Free Guy | Meet the Cast of Free Guy | 20th Century FOX

Free Guy | Meet the Cast of Free Guy | 20th Century FOX

Yeah, this, this genre is super exciting to me,
like an absolute dream, really. JOE KEERY:
I love working with Shawn, obviously. I’ve worked with him onStranger Things
and he’s just amazing. RYAN REYNOLDS:
I’m really mostly here for Taika. I’ve been a huge fan of his
for a long time and it’s super cool
to finally meet him. TAIKA WAITITI:
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, ditto for me as well. I’ve known about Ryan for a long time and,
um, you know, I think we’ve kind of, we’ve always been trying to, like, meet up or
connect or work together at some point. And to finally get that chance
to actually be in the same thing together, for the first time
ever, is actually– – Super exciting.
– Didn’t you guys do a movie together? Super stoked for that. What? – Mmmmm.
– Didn’t you guys do a movie together? Yeah, did… I think I heard
you guys talking about that. I don’t think so. Not from my memory. – No, no.
– This is the first time we’ve met. Um… but that’s the cool thing about the
industry. It brings people together. We’ve been mutual admirers, um, of each
other for a, for a long time from afar. – That’s true.
– And now to finally have a chance to work together for the first
time ever in both of our lives is, um, I mean,
I’m super stoked about that. I’m just excited to be in the same room.Green Lantern. Yeah! That wa– uh, yeah.Green Lantern? I don’t think so,
that– maybe you’re thinking of, um, Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates,
FriedFried Green Tomatoes. ’Cause I don’t
remember you guys… Seth Rogen.Green Hornet. That’s it. That’s where
you’re getting confused. Yeah. He was amazing in that. But neither of us are Seth Rogen. I don’t… No, you– – You didGreen Lantern. Right?
– It was definitelyGreen Lantern♪♪

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  1. That guy from Jurassic Park Falling Kingdom who killed the doctor in his own house sounds like Ryan Reynolds 😄

  2. Hello I would like to ask permission to post movies that please publisher on my channel would like to post Titanic please wait authorization I hope the answer is required

  3. Totally forgot that taika played hal's best mate in Green lantern then again i think every one is trying to forget the movie

  4. So Stranger than Fiction but set in a video game? Or Stranger than Fiction meets Ready Player One? Are there any original film ideas anymore?

  5. Glad he got Deadpool because he would have been the guy who played Hal Jordan in a very bad Green Lantern movie. I am sorry, I forgot that Wade Wilson is playing Ryan Reynolds🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.
    Oh, if you guys search Green Lantern movie, iflix has given it 9.7/10😂😂😂.

  6. why is cohen, who gets to direct blockbuster films like thor ragnorok, taking gigs from actors? they could have given that job to someone who actually went to school and studies the craft, instead you get a glory hog in cohen.

  7. They don't talk about Green Lantern because Deadpool went to the past and killed Ryan Reynolds in the post credit scene of Deadpool 2. So Green Lantern never existed.

  8. I came here because of Ryan Reynolds's video on his channel. No idea this movie was a thing.
    Taika is the best bonus.

  9. I wonder why they don't have the real star in this video, loud green irish goose potato floppy banana septic gaelic gladiator man.
    He's a little lady, you know?

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