38 thoughts on “Finding the Giant São Tomé baboon spider

  1. It must be amazing to see all the species in their natural habitat. I'd love to do that kinda work! Entomology period has been a thing of mine since I can remember! Amazing footage

  2. Wow, just wow. Every single video of yours is amazing! It's like a short-documentary masterpiece. Every shot is beautiful, you showcase every inch of the biomes. It is really cool to see professionals like you guys at work! Keep 'em coming!

  3. Ralf Konen your crazy Alter. When I lived with you in Berlin it’s a good thing you did not have one. I remember your spider in Düren, man I did not dig it. Great adventure for you brother.

  4. Again an absolutely wonderful, top-notch video! Wonderful, quality footage, informative bits of information, just awesome! Thank you so much for letting us see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat! 😊

  5. Back legs match Hysterocrates apolosticus but the size and location H. scepticus, will we ever see these in the trade?

  6. I'm going out to Guatemala in a few weeks and wanted to get some inspiration on doing these kinds of videos. Do you mind if I link this video in a future one of mine?

  7. Wow they are stunning! What country was this in?
    They almost like an African version of the Goliath but just a bit smaller

  8. Did you see any vipers while you were in the jungle? I love how they look and am thinking about buying one for my snake collection. I like Ts too – am not gonna get one cos I feel they are not happy in captivity as spiderlets.

  9. There's something wrong with me spiders really freak me out yet I sit and watch spider vlogs I don't understand why I'm like this

  10. Great,. Any plans to go searching for/discover some UK Ts? I bet we have some, some place. Possibly burrowers given the weather etc.

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