Ex-ICE director shoots down House Democrat in heated exchange

Ex-ICE director shoots down House Democrat in heated exchange

100 thoughts on “Ex-ICE director shoots down House Democrat in heated exchange

  1. These people call themselves Americans?…..why would you NOT want to control the border. I think it is very clear to all of us as American citizens that see this can understand that its clearly about the vote for them and money in their pockets! These dems ought to be ashamed of themselves for even arguing with people trying to ensure their safety and ensure the protection from the border!

  2. Sounds about right….woman makes false allegations and then runs away because she knows she’s about to hear the facts and look like a complete moron. Seriously how do these women get appointed to these jobs 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. She’s just another self righteous crooked politician that should have been thrown out of our government a long time ago. Can’t stand Shultz!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. these things in our government lead to the world lookin at the US as a pit of goooooo. i look at our government as a pit of gooo .

  5. Check out the ‘rainbow’ denier behind . It truly saddens and scares me how ignorant the majority of the left are . Perhaps a trip of the borders unescorted would open the eyes ?

  6. For USA people:
    I'm from a "former" communist country (Romania). After 30 years from the fall of Ceaușescu reign (so-called "the fall of Communism") we are still under the rule of Communists. This Sunday we are invited to vote between two Communists for the Presidency… This mean no choice, realy speaking.
    In our country for conservative speach you are doomed. You could lose your job and even your freedom. The Left it's so predominant that Liberals (Liberals!) are "The Right Wing" of our political scene!
    And that's no joke, just the teriffying truth.
    You still have the chance to get away from the world of darkness we are in. Don't miss it!

  7. Wasserman? Isn't a test for syphilis? What HE should have done to really frost her was to openly laugh in her face. Would that have got her goat or not?

  8. Schultz and Talcum X should have babies, they 'd have the prettiest white kids on earth. The whatever sitting behind the ICE man should go and see a dermatologist pronto.

  9. Look at the dumb b*tch behind him shaking her head at him. Typical democratic who wants illegal immigration to cross and blame the bp for everything and not take full response for their own laws they enacted!

  10. Yup, ya gotta love someone that can shoot down bags like DWS and AOC with facts. These CU Next Tuesdays need to be voted out. They are yh

  11. Swamp rat Schultz needs to be closed down her lying face sickens every right thinking person. She has nothing but poison behind those eyes.

  12. Schultz. That name seems familiar, tied to some kind of dishonesty, lies, cheating and generally being rude crude and obnoxious. Also double ugly.

  13. I'm from Australia, and all I have witnessed in 70 years of the Democrats, is a bunch of dummy-spitting, non-inclusive, ego trippers.

    This one is no different.

  14. This is a prime example of what congressional Democrats do. They make a disparaging, inflammatory statement about a person’s character then won’t allow them to respond by saying “I control the time” or “that wasn’t a question”.

    I’m glad Mr Homan called her out. Notice she said she’s willing to go toe to toe with him, but didn’t

  15. This is the kind of response you get from someone who is not intimidated has nothing to hide and is simply telling the truth.

  16. “I’m happy to go toe to toe with you Mr Homan”

    Lady I’m pretty confident that a strong breeze would knock you over, Tom looks at least like 6ft 225 imagine

  17. Tom Homan spent his entire career working in law enforcement and helping to defend America’s southern border. What the hell has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ever done, aside from voting for wasteful and completely counter-productive American military interventions abroad? Immigration security is national security; border defense is national defense. I’m amazed at Leftists and Democrats alike who have no trouble sending American troops to the Islamic Third World, where they’re not wanted and where they often do more harm than good, through no fault of their own and despite their best intentions. Meanwhile, Mexican drug cartels are turning Mexico into a failed state and are wreaking havoc throughout the United States while the U.S. government dedicates a fraction on the resources needed to defeat such an existential threat. We really are insane.

  18. Wasserman Shits is just another Democrat pig spewing her vile lies in the face of a reality she doesn't like. She is nothing but human excrement.

  19. Lol look at the Asian lady in the back. The man is speaking and she is dismissing every word. Shaking her head no. Sorry lady but he’s telling the truth. You can shake your brains out of your ears but it won’t change the facts

  20. She is the queen of Karens. I can see her in a supermarket with three screaming kids trashing he candy section in checkout while holding up the line demanding to speak to a manager because her 2 for 1 coupon expired last week and she will not accept this!!

  21. Isn't that the lady who was kicked out as the dnc chairman person for LYING? She also is white and is wearing her hair like a black person. Democrats are some sick people.
    I am a conservative. I do not value people by the color of their skin. I value people by their character.
    Democrats need to know the color of your skin before they will do anything for you.
    See the difference?
    Work, make a life for yourself and your family. Stop the babymamma?babydaddy. Make it my mother/ my father. You will be surprised at the ghettos diminishing. All it takes is self love. Love Jesus, Love your country, Love your family….It is so easy.

  22. Wasserman-Shultz…MORALIZING??? The idiot that was booted as the DNC Chairman because she rigged it for Hillary to beat Bernie! How the he'll did she get re-elected??? Oh…Florida…asked and answered!😠😠😠

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