Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their Home During Hurricane | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S02E01

Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their Home During Hurricane | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S02E01

Hi, Harv. She just soaks in
everything around her now. Her odds were against
her from the beginning. I named her Harveigh
after Hurricane Harvey. Devastating flooding because of the speed
at which this storm is moving. It was getting bigger and
stronger, and moving closer. We made it through the hurricane okay. But then the flooding is really
what destroyed our — our city. My husband noticed there was a
little calf in a puddle of water on our pasture that was
starting to flood. My husband went out
there and just came right in the laundry room
and laid her down. The first thing I did was
try to get her warm. She was shaking, she was wet. Her mouth was ice cold. Her body temperature
was extremely low. I told our friends that
were here, you know, “She’s probably not gonna make it.
Don’t get too attached.” I made a call to Sealy’s vet. She told me just to
let Sealy come in. Sealy didn’t have a Mom,
and Sealy was abandoned. It was the same thing that
Harveigh was going through. It just made sense to let
Sealy in the laundry room. She immediately went over there
and started licking her face, kind of like
her Mom would do. Her little eyes opened. She
just really stayed by her side. Sealy made Harveigh feel safe,
so I let all seven dogs in. And they all took their turn just
kissing her and smelling her. She slept right here
in the laundry room. There was one store
that was open. My husband drove about 20 miles,
so we could get milk for her. She totally trusts us.
She didn’t know any different. -Moo Ended up taking her to the
vet a couple of days later. They suggested that I kept her in
the laundry room or in the house, just because she had
no immune system. We just let her in, and just walk
around and hang out with the dogs. She had so many odds against her,
and she just kept beating them. Harveigh got her fighting
spirit from Sealy. Sealy’s story is–
is just so similar. The Sealy police department
had found a litter of puppies on a dirt road. And they actually found
Sealy on the hot concrete. She had little burn marks
all over her paws, and even one on her chin. There was a huge concern with
the puppies not making it. Sealy just had a strong
will to survive. She has no fear at all.
She just loves life. Sealy helped Harveigh just trust
people and other animals. After the hurricane came through,
we let Harveigh out on the front yard. I think she was probably confused,
thinking she was one of the dogs. Her personality really
started coming out. Harveigh would kind of butt her head
on Sealy’s tummy to try to get milk. And Sealy was so tolerant,
she just let her do it. I knew that she was
gonna be okay. There’s not a day that Sealy and
Harveigh don’t get to see each other. The relationship was more
like a mother/daughter type. But now that Harveigh’s getting bigger,
it’s turning into more of a friendship. – She loves her milk.
Sealy loves her milk, too. Harveigh just turned
six months old. So Harveigh spends most
of her time outside. Okay. That’s it. Come on. She just loves
to be brushed. There you go.
You ready for your photo shoot? Sealy and Harveigh, they’re
gonna do a calendar to raise money for
Fort Bend Pets Alive!, which is an organization that
supports our local shelters. It’s just kind of
like a full circle. Now my little rescues
are helping. – So pretty. – Where you going? – No. – Aw, there we go. Good girl. Harveigh will eventually
come out here, graze and hang out with her
other cow friends. Out of all the cows, Harveigh is
the most interested in Roxie. My son showed her for 4H. After we were done showing
Roxie, I just didn’t want to not know where
she would end up. It just really started
getting to me. So at that point I was like, “Just let
this herd live and — and be happy.” Roxie seems to really be
interested in Harveigh. And Harveigh, she’s
still a little shy. But I think that’s gonna
be the first relationship whenever Harveigh moves
out to the pasture. It’s really cool to
see her explore. Harveigh and Sealy are
always gonna have just a special bond
and relationship. They found each other,
and they just love life. She seems to be pretty happy. Letting her go is gonna
be a little tough. But if she’s happy,
then I’m happy. Here we are, six months later, and
she’s healthy and she’s thriving. I cannot get over this little calf that
was almost dead in my laundry room. She actually beat all of
those odds, and here she is.

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  1. The videos great, but 90% of the comments remind me of why humanity is doomed do destroy itself in a few gens and why not me nor anyone with a fully functioning brain is sad about it.

  2. This is really cute and all, but i keep wondering whether they had to clean cow dung off their floor when they first let her in lmao

  3. We had almost the same thing happening. I stayed up all night to feed the calf and got really attached to it but it didn't make it through the second night

  4. Seriously… 3,700 people gave dislikes to this video. there must be some really nasty trolls in the world to be upset with this video. This was such an inspirational and aspiring video. I thought that was great what you did with that cow and the dog. The fact that people would dislike this video shows that they hate themselves. People can be trolls…

  5. I wish all farm cows who are suffering from cruelty had a chance to meet and have a life with wonderful, caring people like this family. Thank you to this family for saving the little baby cow x

  6. When i tell my friends in UK that i dont eat meat….they donot understand….they say its a false indian hindu sentiment.

  7. Eating any animal meat is wrong. Animals have emotions…. when they r killed toxic hormones get released into their body and that will effect the person who eats the meat. As an indian im proud that my nation has the largest vegetarian population on the planet.

  8. I hate it when people assume that all pitbulls and breeds are vicious, savage dogs. It all depends on how they're raised, and the media only seems to focus on incidents that include pitbulls. I knewn a pitbull mix who was the sweetest dog I ever met.

  9. 4:55 "i didn't want to know where she would end up so i thought just let this heard live" she was going to send them to a slaughterhouse

  10. She trusted them because she saw how well and trusting the dogs were to the humans. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful baby <3


  12. Just such a beautiful story of love and commitment โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ„

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  19. And I hope you guys would read every single comment I just posted on this video, because I love every animal, and I hope you're listening my sentence right now, because good last comment I posted with on this video is very, very outstanding, and I hope it inspires you guys to do the right thing like that. I just said in the other comments, because I know you guys love you all the animals, and I love other animals heart. And I also love their heart, the animals' heart, I mean, and I love my heart, if you guys do the right thing, and you guys, don't do bad things, then I will definitely maybe like I have more care, even though I already have the care for animals in the world, so I hope you guys listen to all these comments. I've been posting heart emoji

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