Fox and Friends Wins Triple Crown of Stupidity

Fox and Friends Wins Triple Crown of Stupidity

>>It’s so interesting that people are critical
of the president’s decisions, of our intelligence community’s decisions, our generals’ decisions.>>They want details.>>General Tate has said, well, they can’t
have it. Everything can’t be made public.>>That is Ainsley Earhardt unironically defending
US intelligence when it comes comes to the so-called intel that they’re sighting to justify
Trump’s escalation of war with Iran. Now he did that by assassinating Iran’s top
military commander. And it’s amazing because, as we all know through
the Russia investigation and now the impeachment investigation, Donald Trump has accused the
intelligence community of being part of the so-called deep state over and over again. He doesn’t trust the intelligence community. Even when they do provide evidence to indicate
that he has obstructed justice and done all sorts of nefarious things. But nonetheless, let’s hear what Fox and Friends
had to say in its full context.>>It’s so interesting that people are critical
of the president’s decisions, of our intelligence communities’ decisions, our generals’ decisions.>>They want details.>>General Tate has said, well they can’t
have it. Everything can’t be made public. We heard Pompeo over the weekend saying everything
that we have the intelligence community has. He said, I ran the CIA at one point. We can’t release everything. We can’t release all of our intelligence information. We’ll release as much as we can, but you just
have to trust us, basically. And General Tate has said it makes us more
safe. He agreed with killing this general, this
evil terrorist. He says it goes to show how ridiculous our
divide is that they support Soleimani over the president’s decision. It counters everything that I learned as a
soldier.>>Just keep in mind, if you’re going to be
critical of the president for not hitting Iran after they took out our drone and not
hitting Iran after they rocketed the Saudi oil bases and not going after Iran after they
were mining the Gulf. You can also be critical of the president
when he does take action in that area.>>When they were trying to take out our embassy.>>Yeah, they go, wow, how could the president
let our embassy get breached and not do anything? Well he does something and these same people
are going, my God, how could the president do something?>>Sure.>>Who is that person that had those two positions?>>So I am going to go through a timeline
of what happened with US-Iranian relations under the Trump Administration. Because the way that this is all being portrayed
in the mainstream, not in all cases, there has been some good reporting, certainly not
on Fox. But the way that it’s mostly being portrayed
is Iran’s the aggressor. Iran’s the threat. Well, Trump had to do it. He’s protecting the American people. That’s the narrative that they want the American
people to believe in order to garner support for yet another disastrous endless war. But if you look at the timeline under the
Trump administration our government has been the aggressor. And it’s actually kind of astonishing how
much restraint the Iranians have had in response to Trump, and I’m gonna prove that to you
in just a second. But, John, I wanted to get your commentary
on that ridiculous exchange.>>They’re idiots and their job is to be idiots.>>No one supports Soleimani. Let’s just be clear about that, right? So don’t buy into the fake narrative that
they’re setting up where if you criticize Trump’s actions that means you’re a Soleimani
fan. You have a Soleimani poster in your bedroom. You go to Soleimani rock concerts. No, no, everyone acknowledges he’s a bad guy. The question is, what is the best strategic
move in order to stabilize the region, to keep American troops abroad safe, to keep
diplomatic employees abroad safe? What is the right way to go about it? So for instance, Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein was a terrible person, right? But it is against the law to do an extra judicial
killing of Jeffrey Epstein, right? He has to have his day in court. You get it, there’s due process, yada yada. So if I make that argument it doesn’t mean
that I like Jeffery Epstein. It means that you can’t break the law and
you can’t just unilaterally decide to do things. There are consequences to that, namely deteriorating
our justice system if that kind of action stands.>>Yeah.>>Right? So, yeah.>>And also, if you’re watching this and you’re
a Trump fan you can’t watch that and think, they have been consistent in what they think
about the trustworthiness of the intelligence apparatus in America. That they’ve been saying, they’re all lying
to you. They’re all part of this embedded multi-decade
deep state. But now they say that they had something and
I don’t want anymore information, I’m good. How could you possibly question them? First of all, there’s not a deep state the
way that they’ve been saying that there is. But if there was a deep state, if there was
a long-standing, across multiple administrations, continuing policy it would be pushing us into
war. That’s the only thing consistent through all
of these administrations, and that’s what it’s doing now. And to get you to bow your head to it, it’s
telling you that you’re un-American if you don’t support that drive to war.>>Right, just like Iraq. Just like what happened in the lead up to
Iraq.>>If there was a deep state, that’s what
it would be doing.>>Yeah, yeah.>>But no, the only thing the deep state does
is occasionally pop up to spit in the eye of Donald Trump and that’s it.>>Look, there is a deep state in the cont
and people should be skeptical of the intelligence community, especially when it comes to US-backed
coups, which just happened in Bolivia, for instance. The intelligence community tried to convince
the United States that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. So should you be skeptical of the intelligence
community? Absolutely, when it came to the Russia investigation,
they had to show their work.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, exactly.>>And let’s be clear, the intelligence community
didn’t say we needed to go after Soleimani.>>Exactly.>>Pompeo said they said that.>>That’s right.>>Trump said they said that sort of.>>And they have not provided-
>>And then when you ask follow up questions they evade it away.>>Yeah.>>It’s not like we’ve released this 300 page
Inspector General analysis of all the intelligence leading up to the bombing of Qasem Soleimani. That doesn’t exist. It would be like if in the run up to Iraq,
Colin Powell, he didn’t have any of his charts or his satellite photos.>>He’s just like, I heard something, it’s
bad, let’s go in there. That’s as casual as the lie has been. And Fox is lying to you pretending that they
find it to be convincing.>>Right, and so I wanna go through the timeline
of what’s happened with Iran under the Trump administration. Because every time you hear this argument
that Iran is the aggressor, understand that that is not the case. Now I’m gonna start this off by saying the
obvious, which is in 2015 one of the best things that Obama was able to accomplish was
the Iran nuclear deal, and it wasn’t just between United States and Iran. It was between the United States, Iran, Russia,
China, and European countries, right? And so they were ways to check in to make
sure that Iran was no longer enriching its uranium. They were ways to prove that Iran was not
building a nuclear weapon. It was the best deal to prevent Iran from
building a nuclear weapon. Donald Trump gets elected and what does he
do? So let’s start with May 8th of 2018, Trump
withdraws from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. That is the Iran nuclear deal, right? So once you do that you’re basically telling
you Iran we’ve pulled out. This deal doesn’t exist anymore. If you want, you can go ahead and enrich your
uranium, right? And that’s essentially what they ended up
doing, but there’s more detail. So let’s go further. August 7th, 2018, Trump announces first round
of sanctions against Iran. November 5th, 2018, Trump announces second
round of sanctions against Iran. April 8, 2019, Trump administration designates
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization, something that’s unprecedented
and does what? Further devolves or further deteriorates the
relationship between the United States and Iran and makes it incredibly difficult to
renegotiate a nuclear deal, which is what Trump claimed he wanted. Let’s go further. By the way, who’s the aggressor so far? May 5th, 2019, John Bolton announced the US
was sending an aircraft carrier strike group and Air Force bombers to the Middle East against
Iran. May 8th of 2019, Iran announces it is preparing
to increase enriched uranium production. Trump implements sanctions against Iran’s
steel and mining sectors, okay? So look, at this point what’s amazing, Trump
pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal on May 8th of 2019. It wasn’t until a year later that Iran was
like, okay, I mean, we’ve been trying to comply with this even though the United States pulled
out. But at this point, I mean, these sanctions
are crippling us. The other countries that were part of this
deal have been coerced by the United States government to stop doing business with us,
and so we’re left with no choice. Let’s go to May 14th of 2019. Because remember, the United States is engaged
in all sorts of nefarious actions abroad. Yemen’s Houthi rebels allegedly attack major
oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia. US blamed Iran for the attack but Tehran denies
involvement. We talked about this story. The US government has still failed to provide
any evidence to show that Iran was behind that oil tanker attack, right? And as we know, the United States is assisting
Saudi Arabia in the Saudi led coalition in Yemen, which is leading to a genocide of the
Yemeni people. Let’s give you more. June 13th of 2019, US accuses Iran of attacking
Japanese and Norwegian oil tankers while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Iran. Iran denied involvement. Again, there’s been no proof of what the US
has accused Iran of. June 17th of 2019, Pentagon deploys 1,000
additional troops to the Middle East. Iran said it was 10 days from surpassing the
limit set by the nuclear deal, that Trump pulled out of, on its stockpile of low-enriched
uranium. Again, I mean, I know this is super detailed. And by the way, there’s a bunch of other stuff
like little sanctions here and there that I haven’t even included in the timeline. But where is the aggression coming from, guys? Let’s take responsibility for what our government
is doing. There’s only so many times you can punch someone
in the face before expecting them to punch back. June 20th of 2019, US drone shot down by Iran. Iran said that the drone was flying in Iranian
airspace while the US claimed it was flying over international waters. June 21, 2019, Trump calls off an airstrike
against Iran, okay? So he had called for an airstrike and then
ten minutes before it was supposed to happen he called it off. June 22nd of 2019, Iran responds to US threats
by ordering the execution of a US military contractor who is convicted of spying for
the CIA. By the way, no one in the US press talks about
that story. June 29th of 2019, US deploys F-22 stealth
fighters to defend American forces and interests. And the list goes on and on. On December 27, a rocket attack on an Iraqi
military base in and Kirkuk killed a US contractor and wounded several US service members and
Iraqi personnel. The US-led coalition against ISIL did not
specify who might be responsible, but US officials later blamed Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed
militia, for the attack. Two days later, on December 29, the US military
carried out defensive strikes on sites in Iraq and Syria belonging to Kataib Hezbollah
that Washington said were in retaliation for the killing of a US contractor. Iraqi security and militia sources said at
least 25 fighters were killed and 55 others wounded. Following that attack, that was when protesters
stormed the US embassy in Iraq. And the way the media reports it makes it
seem like the story or the timeline starts right there. They attacked our US embassy. Yeah, but why, why? People don’t just randomly attack embassies,
okay? So we need to think about how our actions
lead to these types of repercussions. It’s about strategy, okay? It’s not saying or making excuses for the
bad actors abroad. It’s about thinking about the best way to
de-escalate the situation. And Trump has consistently done the opposite,
mostly because he can’t handle Obama’s legacy and he wants to destroy it in any way he can. He thought he could negotiate a better nuclear
deal. If this the way he goes about negotiating
deals, he’s a terrible deal maker. But we already knew that by the six bankruptcies
that he went through.>>Yeah, and as you go through the timeline
I just think about if you were trying to have a war between our countries, this is kind
of how you would do it. You’d bring in John Bolton along the way,
a guy who has no qualifications outside of pushing for literally every war someone can
imagine. And also right wing media has been pushing
for it too. If you recall, when they shot down that drone
Fox and Friends talked about it like they’d murdered R2-D2. Like it was this iconic person in American
history that they dared to shoot down instead of a drone. It’s a valuable piece of military equipment
but that’s it. Nobody was killed. But they have been trying to push for this
from the very beginning. We were lucky that we didn’t have this same
sort of situation six months ago.>>Yeah, I mean, Trump calling off that airstrike
was a big deal, right? But at that point Iran knew.>>I hate every reference to that.>>Mm-hm.>>Because he ordered the airstrike.>>I know.>>Like I don’t give a damn that he called
it off.>>Exactly.>>He ordered it.>>That was the point I was about to make.>>Yes.>>The fact that he ordered it in the first
place led to an escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran. So calling it off was important sand I’m glad
he did, right? Cuz the situation today would have been even
worse that it already is. But my point is, he doesn’t think about his
actions before he actually carries them out.>>Yeah.>>And what he has done has not led to the
possibility of a better nuclear deal with Iran. It’s done the exact opposite. All right, and that’s why we talk about strategy. That’s the reason why we’re talking about
strategy. That’s the important part of the story, not
differentiating between good guys and bad guys. Because remember, Donald Trump went on an
international tour touting his love affair with Kim Jong-Un, who has his own people in
gulags right now. He murders his own people on a regular basis.>>Yeah.>>All right.>>You don’t even have to go that far. He loves MBS.>>Exactly, a man who killed a US resident,
ordered the killing of a US resident and a Washington Post reporter. Donald Trump tried to help MBS cover up for
that.>>Yep.>>It’s unbelievable.

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