EVE Online Wormhole Fundamentals – System Effects (Ep. 2)

EVE Online Wormhole Fundamentals – System Effects (Ep. 2)

Welcome to Wormhole Fundamentals, a video
walkthrough from Adhocracy Inc. that will explain each facet of wormholes and their
mechanics in the universe of Eve Online. W-space systems are divided into six classes,
but not all systems in a given class are created equal. Some have “system effects,” which change certain
features of your ship throughout that system. System effects are permanent, if a w-space
system has one effect, it will always have that effect. They scale with class, so an effect in a Class
1 system is much weaker than the same effect in a Class 6 system. They only affect player ships, Sleepers are
the same everywhere. You’ll know when you’re dealing with a system
effect when you jump in to a wormhole and it tells you “local spatial phenomena can
cause strange effects on your ship systems.” You can try to figure out what the effect
is by looking at it, but it’s more reliable to plug the J-sig into StaticMapper or Dotlan
to figure out what your newfound superpowers are. Let’s go through them one by one. Magnetars shorten your targeting range, but
increase your damage output. In a Class 6 system, your targeting range
is cut in half, but you do double your normal damage! However, they also affect your tracking, so
bring webs. They used to affect EWAR as well and some
things will still say that they do, but CCP turned that off. Ask AHARM why (then run). Pulsars make your shields awesome and your
armor paper-thin. You get more raw shield HP, but all of your
armor resistances go down. Don’t bring an armor gang to a pulsar. Your capacitor also recharges faster, so you
can run those invulns all day long. Wolf-Rayets are the opposite of Pulsars. Your armor resists go up and your shield resists
go down. Small weapons also get a big damage bonus,
so grab your armor assault frigate of choice and go nuts! (Disclaimer: high-class Sleepers will still
easily obliterate assault frigates. Do not attempt to run C6 sites in a Retribution). Cataclysmic Variables are a logistic pilot’s
best friend. Remote repair systems repair more, and your
capacitor is bigger. However, local repair systems repair less,
so don’t try to solo one of these. Red Giants are quirky systems. If you like to overheat things, overloaded
modules get even bigger bonuses. However, they also take more heat damage,
so you can be awesome, but not for very long. Smart bombs also have a bigger radius and
do more damage, so light that disco inferno! Black Holes are difficult systems to do anything
in. Your top speed goes up but your handling goes
down, so you can go really fast in a straight line but it takes forever to turn. It also increases drone speed, and if you
launch Warriors in a high-class Black Hole, they sometimes won’t be able to return because
they just can’t slow down. If you find one, I suggest grabbing your fastest
frigate and seeing how fast you can go. Just make sure you bookmark the wormhole before
you rocket off-grid! Knowing about system effects is essential
to your survival in both PvP and PvE. Some tactics work spectacularly well with
certain system effects and nowhere else, while your favorite fleet comp might break down
if you jump into the wrong hole. Be aware of your surroundings, and use the
local terrain to your advantage.

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