Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country

Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country

I have some really great video for you today
from a top contender for the most delusional Trump voter into con in the, uh, in the United
States last week during a livestream that I did on YouTube and Twitch, we happen to
overlap with some of Donald Trump’s Maga rally in Florida and Fox new center reporter, actually
let’s call him a guy with a microphone, I think better said. They sent a guy with a
microphone to a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida the day after the rally and they happened
to come across a business owner of a security company. This is all self-professed. I don’t
know if any of this stuff is true. A guy who says he owns a security company who hires
lots of veterans who says he used to be a Democrat but is now fully backing Trump. This
guy says he is all in with Trump because he’s patriotic and he supports family values and
he’s honest. This is Trump and has integrity of character and has delivered on his promises.
I present to you today, the man that might be the most delusional Trump voter in the
country, at least a top contender for that position and notice as you watch this video,
how sure of himself this man seems. Sarah, what’s your name and what do you do?
My name is Ronnie Joseph and I run a security company. We run a security company. We were
talking, you hire a bunch of vets. We appreciate that for sure. You’re now, you used to be
a Democrat, now you’re a Republican. You support the president. Why that change and why do
you support president Trump? Well, for me it’s a, it’s really quite simple. It’s about
family values is about being a patriotic American and it just comes down to being honest and
truthful to who you are. That’s what I put in, you know, that’s what I value. Family
values, honesty, integrity, character, and that’s everything that president Trump represents.
You can feel like he’s delivered on the promises that he’s made. Absolutely. Absolutely. He
has. Facts do not matter. Trump is patriotic and supports
family. Values is honest, has integrity of character and has delivered on promises. Is
there anything that guy said that’s true? Is it even true that this guy used to be a
Democrat? Maybe that’s the one thing the guy said. That is true. He’s with Trump on the
issue of family values. Trump who has had not only endless affairs and seems to barely
even know some of his children, but as paid off some of his mistresses was involved with
people whose names I can’t even say because as soon as you say certain names, you get
demonetized on YouTube, but I think you all know who I’m talking about. Those family values,
Trump’s family values have this voter gushing over Donald Trump. He’s with Trump over Trump’s
honesty. Trump is the most dishonest by number of lies of any president that we are aware
of. He’s with Trump over integrity of character.
Trump operates like a con man. Wanna me mafia boss. There is nothing further from integrity
of character than Donald Trump. This guy is with Trump because Trump has delivered on
his promises what he was going to fix healthcare and get rid of Obamacare didn’t happen. He
was gonna build a wall. It didn’t happen. He was gonna fix trade. That seems to have
gone the opposite direction. He was going to improve the reputation of the U S around
the world. No, the U S isn’t even included in many important conversations happening
internationally because of Donald Trump in the oval office. The only value that this
guy seems to share with Donald Trump is extraordinary hypocrisy. That is the one area where they
seem to overlap. This is the Twilight zone. This is why facts don’t matter, and this is
why I’ve been saying for years, we can’t waste our time on these people. Imagine that you meet someone who says, listen,
I think Trump’s a scumbag liar who’s embarrassing the U S around the world, but I’m going to
be honest with you, his tax plan is good for me personally, so I’ll probably vote for him.
We can work with that. Okay. We can talk about, you know, listen, even if it seems like Trump’s
tax plan is good for you because you’ve got more money in your pocket, it’s actually not
good for you in that by hurting others, it creates societal costs. Like my point is we
can have a conversation with someone who believes that if you meet someone who says, I love
Trump, he’s honest, he has integrity of character, he has family values that I agree with. He
fulfilled his promises by, I mean that’s a conversation ender. There is no point and
it’s actually so absurd, this video that I had people tweeting me over the weekend saying,
David, this guy has to be a plant, but I actually think a plant would be less ignorant. We can
not win by convincing these people. We have to win despite them period and we might not.
Sadly, there may be enough tens of millions of people like that guy who voted for Trump
in 2016 and are going to vote for him again in 2020 that we may lose and that’s why get
out the vote is so important. Let me know what you think about this video. Leave a reply
if you’re watching on YouTube. Otherwise send me a tweet at Dee Pacman. Follow me there
as well. We’ll take a quick break. So much to talk about today. Back from Thanksgiving and much has happened

100 thoughts on “Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country

  1. The city I live in and 3 other cities I know of have police forces that support Trump. I have no idea why they hell they think Trump is worthy of anything but they defend him to the core. Im wondering if this "SECURITY" guy is just trying to fit into the police support in their area. Doesnt matter though… this kind of ignorance in public safety field is very concerning.

  2. So if he believe that 45 have all of these values then that means that he believes in lying, cheating, corruption, adultery, racism and underhanded acts against humanity.

  3. The Socialist-brainwashed sheep extend to the horizon. Well-done, Commie schools. The Bolsheviks have had to build 4000 FEMA Camps in the US alone to accommodate all of you. Until that fine day, keep supporting your Bolshevik gun-confiscation, turn the US into a 3rd-world dung heap, Commie redistribution agenda.

  4. DP you have to be better than this. These types of videos make us hate each other. Just like when Prager U posts vids of complete morons on university campuses or at protest marches. We all know there’s an element in this country that cannot see clearly. Continually pointing it out to folks on the opposite ends of political poles is clearly baiting.

  5. Well he spoke that way because look at who's company he was in. But again Trump is a terrible drug and you can't save them all but maybe a few can be rehabilitated.

  6. My dad is almost exactly like this man. My dad is smart and a really good person. It boggles my mind that he supports Trump but no amount of reasoning or effort by me will make him budge even an inch.

  7. That Security Company guy is as Honest as Trump ,Won't be surprise if he is also Cheating on his Wife .You know Birds of Same Feather

  8. Honesty,Integrity and Patriotism are three main values that the Con in Cheat lacks among quite of few others.This Jackass needs to face reality.

  9. The “I used to be a Democrat” shtick has been a staple troll tactic recently. I guess they think Democrats have the cult mentality of Republicans, and will get into the Kool Aid line. Not gonna happen…

  10. We will win in 2020, the GOP has shown it's hand voting unanimously against 1965 voting rights act. Clearly they are intending to disenfranchise millions of minority voters. Make sure that everyone understands the intent of the GOP.

  11. Yeah and I use to think us Americans were smarter than this seriously. No intelligence in this man. It's insulting. Unfortunately there are a lot of these types out there. I have no faith in people like this. If you can't see how dangerous and corrupt Trump is then you are unreachable. Shit!!! I'll give anything for the Bush era right about now. The Republican party will never be the same.

  12. Talks inappropriately and disturbingly about his OWN DAUGHTER!!! Yeah. Family values.

    This guy lost any amount of I.Q. he may have had previously.

    Un 🤬 believable. This guy needs an fMRI or something.



  14. So he walked up to this guy already knowing he used to be a Democrat? That was a statement not a question from the "guy with a microphone" this has to be staged. The guy being interviewed didn't hesitate on a single question, he knew what was going to be asked. Top it off with his body language, he couldn't keep his eyes in one place for more than a second. He was lying to the reporter. Someone paid him.

  15. David i'm in Liverpool uk. I've been watching the mess Trump has created and find not just informative but entertaining too. I'm not going to criticises you countries politics. I have no right. But i think some of Trumps relatives are running ours.

    I give you a phrase that I heard some tome ago. I don't who said but it stuck head. "The wealth of a nation is in the education of its people". So all the people that support Trump get them the education they desperately need. The fact he has so many i find disturbing. Perhaps look at the education system. Something is very wrong with it. Something else for you to consider is this video i just saw.

  16. The problem is that when people say that trump represents family values and he drains the swamp etc. they aren’t “delusional”. To a functioning human like you and I, they seem crazy. It’s obvious that trump has done nothing to drain the swamp, hell working Americans, is a liar, rapist, cheater etc. The disconnect is that his supporters don’t see family values as being faithful and a good father. They see it as a man dominating women, being anti gay/trans, anti abortion etc. when they say he’s draining the swamp they mean he’s fighting people who are against him. They are poorly educated, incapable of free thought, and crazy but the disconnect is much deeper than randomly thinking that trump “represents family values” because by their flawed definition…he does

  17. 🤣😭 there's no limit to how delusional they are. It's like comedy Central. I can't stop laughing. You can't make this stuff up

  18. Mexico will pay for the wall? Nope. Military infrastructure fund of building homes and schools is going to build the wall. $3.5 billion worth.

  19. People who believe in Trump may just as well be flat hothers! Stupideti comes in many forms! And who has started flat others conspiracy theorists, and where do those people come from !! America! So what I can see is that the USA is still a wild west country!

  20. All us Dems need to be “Doin it Donkey Style” at the polls in 2020! Seriously… E V E R Y, SINGLE, LAST Democrat NEEDS TO ROCK the VOTE! Hindsight is 2020!!!

  21. It's called the treasonous Fox news propaganda machine, that is working so well, that it can convince people to believe in an alternate paradigm , an alternate reality, that doesn't track with reality at all. "Religious" people are especially susceptible to being led like sheep into a cult like false reality. Hence the large evangelical support…

  22. if you know a trump supporter than u no this guy is not a plant Trump supporters actually believe what saying they're like talking to brainwash people you cannot not have a conversation with them because they will not get it they truly believe all the lies they think all the news is fake and believe every word he says there no talking to them at all

  23. There are good level headed republicans out there, but unfortunately they have decided to stay quiet and let the [email protected] republicans take over. They forgot that the Congressmen or senators they vote for are not the ones who will in charge of the country.
    It is kind of messed up that with all the corrupt republican politicians out there. Not even 1 of them could stop trump.

  24. You just have to wonder if these people are getting checks? Is it finally the culmination of the poor education system in America? Is there something in the water? I'm sitting here in Europe shaking my head. America has rotted and it stinks. Absolutely disgusting to watch so many people who are clearly delusional. It's not even funny… #RIPAmerica

  25. These are people that don't follow any truthful news events. People like this just know they don't like democrats. They are misinformed, uninformed, and out of touch. They like that trump just isn't a traditional politician, that appears smarter than them. Or, he could be a set up, to feed this false narrative about an obvious con man who was rigged into office.

  26. What a daam joke. Its funny how these ppl always stalk diners (in the cut) out west, find some in (backwater towns) down south or Trump rallys. Every move they make is dishonest, foul, dirty and rigged.

  27. Someone NEED to do a bed check at the local nut house, because there one missing !🍑🍑🍆🥜🥜🕵️‍♀️

  28. Get out the vote in 2020 – that's got to be the key thing. Voter turnout in 2016 was only around 50%. How many of those people would sit out the 2020 election? How many of those who don't will vote for Trump? I suspect that if you weren't excited enough to vote for Trump last time, you won't next time, either.

  29. He may have been a plant BUT I used to live in south Florida and there are many delusional, ill informed, die-hard republicans down there. The type of ppl who say stuff like “the economy wasn’t good under Bill Clinton, that was just a media lie” … or “I still believe Obama is the antichrist but we defeated him through prayer” … or “Trump is a reincarnation of a king in the Bible who was given powers by god every morning when he would wake and blow his holy trumpet” … I am not making this up. I used to drive for uber and lyft down there and they seriously believe some amazingly crazy stuff.

  30. 🤔 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. I’m normally not a conspiracy guy….but I’m calling bullshit in this entire video. A security company owner (🤷‍♂️) who hires “lots of vets”, and “used to be a democrat” spews out how honest Trump is?!?!?!?! Definite plant.

  32. Unbelievable, was waiting for Colbert to come running into view. I am at a total loss at how anyone ANYONE can be that disconnected with reality. Not only is the US in trouble…. the entire human race is doomed. No question.

  33. This is so painful to watch. Like Javier S said, "they are all like this." Throw this into a Google search, "Jim Jones and the Cult of trump." Trump fans have become so delusional, they're beyond reason.

  34. So wicked Hillary Clinton slash rapist husband Bill would be great for our country. Oh not to mention her war crimes in Lybia.

  35. As someone that lives in boca myself, I can tell you that most people in boca are just as delusional. They are CONVINCED Trump is a good guy. I don't get it. 🤷‍♂️

  36. All Trump supporters are stupid brainwashed idiots who will believe anything anyone tells them. It's one thing to be loyal to a party, but to blindly follow such a lying scumbag as Trump is pure stupidity! Trump is a Russian asset who being blackmailed for all the money he owes the Russian mob- why do you think he won't release his taxes? Trump needs to be impeached and removed from office before he can destroy American democracy!

  37. The very intro ruined the whole thing. He walked up like he didn't know the guy and admits he already knew the guy.

    Hey sir, what do you do?
    I work for security.
    Yeah you said you hire vets, thanks. Anyway, now tell the people what we agreed you'd sa- I mean say what you feel.

    Just bad caca.

  38. We should ask the career professionals at CIA, NSA, FBI and State what type of psychological warfare our enemies (Russia) arecusing against the general population.

  39. When someones cite family values as a reason for supporting trump, best believe that very person is doesn't hold those same values

  40. Fox News … right. Like so many comments here the guy was obviously a plant. Maybe a Russian one … he does have a bit of an accent not Native to Boca Raton.

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