100 thoughts on “Former Navy secretary blasts Trump over Gallagher case

  1. spencer is a fool… he needs to bring military charges against pilot’s who fire bombed civilians of Germany during WWII. this may satisfy his socialist way
    of logic.
    thank you and goodnight

  2. Trump IS the commander in Chief of ALL military services. The Fired Sec. of the Navy would rather ruin a Real fighter's life for because he took a picture with an Enemy Corpse. I'll bet the ba$tard is a leftist liberal Democrat.

  3. The president just so happens to be the commander in chief. Translation….the highest ranking officer in the United States Military.

  4. Yeah, and the politicians, unelected bureaucrat filth have one set of laws. The rest toe the line, be quite pay our taxes. Just think IF that other guy won the Presidency.

  5. Too many silly rules. Nothing about good order. All about perceptions of those who dont fight! God bless Trump and all those who serve. We have something to be thankful for today.

  6. Navy secretary it's been long over due you just go about your business now , we the people lost our trust in you & we're absolutely thankful to our commander in chief to warrant balance in justice for all… not blind…. the rest of your living life , we hope you find your true purpose and acknowledge the Righteous Hand & forgive you of your sins in Jesus name…

  7. Spencer evidently has no understanding of the military chain of command. I disagreed with my higher ups decisions. But I sucked it up, followed my orders & did my fuq’n job. Enough said.

  8. Either he broke the rules or he didn't…he took picture with a corpse or he didn't…. otherwise whats the point of even have a rule against that kind of thing??

    gallagher took a trophy pic and it was disturbing enough to warrant punishment from his commanding officers closer to the issue that the president is. Trump overriding their decision undermines the authority of the UCMJ, it seems to say that aberrant behavior on the battlefield will be tolerated at the highest levels and It shows the president micromanaging an issue his experienced officers should be dealing with.

    And this isn't just about gallagher who was convicted of the trophy photo thing…trump pardoned two other SEALs convicted of WAR CRIMES and refused to let gallagher be disciplined for the trophy photo..

    That essentially says GO CRAZY BOYS THE PRESIDENT'S GOT YOUR BACK. So the next time (and there will be a next time) something like that happens it will be much hard to punish operators for it.

    A bad precedent has been set.

  9. The military code of conduct is something every member of the military is instructed in during basic training. The uniform code of military justice is a long tried and true justice system within the military. Trump pardoned these criminals in order to use them as props for his base to fawn over at rallies, that's all, he doesn't give 2 shits about the military or he would not have pardoned war criminals. That this man would stand up for his beloved navy is all well and good but he did break the chain of command and as a result, according to the uniform code of military justice he deserved what he received. Funny who and how the administration chooses to enforce the code to suit trumps reelection purposes only! As a retired veteran I could not express more my thought that president bone spurs only cares about president bone spurs and nothing else!

  10. If Mr Spencer had any understanding that The Prez was Mr Spencers boss, maybe Mr Spencer would still have a job! Guess Mr Spencer didn't have as comprehensive a understanding of the Chain of Command as he should have had. Not Prez Trump's fault Mr Spencer couldn't understand which one of them was actually in charge. I guess this is what happens when political favoritism fuels your rapid rise in rank, instead of actual military competence.

  11. this guy does not have an understanding how the military works that's why he was fired. he did not understand that the commander in chief is the head of the military.


    When people realize what the WASHINGTON POST IS? It becomes LAUGHABLE and this NAVY secretary INSTANTLY becomes a TRAITOR to the People. Everything people see happening right now stretches ALL the way back to right after WWII. The best thing that could happen to our nation is to have the Military Industrial Complex dismantled and have our Intelligence agencies disbanded. You'd be shocked at how quickly certain News Orgs just vanished from existence. Everything would change for the better ver quickly. Our gov. is poisoned by it. You'd also be shocked at how quickly the Democrat party would lose its chokehold on power.

  13. Spencer doesn't understand the military or he wouldn't be speaking out against the commander in chief, his superior.. sad when even the top officials in the military become partisan and intrude into politics..

  14. Take the fight to the enemy. Posted this on Chuck Schumer's Twitter:

    The Democrats have been destroying whole cities and our education system this last 60 years. Now he's shilling for Navy Secretary Richard Spencer who threw our military heroes under the bus. Obama/Dems instituted suicidal Rules of Engagement policies to favor our Islamic enemies.

  15. Former Deep State Navy Sec blast Trump for acting like the president. Spencer isn't an admiral, he's a major … malfunction.

  16. 4sshat Navy Secy. IGNORES chain of command then attacks President Trump "for not understanding military" … what a joke!

  17. "He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

    Cadet Bone Spurs ladies and gentlemen.

  18. Says trump know little to nothing about the military yet the navy SECRETARY skipped the chain of command what a hypocrite

  19. Wow Secretary of the navy crying like a btch. Obviously he was never on the front line. Trump needs to review all sr staff an weed out all the arm chair heros an replace with actual men

  20. You never prosecute an American soldier in a time of war, with people like you running a military you turn everybody into snowflakes war is war Taking a picture with a corpse is a prize not a crime

  21. As a real Patriot, Secretary Spencer wrote; " in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline, I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the Constitution of the United States." Something that tRump is incapable of because he has no conscience.

  22. I love how all you Trump zombies immediately fall into line with whatever orange boy does. "Hmm Trump fire Navy Secretary. Navy Secretary bad. Trump fire ambassador. Ambassador bad. Trump fire Comey. Comey bad" and on and on and on. Mindless idiots, all of you.

  23. Schumer needs to but out. The Pres of the USA is the Commander in Chief of the military and has the last say, especially in the case of one military situation which he has reviewed personally. It is really outlandish for a fired officer to accuse the Pres for not understanding or being in error after he just committed I do not know how many actions against the chain of command and is speaking against the Pres. No need to wonder why this man without a clue cannot figure it out. Get the beam out of your own eye guy before you worry about the splinter in the eye of your Commander.

  24. It will take a generation to weed out these traitors that fill our ranks, all in positions of power and none on the battlefield. I completely agree that we must fight with discipline and without violating our own principles, but that doesn't mean not fighting at all and standing around getting killed because we're worried about being arrested for doing our job.


  26. We don't need punks like that involved in our military. He can go work for the Democratic party and be a loser like he is.

  27. If you dont stand behind our military, then you need to leave the country. SUPPORT THE MILITARY OR LEAVE OUR BORDERS!

  28. I'm a Navy veteran. Potus.did the thing..that's why they call him the commander in chief. U are a obozo hold over. Richard. Ta ta

  29. Spencer, you're very fortunate that you live in this sissy era. Arrogant Commanders of any ranks like YOU, were hung in the past when they outright, purposefully disobeyed orders.

  30. this is just dump's ploy to look like he supports the military–this is just a stupid move for him. He has again just blindly forced his will on a person & our laws.



  31. believe me this is the worst president of usa history and definitely he will crash usa’s economy very badly by his mindless acts

  32. The message it sends to the troops is we have a president that has their backs 100%!!!! Keep up the good work President Trump!!!!!

  33. Of course, the mofo knows nothing else than corruption and fraud. Defrauded students through Thump U ($25M settlement), committed fraud in the name of charity through The Thump Foundation ($2.5M settlement). Of course he doesn’t know how to live ethically or follow rules and good practices.

  34. Draining the swamp. Thank you President Trump for taking care of your troops. They are warriors. The former SecNav is a politician. Good riddance.

  35. Runs to the Washington Post. What a surprise. I’m glad he was let go. Trump stands by our troops unlike the democrats. War isn’t beautiful and if you haven’t been in the mud then shut up. This includes a pampered navy seamen who never saw a day of actual combat. God bless our troops and America! 1st Cavalry

  36. Secretary is right-of course. Of course, anyone who opposes anything Trump does is immediately "a liberal evil blah blah blah"…Now, I get Trump supporters mental gymnastics to pour venom on high ranking military officers who served with honor and distinction. What I don't get is when they instantly turn on the many Trump appointees who have called out his crap. They were ALL Trump appointees yet, instantly they become "evil liberals"in the minds of his supporters. How's that possible?

  37. Audit the Navy. Find out why men commit suicide or exit when they have a free ride of education. Yeah, the Navy has big problems and it isn't Trump.

  38. The Dogs of War do what the dogs of war do when their unleashed. They deliver carnage to the enemy. How do the dogs of war treat their enemies with no mercy.

  39. Go away Spencer. I haven’t seen such a pencil pushing liar before. People that wouldn’t last a minute in the field try to rule over excellent soldiers. Sheldon ruling over Rambo. YOU’RE FIRED! Now go away.

  40. You were fired because YOUR BOSS didn’t trust you to look after Americans best asset,the young brave men and women that protect the seat your glued to…… you thought you were the boss.

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