Eye for an Eye | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night | Season 2, Episode 2

Eye for an Eye | Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night | Season 2, Episode 2

– [Narrator] Hello,
good evening and welcome to our Vampire: The Masquerade
Chronicle: L.A. By Night. Tonight is Season two Episode
two, An Eye for an Eye. Let’s meet the vampires. – [Jasper] Hi, I’m Alexander
Ward and I play Jasper. – [Nelli] Hi, I’m Cynthia
Marie and I play Nelli G. – [Victor] B. Day Walters,
I play Victor Temple, undisputed Baron of the Valley, which may or not include the Grove. – [Narrator] Augh, it’s
not not the valley. – [Victor] It’s not not the valley. – [Nelli] It’s the grove. – And our favorite Brujah, Erika Ishii, will join us at a dramatically
appropriate moment. Before we get started,
we would like to thank the Mastercraft’s people at Dog Might for our beautiful clan dice boxes. And our gorgeous story teller screen with both the Camarilla and
Anarch factions on the sides. I couldn’t imagine why that
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the epilogues, as well. If you don’t have ten
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a little bit more quickly, our gang girlfriend,
Ramona, has a shorter recap available for you on YouTube, as well. With a little help from
her rodent friends. In Episode one, this
season, Eva the Tremere asked for some assistance of the coterie. At Griffith Observatory,
she specifically asked, appealed to the Baron
of the Valley for Ed. Her request helped free Tremere. The weird sisters were on their way from San Diego seeking refuge from turmoil in the city of Angels. The Baron of coterie agreed to assist. They were interrupted by ghosts, spirits, restless dead. Somehow connected with Nelli’s past, the spirits interfered and
caused considerable damage to Nelli’s person before they went away. Later at Club Maharaja,
Nelli committed murder, devouring her mortal snack against her better judgment perhaps. Unfortunately, the Tremere didn’t make it to Club Maharaja. They were delayed, intercepted,
somewhere near the Grove. The police may be involved. And they need immediate
help from the coterie. So, now let’s tell a vampire story. (ominous music) It is the same night,
roughly nine in the evening. At this time of year, sunset
comes early, five p.m. and sunrise about seven. These longest nights of the
year are boon to the kindred. More hours of activity. More hours of secrecy. Easier to get things done. Especially when you are
on an important mission. Find three witches in a van at one of the busiest shopping
centers in Los Angeles. And make sure the police don’t get wise. What could possibly go wrong? We were in the parking
garage at Club Maharaja. The Baron, who was having a
particularly difficult night was waiting for his Head of Security to give him the all clear before leaving. X waiting nervously in the SUV. Nelli, having arrived
after a change of wardrobe, and Jasper, waiting. Now, if I recall correctly, Victor, you have your Rafus pistol, your fire gun. – [Victor] Mm hmm. Jasper and Nelli, each have
your favorite sharp object. – [Nelli] Mm hmm. – [Jasper] Mm hmm. – [Narrator] And X has,
well whatever X has. – [X] Personality. (narrator laughing) – [Victor] Okay. Yo, I think I liked it
better when we were dealing with Brujah and drug dealers
than ghosts and witches, but let’s just try and
get this done quickly and as cleanly as possible. – [Nelli] No objections here. – [Victor] You sure? ‘Cause I want to make sure
that you’re not going to like have an episode in the middle of Griffith on the way to the Grove. – [Nelli] Well, the key
to asking me questions and we’ll never have an issue. – [Victor] Alright. You know, I can’t believe I’m saying this for twice in one night,
but X, would you be willing to drive us to the Grove? – [X] Uh huh, mm mm,
you know, that’d be no. Give me a moment. I’m going to send a text message. Here, let me read it to you, Baron. Annabelle, favor repaid. I’m out. Meet your friends, Grove. Love, X. – [Victor] I think, I’ll sit this one out. – [Jasper] That’s valid, X. – [X] Yeah. Hey, you know what? I’m not sure that, I’m not sure Therese would be eager for me to
be involved personally in a Baronial manner. Seems like, important Valley business. – [Jasper] All business is
important Valley business, X. – [Victor] I don’t know
if I would go that far. But for me, I think, maybe
the better part about, love you all, but you know, we’re on the clock,
but I’ll tell you what, you want to hang out downstairs, you have the run of the place, just don’t be yourself and also, I’m look at my Head of Security, Campbell, if he goes in
my office, stake him. That one, yeah. – [X] Yes sir. – [Victor] Excellent. Okay. – [X] Your Baroness is
too kind and generous. Such hospitality. I am overcome, overwhelmed even. Overjoyed, maybe not. Nah. – [Victor] I realize I’m not
supposed to like that but, you know what? That’s neither here nor there, then who’s going to drive? I need some somebody to, I’m already over here. I’ve changed clothes, like need to go. I need. – [X] Head of Security, Campbell says that he will get you a driver right away. So, unfortunately, Mr.
Parnell has a concussion. – [Jasper] How did that happen? – [Victor] Make sure he’s taken care of. You know, he’s, he did a good job. – [Narrator] Campbell steps
away and uses his phone. Okay, a few moments later, one of your security detail arrives. He’s young, well-built, very blond hair. And just to start, just to
start, a fashionable stubble. – [Miller] Sir, Miller. – [Victor] Yeah. Great. Yeah, Mac, you know where
the Grove is, right? – [Miller] Miller, sure. Yes, the Grove. Right a way, sir. – [Victor] Hey, one quick thing. And submerge directive. The next time you feel
like correcting me, don’t. (all laughing) – [Narrator] So, you are going
to reach out with dominate. – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] So,
manipulation plus dominate versus intelligence and resolve. (rolling dice) Check. Wow. He does acknowledge the command. It’s as though he hasn’t heard it and yet, he acquiesces. And then, he gets behind the wheel. – [Victor] To the Grove. Before we go, I just let
the window down and I look at Campbell, I’m like,
“Prepare downstairs for guest.” “Make sure they’re comfortable.” – [Campbell] Refreshments, sir? – [Victor] I don’t know what they like. So, maybe have a selection available, yes. – [Campbell] Yes sir. – [Jasper] There will be three of them. – [Victor] Hopefully. And away we go. – [Campbell] I understand, sir, good luck. – [Nelli] Are we ready now? After you hurried me
out of me getting ready. – [Victor] Oh, I’m sorry. You think, that was the thing
that has delayed us tonight. Like, that’s been the holdup? Yeah, okay, great, sure,
yes, we can go Mac. To the Grove. – [Miller] Any other preparations? I’m going to assume that
the SUV comes equipped with the standard toolkit? – [Victor] It does. This time, no high powered rifle because the low pines are
less likely at the Grove. (Victor laughing) Not unlikely, just less likely. Actually, beyond the things
that we have on our person, actually don’t want too
much contraband in the car, in case we get searched
or held up somehow. – [Miller] I do need to
ask you, what did you do with the rifle clip of silver bullets? Where is it? – [Victor] I did have it on my person, but since I changed
clothes, I’m going to say I left it in my office. – [Miller] Very well. Nelli, any other special preparations or are you good to go? – [Nelli] I’m good. – [Jasper] Other than small
bag that I have, I’m good. – [Victor] Good to go. – [Miller] Very well. – [Narrator] Miller starts the engine, exits the parking garage. He’s a decent driver. Not highly trained like
some but competent. And he seems familiar with L.A. traffic. Little bit better than Parnell, perhaps. – [Nelli] So, what is our game plan here? – [Victor] Well, we don’t really know who these people are. We’ve been told they’re Tremere refugees from whatever’s happening in San Diego, but I think we all know
nothing’s that simple, especially nothing this secretive. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Victor] But I would
just like to locate these three ladies and get
them back somewhere safe where at least we can talk freely, so. – [Nelli] And do we have any idea where exactly they are at? The Grove is kind of big. – [Victor] It is. We know the make and model of the van. We know the license plate and we have a descriptions
of the three of them. – [Jasper] I mean, the
two most obvious places for a car to be at the Grove, would be either the Farmer’s Market area or the parking garage. – [Victor] I fear based
on Eva’s last message, that perhaps, they were pulled over. So, I think we should just drive and see if maybe we spot
any flashing blue lights and then see if that’s where the van is and progress from there. – [Jasper] Most of this
will be down to you two because I for obvious
reasons can’t be there. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Victor
and Jasper, your phones signaling incoming messages
almost at the same time. Jasper, yours is from Annabelle and it simply says meet you there. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Victor, yours is from Eva. Just a number and it says call this. – [Victor] I do. I don’t reply to Eva. I just call the number. – [Narrator] Do not reply to Eva, but you called the number that she’s given you. – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] Ahem. Rings three times before it’s picked up. – [Hester] Hello. Yes, yes, hello. – [Victor] A mutual friend
asked me to give you a ride. – [Hester] Is this Mr. Temple? – [Victor] It is. And who am I speaking to? – [Hester] I’m Hester. – [Victor] Nice to meet you.
– [Hester] Are you on your way? – [Victor] I absolutely am. Where are you? – [Hester] That’s a relief. I’m in a van. – [Victor] I was told you were
somewhere around the Grove. Are you familiar with L.A.? Do you know what that is? – [Hester] I do believe
we are at the Grove. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Hester] We’re in the van. We are on the roof of a parking garage. – [Victor] Okay. – [Hester] There are police. We have chosen to stay in the van. – [Victor] Are the police in their cars or out of their cars? – [Hester] One moment. You can hear some muffled conversation. At least two other voices. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Hester] But you can’t
make out the words. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Hester] From here, we can
see several police vehicles. They’re blocking the exit from the roof. We can’t drive away. The police are in their cars. – [Victor] Did they
arrive at the parking deck or did they chase you up
to the top of the roof? – [Hester] They pursued us. They did not use their
lights or their sirens. But they were following us. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Hester] We came here in
the hope of losing them. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Hester] And now, and
now, we can’t leave. – [Victor] Right. Let me make another phone call. Stay in the van and
under no circumstances, do not harm any mortals. You understand? – [Hester] I understand
the words, Mr. Temple. Let me assure you, however, that we do not intend to be taken
into police custody. That would be disastrous. – [Victor] None of us ever do. But this is not our domain and we do not want to make a public scene. – [Hester] What do you suggest we do should the police attempt to arrest us? – [Victor] Do whatever
you have to do to escape without harming any mortals. We’ll be there in and I check my watch. Whatever reasonable estimate is. – [Hester] We will await you, Mr. Temple. – [Victor] Yes. Excellent. See you in a moment. I hang that up and I
do recount to you all, they’re held up on the
roof of the parking garage. Apparently, they’ve been
pursued by the police, but without lights and sirens. But I might be able to
do something about this. – [Jasper] I have an
idea that might coincide with possibly what you are thinking. If you two, being as you’re so good with garnering attention from people, could distract said police officers, I could take them down
one of the staircases from the top quietly. – [Victor] Let me try one other thing. And if this doesn’t work, then yes, that is a great, excellent plan. – [Jasper] Got it. – [Victor] I take out the phone and I say, part of my new role is
being Abram’s graciously introduced me to some
people, who might be of use in things like this. – [Narrator] You’re placing a call to one of your contacts, – [Victor] Yes. in that organization? – [Victor] Yes. Somebody that I feel
like can probably help me with the LAPD. Yes. – [Narrator] Phone is
answered immediately. – [Organization Contact]
Hey, hey, hey Mr. Temple. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Organization Contact] Sup? – [Victor] A question for you. – [Organization Contact] Yeah. I was told you might call. – [Victor] Some friends of mine might have had a little traffic altercation with the LAPD there around. – [Organization Contact] Ah,
that’s too bad, you know. – [Victor] Yeah. – [Organization Contact]Tickets
are pricey these days. – [Victor] Right. – [Organization Contact]
You want that to go away? – [Victor] Well, they’re at the Grove. They’re up on top of the parking deck. – [Organization Contact] Oh yeah? – [Victor] I think they
might have a couple of cruisers that were pursuing them. They’re not from here. They don’t know the game. So, if we could maybe clear the path for them to drive out of there. That would be ideal. – [Organization Contact]
Yeah, yeah, no sweat. Give me a few and let me call you back. – [Victor] Got it. Thanks. – [Organization Contact] You got it. – [Victor] Hang up. So, we’ll see. – [Jasper] Okay, then. – [Narrator] So, the Grove is
in the upscale neighborhood of Fairfax. It’s not the Valley, but
it’s not not the Valley. Nor is it Hollywood, nor Beverly Hills, nor precisely in any
Barony in Los Angeles. So, far all the Barons, who count have been content to leave it that way. And treat it as sort of a
communal hunting territory or the Rack, as older
vampires might call it. Provided that nobody
attracts too much attention. To call the Grove an outdoor shopping mall is to damn it with fake praise. It’s more like a theme
park for luxury shoppers. People with more money than good taste. It’s impressive, luxurious, stylish. Over half a million square
feet of outdoor entertainment, upscale eateries, music performances and the hottest designer labels including Foreign, which
has a very large store here. Celebrity sightings are common in these broad avenues. It has beautiful water features like a spectacular animated fountain. And on the north side of the Grove, a massive parking structure. Significant because it
is one of the largest in Los Angeles and because from the roof, one of the best panoramic
views in the city. You can see all the way from downtown to the Hollywood sign. And that is where the police are. – [Jasper] By the way,
Annabelle says she’s on her way. – [Victor] Would you let
her know that we’re headed for the roof. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Narrator] What you
can see as you approach the Grove, on the street
is that police cruisers and security SUV is a block off. All the street entrances
to the parking garage and they are mall security guards and LA police officers standing
outside their vehicles. People who want to park in the garage are waved off to find someplace
else to put their cars. Shoppers, who want to
return to the parking garage to collect their vehicles are held back. And their choices are either wait or their bags, their
purchases, their children are returned to the shopping area until the inconvenience is over. Glancing up at the roof, as you approach, you can see the distinctive blue and red reflective glow of
emergency vehicle lights. It is at this point, your phone rings, your contact in the organization is returning your message. – [Victor] Yeah. I’m at the Grove. This looks like quite a thing, that’s happening here. – [Organization Contact] Hey, hey, yeah. Hey, look Mr. Temple, I’m really sorry. There’s nothing I can do about this one. Somebody’s got the lid on. I’ll try to find out who it is but I think you’re on your own. – [Victor] Does it seem somehow unusual that they’re getting this response. – [Narrator] Are you asking him? – [Victor] Yes, I’m
literally, I’m asking him if this seems like an unusual response. – [Organization Contact] Yeah, yeah. I’d think you’d have to say that. Usually I could find out pretty
easily what’s going on here. All I know that there’s
some suspects being detained but I can’t find out who it is or why. – [Victor] You know, keep your head down. I don’t want you to
burn yourself over this. – [Organization Contact] You sure? – [Victor] If you stumble
across something super relevant, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll handle it. – [Organization Contact] Okay, okay. – [Narrator] As you pull
up alongside the street level entry ramp, you see Annabelle, right where she said she would be, waiting for you on the corner. (Annabelle walking) – [Annabelle] What up fam? – [Victor] Welcome back. – [Narrator] The driver pulls over. Lets her into the car. – [Annabelle] I leave you
guys alone for one night. One night for self care. I come back and you have
gone up against the police, done murder most foul
and got, got haunted. Is that correct? – [Nelli] Oh wow. – [Jasper] I didn’t do
any of those things. – [Victor] And technically, neither did I. And nothing’s gone wrong
with the police yet. – [Jasper] I’m going to
activate unseen presence. – [Narrator] You, in other
words are going to vanish from sight? – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] Jasper. Rouse Check?
– [Jasper] Yep. – [Jasper] Two successes in fact. And I disappear and I go,
I’m going to the roof. And I step out of the car. – [Narrator] And you’re exiting the SUV? – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Before it pulls
away from the curb then. – [Jasper] Yep. As she gets in, I’m passing out. – [Nelli] To Scene two. – [All] Bye. – [Victor] Did X tell you
anything about Tremere? – [Annabelle] Weird sisters? So, we’ve gotta stay away from the cops. – [Victor] Short versions,
refugees from whatever’s happening in San Diego,
whatever Tar was running from, we got a favor from Eva, in
exchange for helping them. But somebody with some juice
has been held up by the cops. – [Annabelle] Pretty big favor. – [Victor] Yeah. – [Annabelle] So, we just going
to go up and talk to them? – [Victor] That’s the plan. – [Annabelle] Alright. – [Victor] Here we go. I have the driver pull up
to the nearest side gate. So, we’re still going to try to go in but not the main entrance because it’s like the big entrance to the parking deck. I don’t want that. But maybe like a side
entrance to the parking deck. – [Narrator] He drives where you instruct. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Only to
find that entrance too, blocked by emergency vehicles. LAPD police officers and security guards standing outside of those vehicles waving you off. Saying, “You can’t park here sir.” – [Nelli] Can I try something? – [Narrator] Absolutely. – [Nelli] Thank you. I get out of the car. – [Narrator] The driver will
leave the motor running. – [Nelli] Uh huh. Before I start speaking,
I just kind of want to go on the record of saying
that I have divine purity. So, I look more innocent,
even though I commit sins. – [Narrator] Your record is noted duly. – [Nelli] Thank you. – [Victor] That’s quite some power. (Victor laughing) – [Narrator] You get to add a significant number of dice when you
wish to avoid accusations. – [Nelli] Yes. – [Narrator] So, you are walking. Are you approaching the
police, the security guards? – [Nelli] The security
guard is waving us off. I’m so sorry to be a bother. – [Security Guard] Miss, I’m sorry but you can’t park your car here. You are going to have to move on. – [Nelli] I own a shop here, but I really need to get
up in this area right now. – [Security Guard] I understand. I understand but I can’t do it. Sorry. Hey guys, can someone escort this lady out of here? You can’t be here. I’m sorry. We got some stuff. – [Nelli] You really don’t understand. I really need to get up
there right now, please. After they all, as this is happening. – [Narrator] Okay. Well, you certainly have his attention. He tries to keep his mouth closed. It’s difficult for him. – [Security Guard] Hey, you seem like a really nice person and all and I understand completely that you need to get in the garage, but you know, is there something else
I could do for you? I go off duty in 15 minutes. Could we like maybe get
a drink or something? That’d be awesome. – [Nelli] That would be lovely. You should actually ask my husband. He’s in the car next to me. – [Security Guard] Yeah, I’ll ask him. Hey, is it okay if I
take her to get a drink when I get off duty because
that would be awesome? – [Annabelle The gall. – [Victor] I’m all like, you know, I lowered the window and
I look out and I say, “She’s a strong woman. She can speak for herself.” Then I lower my hand and
I let the window back up. – [Nelli] That was not
how I thought you were going to answer that. (Victor laughing) – [Nelli] Eeeee. – [Annabelle] Strong and
independent woman who sure don’t need no man. – [Nelli] Alright, fair enough. Changing tactic here. Look, you’re really going to
let me up there, right now. – [Narrator] One of the
LAPD police officers has stepped away from his vehicle, and over to where you’re
speaking and addresses you. – [Police Officer] What’s your problem? – [Nelli] I need to get upstairs because I need to unload
something very, very specific and that the public cannot see for my shop opening. – [Police Office] Well,
I’m sympathetic but that’s just not going to happen right now. The garage is locked down. Tight security. – [Nelli] Why? What are you guys hiding up there? – [Police Officer] You know, I don’t know. Somebody’s got, I don’t know. All we know is something’s
happened on the roof and we’re not allowed
to let you up right now. I don’t know the details. They don’t tell us nothing. We’re just waiting for the
Lieutenant to get here. – [Nelli] So, your
superior isn’t here yet? – [Police Officer] Well, I mean, no. – [Nelli] Huh. Interesting. – [Police Officer] Yeah. – [Nelli] Noted and who. – [Police Officer] You
look kinda familiar. – [Nelli] Yes, I own
one of the shops here. – [Police Officer] Oh, yeah. Yeah, you’re the spider lady. – [Annabelle] Right. – [Police Officer] Yeah, yeah, I got that for my wife for Christmas that was, – [Nelli] Good, did you like it? – [Police Officer] She loves it. – [Nelli] Oh good. I’m coming out with another one. – [Police Officer] Yeah, cool. – [Nelli] For the summer.
– [Police Officer] Yeah. – [Nelli] But here, here’s the thing. – [Police Officer] So, can I get a selfie? – [Nelli] Only if you let me up. And in fact, I’ll even throw
in a new fragrance test. – [Narrator] Make a check
of charisma and persuasion. (rolling dice) – [Jasper] Annabelle gets a text from me, that says, don’t get arrested. – [Annabelle] Nobody ever plans
on getting arrested, right? – [Victor] Don’t drink it. It might not be enough. – [Nelli] One, two, three, four successes. – [Narrator] Four successes. He glances over his shoulder at the other security guard, some police officers, who are paying attention to him and you. – [Police Officer] I have to go with you. – [Nelli] Fair enough. – [Police Officer] I’m
escorting you to your car. – [Nelli] Perfect. – [Police Officer] Okay.
– [Nelli] Yeah. – [Police Officer] Okay.
– [Nelli] Of course. – [Police Officer] Which
level are you parked on? – [Nelli] All the way at the roof. – [Police Officer] Okay. Wait right here. I’ll be right back. – [Nelli] Okay. Yes. – [Narrator] He’s going to
go talk to his associate’s in uniform. Jasper, you exited the vehicle unseen? – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] You’re in the cold night. Where are you going? – [Jasper] I am going to go for whatever, the closest stairway to the roof. – [Narrator] Wits and awareness please. (rolling dice) – [Jasper] One success. – [Narrator] The doors, that
give entrance to the garage are also guarded. Even in a police
situation, this is unusual. In front of each door is a
uniformed security guard. They’re not LAPD. They’re just mall security. However, if you have willpower to spend and you want to re roll up to three dice, you can look more closely. – [Jasper] I will re roll three dice. (Rolling dice) Two successes. – [Narrator] Noticing that
the regular doors are guarded, you look around for other options. You notice that the
emergency doors that lead out of the garage are not guarded because they can’t be opened easily from the outside of the building, only from the inside. Perhaps, if one were strong enough or resourceful enough,
one could get one open. He also noticed that
the maintenance elevator isn’t guarded. Presumably, because it
has a security system, that can’t be accessed
easily by the public. Finally, as you pass by
the street level entrance and look past the police cruisers and the security guard standing around talking to Nelli, you can see that there is a control booth of some kind just inside the street level door. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Where there are
uniformed mall security guards, sitting in a small
room, enclosed by glass, so that you can see
everything in side easily and they are watching an
array of security monitors. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Not a problem for you. – [Jasper] No, not at all. – [Narrator] But a problem
for your associates. – [Jasper] Yes. Well, think what I would like to do is there anywhere. Don’t want to cause too much of a scene. I would like to, as I’m looking at this, have they, do I see him walk
off after their conversation? – [Narrator] Yes. – [Jasper] But they haven’t gone into the parking garage yet? – [Narrator] That’s correct. – [Jasper] Okay. I would like to look
to see if I could find anywhere where one could feasibly shut down the power to this garage. Therefore, removing all of the cameras. – [Narrator] Uh huh, uh huh. Okay. – [Jasper] And wait til
they’ve gone into the garage and then shut down the power. – [Narrator] Please make
two rolls, intelligence and technology. – [Jasper] Uh huh. (rolling dice) – [Narrator] Will be your first roll. – [Jasper] That will be one success. – [Narrator] One success? – [Jasper] Technology roll. – [Narrator] Now, wits and larceny. (rolling dice) – [Jasper] Two successes. – [Narrator] Two successes
for a total of three. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Hold that thought. Nelli, your friend, the LAPD officer. You can see from his name
tag, his last name is Gregson. He returns to you and
says “Okay, all clear.” “We got to be quick though.”
– [Nelli] No problem. – [Narrator] You ready? – [Nelli] Yes. – [Narrator] Alright. – [Nelli] Would you like to hop in our car while we go up? – [Gregson] Our car? I thought I was just
walking you to your car. – [Nelli] My husband and my cousin. – [Gregson] Your cousin? – [Nelli] Yes. – [Gregson] I mean, I
thought it was just going to be, you and me. – [Nelli] We can follow slightly behind. (rolling dice) – [Gregson] Look, I can
escort you to your car or anyplace else, you want, but I can’t let a car in there. I’ll lose my job. – [Nelli] It’s okay. We can go on foot. We’ll follow you. – [Gregson] Okay. That’ll work. You have to leave the car. In fact, I’ll let you park
it over by the cruiser. Nobody will touch it there. – [Victor] I say, hey, great, cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool. And I lean over to my driver and I just say, “Make the block. Do not park next to the cruiser.” [Miller] Okay, yes sir. No problem. – [Victor] Actually, I take my gun out and I, not in front of the cop, of course and put it under the seat. I don’t want to be
armed where we’re going. – [Narrator] So, you want to make sure the police officer does
not see you do this. – [Victor] Right. – [Narrator] And wait
until he’s not looking. – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] Okay. Where are you stashing it? – [Victor] Under the seat. Before I exit the vehicle. Well, previously, we
had like a little case because we had a little – [Narrator] Still do. – [Victor] So, I put it back in its case and hide it away. – [Narrator So, you have
successfully disarmed yourself. Excellent. – [Victor] Not getting into
a shootout with mortals. – [Jasper] We’re going to die. – [Narrator] Are you
all exiting the vehicle? – [Victor] Yeah. – [Nelli] Yeah. – [Narrator] No. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Annabelle] Sorry, I
know it’s weird that we’re, the whole family’s calling on godfather. – [Narrator] Yeah, whatever, kid. – [Gregson] Hey, you ready? – [Nelli] Yeah, let’s go. – [Gregson] Okay, let’s go in. Alright. – [Narrator] He makes a point of escorting Nelli by her side. – [Nelli] So, tell me about your wife. What is it that she likes
about the fragrance? – [Gregson] She mostly, she
likes how much, I like it. – [Nelli] Why do you like it? – [Gregson] Well, you know, it’s sexy. It’s hot. It’s spicy. – [Nelli] Yeah. – [Gregson] I mean, I
don’t know about the name. – [Victor] You’ve got him
climbing up the walls, Nelli. – [Nelli] I do. And his wife likes it. – [Annabelle] You’re going
to like the next one. It’s called anticipation. – [Nelli] That’s hot, no.
– [Gregson] Really? Yeah. – [Victor] Tell your friends. I don’t that is. – [Annabelle] Tell the internet. – [Nelli] Really? – [Victor] 100 percent,
make sure you tell, you post on the policeman’s message board, that you’re the first person to know, that’s the next fragrance. Anticipation. While we’re sort of joking, I text Jasper on the way up ’cause I like
to know where he is, so. – [Annabelle] I also texted
him and anticipation. – [Nelli] You want to open
a little group chat, here? – [Victor] Hee, hee, hee, hee. – [Narrator] Anyone who’s on
the group chat gets a text. So, the three of you being accompanied by Officer Gregson into the
Main Street level entrance so that you can go to the
car that doesn’t exist. And it’s going to take you right past a little security office where the cameras are. Jasper, you have reckon ordered the area. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] And near
that maintenance elevator, that I mentioned. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] There are a
large number of conduits and electrical power boxes. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Three successes,
perhaps not enough to decipher the actual electrical
schematic of the garage, but you know an emergency off switch when you see one. – [Jasper] Yep. And knowing they’re in there, is there, you said
there was a stairway up. Correct? – [Narrator] There are
several stairways up. Not on the interior of the garage. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] Only the,
only the doors to them. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] Once you’re in the garage. – [Jasper] I’m fine. – [Narrator] Okay. – [Jasper] That is this
thing that I’m looking at, is it on the inside or
the outside of the garage? – [Narrator] Inside. – [Jasper] Great. I will pull the emergency. – [Narrator] The emergency off switch. – [Jasper] And I will start
heading up the stairs. – [Narrator] There is
distinctly metallic click. All the power in the garage and in several of the nearby retail
establishments go out. You can hear a collective
groan, sigh, ooh, ahh, uh hoh, cursing from outside. You hear a lot of police
officers and security guards express concern, dismay, anxiety. You hear a lot of radios crackling. A lot of commands being issued with orders to find out what’s going on. Secure the roof. Nobody gets in or out. Of course, none of the
elevators will work now. Officer Gregson stops cold and says, “Hang on. Something’s gone wrong.” – [Victor] I’m going to mesmerize. You should go and see if people need help. – [Narrator] Mesmerism, uh huh. Manipulation and dominate. (rolling dice) – [Gregson] Yeah, I
should totally do that. I’m going to go see if anybody needs help. – [Victor] Also, forget that you saw us. – [Narrator] Cloud memory. No rouse check. There is no check
necessary against a mortal. So, forget that you saw us. He looks in your eyes. His pupils dilate. He nods. He looks a little sorry to forget Nelli, – [Victor] But it’s probably for the best. – [Narrator] He turns on
his heels and walks quickly back the way he came. Headed for the security vehicles at the street entrance. – [Nelli] Thank goodness. He’s not going to remember anticipation. – [Victor] Oh, we will. That’s the thing now. – [Nelli] No. – [Victor] That’s happening. – [Jasper] I text the group. Pulled the emergency power switch. It’ll take them a while to figure out what went wrong. We should deal with this quickly. – [Nelli] Alright, let’s
make for the stairs. – [Victor] Stairs. – [Narrator] You are in the near darkness. Emergency lighting has
come on near the stairwell. And the parking lot security booth, but it’s dim and does not illuminate much. – [Nelli] How close are we to like the outside, like structure? Are we closer to the center of the garage? – [Narrator] Closer to the center. – [Nelli] So, like the
spiral, the down spiral that’s kind of going up? – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Nelli] I’m going to rapid
reflex it back into it. And I’m going to pop my little vial. – [Narrator] You’re going to help yourself to a little arachnophoria snack? – [Nelli] Yes. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Nelli] Yes, I am, yeah. – [Narrator] I wonder how that taste. – [Nelli] Like roses. – [Victor] Mm hmm. – [Narrator] Doubt it. So, you are, you are preparing
to make a vertical ascent. – [Nelli] Yep. Jasper? – [Jasper] Is this
staircase, I am heading up, is it a circular like this? – [Narrator] It’s not circular. It is, excuse me, a multi-tier staircase that winds around. – [Jasper] Is there a path up the middle? – [Narrator] Yes. – [Jasper] I would like to use
a soaring leap to the middle. – [Narrator] Can cover a
lot of vertical ground. – [Jasper] Can jump six
meters vertically, so, – [Narrator] Uh huh. With every leap. – [Victor] I would also,
like, when I get into this stairwell, do the same thing. I can only jump 3 meters. – [Narrator] Amazing what
happens when one knows there’s security cameras are deactivated. – [Victor] We sure hope so. – [Jasper] Even if they
weren’t, I’d be fine. – [Narrator] Annabelle,
how are you ascending? – [Annabelle] Activate cat’s grace and just take the stairs real fast. – [Narrator] So, Victor, in short leaps, you ascend the stairwell. Moving twice, three times
the speed of a mortal easily. Jasper, somewhat faster. Much faster. Annabelle moves up the
stairs with liquid grace. Her feet seemingly not
even touching the risers as she goes. Taking those corners tightly. Tighter and tighter as
you go up the spiral. Nelli, you’re on the wall,
clinging like an insect. Moving up, up, up, up. Jasper is the first to reach the roof. From what you see, when you arrive, is a magnificent view, first of all. One of the best in the city. From here, you can look down
on the entire Grove complex, with its bright lights,
its festive trolley car, its animated fountains, its
thousands of mortal shoppers, very small, ten stories below you, unaware of what’s transpiring, just a few hundred feet above their heads. You can also see police vehicles, that are blocking the
ramps, both down and up. Their blue lights flashing. So, it’s unmistakable. The parking garage level at the roof is only about half full. Plenty of open space up here. But, there is room to move between cars, – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] to reach the
van, which is near the center of the parking area. It’s white. It’s dirty. It’s plates match those that were given to you by Eva. – [Jasper] Is the back of the
van or the front of the van facing the police? – [Narrator] The front. – [Jasper] Okay. Is there from my vantage point, can I see if there’s a
back door on the van? – [Narrator] You have to
maneuver around to take a look. But you are still on the scene. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Narrator] I presume that
you also want to be quiet. – [Jasper] Yes. Roll? – [Narrator] Uh huh. Please do. Meanwhile. – [Victor] I’m sorry. I would like to text to them, that like help is on the way. You’ll know what to do in just a moment. – [Jasper] The wrong die. – [Narrator] The response is okay. – [Victor] I’m like, alright. Annabelle, ready to do this? – [Annabelle] Do what? – [Victor] It’ll make
sense here in a second. – [Annabelle] That’s
very quickly, but yeah. – [Victor] I believe in you. Just be yourself. I spend a lot of time asking you to not be you. This time, super be you. – [Annabelle] Now’s my chance. – [Victor] I’ll turn on my livestream. – [Narrator] You turn on your livestream. So, you activate your phone. Nelli, you have reached the
top of the stairway wall. So, you have not yet been seen. You want to stay unseen in the stairwell? Or do you want to, Or you going to peek
out over the top of it, so you can see what’s going on? – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrators] Jasper and
Nelli, you also know there are police standing outside their cruisers and security guard standing outside
their vehicles, as well. They are watching the van. Their attention is focused right on it. – [Nelli] Are they speaking? – [Narrator] Few of them
are talking to each other? But they’re not taking their eyes off of that van. Their weapons are still in their holster. They don’t appear to be upset. It’s very dark up here now. – [Nelli] I’d like to
activate heightened senses. I want to hear what they’re saying. – [Narrator] What they’re saying? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Okay. Victor, let’s go live. – [Victor] Before I start saying anything, I just, I look at the car,
do any of them look like unmarked, security,
government, like anything other than a standard LAPD cruiser? – [Narrator] Intelligence and street wise. – [Victor] I never got
to do this, before now. (rolling dice) – [Narrator] Three successes. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] You know
cops when you see them. You don’t think any of these
are government vehicles. – [Victor] After I sort
of, wait a second because I assume Jasper can see us. I know he needs a distraction. So, I should just take a breath and be like, Alright, coming to you live. Victor Temple. I’m here doing a special photo shoot and I do it really loud
for the cops to hear me. – [Narrator] In a
minute, your voice echoes across the rooftop. – [Victor] Yeah. – [Narrator] Yeah. That’s all Nelli can hear, unfortunately. (laughing) Really loud and you have
to back those senses off. – [Nelli] Eek. – [Narrator] You don’t
want to be deafened. – [Nelli] Yeah. – [Narrator] Every police and
security eyeball on the roof immediately moves in your direction. And several guns leave their holsters. – [Victor] I actually ignored them. Like I don’t notice. I’m like, we rented out the
roof of the parking deck in the Grove for photo shoot. We have one of our brand new artist and models we just brought in and I hug Annabelle. Like, this is Baby B. You going to see her everywhere. She’s blowing up. But I’m sort of making
my way towards the cops, but doing the whole big like, you know, we’re taking over like the whole thing. – [Police Officer] Freeze. – [Victor] What? – [Police Officer] Turn the phone off. Put it down. – [Narrator] There are three
pistols pointed at you. And security guards are
moving in your direction. None of the police have moved. The security guards are heading your way. Their fast clip. – [Victor] I rotate. So, this is all on the camera? I’m like, “Yo, I file all my permits to be up here and look at this, I’m still getting sweated
by these rent-a-cops here. Like, why are the cops trying to sweat me? I wore my little cute outfit today so I could fit in. What’s the problem? I activate all. I’m still holding the phone up Like, what’s the problem? – [Narrator] Some security
guards who are approaching you, slow their pace. As the supernatural power of attention and attraction take affect. They look at you and a
few of them greet you in a friendly manner and say, “Hello.” One of them recognizes you. – [Victor] Hey, alright. Get in on here man. – [Larson] I’m a big fan. What’s the name? Like, gotta read the name tag. Smith? – [Narrator] Larson? – [Victor] Hey man and I pull him in. I’m all like, say hi to the internet, man. Millions of people are watching. – [Larson] Hey, hey, how you doing? – [Victor] Hey, alright. – [Larson] Hi sweetie. I love you. – [Victor] Hey, shoutout to
your mom, woman or who, man. I don’t know. What are you into Larson? Like, the police? – [Narrator] On the
other hand, who are still far enough away from you to be affected. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Have all
drawn their guns now. All six of them. And they’re shouting orders. It’s a little confusing up here now. Some of them are shouting at
you to put down the phone. – [Victor] Uh huh. Get down on the ground. Some of them are telling
the security guards to back away. Get away from him. You’re in the way. You’re in the line of fire. Get out of there. It’s starting to get really confusing. And probably dangerous. – [Jasper] As soon as
this, as he goes off, does everybody look at him? – [Narrator] Every cop that you can see is paying attention to this. – [Jasper] I want back to the
door, if there’s a back door. – [Narrator] The back door to the van? – [Jasper] I knock and then open (Jasper knocking on door) It’s locked. You better open this door. – [Hester] Who is it? – [Jasper] It’s one of the
coterie, that’s come to get you. – Mr. Temple? – [Jasper] No. This would be Jasper. – Where is Mr. Temple? – [Jasper] He’s distracting
everybody right now. And it would behoove you greatly to follow me right now. – [Narrator] You can hear
some murmuring conversation. You can hear your name, Jasper. – [Jasper] Mr. Jasper, I’m
about to open this door. I must warn you. We are perfectly capable
of defending ourselves. – [Jasper] Oh, I know you are. – [Hester] Very well. Please stand back. – [Jasper] And I stand back from the door. – [Narrator] The back of the van opens and the doors swing apart. Inside, you see three individuals. One of them, the one
who is speaking to you and is closest to the door appears to be a middle-aged woman – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Medium build with
a rather thin hawkish face. Gold rimless glasses over
very bright blue eyes. She has mousy brown
hair, done up in braids, no makeup, no jewelry. She’s wearing a blue waterproof coat with a hood. Dark slacks and very practical shoes. Right behind her, you can
see two more individuals. One is a young black woman with long wavy, very rich brown hair that’s lustrous and clearly cared for very attentively. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] She has very
large, alert, dark eyes. She’s wearing a long, black hooded coat, Designer jeans and winter leather boots without a heel. She’s got a lot of gold jewelry, chains, earrings and from each of them, dangles a little cult symbol. Many of which, you recognize. Some of which, you don’t. And then finally, there’s a very young, petite Asian woman with very long dark hair, worn loose, staring at you with deep suspicion. She’s wearing a black
leather motocross jacket, leather riding boots. She’s chewing gum. – [Jasper] I’ll assume they can’t see me. – [Jasper] Now, I know you
can’t see me right now. And if it would make you feel better, although it doesn’t for most people, I can show myself. But if you would be so
kind as just follow me, that would be excellent. – [Hester] Eva has vouched for your Baron, therefore, we will trust you. – [Jasper] Thank you. I am fond of Eva and hopefully, will be fond of you three, as well. Let’s go. Quietly please. – [Narrator] They begin
to exit the vehicle. See how quiet they are. Meanwhile, the police have surrounded you. Are you still live streaming? – [Victor] 100 percent. No point of my turning off the phone. – [Annabelle] Thank you so much. I activate all. Hey, what’s happening? Baby B. Here. Look at all our boys in blue making it peaceful to
create content, right? – [Victor] Oh, you know what? Nelli probably arranged
the security detail. She’s got a shop here, Arachnophoria. Also, we can announce world announcement of the new fragrance. She’s going to be mad that we said it. – [Annabelle] Anticipation. – [Victor] Anticipation. Yes, thank you. Coming soon. Nelli G. Thorn Cosmetics. – [Annabelle] Hey, all everything
is in order here, right? Like, you got all the
permits that we filed, right? – [Victor] Sure. I mean. – [Annabelle] This is a lot of security. – [Narrator] One of
the uniformed officers, who hasn’t drawn his gun, steps forward. He’s a little older than the rest. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] He’s got reddish,
brown hair, cut short. He’s got a face, that’s really lived in, like he’s seen a lot of life. He looks right at you and says, “Mister Temple.” – [Victor] Yeah. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Hi. – [Victor] Hey. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I’m
Lieutenant Dwayne of the LAPD. – [Victor] Lieutenant Dwayne, always a pleasure to meet
one of our boys in blue. You guys, unheralded heroes in this city. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Thank you sir. Really appreciate it. but you walked
– [Victor] Yeah. into a police situation. I know you didn’t know. There’s been some mistake. What I have to ask you, to turn off your phone. Turn around and leave the roof now. The LAPD has secured the area and if you continue to live broadcast or refuse to leave the roof, I will have no choice, but to arrest you. – [Annabelle] Oh, we don’t
want any trouble, officer. What seems, what’s going on? Like, we thought we had
this filed weeks ago. – [Victor] Yeah. – [Lieutenant Dwayne]
I’m very sorry that’s above my pay grade. But I must ask you to
stop live broadcasting and leave the roof or I
will have to arrest you. – [Annabelle] Jasper, are you out yet? – [Narrator] Not only
are you out, not out, but they’re are not very quiet. – [Jasper] Ugh. I rolled seven’s success if that helps. – [Narrator] You rolled what? – [Jasper] Seven’s success if that helps. – [Narrator] Well, you are silent. You are greased lightning. There is no way, no way
that anybody can hear you. But Hester, Luna and Kyoko, not so much. They make a lot of noise. They talk. They talk about, “Oh, I forgot my bag. I have to get it out. I can’t leave without that. We’re going to need those ingredients.” And unfortunately, that
does attract the attention of some of the officers on the roof. – [Jasper] I just realized I am gonna. – [Narrator] There’s a shout, “Hey.” “Freeze.” And a lot of the guns turn away from you and toward the witches. – [Victor] Like, Lieutenant Dwayne, sorry, I still have them on, I’m still broadcasting this, by the way. I look at him and I mesmerize. I’m like, could you please
ask them to stand down. – [Narrator] Using mesmerism? – [Victor] Yeah. – [Narrator] On camera. – [Victor] Well, but I’m looking at him. I’m like, could you please
ask them to stand down. – [Narrator] Make a rouse check. Manipulation plus dominate. – [Annabelle] Hey guys. It seems we’ve hit a bit of a snag here. There’s something wrong with the permit. And we’re all going to
get this sorted out. Don’t you worry. And again, a big, big
thanks to the thin blue line between us and chaos. – [Victor] Two, but I
had to spend a willpower. It would have been a Bestial Failure, which would have been non-optimal. – [Narrator] It seems like a wise choice. – [Victor] Yes. – [Jasper] We’re going to die. – [Victor] I’m not like,
tell them to stand down. Hey, can you ask them to stand down, like? – [Lieutenant Dwayne] No,
I’m sorry, sir, I can’t. And since you have refused
to obey lawful orders issued by an LAPD police officer, I’m now going to arrest you. He reaches for your phone. – [Victor] Lord Jesus. I’m like, police brutality. Help me, Lord. – [Annabelle] I activate entrancement. – [Narrator] Okay. So, you’re going to make yourself, super naturally alluring. Make a rouse check. – [Annabelle] Eight. – [Jasper] I mean, wrong
color, but you’re good. – [Annabelle] Yeah. – [Narrator] You okay? – [Annabelle] Yeah, yeah, it’s good. – [Narrator] So, your
hunger does not increase. The role is charisma and presence. So, each thought of presence has a die. Make sure to keep your hunger die in. I’ll roll his composure and wits. – [Annabelle] Four. – [Narrator] Easily
beats his two successes. So, several things happen. In practical terms, you get to add your presence to any social dice rolls, that you may make against him. And this can be renewed indefinitely. And he steps towards you, his eyes, large, adoring. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve got to arrest him. I don’t have a choice. He’s breaking the law. You understand, don’t you? – [Annabelle] Of course. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I’m
not going to arrest you. – [Annabelle] No. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] You can go free. – [Annabelle] Well you understand, I can’t create content without this man. It’s a platforming thing. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I see. I see. Well, when you put it like that, it makes a lot of sense. – [Annabelle] And look, I know you’re just doing your job, but isn’t there anything that we can do to kind of
just make this go away? – [Narrator] The police
officers are so confused now. Half of them still have
their guns trained on the three witches who have
frozen in their tracks, when the police shouted, “Stop.” The others are looking back at you. They’re looking at their lieutenant, waiting for orders. They don’t know what to do. – [Jasper] Please keep walking. – [Hester] But, but, but
they’re going to shoot us. – [Jasper] No, they’re not. – [Annabelle] Please,
just have your officers stand down. We don’t want this to be an incident. This could be such good PR for you guys. I mean, let’s be honest, you’ve all been dragged a lot on Twitter lately and this is such a rare and. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] This is true. That was a bum rap. – [Annabelle] It is. It’s just not,
– [Lieutenant Dwayne] We’re just trying to do our jobs. – [Annabelle] I know. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] It’s
so cool that you understand. – [Annabelle] I do. I understand. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I can see that you are a very warm and understanding person. – [Narrator] The three Tremere
hesitantly start walking. – [Jasper] Thank you. I am going to, as they’re walking, I want to position
myself, still invisible, as much in front of them as possible. So, if there is shots, I
will take the first hits. – [Narrator] Duly noted. – [Jasper] Why, why do I do this? – [Nelli] During all of the
chaos, for sometime now, I’m actually going to
creep up behind them, I’m going to find Mister
Lieutenant Dwayne, is that who you have under entrancement, or you have someone else? – [Annabelle] Uh huh. – [Victor] Lieutenant Dwayne
is under entrancement. – [Nelli] Excellent. I rolled the success on my rouse check. I also am going to activate entrancement. – [Victor] Whew – [Narrator] Charisma and presence. – [Victor] When she walks up, I just like, Nelli G.’s here too. Everything’s going to be fine. And I’m sure this is
just a misunderstanding. People of the internet,
we are going to be going. Everything’s good. – [Narrator] Couple of the
cops and the security guards, say “Hey, it’s her. I know her. I’ve seen her. – [Victor] You do know her. – [Police Officer] Yeah, I
bought my wife her perfume. – [Nelli] Four successes. – [Narrator] Poor Lieutenant Dwayne. (Victor laughing) His emotions are overwhelmed. (all laughing) He hardly knows who to look at. – [Nelli] Hey. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Yeah, I get it. Content, right? – [Nelli] Full bum rap, – [Lieutenant Dwayne] It’s
just an unfortunate incident. He didn’t mean to. – [Nelli] It’s true. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Good guy. – [Nelli] So, if you could just let us go on our way. Tell your officers to stand down. This could be one of those
heart-warming moments that you see go viral
about, you know, humanity, behind the badge. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Yeah,
we could like tell our story. – [Victor] People are listening to you right now, Lieutenant Dwayne. What would you him to tell about? The entire internet is right
here in the palm of my hand. What do you want to know, Lieutenant? Or maybe you. – [Nelli] You tell them
exactly what was going on and how you’re going to
be able to help us out of this situation, Lieutenant Dwayne. – [Narrator] Lieutenant
Dwayne launches into a very long complicated detailed story about the incident that
was in the press recently. About those riots with the
students at Griffith College. How the police were
called and they were just trying to do their job
and didn’t have any choice but to use tear gas and it was a mess. And everybody felt sorry
for the college students. He goes on and on and on. – [Nelli] Is that enough coverage for them to get out of here? – [Narrator] So,
meanwhile, back at the van, – [Nelli] How we get away. – [Narrator] Where are
you trying to lead them? – [Jasper] To the closest stairwell. I assume there is one in the
corner of the parking garage. Usually, they are on the corners. – [Narrator] They usually are. You headed that way? – [Jasper] I’m headed to the closest one. – [Narrator] Head to the closest one. When they are hesitantly following. – [Jasper] Nice. – [Narrator] Annabelle’s
attention and Nelli’s attention is on Lieutenant Dwayne. Your attention is on them and Dwayne. – [Victor] I’m just trying
to be as overt as possible. I’m trying to either get
as much police attention or at least make it harder
for them to concentrate on what’s happening. – [Narrator] Got to keep
the confusion at maximum. – [Victor] At maximum. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Victor] Yep. – [Narrator] Several
of the police officers have stepped away from you and they are moving at a fast trot back to their police vehicles. – [Jasper] Okay. You three get to that stairwell. And I am going to pull
this Swiss army knife, I have, out of my bag
and I’m going to start popping tires on cars, with a screwdriver. – [Narrator] Of course, that is going to set off some alarms. – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] As well. So, in addition to the darkness, the confusion, the chaos,
the running police, now we have car alarms
going off on the roof. Flashing lights, horns blaring, it’s a cacophony. It’s very distracting. And now the security guards and the police are so bewildered,
everybody’s got a weapon out. (Victor laughing) Someone’s going to get
shot really quickly. – [Annabelle] Officer, you
might want to raise your voice know and let your men
know that we do not want to have an incident. – [Narrator] He turns away
– [Nelli] Everything is under and turns
– control. back to you and says, “Yes, maybe we should just, maybe we should just calm down and wait for backup, guys.” – [Victor] And I’m going
to start easing back towards the stairwell. I’m like, so apparently this photo shoot’s not going to happen tonight. We can do it inside Thorn’s. – [Nelli] Yeah, absolutely. – [Victor] We’ll do our photo
shoot back at the store. – [Nelli] Awesome. Awesome. – [Annabelle] Baby B., I’m telling you. Blowing up. Worldwide. Timbleaboom. Worldwide. But I still do not disconnect the stream. – [Narrator] A vehicle drives up the ramp. It stops. Blocked by the police cruisers. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Doors open. Figures get out. They start moving toward
the officers very quickly. – [Victor] End of stream. – [Narrator] Not going
to get them on stream? – [Victor] No. I do not. I do not film whoever that is. I just turn it off. Look away. – [Narrator] One of them, one in lead is very distinctive looking. It looks like a man in
his late middle age, thick, dark hair, several
very distinctive scars on his face. This guy’s been in some
fights in his time. He’s wearing a very long black CPO coat. The kind of trench coat, that hasn’t been in style for a while now. With him, are three individuals who remind you of your own private security guards, just not as well dressed. And they are hurrying towards the police. Jasper, – [Jasper] Uh huh. You popped a lot of tires. – [Jasper] Yep and I am
going to start heading back to the stairway with them. I’m trying to get them down that stairway as fast as possible. – [Narrator] The guy with
the scar shouts, “Hey, stop them. Shoot them if you have to.” And the two cops, who
ran from police cruisers stop, pull their guns and open fire on the three Tremere, who are
heading for the stairwell. A lot of gunfire happening now. – [Jasper] I make myself visible. – [Narrator] You let yourself be seen? – [Jasper] And I go, come and get me guys. And I just start running
across the parking garage roof. – [Victor] What the hell is that? – [Nelli] What is going on? – [Narrator] You have put
your phone away, right? – [Victor] Oh yeah. No, I’m not recording anymore, yeah. – [Narrator] Alright. This is the mess. It is loud. It is scary. It is dangerous. Shots ring out across the rooftop. You can hear the crowds
at the shopping mall, down below on the street, shout collectively, “Shooter, gun,” Screaming pandemonium. You think some of the Tremere got hit. You’re not sure. You’re a little busy trying
to make yourself a target. – [Jasper] So, proud of what I do. – [Narrator] Uh huh. So, let’s take it in order. Jasper. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] You are basically
taking one for the team. – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] Is that correct? – [Jasper] It is. I mean, I’m doing everything in my power to actually get hit. – [Narrator] You got partial cover at least behind the cars. Do you want to, do you
want to make a dodge? – [Jasper] I would like to make a dodge and I do have rapid reflexes. – [Narrator] So, you are not in any kind of disadvantage
– [Jasper] No. – [Narrator] in the cover situation. So, you get your full dodge pool. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Go for it. – [Jasper] Alright. And remind me again,
what I roll for dodge. – [Narrator] Uh huh. To get dexterity and athletics. – [Jasper] That’s what it is. Thank you. (rolling dice) That is four successes. – [Narrator] Four successes. The bullets slam into the cars near you, breaking windows, shattering glass, blowing away paint, piercing metal. But they don’t hit you. Annabelle, your entranced Lieutenant, still has his attention on you and Nelli. Hasn’t been able to shake
off the supernatural affects. So, you got him under
your emotional thumb. – [Annabelle] You let your officers fire on civilians in a shopping center. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Hey,
hey, I didn’t give the order. I’d never shoot you or you. – [Annabelle] Yeah, well, who’s going to take the fall for that? Call them off or suffer the consequences. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Hey, hey, hey. Stand down. Stand down. – [Narrator] Nelli? – [Nelli] Oh, I’m backing
her the whole time. – [Narrator] Okay. – [Nelli] So, if you don’t
get them to stand down, we’re going to do something with you. And I know people, way higher than you. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I believe you. Yeah, hey. Everybody stand down. Just lower your guns. Cease fire. Cease fire. – [Victor] I go towards the scarred man. Do I recognize him? Or does he fit a description of anyone, I’ve heard of? – [Narrator] No, you don’t
think you’ve seen him before. And you don’t recognize him. He’s given his orders. He is walking across the
rooftop in your direction. – [Victor] I go towards him. And I’m all like, I think you and I need to have a conversation. And I still have all up. – [Sheriff Marcos] Do I
have the honor of addressing Victor Temple? – [Victor] Who might I have
the honor of addressing? – [Sheriff Marcos] You can
call me Sheriff Marcos. – [Victor] Sheriff? I look around and I all like, I don’t think this is
a Sheriff jurisdiction. – [Sheriff Marcos] I
think that you’ll find that you’re wrong. I was told you might try to interfere. Could we have a word
in private, you and I? – [Victor] I do just sort of look towards all of the mortals. And I am all like, don’t
do as they’re told. Where would you like to talk? – [Sheriff Marcos] Step right over here. It’s a lovely view. I bet we can see the Hollywood sign. Hollywood is a fantastic place. – [Jasper] Am I too busy to? – [Sheriff Marcos] So, I hear. – [Narrator] Your little
body is not getting punctured by Glock 17 bullets. – [Jasper] As soon as I can,
I want to die behind a car, fully crouch and activate
unseen passage again. So, I can move without anybody seeing me. – [Narrator] Okay. So, – [Jasper] I can’t do it
while they are looking at me. – [Narrator] You won’t be able see what’s going on. That’s why you’re ducking and dodging. Alright. One of the bullets tags you in the arm. As you go down, it’s superficial damage. It’s only one wound. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] Once you’re
down, you’re safely behind the car. Make the rouse check? – [Jasper] I’m good. – [Narrator] You’re all set. Your hunger does not increase. Once you get down
undercover, unseen passage. – [Jasper] And I’m going as fast as I can to the stairway. – [Narrator] The Tremere
have reached the stairway. Hester is already gone. Luna and Kyoko are following. – [Jasper] In fact, I’m just jumping. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Got about half of the cops and half of the security guards to follow the orders of Lieutenant Dwayne. Lieutenant told them
to lower their weapons and their waiting for orders. – [Annabelle] You should probably get all of your people to
stand down and leave. This is a bad look for all of you. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Yeah, we should go. – [Annabelle] You should go. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] You coming with us? I mean, when? No? – [Nelli] No, she’s going to stay with me. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Okay, okay. – [Annabelle] I’ll call you. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] I’ll
get these guys out of here. Yeah, it’s quite a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the content. – [Annabelle] Yeah. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Good,
good luck with the ants. Sounds, sounds awesome
– [Annabelle] Thanks. Just go. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Okay. We’ll see you. Catch you around. – [Annabelle] Uh huh. – [Lieutenant Dwayne] Okay, guys. Let’s go. I’m sure they need help on the street. – [Narrator] He turns and walks purposely toward one of the other stairways. He’s followed by all but one of the mall security guards, but none of the police officers. So, he effectively cleared about half of the strength of the opposing force through the use of entrancement. Meanwhile, the Sheriff
has walked beside you until you’ve reached the very
edge of the parking garage. He’s right. It’s a spectacular view here under the night sky with the power still out on top of the garage, so the street lights aren’t working. You can see all the way from downtown to the Hollywood sign. Yeah, it’s beautiful. – [Victor] I look at him and I say, Chaz delivered Prince Thomas’
invitation to speak. I really look forward to meeting with him. And congrats on Beverly Hills. I heard about it. Beverly Hills is a nice place. Nice place. – [Sheriff Marcos] Not
really my kind of place, but Vannevar likes what he likes. – [Victor] Not all of L.A. is this picturesque. – [Sheriff Marcos] Yeah, so I noticed. Downtown’s a dump. – [Victor] Yeah, you
might want to steer clear of downtown. It’s a lot of random violence, that happens down there. – [Sheriff Marcos] You
looking out for my safety? – [Victor] I’m looking out
for all of our kind’s safety. – [Sheriff Marcos] That’s
right thoughtful of you, Baron. – [Victor] I’m sure you know everything that’s happening with. I’m just nodding my head
towards the mortals. – [Sheriff Marcos] Them? I don’t know if the word
has reached the ivory tower or, but the inquisition is real. They are back. You know what pisses
me off about Anarch’s? Pisses me off about Anarch’s is they don’t build things. They just tear things down, you know. That is what it’s all
about is destruction, chaos, murder. But when it comes to establishing any kind of permanent order, they’re useless. Look at this place. 1944, since then, what do you guys got? Bunch of squabbling street gangs fighting over territory. That’s all going to come to an end. – [Victor] You know, last I checked you guys couldn’t make San Francisco work. And if Berkeley and Bays and Seals and college students and tech startups was too much to manage,
what are you going to do with the beating heart of Los Angeles. – [Sheriff Marcos] I’m
not worried about it. – [Victor] Well, maybe
that’s why the Camarilla is on the back nine. Maybe, if they would have had more vision, you would understand things. You know, you and I
don’t have to be enemies. We don’t have to do this. And we definitely don’t
have to do it here. – [Sheriff Marcos] Are you
saying, you don’t think we have to fight? I think you’re wrong. – [Nelli] What do you want? – [Nelli] What do you
and your people want? – [Sheriff Marcos] Order. Structure. Calm. This is out of control
until you interfered. – [Victor] You know, I don’t know how communications
works via like parchment and cylinders and messenger
boys or whatever you guys are doing these days. But Vannevar and I are
supposed to be speaking with each other and this kind of seems like backwards progress. ‘Cause I’d hate to scuff up his Sheriff and then he’s upset with me. And then things are just weird, you know. – [Sheriff Marcos] What makes you think Vannevar wants to talk
with faithless Anarchs? – [Victor] You know. – [Nelli] Because we control the Valley. – [Victor] We control Los Angeles. (Sheriff Marcos laughing) – [Sheriff Marcos] You think so? I think you control little pay kingdoms, little bits of futile turf, a neighborhood here, a neighborhood there, – [Annabelle] Neighborhoods here and there collectively means something. – [Victor] My friend here
is actually a little new. – [Sheriff Marcos] No, no
let her talk, let her talk. This is going to be great. – [Victor] No, she is this important piece of context here. See, they had San Francisco
and lost San Francisco. So, now they’re running South, thinking that these are
going to be greener pastures, like we’re going to be afraid that the big bad Camarilla’s here. I don’t really know that that’s going to be how this goes down. – [Sheriff Marcos] He’s not
doing you any favors, Annabelle. Do you even know about
Prague, about the conclave, about what happened,
about what your clan did? – [Annabelle] No, but I have thoughts about what we’re going to do. – [Sheriff Marcos] But
you should know better. – [Nelli] I particularly
don’t care to teach her about history. She has a vision. We should follow that. – [Sheriff Marcos] Vision. – [Nelli] What the hell
are you doing here anyways? – [Sheriff Marcos] Cleaning up your mess. – [Nelli] My mess or you guys trying to pick out a new Elysium? Oh, that is it. – [Sheriff Marcos]
Strauss’ll get around to it. – [Nelli] Yeah, why isn’t
Strauss here, himself? – [Sheriff Marcos] This ain’t Elysium. – [Nelli] Yeah, but I’m sure
he’s the one who ordered something to stop what’s going on here. – [Sheriff Marcos] It’s an
impressive view, isn’t it? – [Nelli] Don’t evade the question. What are you doing here? – [Sheriff Marcos] If this was Elysium, I couldn’t do this. Victor. – [Jasper] Yep, yep, yep,
yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. – [Victor] We all know what this was. – [Jasper] Have I gotten
to the stairway yet? (all laughing) – [Narrator] One moment. So, make it charisma and leadership. That’s a good role for you. – [Victor] I don’t know what for. So, I’m going to go ahead
and boost this attribute one. – [Narrator] Make a rouse check? – [Victor] Yes. Oh I do not pass. – [Sheriff Marcos] You
feel 1,000 sharp needles stab through your undead gut. Each one, a tiny pin
prick, pain and hunger, as the beast bares its fangs. You can feel your own fangs
extend into your mouth and touch your lip, sharp and ready. Three successes? – [Victor] Uh huh. (rolling dice) – [Narrator] What hunger are you at? You are now at hunger four. – [Sheriff Marcos] It feels as
though some of your own vitae has been extinguished,
snuffed out, burned away, leaving the beast in its place. Yeah, yeah, let it out, let it out. – [Annabelle] What are you doing to him? – [Victor] See, here’s
what I don’t understand. I don’t see how me losing my temper here, when there’s the four
of us and one of you, helps you at all because
I will send you back in pieces to all the
Prince’s of the Cities. I’m trying to be cool about this. I’m trying to be a Ventrue
like my brother, Thomas. But you seem to want something else to happen here and it can. – [Sheriff Marcos] To
answer your question, I’m showing him who runs this place. And I’m showing Nelli, this ain’t Elysium. And I’m showing you all
that even if it goes down in front of all these
people, it’ll get cleaned up as though it never happened. – [Nelli] Wow. – [Sheriff Marcos] Just
like the Succubus Club. So, what’s it going to be? You going to get out of here? Leave peacefully? And let us take the Tremere? They’re not going to
get out of the garage. Or we can do this. – [Narrator] Jasper. – [Jasper] How close am I to him? – [Narrator] I’m going
to presume that you have made yourself a beeline right for the sky. – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] By this
time, you are standing right behind him. – [Jasper] Okay. I’m going to say, “We’re
going to do this.” Then, I am going to
shove him off the roof. – [Narrator] The edge of the roof. (all laughing) It’s a surprise attack. – [Jasper] I’m activating
prowess, as well. – [Narrator] Prowess, as well. Add your potents to the attack. – [Jasper] I do get hungrier,
but that puts me only at two. – [Victor] I think we’re all thinking, somebody’s going off the roof. – [Jasper] Yeah, I thought
it was going to be you. – [Victor] Still might be. We’re not done yet. (rolling dice) – [Jasper] Four successes. – [Narrator] Four successes. It’s like hitting a steel girder. You feel something breaking,
dislocating your shoulder, you take two superficial damage but you achieve your objective. He is with a cry of
surprise, propelled forward right between Annabelle and Nelli out into space and falls. – [Jasper] Call your car. Enjoy the view. Now, I will run back
and get those Tremere’s that I have taken so much damage for. – [Narrator] The ones that are now finding their way down the stairway
of the parking garage? – [Narrator] This seems
like the excellent place to take a short break and return to our story in a few minutes. Hello and welcome back to our Vampire: The Masquerade
Chronicle: L.A. By Night, Season two Episode Two. An Eye for An Eye. Jasper, nice handiwork. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] You have
materialized on the roof. You’ve been seen. Or a dark-hooded figure has been seen materializing out of nowhere, – [Jasper] Uh huh. racing for the edge of the
roof and dumping Mr. Marcos, Sheriff Marcos, as he called himself, over the edge below. As you stand at the edge,
surveying your handiwork, you can see him land with
a very satisfying thud. Now, the Tremere that
you are here to rescue are nowhere to be seen. You presume that they
have entered the stairwell and are on their way down to the street. Lieutenant Dwayne has led
his security guard friends off the roof and exited
through a different stairwell. They’re no longer in the scene. Half a dozen LAPD officers,
however are still on the roof. Four of them are just standing around with their guns drawn,
not sure who to shoot. Two of them are near
their police cruisers. They’re the ones who are shooting at you. They seem a lot more confident
about who to shoot at. And then, there are the three members of the Sheriff’s security detail. And they are three men whom you would say, has seen as much rough
life as their Sheriff, judging from their builds, their scars and the way they carried themselves. It’s too dark to see
their features clearly. But they are clearly ready to fight and they are going to act very quickly. Nelli, Annabelle and Victor are still near the edge of the roof, where the Sheriff went over the side. Down on the street,
pandemonium, police lights, radios, people shouting,
screaming, pointing, it’s chaos. And it’s very visible. Nelli? – [Nelli] So, as he’s pushing them. I’d like to use rapid reflex to pull my full cape up. And pull it up and over, so it looks like I’m the hooded one. And it will allow him a little bit longer. – [Narrator] Now there are two
hooded figures on the roof. – [Justin] Uh huh. So, just to be clear. There are cops pointing guns at us. – [Narrator] That is correct.
– [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] None of them
have given you orders yet. – [Jasper] No, they have not. – [Narrator] It’s not a great situation. – [Jasper] It’s not a great situation. – [Narrator] The three
security team members are headed towards you fast. – [Jasper] Okay. I’m going to as. – [Narrator] And that’s why
the cops aren’t shooting. – [Jasper] As I go, I’m going
to start heading towards that staircase. – [Narrator] One the staircase
that the Tremere used? – [Jasper] When I pass
by her with her cloak up, using that obscurance to
activate unseen passage. – [Narrator] Ooh, she’s cover. Interesting. Nelli’s not very big. It’s not a lot of cover. – [Jasper] Nope. – [Narrator] Dexterity and stuff, please. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Nelli] I’m in heels. – [Victor] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. – [Narrator] Tall, very tall. – [Jasper] Ugh, I’m
going to use a willpower. That was only two. Total of three. – [Narrator] Uh huh. You can’t be sure of who has
seen you and who has not. You presume that you are unseen. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] Annabelle. – [Annabelle] Oh my God. Oh my God. He must have run and jumped off. Oh my God. Somebody do something. – [Narrator] Victor. – [Victor] I look at one
of the mortal LAPD officers that’s looking at me and I point towards the security guys and I say, “Those guys have guns, shoot them.” Dominate, mesmerize. – [Narrator] Mesmerism. (rolling dice) – [Victor] I’m going to
spend a point of willpower. Four success. – [Narrator] Four successes. Did you include your four
hungry dice in that roll? – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] You’re okay? – [Victor] I am. Well, okay. – [Narrator] You are four hunger. Four successes. The police officer trains his pistol on one of the security figures and opens fire. Security figures draw their guns and fire back. You are in that line of fire. Fortunately, are you
dodging out of the way? – [Victor] Well, I was at the edge. – [Narrator] Don’t have a tactical map, so just imagine in the mind that you and Nelli and Annabelle are on the edge with the police officers
on one side of you and security detail, on the other. – [Victor] Okay. – [Narrator] So, you could get hit. – [Victor] Okay. – [Narrator] Several
of the police officers pick up what Annabelle is saying. And rush over the edge to look over. Because they can’t believe
what has happened here. Others have a little bit more presence of mind are running for
the police cruisers. Maybe, they’re going to drive out of here. Maybe, they’re going to get on the radios. The two police officers, who are already at their cruisers, however,
have a different idea. They’ve brought out shot guns. Jasper. – [Jasper] Some of those tires are flat. – [Narrator] Some of those police vehicles aren’t going anywhere fast. – [Jasper] I’m headed, I need
to get eyes on those Tremere and find them. – [Narrator] So, you’re
going to cross the roof and head for that stairwell. – [Jasper] Head for that stairwell. – [Narrator] Open up the
door and get down there. – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] Okay. – [Jasper] I’m relying on the fact that I am unseen to cover the fact that I am not, I am running. – [Narrator] Alright. I will roll for the firefight, that is now opening up. Security versus police. (rolling dice) I will roll once for each side. Security guards are far better
shots than the police are. Bullets whiz through the air. The crowd on the streets,
below and in the mall, shout. There’s a lot of fear and screaming as shots ring out again. If you are glancing over
the side of the roof, you can see many, many
dozens of smart phones trained on the roof,
recording the flashing lights and the gun fire. They can’t really see
anything from down there. Although, if you look
over, you might be exposed. You know, okay. Two of the police officers go down. And security guards
continue their move forward. So, for Annabelle, Victor and Nelli, I presume you don’t want to
stay between these groups, what do you want to do? – [Victor] The staircase, we came out of, is there a door because we
came out right on to the roof and sort of or near that. – [Narrator] Quite close. Although, you did walk to the edge of the roof with the Sheriff. – [Victor] Sure, sure. – [Narrator] Kind of judge the distance between yourself and the nearest stairway. – [Victor] That is exactly
what I’m trying to do. – [Narrator] You think
you can make it in two soaring leaps? But there’s still mortals up here. – [Narrator] There are. – [Victor] They don’t have cameras. And the Camarilla said,
they’d clean this up. So, the beast is out anyway. I’m going to soaring leap
towards the staircase. I’m actively fleeing. – [Narrator] Actively fleeing. Nelli? – [Nelli] I’m going to turn to Annabelle. How strong are you
willing to be right now? – [Annabelle] I can be
as strong as you need. – [Nelli] Now close are we to a truck? – [Narrator] A pickup? Like a big old. – [Nelli] Something big. – [Narrator] You are within
several dozen steps easily. Very quick. – [Nelli] Truck? – [Victor] Big truck. – [Nelli] I’m going to go on to the truck and insect and like hold on to it. – [Narrator] Where do
you want her to throw it? – [Nelli] Getting us
as close to a stairwell as possible. So, using that as cover from the bullets. – [Narrator] You are going to cling to the side of the truck
while it’s in motion. – [Nelli] Yep. – [Narrator] Pretty good. Interesting tactic. You are going to use all of your strength. Rouse check. – [Victor] She’s good. – [Narrator] Your hunger
does not increase. Let’s call it, I was about to say drive, but you’re not really, you’re in the vehicle as much as you are aiming the vehicle. It’s a ahem manual, so call it strength and athletics or
brawl, whichever you choose. (rolling dice) – [Nelli] Three. Four. – [Narrator] Four successes. There’s a horrific sound of tearing metal as the transmission that was
in park is forced to move against the natural motion of the vehicle. And the truck moves. It slams across the cement of the parking lot roof, smashes into a support pillar near a light post and in moments, you have an accessible stairwell. – [Nelli] Excellent. – [Narrator] Right at your fingertips. Victor, you are bounding
for that stairwell. – [Victor] While I’m
traveling, like still trying to get out of here, I call Abrams. I just hit dial while I am running. – [Narrator] I’m
presuming that you are not trying to dial while leaping. – [Victor] No. – [Narrator] That would
be an interesting trick. – [Victor] Pretty good with this phone, but yes, fleeing is point one. But while, to the best of my ability, I’m trying to call Abrams. – [Narrator] But the goal is to exit. – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] Okay. Through the stairway that now has a truck parked next to it. – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] And Annabelle, following. – [Annabelle] Down the stairs. – [Narrator] Down the stairs. Jasper. – [Jasper] Yes. – [Narrator] You open up the stairway, stairwell door. You’re greeted by the sound
of gunfire down below. Someone’s shooting down there. – [Jasper] Alright. – [Narrator] Booking it down? – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] Okay. – [Jasper] I’m heading right towards the. – [Narrator] Fast as you can go. Are you going to attempt
the soaring leap in reverse? – [Jasper] I don’t know
how far down they are. Correct? – [Narrator] That is correct. – [Jasper] I’m going to
do something real dumb. And I’m going to jump
down that middle passage and try and see which floor, they’re on. And stop myself when I get there. – [Victor] He learned
that from watching you. – [Narrator] Hurdle
yourself out into space. – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] Trusting in fate. – [Jasper] Yeah, I guess. – [Narrator] Skill? Yeah, right. – [Jasper] Kind of
desperate at this moment. – [Narrator] If you are wrong, – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Or if your luck is bad, you could take considerable damage when you hit the bottom,
ten stories below. You could go into torpor. – [Jasper] I could indeed. – [Victor] I believe in you. – [Jasper] Thanks. – [Narrator] So, it’s
not strength that’s going to determine whether
or not you can do this. At least not at first. It’s going to be how
fast you can recognize what’s going on around
you and react to it. – [Jasper] Alright. – [Narrator] So, the role
is wits and awareness and know when to stop. (rolling dice) Did you re-roll? – [Jasper] I did a
re-roll with a willpower. – [Narrator] How much willpower
do you have unspent now? – [Jasper] I have one
unspent willpower left. – [Narrator] Three successes. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] So, you
hurdle down into space, through the darkened stairwell. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] You are
looking down, I presume. Try to get some hint of
when to push your arms out. Well, the gunfire does the trick. The muzzle flashes from
the pistols to signal you, just in time. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] So, arms to the side. – [Jasper] Yep. To catch the floor. – [Narrator] You’re rather
strong, are you not? – [Jasper] I am indeed. And I still have prowess activated. It lasts for the scene, I believe. – [Narrator] It does. Roll your strength and add
your dice and potents to it. – [Jasper] Just strength and
my dice and potents to it. Got it. (rolling dice) – [Narrator] You can
risk a rouse check in and increase the ability. – [Jasper] I will increase my
strength with a rouse check. And I am okay. – [Narrator] Keep your hunger in check. – [Jasper] Uh huh. Three successes. – [Narrator] Three successes. Thrust your arms out either side. Your hands make contact
with the rough concrete of the stairwell. There’s a very loud
sound, cracking, crumbling concrete as your fist
thrusts through the surface. And actually punch grooves in it as you’re slowing yourself to stop. It’s painful. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] It hurts. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] We’ll give luck
a chance to emulsify you. – [Victor] Terrible. – [Narrator] It is only superficial death. That is a critical success. So, you’re going to take
three superficial damage that’s halved. – [Jasper] Alright. Alright, that puts me at one aggravated. – [Narrator] You do
manage to stop yourself when you are suspended in the stairwell by the main strength of your limbs. And the stairs in front of you are the three Tremere kneeling down, on facing downward at two police officers, who are firing back. And the Tremere are casting. – [Jasper] Good evening ladies. I’ll take care of this. And I jump towards the policeman and slam their heads together. Hopefully, I don’t kill
them like the last two. (Victor laughing) – [Narrator] Strength and brawl. It’s a surprise attack. They’ve heard a loud noise. It’s dark. They’ve got targets. They’re not sure what’s happening. And there’s no dodge for them. – [Jasper] Yep, that’s one, two, three. I’m still buffed. That’s four. – [Narrator] Uh huh. Keep adding your to the roll. – [Victor] Roll all the dice. – [Jasper] That’s five successes. – [Narrator] Five successes. – [Jasper] Uh huh. Don’t want to kill them. Just putting that out there. – [Narrator] First one
handed the other comes loose as you use your own weight. Swing over the side of the stairwell. Landing between the officers. One pallid hand grabs the first cop and the other pallid hand grabs the other. And brings their skulls together with a sickening crunch. Five successes. Rather a lot of damage for a mortal. They both, – [Jasper] Rather a lot of skill maybe. – [Narrator] Slide
soundlessly and bonelessly to the cement stairs. Their guns drop with a clatter and the Tremere finish their spell. – [Jasper] Like a hell of a spell. – [Narrator] You are where you are. (dice rolling) Kyoko with the chewing gum and the leather riding boots and the motocross jacket sends flame from her hands, fire. The most frightening thing imaginable apart from the sun itself. – [Jasper] Uh huh. – [Narrator] So, I need
you to check for frenzy. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] It’s your
remaining willpower. – [Jeremy ] Okay. That’s a failure. – [Narrator] Gonna burn
and you’re going to flee. – [Jasper] I have one
remaining willpower left. – [Narrator] You got one left. – [Jasper] Can I spend it for a re-roll? – [Narrator] Yes. – [Jasper] Alright. Still a failure. – [Narrator] Still a failure? You can hear Kyoko shout, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry and then the flames strike you. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] Take two
points of aggravated damage. – [Jasper] Okay. – [Narrator] As the fire
licks at your undead flesh. The pain is almost unimaginable. You don’t remember the last time you were burned like this. It’s been some time. Some almost forgotten fight. Some altercation long ago. As your flesh crisps and blackens, the red terror, the rotschreck
rises balloons in your mind. And like a red flower,
smothering your thoughts turning you away. You race down the stairway away from the fire, away from the terror, away from the pain, headed for the exits as fast as you can go. Meanwhile, on the roof,
you’ve reached the exit and you’re on your way down. – [Victor] But I am trying to call Abrams, while I’m leaving. – [Narrator] You calling his direct line? – [Victor] Yes. – [Narrator] As you are
running down the stairway, – [Victor] Yes, still, I mean, leaping to the best of my ability. Like it shows I’m clear. So, basically yeah. – [Narrator] Make a, make a
dexterity and athletics check on the way down. – [Victor] Those not my thing at all. Yeah. – [Narrator] Nelli and Annabelle,
run as fast as you can. – [Victor] Question, sorry. I have more hunger than
I have dice to roll. Does it matter for any practicals matter? – [Narrator] Matter of fact, it does. It’s not a good situation for you. Maybe you ought not to
be dialing and texting while leaping. – [Victor] The beast wants what it wants. But a. – [Narrator] Wants what it wants. – [Jasper] Oh my God. – [Victor] One success. But again I have less
dice than I have hunger. – [Narrator] So hold that thought. Nelli and Annabelle. – [Annabelle] I’m taking
the stairs at like a flight at a time with cat’s grace. – [Narrator] Landing to landing. Trying to get down as quickly as possible. – [Nelli] Well, I was
going to offer a ride, but how’s the side? Is there a lot of people looking there? – [Narrator] So, the
stairways are enclosed in the garage. You have no view of the outside. Fortunately, you’re concealed
from prying eyes in here. So, headed down? – [Nelli] Yeah, I’m just
going to go the downstairs like a normal person. – [Narrator] Like a normal person? – [Jasper] What a thought. – [Narrator] Rather novel response. – [Victor] Good thing, we’re
not in a hurry or anything. – [Nelli] Well, okay,
assess the situations. – [Narrator] So, the
phone can’t hold on to it. Leaping, trying to dial,
trying to move that fast, with the beast that close to the surface, just not a good idea. You managed to catch
yourself before you fall or rip out a support post but the phone goes flying. The flatters down several
flights of stairs, somewhere below you. You going to stop to pick it up? – [Victor] I have to. – [Narrator] Gotta get it. It’s got. – [Victor] It’s alright. – [Narrator] A certain recording. – [Victor] Yeah, I have to. – [Narrator] Okay. Annabelle gets to the bottom first. Because you’ve stopped and
Nelli is moving at normal pace. – [Annabelle] Sauntering. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Annabelle] Do I see him? – [Narrator] Different stairwell. – [Annabelle] God. Alright. I’m stuck here without a ride. – [Narrator] Uh huh. You’re at the bottom. Your comrades are coming down behind you. You haven’t opened the
door to the outside yet. You can hear noise from
the other side of the door. People shouting, talking,
radios crackling. You’re not sure how close to the door, the closest people are. – [Annabelle] I poke my head out the door. – [Narrator] Open the door. And look out. It’s a scene of pandemonium. Some people are running. Others are down on the ground
with their heads covered because they don’t want to get shot. Some have their cell phones out and they’re just randomly
recording everything around them but at least the doors aren’t guarded anymore. There’s no security
guard on the other side. – [Annabelle] Where are you? Good text. – [Narrator] Unfortunately,
with the terror frenzy gripping you, you’re not
going to answer your phone. That’s not going to happen. Now, by the time you reach
the bottom of the stairway, the threat is gone and well behind you. You will be able to recover yourself. So, let’s hold that thought for a moment. Get your phone back, cracked,
not damaged too badly. Still functional. Still want to call Abrams? – [Victor] I do. – [Narrator] Then have to slow down. – [Victor] I will. – [Nelli] Can I catch up? – [Narrator] Nelli, you
can catch up to him. – [Nelli] Aha. What are you doing? – [Victor] Victor, what’s going on? – [Abrams] The Camarilla’s
Sheriff is at the Grove. The chaos at the Grove is the Ivory Tower. – [Victor] Is that what’s going on? – [Narrator] And then I hang up. He doesn’t call you back. – [Victor] Yeah. – [Nelli] How do you
suppose we get out of here? – [Victor] Forward,
definitely not backwards. – [Nelli] Obviously. – [Victor] When we get to the door, do we is Annabelle? Well, you said you were looking. – [Annabelle] Yeah. – [Victor] Alright, I texted the driver. The nearest intersection. I do not want him to reenter the Grove, whatever is the nearest cross streets. – [Narrator] You want
him out on the street? Yes. Do you want him on the other side of the street from you? – [Victor] Close. I mean, like we’re trying to, I would like to get a. We can collect the Tremere later. At this point, I’m trying to make sure that we get in the car. And then, we’ll collect the Tremere. – [Narrator] Mr. Miller assures you that he will get it done. – [Victor] Excellent. I do text the Tremere, the cross streets. Like, hopefully, they’re smart enough to read street signs, man. I know they’re not from here, I just texted like the name of like – [Annabelle] Third and Fairfax. – [Victor] Third and Fairfax. – [Narrator] So, before
we get back to Jasper, my question to Annabelle is, do you wait for your comrades to come down the stairway
and catch up to you? Or do you go out? – [Annabelle] Do I know
where the other stairwell is, where everybody else is coming out? – [Narrator] You’re pretty
sure you know what part of the garage that would be. – [Annabelle] Okay, I head towards there. – [Narrator] Okay, so you want to go back in the garage, rather than outside? – [Annabelle] Yeah. – [Narrator] You want to cross the garage on the street level to get to Jasper? Jasper, the bottom of the stairwell over in the dark, the
fire somewhere behind you. And the sound of Kyoko,
hollering down the stairway, “Hey are you okay. Sorry
about that. Sorry. Hey.” – [Jasper] Just come down the stairs. – [Narrator] “We’re on our way. Hang on.” You hear the sound of footsteps pattering down behind you. – [Jasper] I’m very visible at the moment at the bottom of the stairs. Just waiting for them
to come down the stairs. – [Narrator] You are. So, Annabelle, you leave the stairwell and go out in the parking garage. You want to stick to the shadows? Try not to be seen? Or do you care?
– [Annabelle] No, I just go. – [Narrator] You just go? – [Annabelle] There’s
pandemonium everywhere. – [Narrator] There are
mortals on the groundfloor of the parking garage inside. There are security guards. There are police. They’re not paying attention to you. They haven’t seen you yet. They are moving around
and securing the exits. There are a lot more of them than when this evening started. You’re not sure that any vehicle can get in or out of here now. So, you’re headed for the opposite side. – [Annabelle] I make my
way through the crowd. – [Narrator] Huh? – [Annabelle] As fast
as I can manage it out. Looking too suspicious. – [Narrator] Wits and awareness, please. (rolling dice) – [Jasper] I’m just laying on the stairs? – [Annabelle] Three. – [Jasper] I’m just laying
on the stairs, waiting. – [Narrator] Using the crowd as cover, you make your way across
the parking garage for the stairwell. About ten yards away, you pull up short because the Sheriff is there
already at the stairwell. There are three more of those very tough looking
security types with him. And they are waiting at the door. – [Jasper] Good. He hasn’t seen you. His back is to you. You’re not sure how hurt he is. There are no visible injuries. – [Annabelle] They’re
waiting at the stairwell. – [Narrator] Go for it. – [Annabelle] I pull out my
stake and I jump on them. – [Narrator] You going to
try to take him from behind? Called shot. It’s a surprise action. – [Jasper] Yes. Take the stupid choice. – [Victor] Heroic, heroic. – [Narrator] Make it dexterity and brawl. Actually, make it strength and brawl. Take two dice out of your pool for the difficulty of the called shot. – [Annabelle] Do I still have prowess? – [Narrator] That still lasts. We haven’t left the scene yet. So, you add that to your pool. Make sure your hunger’s in there. (rolling dice) – [Annabelle] Four. – [Narrator] Four. Uh huh. (rolling dice) You’ve never staked a vampire before. You’re not sure what to expect. This is,
– [Annabelle] I have. – [Narrator] Completely new for you. Oh, actually, you do know what to expect. You know exactly how this feels. You sure you want to do it? Okay. You leap on him. Shove the sharpened piece of wood through his back. Feel it penetrate into the skin, to the tissue, muscles,
through his ribs, crack apart. It’s not until the
stake is all the way in, that you know you’ve missed the heart. Nelli and Victor. – [Nelli] Where did Annabelle go? – [Jasper] Probably trying to help Jasper. We got to get us all out of here. Same thing, I just sort
of like take a deep breath before I open the door. And then I just bust
out, like I’m, you know, blend into the chaos. – [Nelli] While he’s doing that, I’m insect walking,
going up on the ceiling upside down. – [Narrator] So, you’re
not leaving the stairwell. – [Nelli] No. – [Narrator] You’re
going to stay in there? – [Nelli] No, I’m going
across the parking lot, but I’m going across the. – [Narrator] Oh, I understand. You want to come out of the stairwell on the ceiling? – [Nelli] Yep. – [Narrator] And try to remain unseen? – [Nelli] Correct. – [Narrator] As you’re crossing? – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Okay. Above the heads of the crowd, – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Victor] Yeah. My goal is to try and blend into the crowd as much as possible but head towards where the car is supposed to be. – [Narrator] Please each of you make a wits and awareness. Oh, too many dice. Too many dice. (rolling dice) Three? Two. Nelli, where are you headed? No one’s noticed you yet. – [Nelli] I’m heavily
assuming where Belle is going. So, just cross the parking lot. – [Narrator] Just across the parking lot? – [Nelli] Yeah, hopefully
to the opposite stairwell. Because I’ll start clearing around there. – [Narrator] What you see
from your upside position on the ceiling. – [Nelli] Yes. – [Narrator] Is Annabelle in a pitch fight with the Sheriff, with Marcos. Three of his security detail. – [Nelli] And did we noted
that I left the robe, so it’s not hanging everywhere? – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Nelli] Yeah. – [Jasper] Do I hear what
is happening up there because I am right by that door? – [Narrator] You are
right behind the door. Hold that thought. – [Jasper] Okay. Victor, you scored three. You look around. You are pretending to be confused and shocked and surprised. No one is giving you
any particular attention because of the confusion and the chaos, but you do see of course, Annabelle, Sheriff, the security detail and you see from your vantage point, what she has tried to do and failed to do. – [Victor] Relative to where the car is supposed to be. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Victor] How close are we? Like are we within a block? Is it like mini-blocks? – [Narrator] Couple of blocks. You need to exit the garage, get to the Valet parking circle and out onto the street. So, you’re not within any easy walk. Jasper, there’s too
much noise and confusion in the garage with the
people, shouting, the shots, for you to distinguish
any particular noise and know what it actually means. – [Jasper] Alright. – [Narrator] But the Tremere
have caught up to you. Kyoko looks horrified. – [Jasper] It’s okay. It’s okay. I get it. – [Kyoko] Are you badly hurt? – [Jasper] Yes, I am. But that’s the. – [Kyoko] So sorry. – [Jasper] We need to get out of here. – [Kyoko] What do we do? Where do we go? – [Jasper] And I know there was a text. I look at my phone. A place we need to go
there will be a car there. And we can get in that
car and we can leave. Now, stay behind me. I’m going to open the door
and see what’s going on. – [Narrator] Hester addresses you. – [Hester] This is all
going very badly, hasn’t it? – [Jasper] Yes, it has. – [Hester] Your baron
told us that we weren’t to harm mortals but that may be necessary. – [Jasper] I don’t care what you do. – [Hester] Oh, I like you. Excellent, lead the way. – [Jasper] Thank you. And I’m going to activate unseen passage. – [Narrator] Rouse check. – [Jasper] I get hungrier. – [Narrator] You feel the cold, cold – [Jasper] Yep. prick of hunger stabbing you in the chest and throat. You can feel the ache in your teeth. You want to bite. – [Jasper] And I push the door open. – [Narrator] Open the door. Okay, so Annabelle. – [Annabelle] Listen, you
and I both know that we need to get out of here. That was a warning shot. I’m not going to take part in your stupid dick measuring contest like that happened up there. We all need to get out of here and there are more of us than there are of you. Go back to your Ivory Tower. – [Sheriff Marcos] Nope. – [Narrator] Steps back and forward and with the palm of
his hand, shoves at you. Do you take or do you want to dodge? – [Annabelle] I’ll dodge. – [Narrator] Okay. Make it dexterity and brawl. – [Annabelle] Cat’s grace. – [Narrator] Solarity. Automatic success and
dexterity, athletic rolls that need balanced. This is for damage. So, it doesn’t apply. (rolling dice) Five. – [Annabelle] Okay, I’ll take it. – [Narrator] All five. Fortunately, it’s superficial damage so it gets rounded. You’ll only take two points. Actually round out, so it’s three. The fist, the palm of the hand slams into your chest. And you’re propelled backwards several feet into a vehicle. One of those little smart cars, one of those tiny vehicles, that really don’t have a
lot of substance to them. And it just sort of crumples inward as your body impacts it. It hurts but not as much as you would expect. Either he did not use his full strength or maybe you’re tougher
than you thought you were. Security detail moves in on you. Victor and Nelli, you can see this. – [Victor] Head for the car. – [Narrator] You’re out. – [Victor] Well, I mean, I’m going to try to get the car closer to them to leave and my gun is in the car. So, either way, head for the car. – [Narrator] Okay. Nelli? – [Nelli] I’m going for Annabelle. – [Narrator] Cross the ceiling. – [Nelli] Yep. – [Narrator] Right on top of them. – [Nelli] Also, the most torrid question I can ask you right now. What kind of shoes were they wearing? – [Narrator] The Sheriff
looks like he has a pair of maybe, work boots. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Like what you might find at a construction site. The three security detail
have ordinary dress shoes. – [Narrator] Excellent. I’m going to go for one
of the security details, so, as I’m crawling, I’m pulling out my little stilleto. As I’m dropping down, I’m
actually going to drop all the way to the ground. And as I’m coming down, I’m going to hit their achilles tendon. – [Narrator] Good thing
it is dark in here. While you are dropping and fighting, make it dexterity and maleigh. Jasper. – [Jasper] What do I see
as soon as I open the door? – [Narrator] As soon as you open the door, you saw Sheriff Marcos
is backed to you and a stake protruding from it, – [Jasper] Yep. – [Narrator] A little
too high from the target. Smashing Belle into a smart car. – [Jasper] And I come out and I am just going to go for his neck. Try to remove his head from his shoulders. – [Narrator] You going
to try to decapitate him? Four successes. He screams in pain. The tendon separated. He’s not going to walk again. He’s going to go down. Spraying blood from his leg across the cement floor. Smells wonderful, but you don’t have time to stop and taste it. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] One down. – [Jasper] Now, I’ve burned all of my superficial willpower. – [Narrator] Uh huh. Going to take aggravated? – [Jasper] I’m willing to take aggravated. – [Narrator] Take the ag. – [Jasper] Yes, that was so worth it. – [Narrator] How many? – [Jasper] That is four, five, six, seven, eight, nine successes. (all clapping) – [Narrator] Nine successes. Called shot. Tough difficulty. Is it any way that you
can add even one more damage to the margin? One of my nights plus two. – [Narrator] Yeah. – [Jasper] And then I add my
half of my potent’s rating into that, so that’s plus three. – [Narrator] For a total of. – [Jasper] That would be 11 points damage. No, 12 points, well. – [Narrator] 12 points in damage. Decapitation requires 10. You’ve exceeded your, – [Jasper] Oh yes. So, I just go. – [Narrator] His head
comes away from his neck, just like Nelli did with Nick. We all know what happens then. It begins to fall apart. It begins to disintegrate. – [Jasper] I turn and I say, after that happens, I look at the three, security detail stop forward, right. They step ahead of him. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Jasper] The next person who touches her gets the same thing. And I look at all them. – [Annabelle] Took down one, right? Security detail? – [Narrator] Two is standing. One is down because Nelli’s got him out. So, they both look at you. They look at Annabelle and they split. – [Jasper] That’s what I thought. – [Narrator] Anybody chasing them? – [Jasper] I don’t care. – [Narrator] They are out of here. They are beating feet for the entrance in the darkness and the confusion. Thank goodness, those
lights still aren’t on. – [Jasper] Let her get the car. – [Annabelle] Run over and catch him. – [Narrator] At his feet,
the Sheriff is falling apart. – [Sheriff Marcos] It’s happening again. It’s happening again. It’s happening again. – [Annabelle] Told him not to. Fuck. – [Jasper] Oh yeah. – [Annabelle] You don’t know
what we just fucking did, you guys. – [Jasper] I am fully aware. I would like to not be burned anymore, so, we can talk about this later. – [Narrator] The three
Tremere are horrified. – [Jasper] Right this way, ladies. Let’s go. – [Narrator] Victor,
you exited the garage. – [Jasper] I cut his head off. – [Narrator] Weaving your
way through the crowd, – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Nothing supernatural. – [Victor] Just as fast
as I can to the car. – [Narrator] Flashing lights,
the emergency vehicles. You see in the distance, a distant sound of a helicopter approaching. You are headed to the street. Are you trying to make, get to the car? – [Victor] Get to the car – [Narrator] To the car. You’ll get there first. – [Victor] Great. – [Narrator] What do
you do when you arrive? – [Victor] When I hop in, I take the case of the gun and I just put it on my lap. And I tell him, I look for the. – [Miller] What should I do sir? Should I drive? Or are they coming? – [Victor] From what I saw, were there any unblocked roads back towards them? Or are cars in the way of all them? – [Narrator] You mean to get into the parking garage itself? – [Victor] Any closer than
we are at this exact second? – [Narrator] You can get
right up to the entrance of the garage, but you’ll have to stop before you get to the emergency vehicles. – [Victor] I will do that. I will stop 20, 30 feet away from any police cars because I don’t want them to like look over in the window. – [Narrator] He throws the vehicle in gear as you’re getting your weaponry ready. – [Victor] I message everybody. Like we’re pulling up
to the garage entrance, get ready to go. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Victor] I do not remove
the gun from the case. So, if anybody is looking, I basically just have a case in my lap. – [Narrator] Nelli, you’re looking around. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Inside the
garage, it’s all gone quiet. No more cops. No more security guards. There’s no one in this garage on the street level now, but you and your colleagues. – [Nelli] This is not good. – [Narrator] Jasper and
Annabelle, heading for the exit, along with the Tremere. Nelli, are you going with? – [Nelli] Yeah. I’m closing up the rear on them though. – [Narrator] Keeping your
eyes open from behind. – [Nelli] Yep. I want to activate heightened senses. Sight and worth, acutely to see if anything else around. – [Narrator] Wits and awareness. (rolling dice) – [Nelli] Four successes. – [Narrator] It’s dark in here. The lights are still out. And the emergency lights
don’t illuminate as much as perhaps they should. You could swear that one of the shadows near the very back of the garage, has just moved. – [Nelli] Ooh, yeah. So, aggravating sense I am seeing now. – [Narrator] Sense the unseen. Go ahead and make that roll. You will need to roll,
wits and awareness again. Take away a die. (rolling dice) – [Nelli] One success. I am going to spend a willpower. – [Victor] A hard night for us. – [Nelli] That’s three successes. – [Narrator] Three successes. You can’t make out the
details of the figure because it’s reeved in shadow. And the shadows around it are moving. – [Narrator] Okay. I’m going to go towards the shadows. I will let them keep going. – [Annabelle] Nelli, where are you going? – [Nelli] Don’t worry about it. There’s shadows moving. Get to the car right now. – [Annabelle] That is
exactly the sort of thing you should get to the
car right now, Annabelle. – [Narrator] So, the vehicle pulls up. You’ve reached the garage. – [Miller] I can’t go any further sir. There’s police and pedestrians everywhere. I’m going to hit somebody if I try. – [Victor] Wait here. I don’t open the door. Do I see any of them? – [Narrator] Yeah, you see them all. Just on the other side of
the emergency vehicles. So, Annabelle, Jasper,
you can see the SUV. It’s within reach. – [Annabelle] To support him, we head over to the SUV as fast as we can. – [Victor] Is the Tremere with them also? – [Narrator] Tremere are following behind. – [Victor] Right. – [Jasper] She’s, she’s
the best suited to get out of her on her own. Let’s get in the car. – [Annabelle] Nelli. – [Nelli] If there is a
moment that you trusted me, Annabelle, this is it. – [Annabelle] Be careful. Alright, let’s get to the car. – [Narrator] Clamoring into the vehicle. – [Victor] The Tremere in? – [Narrator] Finally. – [Victor] Go but don’t speed. Just like drive, I mean, I
figure with all the chaos, lots of people are probably,
like trying to drive out of here as fast as they can. – [Miller] It’s a mess. – [Narrator] And be
very careful, not to run people over. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Not to wreck the car. – [Victor] Yeah. – [Narrator] Pick his
way around parked cars and people trying to back
up where they shouldn’t. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Drive over medians and doing anything to get out of here. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Let’s see how good he is. – [Victor] Let’s. (rolling dice) – [Narrator] Well, you
didn’t really need the passenger side fender. Didn’t really need that
paint on the passenger side doors. But, at least you got out. Out of the street. – [Victor] I got other cars. We’re good. – [Jasper] Let’s go buy a new car. – [Narrator] Okay. – [Victor] Back to the club. – [Narrator] Hester addresses you. – [Jasper] That’s the Baron over there. Talk to him. – [Hester] Baron Temple, we thank you. – [Victor] Welcome to Los Angeles. – [Hester] Is it always like this? – [Annabelle] With us, yeah. – [Victor] More than we would like. – [Hester] What exactly has happened? And where is your other companion? – [Victor] She’ll join us soon. She’s sharp. Why are you all leaving San Diego? Why is Eva trying to
smuggle you into L.A.? – [Annabelle] What do they want with you? – [Jasper] I, I’m feeling
particularly generous at the moment. Just to kinda let you
in on something I heard it might have something to do with it. You remember Tara? I’m sure you remember Tara. Vannevar may have gotten her ashes sent to him, pretty simply. So, that might be partially why people are fleeing. And partially why this is happening. That was unwise. That is not brave news. I didn’t do it. Are you certain? That’s what I heard. – [Hester] Your kind is
well known for knowing what others do not. – [Jasper] I would consider it to be. It actually happened. And yeah, so. – [Hester] We decided to
head north to Los Angeles because without Tara
to keep them in check, all the Barons have
descended upon one another. It’s bloodshed. It’s a massive turf war. Vampires are disappearing
in San Diego, as well. – [Victor] Disappearing? – [Hester] We fear that the
overt violence and chaos has attracted the attention
of the Inquisition. So, we discussed this with Eva and decided that Los Angeles
seemed the safer city. And now I begin to question the wisdom of my decision. – [Jasper] It is generally safer. This was a bad night. Also, Tara did defect to the Camarilla, so that’s why that happened to her. – [Hester] We had heard as much. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Hester] So, it is true. – [Jasper] Yeah, it is. – [Hester] We traveled in Luna’s boat. Luna, speak something. – [Luna] Yeah, I love the ocean. Can’t get enough of it. It seemed a less intrusive way to travel. No trains, highways. Lot easier to intercept you.
– [Jasper] Not a bad idea. – [Luna] We spent the night out at sea, which is, you know,
fairly safe for our kind. Harder to track, you know, and we came ashore in Marina DelRay. I mean, I know it is
Barron Therese’s territory, but Eva squared it with her and arranged safe passage through Santa Monica for us. And you know, got this van
and I had a little trouble with the GPS and so we
get off to Beverly Hills ’cause Kyoko wanted to
see it and we ended up picking up a police tail. They were following us, so I pulled into the
parking lot at the Grove. I figured, you know, they wouldn’t do anything with so many mortals around. They cornered us up on the roof. And they were waiting
for something, I guess for or whoever you were fighting with. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Luna] Who was that anyway? – [Annabelle] The Sheriff?
– [Jasper] The Sheriff. Vannevar Thomas’ Sheriff. – [Narrator] Hester just buries her face. – [Jasper] Oh, I know. I feel you. I’m right there with you. You know what I did? – [Victor] Ladies, as
we’re speeding along. Eva offered me a major
boon to see you delivered safely out of Hollywood, which we’re in the process of doing. In the process thereof,
one of my dearest friends, who has been gravely injured. Another person, who I
love more than myself is in danger at this exact moment and we might have just started a war with the Caramilla. So, we’ve done what we’ve bartered so far, what are the three of you offering us now? – [Hester] Eva was right about you. – [Victor] Eva doesn’t have any idea what I’m capable of. – [Hester] I would point out that we are not safely anywhere yet. Although, you did rescue us from a dire predicament. – [Narrator] Nelli, back in the garage, you’re moving toward the shadows. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Shuffling across the garage, now do you have your knife in your hand? – [Nelli] Yes. – [Narrator] Still dark in here. Just the emergency lighting,
sickly yellow sodium glow, casting an eerie light into the interior. Shadowy figure detaches itself from the deeper shadows and walks forward slowly, shaking its head. – [Shadow] You should have gone with them. – [Nelli] Why? – [Shadow] Because then
this wouldn’t happen. – [Narrator] You’ve
fought this clan before, you and Abrams. The shadow tendrils. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] The darkness behind it are long and snakelike and
you know what they can do. – [Nelli] I was really
hoping this is my uncle. – [Narrator] Fight or dodge? – [Nelli] Dodge. – [Narrator] Mm mmm. Make it death and athletics. (rolling dice) – [Nelli] I’m going to burn a willpower. – [Narrator] On those inner reserves. – [Nelli] Three successes. – [Narrator] Five successes. – [Nelli] Oh, I am sorry, five successes. – [Narrator] Five successes. Life like a snake. You step aside as the shadowy whip cracks in the air next to you. – [Nelli] I don’t mean you any harm but you need to show me
who you are right now. – [Shadow] I don’t think I do. – [Nelli] Do I recognize the voice at all? – [Narrator] It’s no
one, you’ve heard before. So, Sheriff is gone. And so is the war between us. – [Nelli] Show yourself. – [Narrator] Figure steps
back into the shadows. – [Nelli] Typical Camarilla. Walking into the shadows and
not trying to show yourself. You should fight like a normal person or normal vampire. – [Narrator] There’s no
response from the shadows. – [Nelli] Can I, anything
with sight unseen at all? – [Narrator] Want to try? – [Nelli] Yeah. – [Narrator] Whoever it
is, isn’t there anymore. And you’re alone in the parking garage. – [Nelli] Text Daffodil. – [Narrator] What’s the message? – [Nelli] Where are you? – [Narrator] Text back. Other side of fountain. – [Nelli] Can you get to the Grove? – [Narrator] The return text is, I’m in the Grove at the fountain. – [Nelli] Oh. Fountain, not the street. Got it. So, I start heading to the fountain, I text Victor, only Victor a blue heart. – [Narrator] A blue heart. – [Nelli] Emoji. – [Narrator] A blue heart emoji. – [Victor] I replied, do you need a car? – [Nelli] No response. – [Narrator] Meanwhile back in the SUV, – [Annabelle] A parody
of a 80’s businessman means to say is the aside
from all the vampire favors and boons and politics,
we are in dire straits. Everybody is deeply injured. We don’t know where Nelli is. There might be war. We need to work together. What did they, what do
you have that they wanted? – [Hester] We have no objections to working with you at all. We’re grateful to be rescued. Make no mistake. We just find it surprising that talk of favors and boons at such a time. What’s first on your mind? – [Annabelle] Scared. – [Hester] Are we going someplace safe? – [Jasper] Yes. – [Narrator] She turns
to look at Luna, Kyoko. Yes, of course, we’ll work with you. But, let’s get out of here. – [Victor] We’re already driving. You’re already in the car. – [Hester] We know we’re in the car. But, let’s get to where we’re going. – [Victor] I text Fiorenza. I say, Vannevar took a shot at us. Things are about to
escalate out of control. And I would rather we handle this like civilized Ventrue. – [Narrator] There’s a two
minute wait for the reply. The response is, are you free to talk? – [Victor] No. – [Narrator] Your phone rings. It is her number. – [Victor] I answer and
say, I am in mixed company on the road. – [Fiorenza] Victor, my boy, when I say are you free to talk, it
means I am going to call. So, the appropriate response is yes. – [Victor] Quite. – [Fiorenza] My boy, my
boy, you have been busy. – [Victor] Very. – [Fiorenza] You’re in mixed company. – [Victor] Incredibly. – [Fiorenza] How inconvenient. – [Victor] You have no idea. – [Fiorenza] Am I going to hear about this tomorrow night? – [Victor] Unquestionably. – [Fiorenza] I see. – [Victor] I would rather
it be the only time we have to have this
particular conversation. I would rather, we settle
this all diplomatically. – [Fiorenza] I guess that all depends on what you’ve done. – [Victor] Every action has a equal and opposite reaction. We were just trying to talk with somebody that preferred to be a blunt instruments. Very, very UnVentrue. Very, very low. – [Fiorenza] Who is dead, my boy? – [Victor] Marcos. – [Fiorenza] Oh dear. – [Victor] We gave him every opportunity. – [Fiorenza] Well, won’t
this be interesting? – [Victor] I’m trying to keep
it minimally interesting. Yes. – [Fiorenza] Here is
what I want you to do. Go someplace safe and defensible. Stay there. – [Victor] Uh huh. – [Fiorenza] Until I call you again. – [Victor] I will make sure I’m available. – [Fiorenza] That’s what
I like to hear, my boy. – [Victor] Always a pleasure. Hey, how are things in Chicago? – [Narrator] She does not
respond and the call ends. – [Annabelle] What’s in Chicago? – [Victor] I’ll tell you later. – [Jasper] Deep dish pizza. – [Victor] Welcome to the club. – [Narrator] In a few minutes, you’ll be back at the Maharaja. Nelli, alone in the garage. You see at the entrance now, some men in coveralls approaching. They look like not-security
but maintenance workers. They’ve got tool boxes,
clipboards, flashlights. They’re moving into the garage. They’re headed for the
electrical junction boxes. – [Nelli] I’m going to
walk back to the stairwell, where I dropped my fur cape. – [Narrator] Uh huh. Gonna retrieve it? – [Nelli] Yeah. The one evidence that I was here. – [Narrator] The security
guard, who you crippled, who you maimed, body’s not there. There’s a long smear of blood where you cut his achilles tendon. – [Nelli] Right. – [Narrator] Staining the cement floor. – [Nelli] I’m going to make a beeline actually to the maintenance gentleman. Excuse me. – [Narrator] They shine
their flashlights on you. “Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt?” – [Nelli] Yeah, somebody
like just ran into me and like I’m bleeding
under my pants and there’s all this blood everywhere. Oh, it’s just awful. – [Maintenance] You
got to get out of here. Hey, hey, let us get you out. It’s okay. It’s okay. Look into my light. You know your name? Do you know where you are? – [Nelli] I know where I’m at. But can you not shine that? – [Maintenance] Yeah, yeah. Sorry, come on Miss. Come on, let’s go. – [Nelli] My friend is waiting over at the fountain right now please. – [Narrator] Two of them
stand either side of you and offer to escort you out. – [Maintenance] You need any help? – [Nelli] Someone also stole my cape and they ran off that way. If you could reach me that please. – [Maintenance] Yeah, we’ll
take care of everything. Let’s get you out of here though. – [Nelli] Thank you. – [Narrator] They walk you
toward the street exit. You go with them. – [Nelli] Is that toward the fountain? – [Narrator] Uh huh. – [Nelli] Okay, yes. – [Narrator] Of course. You are half way there, when your phone rings. And the ring tone is her. – [Nelli] I pick it up. – [Sister] Sis? – [Nelli] Esell, what are you doing? – [Sister] Sis, is that you? – [Nelli] Yes, I’m very busy right now. – [Sister] Sis? Can you hear me? – [Nelli] Yeah. – [Sister] It’s really dark here. – [Nelli] What? – [Sister] And I’m. – [Petronella] Buenos Noches. – [Narrator] You can hear
Petronella’s voice on the line. – [Nelli] What do you doing with her? – [Petronella] You must come to us. – [Nelli] Where? – [Petronella] To the hacienda. To the old place. – [Nelli] Okay, okay, okay. I will be right there. – [Petronella] Until you
are here, she is mine. – [Nelli] Don’t touch her. Please. I will do anything. – [Petronella] I hope so. For your sake and for hers. – [Nelli] Can I put this on speaker phone? And track where that is at? – [Narrator] You could if
the call was still alive. The Maharaja Club, East part of Hollywood. Not the best part of
town but home sweet home, when you’re vampires who have
had a rough and ugly night. – [Narrator] Miller pulls the car in. – [Miller] Into the garage, sir? – [Victor] Absolutely. – [Narrator] Parks it. The Tremere look at you expectantly, “Are we here. Is this it?” – [Victor] We are. I’ll show you to a place
where you’ll be safe. And then we’ll speak momentarily. Is Campbell there when we pull in? – [Miller] He’s waiting for you. – [Victor] Be like, I need to eat now. You know what I need. – [Miller] Right away sir. – [Victor] And I look at you and I say, “Well, I don’t have what you need.” – [Miller] That’s fine. – [Victor] I mean, do
we have what you need. – [Miller] Nope. – [Narrator] Kyoko gets out of the car. Approaches you. – [Kyoko] Listen. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Kyoko] Really sorry. You weren’t the target. – [Jasper] I know. – [Kyoko] Thank you. – [Jasper] You’re welcome. – [Kyoko] You saved our asses. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Narrator] She holds out her hands. – [Jasper] I put my hands in there? – [Kyoko] Anything you
need from me, you just ask. So sorry. – [Jasper] That’s very kind of you. – [Kyoko] Can you forgive me? – [Jasper] Yes, I can. – [Kyoko] Thank you. (Jasper groaning) – [Kyoko] You are in terrible. – [Jasper] I’m in terrible shape. I need to go home. So, I’m going to do that. – [Victor] Well, you know you can get out through the basement but can you come back once you’re good? – [Jasper] Yeah, I can
come back once I eat. – [Victor] Hey, thank you. That was fantastic. – [Jasper] Doesn’t feel fantastic. I’ll be alright. – [Annabelle] You’re a bad liar. – [Jasper] I know. – [Narrator] Luna wants to know. – [Luna] The parking garage is lovely, but where do we go, Baron? – [Victor] Straight to the basement. ‘Cause we have a way to access, you know, where we have our kindred accommodations. Down there. – [Narrator] So, you point to someplace? – [Victor] No, no.
– [Narrator] You lead the way? – [Victor] Yes, I will lead
the, I will lead them there. – [Narrator] Will lead
them to the basement. – [Victor] And again, I
reiterate to Campbell, that I need what I need. – [Narrator] They’re going to follow you. They have a few small bags. A couple of backpacks. Some purses, but nothing like suitcases or any large luggage with them. Apparently, they came traveling light. – [Victor] So, as we’re walking along. I say, my young friend misspoke earlier. Now, is absolutely the time to talk about boons and debts and I
absolutely meant what I said and no I didn’t mean I’m afraid. Because to be clear,
we’ll get you to safety. And I mean you no harm. When night falls tomorrow,
you are all free to go wherever you want to go. But if wars coming and you
wish my continued protection, I ask again, what are you all offering me, as Baron of the Valley? – [Narrator] Hester gives you
a cool, appraising glance. Thinks about it for half a minute. – [Hester] Very well. Let us talk terms. We seek haven, hospitality,
place to hunt and a purpose. San Francisco is chaos. It would appear your city is headed in the same direction, though for different parcipitant costs. So, here we have war for
war, blood for blood, controllment for controllment, Baron. Not a pretty situation. The three of us are skilled at what we do. – [Jasper] I can attest to that. – [Narrator] Kyoko shrugs. – [Hester] So, in return
for haven, hospitality, place to hunt, we shall
serve your purpose. What is your purpose, Baron Temple? – [Victor] Believe it or not, I meant what I said to
Marcos, I have no desire to destroy any of my fellow
kindred, Camarilla or not. There’s forces bearing down
on us from the Inquisition that don’t care if we’re
anarchs or Camarilla or Tremere or Ventrue, they
just see us as monsters and want to kill us all. I want to create a safe
place for our people. – [Hester] It would
appear that conflict with the Ivory Tower is now inevitable. – [Jasper] Yes, sorry about that. – [Victor] You know, even a broken clock is right twice a day. There’s just no changing some of us. – [Hester] I’m going
to recommend that while we all remain here, we
invite Eva for a conference. She knows some things
that I am not at a liberty to share with you. But that, I think will prove important in this discussion, so. – [Victor] Yes, please. – [Hester] Perhaps, after we
have all rested a day or two. – [Victor] Whatever you need. Food to feed wise, we’ll get you. Anything you require. – [Hester] That is very kind. I, myself am not a picky eater. Kyoko prefers her refreshment very fresh. I think she would prefer
to provide for herself, if you can point her
in the right direction in your territory. And Luna, I’ll let her discuss
that with you privately. – [Victor] Well, for now, the
men and women who work here are accustomed to being called
upon in a number of ways. Please do not take the
final drink from them. We had an incident, lately
that I would rather not repeat. And my friend, have you left yet? I’m sorry. – [Jasper] No, I’m still there. – [Victor] I just say that
he speaks highly of you and he hates everyone. And Eva has given me no
reason not to believe her. So, in exchange for your
service, I offer my protection. As I extend my hand to her. – [Narrator] She thinks it over for maybe five or six seconds, before she extends her
own hand and clasp yours. – [Victor] Welcome to the family. – [Hester] Thank you, Baron Temple. It is good to have a home. – [Victor] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to attend to some things. – [Hester] Of course, of course. And we would perhaps like to
refresh ourselves, as well. – [Victor] And I actually
head to my office. I tell them whatever
they’ve arranged for me and my security, I’m like
have it sent up to my office. And I leave. – [Narrator] Nelli, you meet Daffodil by the park, fountain? – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] The little
parklike area in the middle of the Grove is empty of people. Now, that the emergency
is over, the shoppers have wasted no time in leaving this place. The police have cordoned
off the garage by now. The lighting is restored. You’re alone with Daffodil. – [Nelli] It’s about
darn time you got here. – [Daffodil] Hey, I’m sorry. The police, cops everywhere. – [Nelli] And you don’t
make yourself useful at all. – [Daffodil] What did you
think I was going to do? – [Nelli] I don’t know. You have connections. Okay, you know what, I don’t want to deal with this right now. I need to go find my sister. I need to find her now. – [Daffodil] Okay, let’s go. Where do you want to go? – [Nelli] All I can do is
to just track her phone from like the last time she was at before, I don’t know. And I showed him the map, where her phone would have been. – [Daffodil] Give me that thing. Give me that. I’ve got a car here. I’ll take you where you want to go. Alright. – [Narrator] He escorts
you away from the fountain, through the Grove. It’s weird seeing it
without any people here. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] Empty. It’s almost eerie, deserted. His vehicle is not far away. He holds the door open for you. – [Nelli] Thank you. – [Daffodil] My pleasure. – [Narrator] You enter the car. – [Nelli] Uh huh. – [Narrator] He gets in the driver’s side. Turns the ignition and drives you away into the night. Jasper, this is going to take some time. – [Jasper] Yep. Do you plan to do anything about it here? Do you plan to wait? – [Jasper] I plan, how close until dawn? – [Narrator] Half a night maybe. – [Jasper] Okay, I’m going
to exit to the sewers as soon as possible and head home. And repair myself until I can get better. – [Narrator] Are you going to let anybody know, you’re leaving? Or you just going to go? – [Jasper] Well, worst time, you’re still down in the basement, right? Hey, so I’m going to go but I’ll be back. I’m just going home to fix this. – [Annabelle] Thanks for saving me. – [Jasper] Yeah. – [Annabelle] Hope it didn’t start a war. – [Jasper] Probably did but it’s okay. Never done that before, so that. – [Annabelle] Well, happy New Year. – [Jasper] Happy New Year. I’ll see you in a few days. – [Annabelle] Is there anything I can do? – [Jasper] No. Nothing that I would have you do. – [Annabelle] Can you and
me feed on other kindred? – [Jasper] I will neither
confirm nor deny that statement. But you best not say that
in front of other company. Most of what I do is not good. But I’m glad you’re safe. And I leave. – [Narrator] Your refreshment is waiting for you as requested. How much do you see your hunger? – [Victor] Down to one. I don’t take that life. Even though I really, super want to. But I won’t. – [Narrator] How much unspent
willpower do you have left? – [Victor] Two. – [Narrator] Roll it. (rolling dice) – [Victor] One success. – [Narrator] That’s enough. That’s enough. You are sorely tempted to want,
to want to take that last, heartbeat and keep it for yourself. But you don’t. You lose yourself in
the ecstatic sensations of the blood almost too long, but the very last moment,
when one more heartbeat would be too late, you
remember who you are. – [Victor] I take this away from them. I need you to forget all about this. And then, I take my phone out and I text Enitra, I’ll
say, “I’ve been thinking, I’d like to offer you a
position with the organization.” – [Narrator] Hold that thought. We’ll end our story here for tonight. But before we go, it’s
important to remember again that secrets have
a way of getting out. – [Girl] I just wondered, can you come up to my room tonight? – [Guy] No problem. – [Girl] It’s a really fun date. – [Guy] Yeah, I had a lot of fun. It was weird ’cause it
was a dodge ball party, – [Girl] Yeah. – [Guy] But it was still
fun despite that, so. – [Girl] I know you did not really understand what was going on. – [Guy] I hope I dressed appropriately. I didn’t know what to do
for a dodge ball party. – [Girl] You didn’t but you know, I wasn’t going to say anything. I just, you know, – [Guy] Yeah. – [Girl] It’s a little
presidential, I think is the word for it.
– [Guy] Okay. – [Guy] Well, that might
be good for certain things, but not for other things. All aside, yeah, you’re right. It’s a. – [Girl] Yeah, Victoria
Kucher is more my style. – [Guy] Okay. – [Girl] So, I can maybe, you know get you a nice cut or something. – [Guy] That would be great. I love a makeover. Any fashion advice from you, I’ll take any day of the week. That was, – [Girl] Okay. – [Guy] That was, that’s great. – [Girl] Yeah, I mean I wanted
to introduce you to Chloe, but, – [Guy] Yeah. – [Girl] She wasn’t at the party. – [Guy] Yeah. – [Girl] It doesn’t matter. I just wanted to actually get the two of you guys to know each other. – [Guy] Sure, that’s okay, yeah. – [Girl] So, with that, Dave just wouldn’t stop asking me about her at the party. – [Guy] Who’s Dave again? – [Girl] It’s her boyfriend. – [Guy] Right. Chloe’s dating Dave. – [Girl] Dave, yeah. – [Guy] Okay. – [Girl] And she’s, I haven’t seen her at all these past few days. It’s kinda weird. Why were you following so far behind me? Walking. – [Guy] Oh, it’s a dumb thing. When we were heading over here, I just kinda felt like,
I got a weird feeling that maybe, there was somebody there, that maybe we were being
watched or something. I didn’t know if I was going to have to tell some guy off or something. And so, you know, I would have done it. – [Girl] That sounds silly. – [Guy] Yeah, it was weird. Sometimes it’s weird
on campus at night, so. – [Girl] Yeah. I mean, you talk about
the protest all the time. It’s like I’m dating my best friend. (both laughing) – [Guy] By the way, that reminds me. – [Girl] Yeah, what? – [Guy] I need to introduce
you to Annabelle too. She’s also been pretty
busy with stuff, I guess. Yeah, she’s been kind
of little flaky lately. But she’s awesome. She’s in my group. – [Girl] She’s awesome, – [Guy] Yeah. – [Girl] Like mean awesome? – [Guy] I mean, she’s different. – [Girl] Different kind of awesome. Cool. – [Guy] You’re awesome. – [Girl] Yeah. – [Guy] I’m in awe of you. Yeah. – [Girl] Yeah. – [Guy] We have a lot of
stuff in common and not, but. I really like you, so. – [Girl] Yeah, I do too. – [Guy] Yeah. Goodnight, Diane. – [Girl] Goodnight. – [Guy] It’s a great date. – [Guy] Thanks, bye. – [Girl] I’ll text you. – [Guy] Okay, bye. – [Girl] Bye. (upbeat music)

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    In this Chapter, he was such a badass. Though I don't know if it was a "fair" decision that the two police guys were killed. He had 5 successes. To "punish" someone for a lot of successes is… I don't know. Like he said, you could interpret that as skill rather than brute force…

  23. Oh hey, I just noticed that they have red and blue 'police' lights flashing in the backdrop during all this. That's a nice touch 🙂

  24. Aaaaah that got really close to that one "times Jasper fed from Annabelle" fanfic I've been reading there at the end and it was beautiful and akldjkfakj I ship it! Because you know that's what she was offering (and even though I understand why he didn't take her up on it I really wish he could have). And they just… ugh… they're such a neat dynamic and I think they'd be both adorable and intriguing together.
    I mean, I also really want to see Jasper and Chloe interact (which obviously is where these epilogues are building to and I am so down for that impending drama!) and even though the game is rigged against it I'd really love for them to be a happy couple, but ya know, Annabelle is polyamorous and so maaybe Chloe could be okay with it too?
    In short, my shipper heart is exploding and I ship all the ships and I should probably take this back over to Tumblr.
    But while I'm hopping from ship to ship, Juan and Dianne are like every college rom-com ever but dropped obliviously in the middle of an epic vampire plot and it's hilarious and great, haha.

  25. I love Victor, but I kinda hope the “Don’t correct me” directive comes around and bites him in the butt. That was a v vague directive- seems unwise

  26. So much going on this episode storywise and then here comes Hector Navarro to cameo as Juan. Definitely took the edge off a little bit

  27. Jasper got a raw deal in all of this. Even succeeding at most of his rolls, he took alot of damage and didn't really succeed the way he was hoping. Yeah he succeeded on his stairway drop but took 3 superficial damage from concrete, then succeeded on attacking the officers, didn't get a messy critical but still killed the cops I think (maybe the success should have been split between the two beings.) Also I am unsure as to why he took damage when pushing the sheriff? There might be a mechanical reason but it fell like punishment 8(
    Still loving it though!

  28. Starting a v5 chronicle soon. Just want to know how you are doing progression. RAW says 1 xp per session and 2 for completion of the story. To me that seems meager, and all the new powers the amazing cast have lead my to believe, perhaps incorrectly, that more than this is being given. What is the best way for xp progression in V5?

  29. I'm starting to think I just ship Jasper with everyone he comes across because he and Kyoko's fleeting interactions/reactions were so cute

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  32. This is amazing. I am so thankful these are on YouTube so I can watch and rewatch to my heart's content.

  33. "By G'Quan, I can't recall the last time I was in a fight like that. No moral ambiguity, no .. hopeless battle against ancient and overwhelming forces. They were the bad guys, as you say, we were the good guys. And they made a very satisfying thump when they hit the floor."
    "It's wrong for the strong to prey on the weak. That idea was the very heart of the Round Table. To correct injustice, to promote a society of laws, not arms."
    "Well said!"
    "That is the purpose which God and the Crown have set before me. I can not achieve that locked away in some room."
    "No, of course not! What room?"

    "I sense in you a warrior born."

    Jasper needs to get himself a King Arthur cosplayer to celebrate.

  34. Nelli G – "I need to collect my scarf, I don't want to leave any evidence I was here"
    Victor – "I already live streamed you in the parking garage!"

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    or twice? I have and each time I watch them I notice something I
    missed before.

  37. Oh wow how time flies. This was the episode that I stumbled into watching after Critical Role one day. Stumbling into it again (and binge-watching everything over the past week), I have to say this is amazing storytelling and I really like the tone set. Great job, Jason! Like many others, I was initially unimpressed when compared with Mercer, but I've really come to love and appreciate LA by Night.

  38. I'm not sure if anyone else is in this boat with me, but…
    Jasper decapitating the sheriff and then saying "the next person who touches her gets the same thing"
    that just throws a whole log onto the fire that is my ship for Jasper/Annabelle

  39. i dislike victor. he is way too public for a vampire. owning a nightclub and being a music producer is one thing, but live streaming right in the middle of a crime scene is just pure stupidity. whatever happens on that roof, he is now one of the main suspects and he himself delivered the evidence on a silver platter for the whole world to see. besides that, he is such a public figure that people will get suspicious sooner or later that he doesn't age. this is a breach of the masquerade in the making.

  40. The vignette at the end was really a nice surprise! Lovely to finally see Juan "in the flesh" (is it Juan? I always thought it was One before) and how he's played exactly like the npc version, even the voice is the same! And oh dear is he awkward!

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