Fox Spirit Matchmaker [狐妖小红娘] Episode 3 – English Subs

Fox Spirit Matchmaker [狐妖小红娘] Episode 3 – English Subs

Brought to you by Bayi Subs You dare get in my way! Go to hell! Protect the sweets! At this point… I’ll have to resort to my Family’s Heirloom Teaching. The Bai Family’s Ultimate Defense Technique! Curl up and cover your face! D: Huh? A fox? Please don’t operate on your own anymore, Your Majesty. What if someone mistook you for a stray dog and snatched you away? Mm that hurts… IT HURTS. And this is… Your Majesty! Where are you going? He… He’s… Laughing?… He’s crying, dammit! Go away! Your Majesty! You wretched woman! Rest in peace! Oof! You, members of the Tushan Foxes! Take responsibility for this disgrace! Sister, sister! My name is Tushan Su Su The lady in front of Master Yunfie Has been entrusted to me. Please look after us! 🙂 Entrusted to you? Had it not been for His Majesty’s magic, Both the Prince and Princess Would’ve died from your neglect! So-sorry… Well, looks like it’s a conflict between Spirits. Guess I’ll stay out of it. Wait until they’re done, And then I’ll ask the kid for the candy she owes me. Such a weak little Spirit. I don’t even have the heart to kill you. Heh, wonderful. Looks like she’s not gonna get killed. But I will, in the name of the Western Fox Clans, Voice an objection against the Tushan Clan! And forever revoke your qualifications as a Spirit Matchmaker! Ah, just losing her job. No biggie, no biggie. I’ll have you know That a century’s worth of true love Is not something an untested child like you can bring about! It looks like I really am… Incapable… Will I really… Never be able to become a true Fox Spirit? It’s time for you to repent! Let her go. Leave things to me. I can’t move… What gives you the right to order me around? Well… The fact that I’m stronger than all of you. This power! Sir! This is!- It’s Spirit Magic! Powerful beyond compare! I despair… To the point of tears!… Hurry and come out already, You four members of the Royal Guard! Are you… Talking to them? Didn’t I say just now, That’s I’m stronger than ALL of you? I’ll say it again. Leave things to ME. I count to three. If you don’t answer by then, it’ll mean you agree. Three. Hold on! That’s not fair! Mr. Taoist. What happened just now? Basically, I protected you. That’ll cost you five more lollipops. Okay, but… I’ve already used up my entire allowance for this month. Then pay me next month. Okay. Who… who is this person? Hey. You two. This is… The reincarnation of our Prince’s wife. Reincarnation? And… this is our Prince. You damned Tushan Fox! Have some respect! R-right. I’m sorry. The nerve.. Sir. You, who possess such amazing magical power… Please help us! If you were to become the Reincarnated’s Matchmaker, Our Prince and Princess would surely be finally reunited! The Reincarnated’s Matchmaker? What’s that? Seriously? You poked your nose into these matters without knowing anything!? I mean, I’m still willing to help, for a price. Ha. What a mess. It’s fine. Though I had to use a lot of ground travelling techniques To get Xiao Mei to Bai Yuechu. It’s funny how that Desert Fox thought she was seeing such amazing magic. All he did was use a simple puncturing technique… And burst the underground water pipes. Hey, that’s still pretty ingenious, though. I’m quite satisfied. Though we still haven’t dealt with the most important thing. Yeah. Should we do anything about that guy hiding in the bushes? Nah. Looks like the Western Fox’s most powerful Magician, Fan Yunfei, has lost his powers. A future filled with riches is calling out to me! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! Hey, waiter! Bring us another dish! WHY HAVE YOU TIED ME UP? MAKING ME LISTEN TO THIS TERRIBLE STORY OF YOURS – Your Eminence, could you please wait until I’m finished speaking to begin eating? YOU GOD DAMNED FOX, LET ME GO! Your Eminence! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? THAT’S ENOUGH. S-s-sorry. WHY’D YOU SHOUT SO LOUD? – Talking about such important matters in a place like this… Aren’t you afraid others will hear? ARE YOU TRYING TO SCARE ME!? I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU. COME AT ME . – This is a “Jade Room.” I’M NOT AFRAID. FIGHT ME. – It creates a separate space around us. ARE YOU IGNORING ME? LET ME GO! – Common people won’t be able to see what’s actually happening in this space. WHY HAVE YOU TIED ME UP HERE? – Wow, high end stuff. You must be rich. STICKING THIS WEIRD ASS THING ON MY HEAD. – We can finally get down to business. ARE YOU LISTENING OR NOT? – Hey, little idiot of a fox. Tell His Eminence now. I DARE YOU TO LET ME GO. – About this vaunted magic of the Spirit Foxes. I’LL FIGHT YOU. ONE ON ONE. WHAT? YOU THINK YOU’RE SO HIGH AND MIGHTY? OR IS IT ALL YOU DAMN FOXES, HUH? – I actually haven’t finished my education on this yet. Please calm down, please calm down – I’M GONNA KILL YOU!! But it’s okay! I brought the educational DVD with me. Mister Taoist should be able to understand it, no problem. Greetings! Today, I’ll be introducing you to “Continuation beyond Death.” Love knows no bounds. So it’s not uncommon for humans and Spirits to fall in love. But Spirits are long lived, while humans are not. Once the human dies, the Spirit must live on alone. The Tushan Foxes then came together to tackle this problem. If a heart oath is made before the Tree of Plight, The memories of the human and Spirit’s love, with the sacrifice of a portion of the Spirit’s power, Can all be stored in a magical vessel. And then, borrowing the Fox Spirits’ power, the vessel is split in two. If the Human dies holding their half of the vessel, The vessel will be transfered together with the human’s soul. The reincarnated person will be born holding the vessel, And, should they ever again obtain the help of the Fox Spirits, Allowing them to regain their memories, They will be able to continue on. The hell is this?… – This… this is wonderful. It’s exactly what we hoped for. Why did you bring me here, goodness. Hey, what exactly is the “help of the Fox Spirits?” It would be the Fox Spirits’ special, magically infused items. Please make your purchase now. Lol, goodbye. Wait! We already bought it, we already bought it! Hammers of Recollection! All we need to do now is get these infused, And smack the past lovers over the head. All their memories will come back! Tushan Su Su! Please begin! Okay! You really think she’d have the necessary powers for this? See what I mean? YOU’RE TOO LOUD, STUPID LADY. – Damn it! All that money, wasted! Might as well try. If it works, I can sneak off and sell these later. My Emperor! It was these people! They captured all our brothers and sisters! The Heavens cycle on. Fortune shines with the morning Sun… Therefore… My son! Now’s your chance! That’s right, Your Grace! If the Prince goes in and saves all those people, The elders within the Clan won’t, based on the fact that the Prince is dumb, Continue to oppose his future succession! But… If we too hastily let His Majesty go in and infiltrate… Well, what if they think he’s a normal fox and skin him? Worry not. The Emperor has a plan. Um, Your Grace. Are you REALLY sure he’s going to be fine? I’ve supplied him with Spirit Magic. He should already be transformed into a terrifying presence! What’s wrong, grandma? A… a… a treasure, sent by the gods! What an attractive young man! I saw him first! Your Grace… was this your plan? What if they, um, rob him blind? I heard they sell slaves, too. It’s… it’s not going to end that badly, right? Its not often that you run into such a handsome young man. Give him to me. Hmph. Give him to me! Why did it come to this? Well, let just go right into the second phase of the plan, then. Mm boss? It’s bad practive to use our goods before selling, right? Just wash the goods afterwards. How would the buyers know, then? Get out of here. Yes, boss. Desert foxes! Save us! Gahhh! Save us! It must be desert foxes causing that ruckus out there. You’re all very afraid of water, aren’t you? Your… Your Majesty… It’s over. You’re all so fragile, And yet you dare to traipse through the desert. I searched all over, and for years, for this Ten Thousand Year Imperial Water Pearl. She-she holds the Ten Thousand Year Imperial Water Pearl?? That’s… That’s our Clan’s greatest nemesis… We’re going home to reconsider this. Wait! Your Grace! Your Majesty! Reconsider… Reconsider… If we leave like this, the Prince will be robbed and sold!>_

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