Forgotten Realms Lore – The Dawn War

Forgotten Realms Lore – The Dawn War

Hello, everybody Jordan here. So we’re continuing our Forgotten Realms history and diving in, We left off at the Dawn War. Now, the Dawn War takes place during The Blue Age and at this point Abeir-Toril was a large blue planet. I’m assuming it’s covered in water because that’s why they call it the blue planet And the Dawn War began with some fighting between the primordials and the gods over who gets to, like, rule over Abeir-Toril. Now, in order to talk about the Dawn War, we need to talk about the Mad God Tharizdun Now Tharizdun was a deity who was hungry for power and He wanted to Basically create a little pocket of his own where he could rule and just be frickin awesome In order to do this he found a Shard of Pure Evil Now this shard was planted to him by the Obyrith’s and this is where another reason I’m confused is because again Lord Ao creates the universe, but these creatures, these Obyriths Which are more or less ancient demons that predated the gods They just kind of lived in the darkness and the void and they came like wandering out and they’re like You know what, these gods are trying to build something. We’re gonna, we’re gonna smash it down Nearest I can tell they’re just evil and that’s what they want to do. So they have this Shard of Pure Evil And they leave it for Tharizdun to find Now when Tharizdun is using the Shard or he picks it up, it starts corrupting him and it drives him to madness and this is Why he’s known as the Mad God. Now, the obyriths wanted Tharizdun to take this Shard of Evil and Plant it in the Astral Sea and they promised that he would have complete dominion over the Astral Sea Which is what he wanted. Now Tharizdun, although mad Recognized that this plan was just not going to work. The gods were too strong He was not going to be able to slip in there. He’s like, “You know, this is just not going to happen so Instead I’m going to travel to the farthest reaches of the cosmos and I’m going to plant the seed of evil in some Primordial Expanse in the Elemental Chaos” Now his hope was after doing that, he’d be able to seize that area as his own. So this Shard of Evil, this seed It grew into the abyss and it changed the primordials there into the demons that inhabit the abyss. Now, the gods were fighting with the primordials at this time and They kind of put, put that down on hold to deal with Tharizdun in this new weird, evil, demonic problem So they took him and they imprisoned him in another universe known as the Void Harrow And they left him there with all of his powers intact, but unfortunately he’s a little too crazy and so his insanity prevents him from plotting an escape, but There’s there’s all kinds of various cults that still worship him, so it’s a good plot device basically We’re gonna take Tharizdun, the Mad God We’re gonna give him this backstory and now I can have a bunch of crazy cults for you to play with in Dungeons and Dragons Boom! Now, after Tharizdun was imprisoned, the primordials were led by This demon known as Miska the Wolf Spider And I’m kind of confused by that, I think that it’s either the abyssal demons or the Obyriths They were being led by Miska the Wolf Spider and whether he’s an abyssal demon or an Obyrith I’m not entirely sure, but I’m leaning more towards abyssal. So now There’s this abyssal-demon threat, and there’s also the primordial Versus gods threat. One of the most violent battles of the war, the Dragon God Io Decided to face alone, a giant primordial known as the King of Terror. Now the King of Terror took his adamantium axe And cleaved Io in two, he just cut him straight down in half during their conflict, now the two halves of Io Actually like formed these new dragons instantaneously And that’s where we get Bahamut and Tiamat. Now, those two dragons join forces and killed the King of Terror But this marks the only time that they’ve ever worked as one Because one’s good and ones evil So they decided to hate each other after that. Now the Dawn War keeps going until we have a primordial known as Dendar the Night Serpent and he flew up and devoured the sun Now, devouring the sun means that there’s no more heat so the entire planet iced over and And all of the life that was there soon died. An Obyrith known as the Queen of Chaos Allied herself with Miska the Wolf Spider which again makes me think that Miska is part of ah, is an abyssal demon Miska the Wolf Spider gave his allegiance to the queen of Chaos to aid in destroying all of the gods Now there was a huge battle, but these creatures called the Wind Dukes of Aaqa Who are a group of ancient beings that resided on the Plane of Air, they defeated Miska at the Battle of Pesh Which shattered these armies of Chaos, and the queen of Chaos retreated with her armies back into the abyss, so early D&D and forgotten realms has a lot of There’s there’s good and bad, but there’s also Law and Chaos, so a lot of these creatures are like I’m evil or I’m strictly chaotic and I think the Wind Dukes were a very lawful good and Obviously the queen of Chaos is very evil and chaotic So that’s partially like, where their their clash happened and that might have been why they were fighting on the plain of air at that time. Now the gods eventually won the war because the primordial Ub-Tao Betrayed his fellow primordials. He aided the gods in imprisoning many of his former allies And then he made an agreement with the gods that he would guard Guard the lair of Dendar the Night Serpent, should Dendar ever return and destroy Toril. And as a reward the gods Granted him sole control over this Peninsula, this Island called Chult And it’s an Aryan Southwestern Faerûn, and it’s changed a lot But it’s kind of the the land before time of the Forgotten Realms It’s full of dinosaurs and and lots of like tribal to societies and stuff again It was a way for them to say if you want this kind of adventure We have that in the Forgotten Realms on here. Come explore the jungles of Chult. It sounds kind of like a like come see Beautiful Boston, you know the jungles of Chult. I hear they’re great this time of year that Ended the Dawn war and the era after this became known as the days of thunder. And that’s where we’ll leave off today Thank you for listening to our ramble as we both slowly figure out the history of the Forgotten Realms I’m enjoying make putting this together, and I hope you were having fun figuring this out with me as always I’m Jordan the ph is silent and thanks for watching. [Thorez] didn’t [Thurston], [Feresten] [Thoris], Dan Thurston

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  1. Lord Ao created the prime material plane for Toril not the other planes or other prime material planes

    So each overgod rules one pocket universe. Each of those universes are connected to general planes elements .. Abyss and so forth.

  2. I have been searching for a video like this forever and i saw it on reddit. i see you going far, so good luck on youtube.

  3. Thank you for doing this series. It's a really great idea,

    I do have one tip for you, you pause a lot and you take some time to pick up the text while you're searching for the next word. I suggest you write the episode before hand, do a few takes on the speech, and then edit it together to make it more continuous and professional. As a basis, do watch TheManaSource and their MTG Lore Videos, it's pretty much what you're doing but with MTG lore instead of FR.

    Cheers and goog luck

  4. Also this is exactly like the Points of Light setting lore goes, down to the same gods (according to the SCAG, Tharizdun doesn't exist in the FR). But I also know the 4e FR books included a lot of 4e lore in it, so not sure how this goes.

  5. need to get yourself a copy of the 2nd edition campaign setting and volo's guide supplements. The wiki is good but has clearly left many many holes in your story. Read the campaign setting books and lore books and reshoot this. Was a good video I enjoyed it.

  6. You need to be careful when talking on this early part of the lore of the Forgotten Realms.
    Much of the information you're drawing on is from 4th Edition, which in turn focused on a completely
    different setting than the Forgotten Realms, and only partially (and very badly) attempted to connect
    the lore of the new setting with the Forgotten Realms.

    A particularly important detail to mention here would be "The Elemental Chaos" which straight-up doesn't exist
    in the Forgotten Realms setting; in that one, the Elemental Planes are ordered up in different elemental sections;
    and the Abyss doesn't have any connection to them at all:
    (The 4th Edition Manual of the Planes explains this, acknowledging the differences between the "Great Wheel"
    cosmology of the Forgotten Realms, versus the "World Axis" cosmology of the new setting of 4th Edition")

  7. This is great! My entire homebrew revolves around Tharizdun and I've done countless hours of research to make it cohesive. This is all i was able to find as well. I already have avatars, cults, CRs, everything for Tharizdun campaigns. If you're interested I can provide them. Awesome work! Can't wait to use the lore surrounding the dawn war as well in my homebrew

  8. How I understand the oberiths is that they lived in a universe and messed up so it is dying and they cannot fix it. So, they bind their essence into a crystal, shard of evil, and send it through the multiverse until the Mad god (didn't want to look up how to spell his name) picks it up. This results in a link allowing the oberiths to enter this new world. They recognize the astral plane as the home of gods and want the shard of evil planted there so they can take control of this world like they ruled over their old one.

  9. The “demons" or these ones that existed before the gods the confusion you're having is because most of them hail from the far Realm and as such they predate creation they're from a separate Universe more or less

  10. The Oberiths and the Primordial were probably created by AO's experimentation in his early attempts at creating gods and seeing as those attempts failed and he didn't want to kill either of these experiments(Because I mean, would you kill you child if they didn't turn out how you imagined?). The other planes were probably AO's tries to create a balanced world(like Toril) and when they didn't work out he was like "What the heck, I just leave these here, it's not like they could hurt somebody or anything crazy like that!" This is just my own speculation, not fact, I have no grounds for this information aside from my imagination.

  11. I love the IoVKingofTerror fight. I have a different dragon lore, but I kept that fight, with the minor change of Io remained as an entity.

  12. To be more accurate, Lord Ao created and is responsible for the solar system of Realmspace within the crystal sphere that currently holds it. He and potentially countless other over-gods inhabit and oversee solar systems contained within crystal spheres floating within a multi-colored gas called phlogiston. They themselves have a mysterious master (or perhaps masters) that oversees their work, and Ao has a brief conversation with his master at the end of a FR novel.

  13. Is the Tharizdun you mention the same one that destroyed Oerth (the world of Greyhawk) and was imprisoned in the Grey-space crystal sphere (along with entropy)?

  14. I thought the Oberyths were from another universe which they had destroyed and which was collapsing so they reached out to the main universe (with the shard) to attempt to leave that dying universe.

  15. about miska the wolf spider. the abyss gets created. the oberinth take as there own. the oberinth create the tin'arrath (aka demon's) as their warped children of their own twisted image to wage war against the gods. demogoron was actually the first. but was seen as inperfect and cast aside. then after several attempts the created miska the wolf spider to be the supreme prince of hell. but he died or was banished or sealed away I cant remember, and Demogorgon came out of exile to take the throne

  16. So much of Blizzard history comes from D&D…. It always made me LoLz when Blizz would put stuff out and I would be like "oh that's D&D Lore…" While my friends would tell me no way… its OG stuff!

  17. You need to read the forgotten realm books 😀
    Time of Troubles aka Avatar series etc.
    I might have gotten this wrong, but from what i know is that 2 of the gods stole a tablet from AO. AO called all of them into a meeting and asked who did it. No one came forward, so he stripped all the gods of their powers turn them to mortals and threw them down on Toril. Some of the gods died for whatever reason, mortals rose to god status, some gods were ressurected etc.
    after Mystra died, the spellplague hit (i think it was Cyric's fault), a healing spell could turn deadly, etc. it wasn't safe to use magic anymore.
    When the war with Many-Arrow started, Tsbrak Xorlorrain wizard was suppose to start "The Darkening", but he was stopped by "some adventures", instead i think it was his Cousin or even Gromph Baenre who made "The Darkening".

    My lore is a bit rusty, but you should definitely read the forgotten realms books <3

  18. What you call Oberiths are actually Primordials because they came from a dead universe, they predate the gods of Faerun. What you call Primordials are actually Elementals; they inbody the elements…… you got your lore mixed up.(¬_¬)

  19. This is before Aber and Toril were split into two planets on two different planes?

    If i remember correctly, this whole Aber-Toril stuff didnt happen, or was revealed in Fourth Edition, right?

    Im gonna pull the ignorance card, but i remember hearing that fifth edition basically retconned out all the "Aber-Toril" shit…or so i thought

  20. For those interested in the bit about Miska: Miska was Abyssal, o
    one of the first (but not THE first) made by the Queen of Chaos. It is uncertain if their war made it to Toril, as it ended on Oerth as Pesh. Miska was the second prince of demons, the first slain by the Queen of Chaos to promote Miska whom was her mate at the time. In Miska's absence the Demogorgon, the first abyssal demon made by the Queen of Chaos, took the title of Prince of Demons and opposes the Queen of Chaos. The Vaati, or Wind Dukes, were purely lawful, which is why they opposed the Queen of Chaos, and held an empire spanning many worlds and planes until the war against the Queen of Chaos. She now seeks the object that bound Miska (now known as the rod of seven parts) so thatvshe can free him and restart her war, because ALL demons bowed to Miska and would obey him.

  21. is probably confusing cuz primordials and the dawn war are apparently 4e stuff that they carried over, 4e is more or less dc new 52 in comparison to 5e, so 4e had it's own separate lore and when they went to 5e they basically took the prior editions and kept what worked and what they wanted from 4e to make 5e, least that is what I have been told

  22. Mainly confused cos I'm sure I've seen "Eo" or "Ao" spelled at Io, and that confused me cos Io is also a dragon god…are they the same guy?

  23. I think one thing you left out is that with the end of the war between the gods and Primordials, Ao split Abeir Toril into two dimensions, with Abeir the province of the Primordials and Toril that of the gods.

  24. Hi Jorphdan thanks for another great video, I have a couple of question for you

    1: How do characters compere there character level in game (in character) I mean shorly they don't say Hie I'm Steve a 9 level barbarian, I'm Katy a 13 level wizard or I'm Timothy a 21 level fighter et cetera et cetera

    2:I've bean flipping throw my Draconomicon trying to find out what happens to you when you drink Dragon blood what page of what manual can I find this information??

    P.S Pleas do a lore videos on Trolls, weredragon, catastrophic Dragons & the spell scales.
    thank you.

  25. Basically thariston is a guy who starts out with a business from his parents withdraws and uses it as a threat and primordial are torn apart because of this, then the abyss uses pure souls to clean up the defilement

  26. The obryths are actually beings from an entirely different reality. They came to the D&D universe after they destroyed their own, they then made the abyss or took over the abyss (kind of unclear which)

  27. Good video but I'm still confused regarding the first demons. Did they come from the Far Realm or some other plane before creation? I'm lost.

  28. 5:05
    "Alignment done right" my ass
    If a Xenomorph is Neutral Evil for following its natural instinct then so's a Bear when it's hunting fish.
    As for Guy Fawkes, motherfucker was a terrorist who fought against an unethical regime, not because they were persecuting Catholics, but because they weren't persecuting Protestants.

  29. Hey there nice video on Tharizdun! I am most attached to the lore based on the Gord the Rogue books, although it is very nice to see the legacy of Tharizdun carried on even today!

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