Hit Louisiana before dark tonight …Music playing… so we are in the downtown Baton Rouge
area we are gonna just do some exploring today check out what is in the area
specifically we’re going to go check out a battleship that is the USS Kidd and
then really just see what else there is in this particular area so stay tuned …Music playing… whose idea was it to visit the South in
the summer? Oh mine sorry. …Music playing… chicken wire it’s literally chicken wire no this this would be too like right
it’s like if a guy was stuck out there they’d have to put them in there do you
bring him in chicken wire but it’s literally chicken wire my guess is they
probably had this strap too because if you think about it if you’re out on a
ship in the middle of the ocean right and it’s doing this thing it’s pretty
easy to get his sea legs and fall down so my guess is they probably had these
straps on the back just to keep you from getting knocked off of a boat into the
water too having to calm myself down I’m having a
small panic attack in their struggle with claustrophobia and it was a little
tight tight and there’s airflow but you know tasty we just got done going
through the USS Kidd and it was a very fun experience
we were told when we first got on the ship that most of the ship is not been
modified at all so there’s definitely a lot of narrow passageways extremely
narrow stairs which just made it a very fun experience for us the other thing is
is this particular ship was one of the very first ships to have an ice cream
machine on board so that was definitely a very fun interesting fact about the
USS Kidd so if you are in the Baton Rouge area definitely a recommended
thing to go do especially if you have younger kiddos the history is great we
had a great history lesson as well is just part of our tour so definitely
recommend it …Music playing… so during our time here in Baton Rouge
we stayed at the Holiday KOA here in Baton Rouge Louisiana definitely was a great
experience the other nice thing about this KOA is they have a very nice pool
which we were here during the summer so it was pretty hot nice to be able to
cool off at the pool they have mini-golf they have a game room very nice just
shower area bathroom area laundry room overall we had a great experience here
there is a lot of other sites here on the property that do have a lot of shade
our particular site just did it so if you do choose to book here something to
be aware of maybe ask for a site or see if they have a site available that’s a
little bit more shaded as especially during the warmer months it does tend to
get pretty warm so you could always ask for that if you choose to stay here but
overall we really enjoyed our visit really appreciated out the staff was
super friendly definitely guided us right to our spot and overall great
experience here at the Baton Rouge holiday Kaley …Music playing… we’re leaving Dallas Texans to come out
here to Baton Rouge I was driving our Jeep which is the
vehicle that we’re towing in the battery light came on in the middle of rush hour
traffic in Dallas so we got into Baton Rouge the next day we pulled in about
two o’clock in the afternoon and just made a few phone calls to repair shops
that were in the area close to where we were staying at the campground here and
we found a repair shop that was called affordable auto in transmission here in
Denham Springs Louisiana they got us in right away took a look at it in
diagnosed a bad alternator they had the alternator replaced and the Jeep ready
to go just in a couple of hours time and got it back to us and the repair was
significantly less than what we know it would have cost us back home in Colorado …Music playing… you can see behind me the steamboat
NATCHEZ we got tickets for the lunch cruise so I’m super excited to be able
to have this experience with the kids jump on a riverboat never have been on a
riverboat before actually out on river so that should be a super fun and
exciting time and we’ll bring along you’re going to get on a steamship NATCHEZ we’re gonna go 50 miles down the
Mississippi River we’re gonna turn around we’re gonna come back so one punch this is a buffet, I’m glad it’s a buffet because we
just get to sit on people so we just got off the steamboat Natchez
and that was super super fun experience we had a very nice boat it was a buffet
style lunch very good food the crew was all just super super friendly there was
three different decks so we ate lunch on the middle deck and then there was
eating on the top deck of the bottom deck several bars give drink if you
want one or two to ice cream it was just a lot of fun and then a lot of good history too
they told us a lot about the history of the city river and the different sites
that we saw along the way the different boats that we passed things of that
nature so all in all it was a really fun tour the kids enjoyed it I enjoyed it so
highly recommend doing this particular scene boats or if you’re ever in the New
Orleans area …Music playing… I’m really excited to go to this Museum
because it’s mostly about World War two it has a huge airplane wing so let’s go
check it out so we are here at the World War II museum in New Orleans Louisiana
so this museum is one of the top-rated museums in the nation especially when it
comes to anything to do with World War II so we’re super excited to be able to
check it out and show you some of the stuff that we’re gonna check out today …Music playing… so one of the really cool things about
this museum is dog tag experience you get to select a character to follow
through World War II and they have stations throughout the museum where you
just tap your dog tag and it tells you more about the particular person that
follow …Music playing… so we just got done at the World War II
museum and boy do I have a lot of respect for not only our military but also just
for the strategy that our military leaders have had over the years in that
they obviously had during World War II so if you get a chance to visit the
World War II museum in New Orleans, I would definitely recommend it. I really love it. It was amazing I learned more
about it and it was pretty cool I give them guys 4 stars …Music playing… so we are here at Cajun encounters and
we’re gonna go get checked in so we can get on our tour …Music playing… guys that’s not real out there …Music playing… I got you I got you so we just got off
the tour boat here at Cajun encounters and it was a super super fun time we had
a great tour guide who is originally from this area Louisiana born and bred
just a true Cajun person that was able to fill us in on so much history just on
the ecology of the swamp the ecosystem the life cycle of alligators so much
knowledgeable information that was shared on this tour it just made it for
a wonderful wonderful experience the kids got a great education about the
swamp about the ecosystem just about everything that we experienced so
overall and that’s just a wonderful wonderful time and we really enjoyed our
visit would highly recommend this particular to her company the guides
were great definitely some fun banter that went on back and forth between the
guides as we passed other boats just a lot of jokes we laughed a lot it was
just a wonderful experience

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