Fox Allows Lunatic to Imply Kim Jong-Un Created Cronavirus

Fox Allows Lunatic to Imply Kim Jong-Un Created Cronavirus

[00:43:51] Fox News now going to a very negative
Fox News story. Fox News allowed lunatic Christian Jerry Falwell
Junior to suggest that North Korean dictator Kim Jong un may have created coronavirus as
a weapon to attack the United States. We need to listen to doctors. We need to listen to pandemic specialists. We need to listen to scientists on coronavirus. We don’t need lunatic Christian preachers
who come from a line of lunatic Christian preachers in their family, like Jerry Falwell
Jr. to go on television and say these things. And if they say them, we need them to be held
accountable, which Fox News did not. So this is a clip of Christian Pastor Jerry
Falwell, Junior associated with Liberty University, son of the late Jerry Falwell senior, who
once said 9/11 happened because of gay people and abortions. His son, Jerry Falwell, Junior goes on Fox
and Friends with Trump regularly watches. Remember that? And check out not just what he says, but how
the Fox News clowns don’t even push back at all about it. [00:44:54][63.4]
[00:44:54] It’s just strange to me how so many are overreacting. The H1N1 virus in 2009 kills 17000 people. It was the flu. Also, I think and there was not the same hype. It was you just didn’t see it on the news
24/7. And it makes you wonder if there’s a political
reason for that. It’s it’s you know, impeachment didn’t work. And the Mueller report didn’t work. And. Article 25 didn’t work, and so maybe now this
is their next their next attempt to go, champ. But but I had. The owner of a restaurant asked me last night. He said, do you remember the North Korean
leader promised a Christmas present for for America back back in December? Could it be they got together with China? And this is a president? I don’t know. But it really is something strange going on. Jerry, so regarding the fact that you’re going
to continue to have classes, people are overreacting. [00:45:56][61.4]
[00:45:58] There’s too much news coverage. This is politicized. Corona virus is just like impeachment. And isn’t it possible this was a weaponized
virus created by Kim Jong un and China to attack the United States? Fascinating, Jerry. And and you guys are continuing to hold classes. That’s the reaction from the Fox News people. Now, let’s go through it at two layers at
its face. This is absurd, first and foremost. But think about it a little more deeply. Other countries so far, there’s still time. But so far, other countries have been hit
way harder than the United States, Italy, Iran, China, Spain. So why would Kim Jong un punish the United
States by creating a virus that disproportionately kills people in Europe and Asia, at least
for now? Every aspect of this appearance is weaponised
ignorance, and it’s irresponsible. It’s infowars level stuff that is being allowed
on Fox News. I told you last week, attorneys general have
been sending out notices to people selling fake corona viruses like drinking silver. They should be sending out the same notices
of cease and desist to Fox News for allowing known disinformation to spread, which will
cause panic and misunderstanding and potentially cause even more cases of Corona virus and
deaths. Now, one other thought to consider. [00:47:18][80.3]
[00:47:20] Jerry Falwell is simultaneously saying this is all an overreaction and it
might be a North Korean bio weapon. Think about that for a second. If this really was a North Korean bio weapon,
aren’t we under reacting? That would be insane. And effectively an act of war if it is the
case that this is a North Korean bio weapon. We’re not overreacting. We’re drastically under reacting. But Fox News just says, oh, yeah. Right. And and you’re continuing to hold classes,
Jerry at Liberty University. Fascinating. Fascinating. They’ve all failed us. The people that are like the Donald Trump
have failed us as he now is completely in over his head, lying uncontrollably. Diarrhea of the mouth. Can’t tell it. [00:48:04][43.8]
[00:48:04] Can’t tell the truth is like Pinocchio with Donald Trump, except the more he lies,
instead of his nose getting bigger, his face becomes more orange. And meanwhile, Fox News is allowing this stuff
and continuing to have people on saying this is a great time to fly. The planes will be empty. This is a great time to go to nice restaurants. The restaurants will be empty. These people will be our undoing. And we are working against not only the virus,
but we are working against the disinformation viral spread that is happening simultaneously. [00:48:33][28.8]

100 thoughts on “Fox Allows Lunatic to Imply Kim Jong-Un Created Cronavirus

  1. Didn’t the university send him packing because he was crazy as a bag of rats?? I know I saw him whining about it not long ago. Possibly Faux “News” 🙄🙄 need a class action suit filed against them by the people? Don’t know if that could happen but misinformation like they spread is equivalent to yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater I would think. Every day they get more and more ridiculous!

  2. Hey conspiratorial worshipers please go to an read the Mar.17th article an COVID19 Coronavirus Epidemic has a Natural Origin.

  3. Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch specifically, should be held criminally responsible for spreading false news about the coronavirus epidemic, considering they are directly responsible for influencing the behaviors of millions of Americans who watch them. They are 100% to blame for my parents still not taking this threat seriously, still insisting on going about their normal lives and refusing to stay inside despite them being elderly. Every time I speak with my mom on the phone I’m having to beg her to stay inside and let us go get their groceries for them. If it’s not that, I’m having to bat down another idiotic conspiracy theory about how China or North Korea created the virus. The FCC should send them a cease and desist and be willing to block the station if they refuse to comply. Of course that will never happen with trump’s FCC

  4. What Trump’s best friend who sends beautiful letters to Trump would do this to the USA.
    Yeah, well Barr can’t throw out the virus. People selling snake oil or disinformation should be fined $50,000.00 and imprisoned for
    10 years minimum. To minimize this is to spread it… it might not kill you but it might kill someone you love.
    Pull together.

  5. Is there any connection to be made that the two biggest electorate blue states are having the worst of covid19??

  6. This is what happens when you believe that all of history is the product of intent and purpose. It is inconceivable and probably frightening to these people that life exists in the world unintentionally and for no particular purpose.

  7. In particular, this why I refer to that so-called news network as F*ck News Network, because that's what they collectively are good at, along with support from many of their loyalists who defend & take heed to their crap. Most, if not all, of the mainstream, big media outlets I think are much more into bs infotainment, etc.

  8. FNC ska The Fun News Channel is watched and taken seriously by a tremendous portion of the TV audience. Now that we’ve been instructed to stay at home and limit the spread of the Caronavirus we can expect to see an equal spread of silliness.

  9. They missed their target because Earth is flat,but it got there where it supposed to go..Damn wind..Just stay at home till it blows right back in their faces..Where's that hurricane when you need one..

  10. These telly evangelicals are the real enemy of the people. They don’t even believe in there so called god. They r Hypocrites who quote any old hogwash from the bible to make their followers feel guilty and send them more dollars.just like the trumps.

  11. I'm a fundamentalist Christian and agree with David Pakman that we need to listen to pandemic experts and authorities and not these crazy conspiracy ideas.

  12. It’s because fox knows now, that their viewers who are in trumps base ACTUALLY will believe this, so they dare not criticize the idea, no matter how crazy. Let’s remember, people believed enough that Hilary and sorts was running child ped ring out of a pizza joint, that they went in with guns to investigate. These people have no brains, and are beyond saving.

  13. It’s because fox knows, that their viewers who are in trumps base ACTUALLY will believe this, so they dare not criticize the idea, no matter how crazy. Let’s remember, people believed enough that Hilary and sorts was running kiddie play ring out of a pizza joint, that they went in with guns to investigate. These people have no brains, and are beyond saving.

  14. It used to be that the religious nutters would say things like this are god punishing us for our sins. Now it's a conspiracy to take down Trump. Shows where their priorities have gone

  15. start a go fund me page and send all the republican virus deniers on free cruises. Stock the ships with coors light, velveeta cheese, macaroni, ground beef and marlboros. done

  16. Yeah right, like KJU and his country’s citizens are immune from the virus. Then sets it loose in China who are their neighbors, just to get at Trump!!! I hope God purges the lot of these fk-wits.

  17. Jerry Falwell Jr. is not a pastor but that doesn't make him any less wacky. He is the president of Liberty University. His brother Jonathan Falwell is the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church which founded LU.

  18. Every day FoxNews has to present an understandable villain to their audience that they can blame for everything that has gone bad. For FoxNews, guarding Trump means protecting themselves. Falwell is just a useless cretin who does what he's paid to do.

  19. So the whole world are closing down and ruining their economies just to get rid Trump? Oh my God, just when I thought certain Americans couldn't be any more narcissistic about America. The world really doesn't care that much about your president.

  20. How can people still say this is "overhyped" During H1N1, no country was having to line up trucks at the hospitals to take away the dead

  21. The feeble and unintelligent minds will not listen to doctors, because they don't have the capacity to understand therefore, not be able to accept what they feel they should understand, but cannot admit to themselves the ineptitude.

  22. My God, the conspiracy theories for something that has been explained, and warned about, for years since SARS. The Wet Markets in China sell all sorts of butchered animals – some of which carry known diseases deadly to humans – in unsanitary conditions. Bat cages and meat on top of birdcages on top of pig cages and so on. This outbreak was guaranteed to happen and all this noise and finger-pointing in every direction – including China blaming the U.S. – proves that we have learned nothing from this and the next pandemic will be Contagion (the movie) level.

  23. Kim Jong-Un collaborated with China to create a bioweapon to kill Americans…but released it…in…China.

    But trump said it was a hoax. Tell that to the families of the scores of Americans and the countless others worldwide that’ve died.

  24. dumb…yes..stupid…yes..idiotic…yes…however it's called free speech..I know.the left hates when Republicans and ring wing use free speech..but it's allowed

  25. Good grief, you can't find anything relevant and important to provide commentary on?
    Question: What do Pakman, Maddow, O'Donnell, Lemon, Cuomo, Stelter et all have in common?
    Relentless fear porn, fear mongering, doom, gloom, pessimism, dislike, hatred and self inflated importance among other things swimming in shallow minds and intellectual dishonesty – oh, and being completely wrong in literally every prediction and prognostication over the last 4 years.
    And people follow a track record like that?!?

  26. Which is it? Is it an attack by north Korea to kill us all with help from China or is it the flu blown out of proportion by the liberals? Tell me Fox Friends!

  27. Unfortunately there are those ‘paranoid’ nationalists who must always place blame onto somebody.
    Viruses happen.
    They have been around forever.
    Take the ‘common’ cold as an example.
    Although it has been called ‘common’ for generations all attempts to develop a vaccine have been unsuccessful because, as anybody with knowledge of biology can tell you, viruses readily mutate.
    …..but there are those who must place blame onto others.

  28. A Christmas present in March? That incidentally kills thousands of Chinese people and damages their own economy. Genius theory.

  29. Is it that far fetched after all Kim did promise a Christmas present he is a nut job But so are Fox and their guests

  30. Literally I know hardcore crackheads with more intellect,morals and common sense than conservatives!! I mean like Damn!!………what the fuck………

  31. Sorry David …. but I have to say the possibility is there
    The North Korean leader threatened that the world would "witness a new strategic weapon… in the near future".
    The last time North Korea conducted a missile test was in November 2019 – when it said it was testing a "super-large multiple-rocket launcher".
    Is this just coincidence ?
    He killed his brother injected him with a VX nerve agent.

  32. I'm conservative and I admit, Fox News isn't always how shall we say, devoid of narrative. The reality is we need to team up with NK against the CCP. That would help us a lot in the upcoming war.

  33. The thing is that his followers are then going to be at risk. I believe that the right wing and its nuts and old people are going to be hit hard.

  34. You have badly lacked leadership in your country and now you are going to pay the price. Fox news needs to be taken off the air. In europe we are in total lock down. This is a lethal virus, not only on certain age groups, but on the infrastructure of world. Crazy.

  35. Jerry Falwell, Jr is the same nutjob that held a day of prayer at his church in Florida for his parishioners to all pray for tRump! tRump almost forgot about the day and walked in the church all sweaty from playing golf all day at his golf course, with his MAGA hat plastered on his head! These Televangelist sycophants that think tRump is the Chosen One and the next coming of Christ are sick in the brain and money hungry whores who don’t even know or preach the true gospel nor do they care about the poor and less fortunate of society. All they care about is having their flock pay those tithes so they can buy another new jet, luxury vehicle, mega mansion, yacht or membership into the upper crust of society so they can themselves feel better than anyone else because of their riches. They think that God wants them to be rich and prosperous. That’s why there’s the blasphemous and sacrilegious Prosperity Gospel that is mainly made up of millionaires and billionaires!

  36. Wow!! As soon as Falwell said that the "anchor" pivoted like Shaq in the paint during a game!!! Even they know when something is bull$pit!!! A decent journalist would have tried to get reasoning for the stupid statement. A very good journalist would have asked for more of a citation for the remark. I great journalist would have kicked dude off the dam show!!! Yet this idiot started to ask about class scheduling?? Where is that on the news spectrum??!! That is some hard hitting journalism after an insane remark like that!!! Yikes!!! If/when Trump gets reelected we are royaly phucked AGAIN!!! This time…..NO LUBE!!!

  37. I don't know about N. Korea but thank god Trump welcomed Jesus back to America , have you seen the beating Iran is taking? Thank you president Trump for inviting Jesus back to America . Obama gave the terrorist boat loads of money on the Tarmac and now Jesus is taking it back

  38. If there is a hell Jerry F Senior is there and Junior should be now……Christopher Hitchens was so right about them all……

  39. The only way these moron will believe Ccod-19 pandemic is a true global crisis,is if they start dying to it.
    I would totally be up for it if it didn't mean innocent people will also get hyper-infected because those are the kind of people that don't care about social distancing ,becuase they don't believe in the crisis.

  40. I really wish David would not feature anything that is the insanity of Fox "news" but, I guess, he feels that he must do it. The Founders gave us official religious "freedom" , imo, because they were aware of the religious wars/ conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in the centuries before them and by putting religious freedom in the Bill Rights they probably believed they had solved those problems. Well, they didn't.

  41. Sure sure sure. Deep State plot, Chinavirus, no-good democrats out to get em and so on blah blah.

    The virus is at your doorstep already. Deal with that first Mr Stable Genius.

  42. If you're a) perfectly willing to say the most outrageous and idiotic things in public, and b) eager to take millions from folks even stupider than yourself, there's no limit to how far you can go in this country.

  43. Did you see Putin and what he said? He’s blaming the US and other countries, and said that if they don’t back off (with the virus) there would be “war” consequences,, I’m not making this up, look for the video of him just the other day he announced this

  44. The father Jerry Falwell was a hardcore segregationist as well, even worse than his 9/11 comments, his actual belief about race and segregation.

  45. “You can get away with the most extraordinary things in this country if you can just get ‘reverend’ in front of your name.”

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