Fox Blames BERNIE for 1000+ Point Stock Crash

Fox Blames BERNIE for 1000+ Point Stock Crash

so yesterday the Dow Jones industrial average
fell by more than 1000 points in a single day. I looked at my mutual fund account this morning. It ugly, truly ugly, but this is not about
me and I instinctively knew that the Wright would try to blame Bernie Sanders for this. Somehow. If stocks go up, it’s thanks to Trump and
Trump brags on Twitter. If stocks go down, Trump doesn’t mention the
record performance that he often talks about and someone or something else is to blame
and just as predicted. There’s a guy on Fox business named Charles
Payne and he blamed Corona virus fears. Sure, but Bernie Sanders winning Nevada for
the stock market decline of over 1000 points. Take a look at Charles laying it out here, or is this the first time the markets are
open? Since Bernie Sanders took control, the democratic
battle, the Bernie factor is finally rearing its head in the stock market. Molina health, one of the biggest health insurance
in this country is down 8% United health is down over 6% Anthem is down 5% hospital stocks
are getting hit. Community psychiatric is down 5% absolutely. Drug stocks are down 4% I mean Tevas down
4% myelin is down 3% there’s absolutely no doubt. Now these stocks got hammered when Elizabeth
Warren was in the lead and when she had her biggest point of leading in the polls. All of these thoughts are under an extreme
amount of pressure as she began to wane in some of these names. I don’t think healthcare for all came out
with great earnings estimates. They rebounded pretty nicely. This is the first time I think wall street
has taken Bernie Sanders very seriously, making money, making money. Now Charles does something tricky. He lists health insurance stocks and he says,
listen, you know, Bernie might end insurance, a private insurance with single payer de facto. Even if he doesn’t outlaw it, he might defacto
end it. Um, and that’s why health insurance stocks
were down so big yesterday. But this is so deceptive because everything
was down yesterday when the Dow is down a thousand points and the NASDAQ is down in
equivalent amount and the S and P 500 is down in equivalent amount. Stocks of all kinds are down. Case in point, even Tesla, a car manufacturer,
my beloved Tesla stock, as many of you know, I’ve been a shareholder for many, many years. Even Tesla was down 7% more than the market
overall. But that’s not convenient to mention. If you want to blame Bernie Sanders, we are
intra day right now as we record today’s show. I would expect the rebound today, partially
because of Donald Trump tweeting about this towards the end of yesterday’s trading day
saying quote, the Corona virus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant
countries, CDC and world health have been working hard and very smart stock market starting
to look very good to me. So expecting a rebound today and then by the
end of the day you may even see Donald Trump bragging about a great day in stocks. Even if we have a plus 400, 500, 600 point
day, we’re still down for me from the start of yesterday, but it would be something for
Trump to again brag about and it sort of seems to work. Um, when uh, trying to um, placate his, uh,
um, unhinged followers. Now back to the Bernie thing. Consider at its face the absurdity of this. Bernie wins a caucus and the caucus has 36
delegates nine months before an election and it’s enough to send the stock market plummeting
more than on any single day in multiple years. It just doesn’t pass the sniff test. And if it were true that Bernie winning Nevada
crashed the stock market, then clearly it’s a very weak stock market. It’s clearly a far more delicate and precarious
market than Donald Trump wants us to believe. Is Donald Trump’s Mark stock market really
so weak that Bernie winning Nevada can send the Dow plummeting a thousand points. So the micro analysis, Trump is a hypocrite
when it comes to talking about the stock market. Ignore Trump on the stock market. That’s the micro, the medium range analysis
is no single day. Stock market move can tell us very much one
way or the other about who is doing what and whether the president is doing a good job. And then the biggest picture analysis, the
broadest analysis is that the stock market in general tells us very little about how
the economy is or is not working for the average person. And you need to look at many other indicators. Some of those include uh, the employment rate,
um, not just the youth three but the you six. You want to look at wage growth or contraction. You want to look at consumer confidence index
inflation. I mean there’s so many different things that
you really need to look at in more detail, uh, to understand how the economy is doing,
not just for the very rich. Uh, you can actually look at the stock market
and um, uh, glean quite a bit about how the very rich are doing on the basis of the stock
market. Of course, share the lion’s share of shares
of stock are owned by corporations and the very rich, uh, but that’s not going to tell
you very much about how the economy is functioning for just the average middle class person.

100 thoughts on “Fox Blames BERNIE for 1000+ Point Stock Crash

  1. Boo to the stupid news dotards that are blaming Bernie Sanders for the stock market..
    Desperate to get views or just stupid..?? Oh, and I wonder if old potus lardus had a
    stroke or a hamburder related heart attack if the stock market would crash or go off
    the charts up, up and way up..? I know what my guess would be–and dancing in the street..

  2. If Donald Trump* says things are fine, it's time to panic.

    *Impeached, serial liar, bankrupts CASINOS (WTF, casinos are basically money printing operations), soon will have bankrupted America, and totally deserved to be removed and run out of town on a rail.

  3. Just imagine the panic we're going to see from these fools when health insurance companies are shutting their doors because of Medicare for All. And it won't even be over rank and file workers losing jobs, which is really the only problem worth being concerned about. They'll be crying for the poor CEOs that won't get overpaid millions of dollars, and the complete scumbags that have power to deny their own customers healthcare in the name of profit margins. They chose their careers, and their fates are well earned.

  4. The fed has been pumping money into the stock market since September. It's a fake market propped up with stock buy backs and free money.

  5. You Bernie supporters are so destructive!
    I leave in France and the market is down more than 6% since Bernie's Nevada win! This is unacceptable

  6. It's almost like they know their audience is ignorant and will believe anything they say even though it is not based in reality just to push their fear and hate filled propaganda.

  7. So nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh spreading misinformation about Coranvirus created to stop Trump, Trumps $1T deficit spending, wealth gap increasing everyday.
    More proof of how Fake Fox is. So sad.

  8. As an outsider looking in at this farce that America is…………………….that making money on gambling on HEALTH is accepted as Normal is amazing.

  9. I’m not a fan of Charles Payne but he made good points about healthcare stocks. And the ones he listed were all down more than the movement of the Dow and SP. Not a great take David. Bernie will take a hatchet to the economy.. own it and be good with it but don’t hide from it.

  10. Maybe.. just maybe Corona virus may have something to do with this, and this for sure isnt going to help:

  11. Watch democrats blame Trump for it in a few months when it gets worse….
    it is corona virus 100% not a republican nor a democrat

  12. Omg FOX is beyond ridiculous. And the sad thing is that all the people who watch this station will and do believe all this bullshit. That’s how stupid people in the Trump world are. You can’t make this shit up. Oh wait, FOX did and always does make shit up.

  13. "blames Bernie Sanders for stock market crash" — see, this is the kind of thing I think of whenever this "TDS" thing is mentioned. The delusion on the right knows no bounds, yet they accuse anyone who isn't fully on board to orange train of delusion as suffering from TDS. Evertrumpers and their projecting, pure and simple.

  14. I mean, he MAY be right. MAY be. Really totally speculation though. And he said "Absolutely no doubt" attributed to Bernie.

  15. I am a 50 year old democrat. Today, along with my 21 year old daughter, are going early vote for BERNIE SANDERS! My friends are voting for Bernie also. There is HOPE for older democrats. DONT LOOSE FAITH!

  16. That is the most absurd correlation I have EVER heard. How can they even say that with a straight face?!?!?! I guess when most of your viewers are dumber than a box of rocks you can say whatever the hell you want! That's just insulting!

  17. Absolutely ridiculous. Corporate America is killing America. These people are just disgusting.
    They will blame Bernie for everything because they are scared.
    Bernie 2020 Trump prison 2020.
    Edit: I don’t give a rats ass if the stock market crashes. The CDC said they want nothing to do with Trump bringing those infected people back to the states. He is a completely incompetent president.

  18. I have eerie feeling Trump released the Corona virus on China to destroy their economy in an effort to compensate for his horrendously stupid tariffs fail. This virus is destroying China's commerce but it will eventually get to the US too, as always he never stops thinking enough stupid ideas.

  19. Ah yes, the LIB SQUAD, only caring about the stock market. 10% of Americans own almost all stocks and financial assets, that's your 4th Reich. Older stock market owning Americans love genocide, as long as those capital gains keep coming.

  20. FOX News is stupid as hell for blaming Bernie for the stock market plunge.
    If Trump can take credit for the stock market rise, then he also has to be the one to blame for the stock market falling.

  21. Let’s see now, Bernie crashed the stock market, destroyed the Democratic Party AND he’s the front runner. If your hair is still on fire, pour on some orange koolaid…

  22. So let me get this right….the fact that we aren’t ready for the corona virus which lead to the stock market fall is Bernies fault and not the unprepared president. I called the crash but in April. We can’t have an overinflated economy and act like it will last forever.

  23. Health service stocks are still down more than any other industry, even after the correction.

    But thank you for demonstrating why people should never take your financial or economic advice with this video of yours, David.

  24. So what he’s saying is trump’s “economy” (as trump calls it) is SOOOOO FUCKING WEAK, that it is frighted of the sniffles, and Bernie Sanders is SOOOO much more powerful than trump that simply by being the front runner he can shake the shareholders to their greedy/corrupt core…

  25. Unfortunately this is what we need, and an increased drop in the markets… or a recession. Crazy huh? You bet it’s the only way to get 45 out of office.

  26. Wow, If Bernie can move the market by 1,000 points, let’s elect him and short the market. 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  27. Give John Dolmayan some bad press?

  28. So nothing to do with a crash in Chinese production and the spread of this virus in Italy. A virus that, if it hits big time in the US, could crash the entire US health system.

  29. If Bernie caused this drop, then he should do it, again……and again…….and again…….and again………you get the idea….
    Fuck PEDO Trump and the RepubTards!

  30. Fox has been pretty fair to Bernie up until recently when he started winning and they realized he may actually be the nominee. Now they're going to start smearing him again.

  31. The market fell because all the wimpy investors freak out when the market falls. They
    invested more than the could afford to lose so they sell on a falling
    market. If they were smart, like me, they would have held back some
    cash and bought more shares. Now they are going to buy back in on a
    rising market. LOSERS! Translated, trump supporters.

  32. Isn't Bernie clever. Affecting the worlds stock markets, down 1000 pts. Then Trump* comes along and they go back up. It's just a miracle!! How ridiculous. Would hate to live in Trumps* fantasy world. Someone feed him a heart attack in a bun (burger).

  33. I saw that and just laughed. Anything they can do to blame Bernie. 🔥🔥Vote, Donate and volunteer if you can🔥🔥 Let's send him all the way to the White House🔥🔥

  34. So still no news.

    Of course these propagandist slugs ignore actual news and facts and go right to their narrative.
    It would not be Fox 'news' if they did otherwise.

  35. I'm sure most of us here know this. I wonder how many Fox viewers amble across this channel or those like it and have the courage to question what they've heard from Fox and all their friends that watch Fox. My guess is that for every thousand or so, there might be one.

  36. Fox News praises Trump for the rise in the stock market the second he gets elected but then blames Bernie for the stock market plummeting before Bernie even becomes the nominee. Why not praise Obama for fixing the economy in 2016 and don't blame the guy who hasn't even become the Democratic nominee? Can't conservatives see that Fox News' logic makes no sense?

  37. Really gotta consider that a literal handful of ppl own 90% of all our markets. These guys can do whatever they want with price, make it dance exactly how they want, it's a joke. There is no real market.

  38. Whatever happened to 'the buck stops at the top'? Bernie isn't the president, yet. Trump has trashed the stock market a couple times with stupid tweets, and stupider actions on former allies. If Bernie wins can cause a 1000 point loss, you're pretty fragile.

  39. Most of the World & US medical stock including medicines is produced in China. China is on a virtual closedown, production is minimal. What does that goon think will happen?

  40. The STONKS go up and the STONKS go down. Sometimes the STONKS go down to manipulate the political process. READ THIS:

    They're going to do this to Bernie PREPARE for the info-game!

  41. I would assume they forgot to mention too that a major contributor to previous stock market rise was because corporations were buying back their own stock with the money they got from tax cuts. It was already inflated with nothing in the first place.

  42. Fake news effects stock prices. It's well documented. Bots share it on twitter all the time in the hopes of manipulating price action. Stoking fear about Bernie is likely to influence people to go and short certain shares considering the amount of people watching Fox. Doubt it caused a whole 1,0000 points though. Especially with coronavirus actually effecting the global economy.

  43. What a fool! BERNIE is not the #1 man. This is trumps mess! Didn't close boarders. Would be over already. Ya put your money in market! Go Trump lovers.

  44. In fact, during the current turndown on the stock market, XLV, which represents the healthcare sector, has outperformed the S&P 500 significantly.

  45. Wait…. the stocks are down because of the fear of Universal Healthcare?? Im happy noone is scared of private insurance covering numerous people with coronavirus.

  46. This is the time to buy, not sell. Pick a company that is losing stock value but will still be around when this is over. It will rebound $$$

  47. The stock market is weak. The only reason it's as high as it is, is because since the Trump tax cuts, many of the larger companies have been buying back their own stocks in order to artificially inflate the value of the shares left on the market.

  48. I mean everything was down but there is a difference between dropping 2-3% and 8-10%. Different stocks are different and there is no doubt that Bernie would be bad for health insurance stocks.

  49. Obviously, not Bernie's fault. There's this thing, what is it? Oh yeah, the coronavirus epidemic. But, Wall Street should take Bernie seriously because he's coming for them. It's time to put an end to the bullshit. It's time for the PEOPLE of our country to reap the benefits of their hard work and not just the corporate elites.

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