From Poverty to King of Bling | House of Dang Episode 1

From Poverty to King of Bling | House of Dang Episode 1

-It’s really is dream
come true to me because I never, ever thought,
you know, a little boy, Vietnamese, came from Vietnam,
can be sitting here today. This is the American dream. ♪♪ -Diamond boy!
The real diamond boy. -Welcome to the club. What do you got to spend over
the dub, you heard me? -Yeah.
-And I’m King of the Grill. -Of course!
-Master. -We got he best grill master
right here in Houston. You know, people come from all
over the country, all over the world, really,
to come get a grill from Johnny. -Bing.
Let’s go. -Johnny God-Dang.
-Yes, sir! ♪♪ Astro World will be
this weekend, this Saturday. We got Astro World
diamond here, baby! Johnny Dang coming in,
King of Bling. My partner Paul Wall,
when I just came here, I barely speak English, Paul understand exactly
what I’m saying But another customer
didn’t understand at all. -Diamond Boyz, baby!
-Yes, sir! We’re here to see my boy,
Post Malone. Dropping off the Flawless Gang! [ Cellphone ringing ] Yo.
How you doing, man? -Good. What’s popping?
-Chilling. Hold on, I got to say hi
real quick to Travis Scott. -What’s up, G? Hey, you got to come
through, man. We haven’t seen you.
We haven’t seen you — We haven’t seen you
at any games, bro. -Yeah, I know.
I’m pulling up to the city. I’ll be there on Wednesday. -You ready for the weekend, man? -Y’all coming to the fest
this year, right? -Yes, sir!
I got your grill ready, too. -Yeah, bro.
Do your thing, double-G. -Where the one
that I did for you? You lost it?
-Yeah, man, I wore them when I performed in New York
but I hurt my leg, I took them shits off man. I think the doctor got them
or some shit, I dunno. -No worry, man.
I make another one. I’m working on it right now. So for you, they
will be done by Friday. -Alright, bet.
Say no more. -Alright, man, see you. He lost his grill every day. Him and Quavo. Quavo lost a whole baguette
grill, cost over $200,000. He lost it.
Most people lose grills when they take it out to eat, wrap it up in napkin,
leave it on table. -Half a million dollar
grills, I… I’d have a heart attack, man.
Straight up. -I know.
He call me. He be like, “Man…”
But he’s so cool. He’s like,
“Man, I need another one.” -Ice Tray.
-Ice Tray the Gang. Yeah.
-That shit is so funny to me. -Quavo came up with that
though, so when he called me, Ice Tray the Gang, he say,
“Hey, I got a video, so I thought he’d just want
a grill for the video.” -Right.
-So I did it, I flew to Atlanta, and he’s like,
“Man, I want to put you in there, like a doctor.” -Ice Tray the Gang.
-Ice Tray the Gang. -Ice Tray the Gang. -I’ve always hesitated
getting a grill. I don’t know if I can
pull it off, man. -Shit, let me know. You know I’m
King of the Grill, man. -I know, I know. ♪♪ -Yes, sir. Follow me. Okay, here I’m about to show you
around my show room. Should I wear a grill or no? ♪♪ No.
I don’t speak well with a grill. Alright, man, you know, it’s
just a regular busy day. Post Malone is in town
right now. Of course he got
a grill done by me. I’m King of Bling, man. King of the Grill. He not gonna make to the shop. I will come to his show today,
so dropping off his grill. My boy, Austin Rivers,
he just stopped by, placed another order
for necklace, custom piece. I try to, I love to set up a trend. I want something new. I always create
something different that nobody have it yet. Even this one. The style is not new. It’s old-school style. This called Byzantine necklace, but nobody will have busted out
the whole diamond on the big necklace like this. So this is one of the few
custom piece That I have done for our client. Like, you know, this for my boy
Young Dolph. Which I added in
some more diamonds. You know, make it look nice. Every custom piece,
it takes a lot of diamonds. Like, this piece take me
like 2,600 diamonds. This all kind of —
look at the whole backpack. This is for my schoolboy. He’s just getting back to school
right now. He do the backpack. I sit up like this? How do I sit?
Like this? -Um, that’s pretty good.
That was good. -Should I wear more ice
or this good enough? So, my name is Johnny Dang.
I’m Vietnamese. My original name is Thanh Dang.
Now it’s, you know… But I was born
and raised in Vietnam right after the war finished, and I was grow up
in the condition of — with no power, no electricity
in my village. You talking about nighttime,
the whole village dark. We don’t have clean water
to drink, so from really the bottom
of the world. Vietnam is one of the
poorest countries in the world. If people don’t know. So, I came to here, Houston, Texas, in 1996,
when I was 23 years old. Could not speak English. I really started from zeros. I started $500
for like six months. It was lucky because I started
to do jewelry repair in the flea market, but it happened in a hip-hop
flea market, you know, with all the black,
and you know, African-American. They call that, right?
African-American. Repair all the broken necklace,
change the battery, fixing bracelets. We’re heading to
the Sharpstown Mall. So, that’s where One of my little shops
in the hood, but that’s where I started
my business, though. Diamond Boyz.
How you doing? -One of the best.
Everybody go see him. He gives the best prices. Best man in Houston, Texas. He’s the best. -Yeah, it make me feel,
you know, very… -That man, right there.
-…cool, feel very special. I walk back there to the mall,
I walk back there to the shop, around my shop
where I used to be, people say, “Hey, what’s up?” You know, I come by,
say hi once in a while. This one of my very old friends. -Very, very old.
-Very old friend. Tell them how long
we know each other. -Oh, almost 20 years, more than 20 years,
25 years. -He used to give me
a lot of job, right? I’m the jeweler,
so I went to him, got a diamond set,
cut and prepare. He the one who feed me
and my family. -Started very small and now big. ♪♪ -You know, the crazy thing
when I came here, right? I walk in a flea market,
this exactly spot here. They do a lot of…
You see they do jewelry repair. So I started by saying,
“Man, I need a job. Can you hire me?” The manager said, “Hell, no. You don’t have any experience.
I’m not hiring you.” I went straight up there and ran
a spot and compete with him. He mad. He was so mad because I took
a lot of, you know, customers around here. It funny. ♪♪ Diamond Boyz. After flea market,
I have a crazy story. So this is one
of my beginning shop, I think it opened in 1997. Hello, sir. [ Speaking Vietnamese ] ♪♪ ♪♪ So this a real close spot. I’m right next door, and then I open bigger. This is right,
this exactly the corner where I started. And now I buy the supply
from her. So this is like,
the whole thing like 450 square feet. You know, it very small. But when it was here,
let me tell you a story. Man, it crazy how it is. When I had my shop upstairs,
right, small shop…
and the first big celebrity I brought to the shop
was Master P. He’s like,
“Johnny, I want a grill.” I say, “Can you stop
by the shop? I work in Sharpstown Mall.” He thinking I had
a big-ass shop. And he walked in my shop
and looked. “This is your shop?
That small corner?” It crazy. And people would surround
my shop. so packed. Honestly, man, I did not really
plan to be like, “I will build my career
with the rappers.” I started at jewelry repair,
deal with local artists like Paul Wall,
Mike Jones, Slim Thug — That’s how we started. So I kept doing since then. They notice about… Of course there are
so many jewelers in the world, you know, but they noticed
to me, as a Johnny Dang & Co. because I put a diamond
on the gold teeth. So, you know the gold teeth
have been in the market for so many years. And back then, most people just get solid gold teeth, you know,
and not a diamond. So when I started to put
a diamond in there, they get attraction from
the customer, a different look. So when you look at one artist,
you can see all eyes down. So that’s how I get
into the hip-hop world. Paul Wall is my partner
on the grill because when I started —
it’s crazy weird. I come communicate well
with Paul. Even I speak broken English,
he understand me. So he helped me to communicate
with different artists, and then the grill
got blow up so big. When Nelly came out
with a grill song featuring Paul Wall,
Jermaine Dupri, and a couple more artists
worked on the song. Yeah, yeah, I was in
that video with Nelly. Big shout-out to Nelly. So that song really put more gas
to blow it up bigger. There are so many rap songs
that they rap about me, mention about my name honestly,
I could not even count. Artists like Trippie Redd, DaBaby, my boy,
you know, Rick Ross. They mention my name
on the song. I feel very blessed, you know,
and thankful. So, you know what I’m saying,
I’ve been working so hard to build my name strong enough
like a brand name. So, if you look at this one. This is the actual grill. the molds from celebrities
like Snoop Dogg. This is one of, you know… Snoop Dogg’s teeth. I got everyone’s mold. I got Dre’s grill,
did Kanye’s grill for so long, Lil Pump
be one of my favorite guy. Even Jeff Goldblum. Even him got a grill.
Look at his thing. Here we go. Jeff Goldblum grill. He has a special grill. All he do is just, like, gold solid, like, nice. So you see, I collect all
the mold, just in case they want a second
set of the grill, and I just pull it out,
get it done, so I don’t have to redo
the mold, you know. ♪♪ Alright, we’re going to meet
the rapping you know the
Post Malone. Post Malone,
one of my favorite artists. Love him for long times. And I did a mold for him
a while back, but we never got the chance
to get together so I could drop it off. Tonight, he got a show in
Houston, so that perfect time. So we’re heading there
right now, dropping off a grill for him. And hopefully it’s good. That’s a new member
for the Flawless Gang. ♪♪ [ Music playing in background ] You know what I’m saying? Look. Yeah! -Wow, Johnny! -Hey!
-Wow. -This $100,000-some right here,
you know what I’m saying? -Wow!
-Yeah! -Wow.
-Try it on. Make sure it —
-Yeah, try ’em on! -Give me the glove. -They should just snap in. -Yeah.
-That’s the top. -Oh!
-They fit? -Ooh!
-Do I look cute? -Yeah!
-Wow! -Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir. -Of course, I always feel
thankful for hip-hop artists, for hip-hop worlds. -Your turn to shoot. Donny, Johnny.
-Watch, watch. -I got you.
-Come on, Johnny. -Watch.
I’ve been doing real well, taking care of them,
so they show you love. I got a chance to hang out
with a lot of good people so I feel very blessed. ♪♪ I do a lot of interviews, so I always mention
that if you work hard, keep working on what you like
to do, you will be successful. I look at myself,
I look at my life like… you know, I started from that
low bottom, up to now. So if I can make it, you have no reason
why you cannot make it. ♪♪ ♪♪ Yeah, dude,
just like regular day. Today, I have me and my
brother’s man, Z-Ro, we’re on our way to see Snoop. Snoop and I are
real good friends, and we’ve been doing
a grill a lot with him. So that’s what me and Z-Ro
are on the way there now, drop it off for him, you know. ♪♪ ♪♪

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