Fox & Friends Cold Open – SNL

Fox & Friends Cold Open – SNL

100 thoughts on “Fox & Friends Cold Open – SNL

  1. Iโ€™m glad Baldwin came back to SNL to do more Trump impersonations. He does by far the BEST Trump impersonation EVER!

  2. Fox and friends is a lame unfunny show, I'm talking about the real Fox and Friends and they're not critical of the Trump administration. How can you get real news from those clowns?

  3. I never watch that show, normally I recognize them because of watching some clips on youtube, but strange enough the last part of the scene really freek me out.

  4. good thing Trump was elected, it saved Baldwin's career, that and him doing commercials. Only one problem here, Jimmy Fallen did Trump about 10X better

  5. Saturday Night Live has went completely to hell they are absolutely nothing anymore… not funny not creative not anyting

  6. People say this pretty realistic…Don't know. The only time i watched the fox show, the uncontrollable vomiting only got me 30 seconds in. Great Job SNL players

  7. This sums up that BS FOX show with all their ridiculous cutesy crap and trying to pretend they know what's going on. I'm a Republican but that FOX show is a joke. Go to One America Neews for unbiased simply news reporting.

  8. 6700 thumbs down from regular fox viewers, they're probably wondering , ''what the heck is going on with fox news''. don't tell them that it's SNL skit and that will keep them confused.. lol.

  9. Stupid. Bad writing and terrible impersonations. Kilmead is actually a quirky guy with all kinds of odd mannerisms. Same with Doocy. Their personalities clash in funny ways. None of this was captured.

  10. I can't wait when the real corrupt Dems get charge with criminal charges after Bar finishes his investigations. SNL will have to back track all these skits. I can't wait.

  11. Does anyone else notice everyone doing this skit isn't good looking enough to do fox and friends. I think it's the way Democrats carry themselves. No self confidence in them and it shows on the outside.

  12. I think the Farrakhan bit was a lil too real for the audience, or the average American. Lol at least they can still laugh at Trump, but when Farrakhan hits, lol.

  13. sat Night Live working hard to finish in last place. this show has sucked so bad over the last 10 years I find nothing funny anymore. the Writer's have no Talent at all

  14. They talk about Hunter Biden not qualified for job he got in Ukraine…hell how many people in this administration are qualified….hope Hicks was a model for Ivanka Trumps clothing line..none of Trump's kids are qualified to be in administration and have security clearances….unbelievable.and the president's personal lawyer…give me a break. How many people have been Fired,quit or resigned under this president….his own hand picked people,but go against him and your deepstate or a democrat…๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  15. The makeup team does a great job of making Alec Baldwin look like President Trump and then Baldwin screws it up with his terrible acting. Trump never makes those faces with his eyes or mouth like that

  16. These people are so embarrassingly pathetic and have you ever noticed how fuuuugly liberal women are?!!! If I was that ugly I would never EVER show my face on TV. I now have ptsd from just a glimpse of that blond, there are some things you just can't unsee. Damn!! On another side note, I'm not holding my breath for the day they do a parody of let's say NBC news Matt Lauer scandal. These people are so biased there is no wonder we have so many low information voters out there. The media and the hard left liberals will never understand (or refuse to) why Trump coined the term Fake News.

  17. Does SNL know that their best work is when the make fun of the left. It's real. They just make shit up about the right and it's not funny at all.

  18. I've noticed how these republican defendants point fingers and charge everyone else with making up fake hoaxes. What is a "fake or phony hoax exactly?" Selling out my country, Trump, is practically treasonous. It is criminal. So it IS a witch hunt and Trump is the witch. I AM after him because he is behaving crazy as a lunatic. He has children in cold jails away from their parents. If I went into work tomorrow and did or said 5 things of the hundreds that Trump has, I'd be fired by noon.

  19. Aawww #45's supporters are here crying cause Alec is amazing and spot on, on playing #45. Like he gives two shits about his deplorables, yet they defend him like he's the second coming.

  20. Fox "NEWS" people are 100% TRAITORS and SCUM. Not even CLOSE TO NEWS, – Ass Hats, fools and Clowns. ๐“๐‘๐€๐ˆ๐“๐Ž๐‘๐’!

  21. Fox "NEWS" people are 100% TRAITORS and SCUM. Not even CLOSE TO NEWS, – Ass Hats, fools and Clowns. ๐“๐‘๐€๐ˆ๐“๐Ž๐‘๐’!

  22. Lmao big pappa doocy man this shiz funny af an to think it was recorded a yr ago an is the story true about the white house communication director?

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