Former Fox News Reporter Says Trump Asked Her To His Office “For A Kiss”

Former Fox News Reporter Says Trump Asked Her To His Office “For A Kiss”

One of the more interesting things that has
happened ever since Donald Trump announced that he was even going to be running for president
is the fact that every couple of months we get a new woman coming forward saying that
Donald Trump behaved inappropriately. Sometimes with just a verbal suggestion, other
times being accused of full blown rape against these women. But like clockwork, every couple of months
a new story emerges. And what also follows that trend is that the
media doesn’t seem to care. I mean, Donald Trump has been credibly accused
of sexual assault by nearly two dozen women since he announced he was running for president,
two dozen. A Huffington Post report from a year or so
ago actually puts that number closer to 40 women who have come forward with allegations
against the president. And guess what folks? We got another one, a former Fox news reporter
by the name of Courtney Friel has a new book coming out and in this book she describes
an incident that took place. She had made a phone call to the president. Of course, at the time he was not the president. He was not even running for president at the
time. He was just in charge of the miss America
pageant. And her being a Fox news reporter called him
up and said, hey, listen, I’m very interested in being a judge for miss America. You know what, what can I do? What kind of process do I need to go to? This is something I would really like to do. And Trump said, well, you’re the hottest one
at Fox news, but unfortunately you do work for another network. So you cannot go judge this because it’s on
a different network. But I’ll tell you what, Mrs. Friel claims,
Trump then asked her, how about we schedule a meeting, you come up to my office so we
can kiss. So she wanted a job, basically, judging miss
America a temporary job, well, part time gig there. And instead of giving her that, the president
at the time, not the president said, no, I’m not going to do that, but why don’t you come
up to my office and we can make out a little bit. Now, according to this story, Mrs. Friel then
said, um, sir, I believe we’re both married, and then she ended the phone call. Now, to be clear, this is inappropriate, absolutely. I don’t know that it rises to the level of
harassment or anything illegal like that, but it just gives us a little bit more insight
into this man and how he operates. But the question is, do we even need more
insight? Do we need to really figure this out? We know because we heard it in his own words
in that access Hollywood tape, we know how this man behaves. And that’s another reason why these stories
by these women, each time they come out are, are more and more believable because we’ve
heard the president’s words himself. We know how he views women, we know what he
says about them when he thinks the cameras aren’t rolling or the audio recorders aren’t
rolling. We know. And all of this does fall in line with the
president’s own stated way of dealing with women. So the only question that remains is why does
the media continue to ignore these allegations? Why does the media continue to ignore these
stories? Not just from Mrs. Friel here, but the, the
story from, from E. Jean Carroll. That to me is the biggest one out there. But the media doesn’t seem to care. I know we’re supposed to talk policy and that’s
what we should do with the election. But when it comes to the day to day news,
the way this man has treated women, as objects, almost as animals that he goes and shows off,
that to me, warrants a heck of a lot more media coverage than it has gotten over the
last four years.

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  1. Boy it sounds like Bill Clinton! but it is the our moronic uneducated idiot president and not Bill Clinton! hey republicans you was so big of high horse about a BLOWJOB? But now that we have someone who you know is a sexual assault ! Sorry but I guess you are afraid of what of this president

  2. The average moron thinks that what Trump does in his personal life has no bearing on his ability to lead America, but it does. He is an individual of low character and a lack of morals. And that matters.

  3. People people people. If Donald J Trump takes one of his security weapon and fired it in the crowd and kill three civilians nothing is going to happen. You know why ? Because we allow it . We're scared of him. Too scared.

  4. The Leopard doesn’t change his spots.Trump is totally immoral, another Adulterous moment. Yuck, yuck He thinks he is God’s gift to women, He needs to be castrated.👎🏼

  5. And still the hypocritical, so-called "Evangelical" Christians love the Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS and consider him to be their "Chosen One." They are as loathsome as he is.

  6. Look the facts are traitor trump is a whore dog!! He always was and would still like to be. But no woman wants a drug addicted fat lazy pos!!! He is and always has been a disgrace! Wonder how much money they are paying the fist tramp in office not to divorce him

  7. She should have said something then. I'm a feminist but I'm just done with all these women who come out months or years later with allegations. When shit happens, you SAY SOMETHING and/or file charges, otherwise I'm just done with complaining about bad behavior later when you didn't do anything to stop them from doing it to someone else.

  8. And I believe her too…. his behavior is disturbing and disgusting! Dirty old nasty pervert🤮🤮🤮🤮 who the F*CK would make out with that thing voluntarily🤢🤮

  9. Don't expect faithfulness with Trump. Trump is nobody's role model. Trump defines today's Christians and the frauds they represent.

  10. Trump kisses and kills who he will, and appears he can do whatever he wants and can't be stopped.
    The sin, is that we lowered the bar so low for this orange clown, that now he CANNOT and WILL NOT be removed.
    It's too late…, whether media reports it or not. They allowed him in front of all America to ask a treasonous request from Russia against Hillary Clinton, and nothing was done. And NOW you want to beef about the press?
    America wanted the economic man, to keep the economy on top.
    If he does That off of Obama's 8 years of steady growth, and crows he's the only one that can save the day; this latter day America doesn't seem to care about rights or wrongs; just keep money in our pockets!

  11. Asking for kiss or sex is nothing compared to ordering an assassination of a foreign military commander. If killing Soleimani is insignificant, then asking for kiss or sex interested no one. No wonder no one cares about Trump's libido.

  12. It's from a Fox News Reporter, so the Trump cult will believe her right?

    Oh wait she's a former one as well as a woman, never mind.

  13. Where do I line up for me too to get a Bible signed by this piece of sheaat? Trumptards are wholly ignorant and immoral.

  14. The lack of coverage of the Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS's criminal sexual behavior by major network news has to do with those corporations' own criminal activities with regard to sexual assault and harassment. Who can forget Charlies Rose and Les Moonves at CBS? Or Matt Lauer at NBC? Or O'Reilly, Ailes, and countless others at FOX? Then, of course, little mention was made by these networks of Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos having dinner with Jeffrey Epstein at his mansion AFTER he had been convicted of sex crimes. At least CNN, with all its own problems, repeatedly interviewed E. Jean Carroll about her rape allegations against the Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS.

  15. It goes to character. The guy is simply a SLEAZE and it's incredible that he is the President of the United States!

  16. What do you mean "the media doesnt care"?!?!
    You the quote the huffington post for the figures of women who have come forward 😂
    Always the same with you lot. I get it. You gotta give a reason why people who give you money. But you always bang on about how bad the mainstream media is then all your vids are stories from the mainstream media 😂🤦‍♂️

  17. Trump and his people probably did what they always do and that is pay off the right people to suppress these stories.

    Our country and its corporations including media organizations have become so corrupt and so greedy that money trumps integrity and honesty.

  18. And these are the same disgusting Trumptards who dare bring up family & christian values. Flipping hypocrite, dumbass, moron trump supporters 😣🥊

  19. And still we have a Sad Pathetic so called First Lady standing by this Sick Pervert! I wonder how Kellyanne, Sarah and Nikki Randwaha Halley got their job's?let's not forget the time Trump was asked during an interview what he thinks of looking at Daughter Ivanka!
    He replied Sex!

  20. I'm sure he has always thaught that he was quite the cocsman.because when you are rich and powerful you can do anything you want.what a piece of shit.

  21. It won't matter. The man slept with porn stars while his wife was home pregnant. He also paid them to keep quiet. He was on tape saying that he has no problem assaulting women. The media and the public are desensitized to this sexual predator. Also cult leader sleep with their followers at times, so his sexual predator past doesn't seem to both anyone anymore.

  22. So Courtney and other female former Fux news reporters are NOW voicing the times they were allegedly sexually harassed and/or assaulted after throwing doubt on other women's allegations in the past by calling those women "men haters" and "feminazis," and expect the rest of us to immediately give them sympathy? I think I'll enjoy letting them squirm a bit and see how they like it! F**king Regina Georges!
    Not supporting donnie dumbass or the misogynists at Fux, but it's nice to see karma happen! LOL

  23. Mankind is corrupt….I'm not surprised by anything anymore….my coworker tried to plant one on me and was surprised when I blocked him and didnt speak to him anymore. I should have reported him to HR.

  24. Trumps life evoles around his dick he is filth we are in the end times he is a type for the Anticrist he is a abomination for human life how sick can Melaina be she to is a piece of human filth she is as trash as he is whore and whore monger and you people have let him to be leader of this country what the Fuck is wrong with you Trumpes

  25. This rings of bullshiiiiiit💩

    WhoITF is this woman????

    She’s a nobody and she’s writing a book and this non-event is obviously the high point of the book

    Slow news week😂😂??

    Regardless, have a nice weekend👊

    All The Best,

  26. I get the feeling that the MAGA hat wearing men treat their women the same as trump does. And the MAGA hat wearing women expect to be treated that way. So it isn't really a scandal to them.

  27. As long as trump is in office none of this is actionable. And it probably just serves to make his base dig him more. The women think Hecs being persecuted unjustly and the men think he's a stud. It's a lose/lose situation for anyone trying to hold trump responsible.

  28. lol.
    It could be 10,000
    I still wouldn't believe it.

    But what is harm?
    Maybe this reporter ain't getting any.

    ROF calling something inappropriate?

  29. The media doesn't care because trump will not be held accountable for his actions. These stories just die on the vine. His cult members & sycophants don't care. Congress doesn't care. So why would the media care

  30. He's such a disgusting pig! He actually thinks women are turned on by him but his only charm is his money. How pathetically sad!!

  31. Ah yes the president sent by Jesus who will save us all lol the evangelical right they’re a bunch of hypocrites

  32. Trump a sex predator that Bush had him on tape on a bus of Trump bragging about grab young woman pussy and the report Bush got fire couple years late when the tape came out again and Trump become presidential show how sick in the head the American peoples is and we all know how sick in the head Putina is because of the way he treat him own peoples who he suppose to service and protect.

  33. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Errrrrr gross, unacceptable behaviour. Future president. He is a dirt bag !

  34. Trump is disgusting through and through. Hopefully one day he will be held accountable. I don’t see it happening but I wish. I can’t stand the rapist-in-chief.

  35. Trump and Epstein were buddies for longer than 15 years as he claims. If Epstein made you feel disgusted, trump should make your skin crawl. How convenient, Epstein is dead, never any mention of what was found on Epstein’s island and the attorney general of the United States took over the case!!! Which Ag, Barr, acts more like a personal lawyer for trump than the AG for the people of the United States. Did we all miss making it acceptable for trump to be a pedophile and rapist.

  36. Does anyone else notice that most of these women look like his daughter Ivanka? Seeing how screw up Trump/Dump is; I bet their was a incest moment with his daughter.

  37. Just like that pig Ford what makes it worse scum bags like dick breath here gets paid to spread trash . If you think about it this you tube asshole is a bigger piece of shit than all the people he pies about.

  38. Where did he ask her to kiss him? Because that is what Clinton was impeached for lying about that and Trump has responded to every allegation with lies in his own defense. Yet Trump got impeached for serious criminal behavior and Republicans ignore behavior from Trump they consider impeachable in a Democrat does it.

  39. The media is quick to pay attention to new and old witnesses in the R. Kelly trial, but seemingly turns a blind eye to new women coming forward accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment and assault. Hmm, I wonder why. Not! #KeepTheTalkReal #ROF

  40. Told you he can't keep his hands to himself. And what about his wife? I would bet the first lady has been denigrated, verbally abused and raped. Many nights crying, I am sure.

  41. The thought Touching Trump 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  42. The Gross Trumpkin truly is gross. His contemptible treatment of women and more would land anybody that didn't have his money in prison for life. And the way that the media goes out of their way to defend him? Appalling.

  43. Come on Donnie… AT LEAST be good at being evil. It's not hard to keep that behavior on the downlow. Even that moron Bush was better at masking his bullshit…

  44. I don’t think anything that dangerous malignant narcissist does, can shock me now. He needed to be removed right after the election as many psychologists had conferred and protested him holding office. WHY IS HE STILL THERE???

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