100 thoughts on “FOX News Thinks BTS Namjoon’s Name Is “RAT MONSTER” – He Takes Pause At Stupid Question

  1. okay but one thing: jungcook was a pronouncing mistake and Shawn didn't mean it like that but fox news is just stupid – besides that, everyone knows it's R A P monster not D A N C E (or) / R A T monster!

  2. how the hell can you mess up rap monster's name. 1) two English words 2) only 2 words 3) jungcook, really America?

  3. our boys are smart and bighit entertainment is smart in generall they know how to react to stupid shit 😂
    all of this wont affect bts , neither their rising fame or their music or us their fans
    they can try as much as they want 😆😆😆

  4. Abiz, you used the "didn't fail to disappoint" idiom wrong. You used it along with Namjoon's name out of context.

    No hate. Just pointing that out to clear confusion.

  5. It's not polite – pleasing –
    look me in the eye woman.
    Big Hit Entertaiment – KPOP IN GENERAL is much better than your job. Now throw that dress out the window and think about what you've done. You have TRIGGERED US MAN

  6. As an American ARMY, I take offense to the last statement, "Americans are really careless" or whatever it was. Yes, some of us may be careless but not all. Clearly that lady just didn't do her research and she did a mistake which we all do some point in our life. They apologized, some may not accept it, but in the end they felt bad.

  7. srsly?!!this is so disrespectful.. first calling him rat then asking how they got popular? bitch listen to atleast one of their tracks…… on second thought pls dont..ur not even worthy of listening to their songs..

  8. that women spells namjoon "rat monster" got me mad, and i was like "bitch fight army if you call him rat monster again, we will kick your ass."

  9. When your IQ is 148 and you have to deal with so much stupidity. Youtube? She ruins the face of Fox News. Does she know any korean artists went through before debuting? Her smiles are so fake. Does she thinks that KPOP is just a genre. Why does millions of fans call it KPOP world? Namjoon is dealing with the insult + the member couldn't really understood that they are actually being underrated.

  10. lol the problem is she doesn't know the POWER OF KPOP lol "you all got famous cause of youtube right?" LMAO

  11. Jin's reaction: excuseeee me wtf did u just say
    Hobi's reaction: fuq this bitch, gotta calm down, hobi calm down heavy breathing – smiling away
    Chim chim's reaction: i knew shes the trouble…
    Kookie's reaction: cant wait till Cypher 5 :DD
    Sugar: keep it lowkey yoongi, lowkey, do not say anything, be humbleee
    V's reaction: man idk wtf r they talking bout but god bless Monie
    Monie: this is stupid question for Fox News, is she a trainee? ok long pause, network error….ekkkkkk..ok….changes the subject

    ok that woman needs some milk

  12. I'm laughing so hard rn. They edited the YouTube part out and disabled the comments. Fox should be ashamed of themselves.

  13. what a shit nonsense is this BTS are so precious about their time but they gave time to be interviewed by them what a waste of time pufff….. They surely intended to do it

  14. I freakin' lost my joyful self when I saw this video! what the hell is wrong with them?! asking those kind of stuffs! that's not a mistake! if that's a mistake they should've adited it and change it to the real name of rm! they waited for 70k views before they change it?! is that even a mistake?!?!

  15. another reason I wish I wasn't from America because America consists of dumb people like this and everything is sexualized then you got the racist Americans for example
    me: I like this kpop group called BTS
    sister: why do you like Chinese guys
    me:they're Korean know the difference
    sister: whatever they all look the same anyway
    me: no they don't
    sister: who even are BTS
    me: how do you not know who they are they took the internet by storm with there music video blood sweat and tears and won an award at the billboard music awards
    sister: well they must not be that great because I didn't see them
    me:…….walks away to room where I spend my life a ways from my family so I don't have to hear shot like that

    seriously who watches Fox news I didn't even know they were on Fox news I probably would've watched it…..I would've cringed badly but I'd do it to see them

  16. I've always hated FOX news. I have always fucking hated FOX news… but I! I cannot express how much I don't like her… She knows nothing about Kpop. I shouldn't HATE her for that but… I will forever be angry…

  17. Maybe they forgot to write the 'P' in 'Rap' and autocorrect changed it to 'Rat', without FOX NEWS knowing. Guys, there's a logical explanation for everything. Don't hate on people without knowing the full story.

  18. *Rar Moanster (Rarrr like a moanster)
    * Gen (Generation)
    * Sugah (always need a sugahhhhhh!)
    *Jay Vote (always vote with jay vote)
    * Geemen (want to taste some food don't bump into me Gee,man!)
    * Pee/Lee (always lay with Lee— ops a mean pee)
    * JohnCook (always cook with John)
    Future interview-

    REPORTER: we are here with BEYOND THE STAGE also know as BTP!
    RM: Bts… Bangtan Sonyeondan.
    Reporter: Anyways yeah yeah, this is Rar Moanster!
    RM: Rap Monster, my name is Rap Monster or Namjoon.
    Reporter: cute cute, now… let's talk about the upcoming in J-pop history!
    RM: Kpop.
    Reporter: right right, let's talk about the upcoming, how did you get your name Rar Moanster?
    RM: Rap Monster… Its my stage name I thought about it and yeah.
    Reporter: yeah cool, Rar Moanster now Gen, right?
    Jin: ah Jin no Gen.
    Reporter: okay Generation.
    Jin: ??
    Reporter: how do you get so worldwide ugly?
    Jin: huh? Worldwide handsome?
    Reporter: yeah yeah.
    Jin: it all started when—-
    Reporter: Now someone in resting Sugah!
    Suga: annoyed my name is Suga.
    Reporter; okay salt.
    Suga: Suga, S-U-G-A
    Reporter: alright, Pepper
    Suga: whatever.
    Reporter: now someone who is not a snooze.
    J-Hope: me?
    Reporter: yes, Vay Jote I mean Jay Vote?
    J-Hope: holding back savageness smiles J-Hope, you know like Hope?
    Reporter: Yes I know Nope.
    J-Hope: haha SO FUNNNNNNY, J-H-O-P-E!
    Reporter: next, Geeman?
    Jimin: Jimin.
    Reporter: Geeman.
    Jimin: plane please I'm getting a headache from this reporter fire her people!
    Reporter; anyways, Pee I mean Lee?
    V: V, Taehyung.
    Reporter: yeah sure taehyyyyyuuuuung, i mean pee
    V: ignores
    Reporter: Now John Cook
    Jungkook: … … … Jungkook
    Reporter: yes John wook!
    Jungkook: call me Kookie then.
    Reporter: COOOOOOOOKIE?
    Jungkook: bye hyungs!
    RM: where are u going?
    Jungkook: hotel,I can't stand her/him!

  19. Research before you call someone okay idiot? They don't have to waste time for her if they are just gonna be asked stupid obvious questions and be called by the wrong name

  20. Honestly not trying to be rude…but that lady has no jams, honestly I think Jimin has more jams than her(even though we know Jimin has no jams but stillXD)

  21. I mean why would they even think that he's name was Rat monster??? There is something called google you know lmaoXD

  22. If you're interviewing someone surely you would research them so that you know a bit about who you are interviewing and so that you don't make appalling mistakes like this

  23. I think it's quite rude to call American people careless,even though I am not American .just cause the reporter fucked up his name and how BTS became popular doesn't mean her carelessness applies to all Americans.

  24. Namjoon, JHope and Jin's faces though 😂😂 Oh my good lord…typical bimbo and most of all…typical FOX NEWS!! face palm I feel sorry for Namjoon. She asks a dumb Q…she's him speechless and then we he answers, speaks over him? Christ I'm sorry but I can't.

  25. Eexcuuusee meee lady isn't it obvious?where else would they be famous ofcourse social media duh.lady you got no jams get out this is my shitue

  26. It’s FOX News, the biggest FAKE news channel. The same news network that is so far up Donald Trump’s rectum it can see what he had for lunch. It’s full of racist idiots.

  27. are d people on fox news stupid or lazy? they just want to interview them without researching abt them first? and the girl, what an idiot?! hope you do ur homewrk b4 doing intrviews

  28. If I were there I would stick out my point finger ..point it on my head and look at that girl…and say "use this properly " whats the use of having it in the first place..decoration?

  29. Do we really expect better from Fox News. They're scum of the earth, nuff said. I'm pretty sure some racist ass neo-nazi thought it was funny, just like that time some reporter made asian jokes when that malaysian airplane went down.

  30. I'm now watching in December 2017 like Rat Monster that just stupid and rude like they should get their grammars right

  31. I know Americans are straightforward. But this lady should have been a little more polite to guests being interviewed. She's kind of dumb for me.

  32. @Abiz – Entertainment Buzz Not all Americans are careless lmao, just most of the ones that interview BTS apparently.

  33. J-Hope be in the background looking out into space. Looking like he about to walk up there and slap that girl in the freakin mouth. COME THROUGH LITTLE HOBI. thank Jesus Christ for Kim Namjoon, a true angel.😇😇😇

  34. Interviewer: Good morning everybody we are here with a K-pop group, BSU (BITCH SHUT UP). also known as Justin BEIBER look alike from North Korea. Here are the members
    Rat Monster
    Sugar spoon
    So anyway, how is your president, Mr. Kim Jong Un

  35. Rap Monster is so professional. If it was me I would had told her I’m sorry but I don’t answer crazy questions .

  36. BTS' expressions
    RM – Should I answer to this stupidity?
    Suga – Are we here just to anwer this shit don't give a shit though
    Jhope – hahaha nods slowly can i kill this bish
    Jin – tired of this bish
    V – turned to a stone
    Jungkook – smiling is this bish serious?
    Jimin – annoyed

  37. I'm sorry Namjesus for I have sinned by laughing at thy holy ex stage name Rap Monster named as Rat Monster by these ignorant people.

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