Extra-Large Reversible Cast-Iron Griddle

Extra-Large Reversible Cast-Iron Griddle

At GE Appliances, we know that when it
comes to cooking you can never have enough surfaces. That’s why we’ve created
the industry’s largest integrated griddle grill. Use the griddle to whip up
a batch of pancakes or up to six grilled cheese sandwiches, or just flip it over
and grill up a delicious dinner most of your family will love. Multiple meals, one
versatile surface. Another way we make good things, for life.

One thought on “Extra-Large Reversible Cast-Iron Griddle

  1. GE – I really wish I understood why the Profile, the Cafe' in Matte Black and White have the all digital screen whereas the Stainless Cafe' has the grey push pad with 24/7 words/numbers on it.
    The above is a cleaner look without noise. Why is the Stainless Cafe' version the ONLY one that doesn't get this? Especially when its price point is higher.

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