Experiment in the Arctic

Experiment in the Arctic

Hi everybody we’re here travelling through the Northwest Passage with Canada’s One Ocean Expeditions and on board is a group of scientists from the Vancouver Aquarium and Ocean Wise that are doing really important research and testing. Twice a day they take a sample out of the ocean to see how many plastics might be up here in the arctic. We know that plastics are being found in oceans all over the world and all of us agree that plastics don’t belong in the ocean. But there’s something that you can do too at home right now. Think about the kinds of things you consume whether it’s your toothpaste or cleaning products or cosmetics a lot of them have something called microbeads in them and microbeads are actually tiny little pieces of plastic, those end up going down the sink and into our water system and into the ocean. So think about what you can do at home to make a difference to keep plastics out of the ocean and for more information please check out what the Vancouver Aquarium’s doing with Ocean Wise.

12 thoughts on “Experiment in the Arctic

  1. I agree… Plastic DOESN'T belong in our Oceanic, Sea, Lakes and River waters… just like Justine Jihadi TrueDOPE Castro DOESN'T belong in our Political waters and he MUST be THROWN OUT, asap, because he's a DANGER to OUR CANADIAN Political, Economical, Cultural, Environment, Historical and Societal CLIMATE OF A TRADITIONAL VALUES.

  2. What are plastic little beads doing in the toothpaste in the first place , the statement alone tells us that there are many things in our products that shouldn't be . I'd like to know the purpose of those little plastic beads in my toothpaste ? also have u been sent to the artic because you center out Trudeau to much , to look for plastic bottles in the water and did u see any drowning polar bears there .
    I hope u spent ur own money to take that trip and the tax payers didn't flip the bill to look for plastic , what a disappointment .

  3. Love Rona and the new face of the Conservative Party..bye bye Justy. Scheer 2019 or sooner if Justin would just take his ball and go home 🙂

  4. Rona you should run for Prime Minister. You would be the Best. People and customers I deal with totally agree. Hope you are doing well and a belated Happy New Year to you and yours.

  5. I just spent 7 years living abroad in Mexico and Costa Rica and there is plastic lining every shoreline and beach. It drips from the mangrove trees when the tides are low. We are a dirty species that is killing this planet.

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