trump's decision not go to war, not because of pelosi's Resolution. If she is concerned about war, she has had many opportunities in her decades in Congress to address that issue, why now, because is political easy to paint Trump as a war monger now that he needs every resource on his side to shut down the largest sponsor of terrorism; as usual for the demonrats, it's nothing but a political stunt and the republicans may have played it pelosi's machinations.

  35. Now Matt is going to be forgotten Dems hate him for sucking trump off and Republicans hate him for using his brain one time

  36. You coward Matt Gaetz, Trump never declared war, he had a clear and present danger to Americans destroyed. And that is all he did. Ye of little faith, big talk with a knife in the back when Republicans are needed desperately to stay close-knit and work together. Are you going to be the traitor who votes for impeachment? We know you can't be trusted now. What kind of blackmail do they have on you? Mossad will prey on the weeklings and oops there you are. No wonder we hate this government and would be happy to see you all gone.

  37. President Trump is not pro war, Except for we are at war with terrorism. And the Constitution does States the president has the right to declare war for up to 30 days without king rational approval. President trump has shown restraint against Iran, But there comes a time with the bully when you say I'm not gonna take your crap anymore.

  38. People are entitled to make mistakes but he's got a lot to make up for this mistake hope he sees all these messages and know how people feel how about him voting with the Democrats

  39. Matt is a moron. If it was a act of war. The president Can do this. Then after 60 or 90 days. Congress votes. But it wasn't even a act of war.

  40. I'm ashamed any time someone votes the side of the Dumbocrats! Sugar coat it all you want, you are now one of "THEM"!

  41. Gaetz is lost. Bungler Bush Jr was re-elected and we were bombing the crap out of the ME 2years into his 1st term. The United States Congress has not formally declared war since World War II. Now Pelosi wants to MONITOR THE Commander and Chief?   Someone please kick her Royal delusional a$$ out of government.  By the way, who's monitoring Pelosi's spy ring in congress?

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