Majira: Hi Everyone, my name is Majira Majira: and I’m here with: Sunny Dingo: Hey G’day Sunny Dingo here Majira (Voice Over): Sunny Dingo is an Australian, Gold-Colored dingo Majira (Voice Over): with over 9.2 thousand followers on Twitter Majira (Voice Over): He was the Guest of Honor at Furry Migration in 2015 Majira (Voice Over): He Enjoy’s hugs, spreading love Majira (Voice Over):…And Shipping himself in fedex boxes. Majira: So I’m really excited Majira: but also really nervous Majira: because I’ve never met Sunny before. Sunny Dingo: It’s okay, it’s okay Sunny Dingo: We’ll get through this together Majira (Fan-boying): He’s so cute Majira: K so if you guys watch my channel Majira: You know that Sunny was one of my Fursuit Crushes Majira: Who are your fursuit crushes? Majira: I don’t have any fursuit crushes, what are you talking about… *gangsta music plays* Majira: So this is kinda a big deal for me. Majira: Ahh~ he’s touching me. Majira: Okay so I wrote up some questions that I’m going to ask Sunny Majira:…Aaand lets get started! Majira: I was wondering… Majira: How did you come up with the name ‘Sunny Dingo’? Sunny: Actually, My mother named me, Sunny: After this brilliant color of mine. Sunny: Named me after the uh.. Sunny: The uhh… Sunny: The citrus beverage, Sunny D Sunny: Uhh personally I don’t have much care for it Sunny: It’s much too sweet for my pallet Majira: Obviously… Majira: My next question… has to be. Majira: Why Sunny D and why not another type of Orange Juice? Sunny: Well Sunny D is obviously the most brilliant of uh.. Sunny: Citrus Beverages Sunny: I went with Sunny D, and that’s me. Majira: I really like that name Majira: I think its super cute and really fitting for you Sunny: It does suit uh.. Sunny: I do have this brilliant personality and all Sunny: And radiant, love spreading sunshine Majira: Get out… Majira: I didn’t invite you here… *Bark* Majira: So my final question… Majira: is… Majira: What is it like in Australia? Majira: And what was your biggest culture shock coming to the USA? Sunny D: As a matter of fact, I’ve never been to Australia, Sunny: I’m a dingo, I’ve only been here since march of last year… Sunny: And ive been walk about the states ever since Sunny: And just exploring the states. Sunny: I hope to one day get to Australia. Majira: Your Australian but not from Australia? Sunny: No, I’m a Dingo. Majira: So you are Australian ’cause you’re a Dingo. Sunny: That’s right there we go! Majira: Ohhhh… Sunny: Got it? Yep. Sunny: There we go! Majira: So for my last segment of this interview, Majira: I think we need to do something ‘Really Fun’ Sunny: Oh right? Majira: So I think that we should cuddle Sunny: Oh my.. Majira: Is that okay? Sunny: I think so Majira: Are you okay with that? *Dramatic Royalty Free Sound effect* Sunny (Good): I think we should go cuddle Majira, he’s adorable. I love him Sunny (Bad): Nah he’s all.. he’s all… Sunny (Bad): High and mighty and full of himself. Sunny (Bad): He’s got followers, his follower count and all Sunny (Good): Oh come on, He’s a wonderful guy Sunny (Good): He’s very generous and he’s invited you on his show Sunny (Bad): Alright, fine. *Another Royalty Free effect* Sunny: You’re rather cute I think I could do that. Majira: Lets go cuddle! Sunny: Yes, I like that! Majira: Citrus right here [bad pun mode] Majira: Is this okay? Sunny: That’s fine Majira: Is this okay? Sunny: That’s fine. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sunny: Whoa wowowowowowo Majira: Orange Juice glad your here. *the true face of regret* Majira: Hey, Majira: It’s really Sunny out, ain’t it? *sunny wants to die* Majira: Have you got your source of Vitamin ‘D’ today? 😉 Majira: So do you pee Sunny D? Majira: I would really like to taste the power of the sun ; ) Majira: So you’re from Australia? Majira: I here that place is pretty hopping… Sunny: Oh god… Majira: I’m really sorry if your Roo-ined from this… *Sunny crying to himself* Sunny: Oh Gosh… Majira: Is this the only place where the Sunny don’t shine? *Sunny Dingo groans* Sunny: Oh Gosh, You are too much… Sunny: You are too too much, Majira Majira: Is this awkward? Because if it is, Dingo outside Majira: Okay that was the Interview, Thank you so much Sunny for being in it! Sunny: So long, Cheers! Majira: Thank you guys for watching, Sunny: Have yourself a great day! Majira: Make sure to follow Sunny on Twitter Sunny: Sunny_Dingo Majira: K Bye Sunny: Bye, Cheers! Sunny: *Mwah*


  1. This is the reason why I am against the furry nation (plz no hate, I had no problem before until I saw this…)

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else think after the camera shut off they fucked, wouldn't mind watching that

  3. So this is where the lion sleeps tonight meme came from (like the compilation of the lion sleeps tonight meme)

  4. 2:42 you could already tell he’s horny then after you would definitely know he’s horny and flirting with the other guy

  5. 01:17 I cannot adequately express how much I wanted you guys to just keep talking and never acknowledge that another person was just, through the magic of editing, in the room now.

  6. 3:51 cuts the scene and comes back like this leaving you wondering what happened when they cut it lol

    Btw the hole vid was just filled with cuteness and a tiny bit of cringe but i still liked the video lol

  7. Honestly furries or THESE furries…
    Are gay or
    hOLY this is gay
    They don’t have any clothing
    Gay GAY foking disgusting
    Wtf is this shit

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