Fox News’ Hypocrisy On NC’s Anti-LBGT Law

Fox News’ Hypocrisy On NC’s Anti-LBGT Law

Some Fox personalities have been asking tough
questions about North Carolina’s extreme new bathroom law. “How many cases have you had in North Carolina
in the last year where people have been convicted of using transgender protections to commit
crimes in bathrooms?” “Why are you concerned about young girls exposing
themselves or seeing somebody else exposed in a woman’s bathroom?” “But if there’s no problem, then why pass
the law in the first place?” But North Carolina’s law is based on a “bathroom
predator” myth that Fox News has been peddling for years. “So if the child says, you know what, today,
I really–a boy–walks in and says, I really am feeling my girl side, he gets to go shower
with the girls when he’s 14.” “Could a grown adult man dress up as a woman
who wants to get in the little girls’ bathroom, and my little girl is in that bathroom by
herself, and this grown man who has other intentions–bad intentions–dresses up like
a girl and goes in the bathroom.” “The equal rights ordinance would’ve allowed
40-year-old men to share restrooms with a fourth grade girl.” “As a devious teen growing up, I would tell
girls that I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body just so I could sneak into the girls’ bathroom.” “They say that kids potentially could take
advantage of this, and parents will have to start worrying about boys showering with girls
and vice versa.” Remember that the next time you see a Fox
figure talking tough on North Carolina’s bathroom law. “But if there’s no problem, then why pass
the law in the first place?”

12 thoughts on “Fox News’ Hypocrisy On NC’s Anti-LBGT Law

  1. if the left would not have brought the transgender bathroom issue to light there would be no issue. Trans people would go to the bathroom that they felt they should and that was already happening and nobody knew it. Now that the left brought this to light they've pretty much made life miserable for transgender people. Congratulations

  2. Regressive's frame North Carolina Law as Anti-LBGT, bullshit.  The authoritarian left want to tell you what is what.  There has not been a truthful study, any testing on Bathroom security.  They just want to tell your community the way it going to be.  By framing states rights, as bugger eating racist trying to kill runaway slaves… That's bullshit.  Regressive's think they know better than anybody else what is right… That's a dictatorship in the making… The states are the testing ground for government, not subjects of a cultural dictatorship.  You cry for cultural diversity and then want destroy it.  YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES.

  3. Simple solution would be to put a Christian women outside the men's restroom ,then a Christian man outside the girls restroom. They can examine the genitals of people who enter. Just keep Ted Hagerd out of the men's room.

  4. The way I see it, if someone truly feels they are the opposite sex, they will totally adopt the mannerisms and look of the opposite sex, which to a large degree would be incredibly difficult to detect. Looks and clothing would be an exact mirror of the opposite sex, and nobody would be able to tell, so transgender people would be able to use the bathrooms of their choice unhindered. Rather, this law is against those who say there are the opposite sex yet clearly do not attempt to change their appearance to show this, even though many claim they "hate the bodies they are in". I wouldn't consider myself regressive, but even I would feel uncomfortable with my daughter sharing a public bathroom with a bearded man in a dress, such as Conchita. There has never been a problem prior to now, and it is undemocratic to force the majority to provide a privilege, not a right, against their will.

  5. With her now being on primetime by Roger Ailes own suggestion, her steadier views on social problems seem to be there to normalize or give legitimacy to FOX News. Maybe they're starting to poke around for a new audience.

  6. Right wingers want a big, burly trans dude with a beard using the ladies room.
    They want a trans woman using the men's room. Just imagine the chaos—and WHY? They can't point to a single case of there being a problem. This is a total failure of not just equality, but common sense as well.

  7. With no real life villian, Fox personalities are willing to admit a scat fetish to oppress trans people.

  8. Um… shouldn't we be applauding FOX for finally getting to the right side of the issue? Is changing your mind on an issue really "hypocrisy".

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