Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Cereals

Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Cereals

– Good morning kids! No, I’m not doing that. (group laughing) (upbeat rock music) Good morning kids, it’s
me, Eugene the Tiger. And in this episode of the Rank King, we are ranking cereals. I’ma be ranking all of your childhood breakfast faves, ’cause, – [Jamie] I’m right,
you’re wrong, shut up. (funky rock music) – We’re gonna be in Portland,
Oregon on October 15th at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall. – Vancouver, Canada, we’ll
be there October 16th at The Centre. – And on October 17th, closing
it out, Seattle, Washington at Moore Theater. – Tickets and more info
at (mystical instrumental music) – Please welcome my very
special Rank King guest, Jamie. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Yes!
– Yay! – Now what an entrance. – Yeah.
– Yeah, are you wearing this like a sari or a sash? – It could be, yeah. (Eugene laughs) – What if we do it like a skirt? – Oh yeah. – I would say that you might be the world’s number one Try Guy’s fan. – Yeah, probably. (Eugene laughs) You know, I’ve been watching the Try Guys for about three years now. – Who’s your favorite Try Guy? – Eugene, yeah, Rank King. – Wow, the taste just jumped out. We met you for the first time at our inaugural Try Guy’s tour show here in L.A. – [Jamie] Yes, you did. – [Eugene] And you got to
come backstage and say hi. – [Jamie] That was amazing,
favorite part, obviously your dancing, it was iconic. – Jamie, wow you should
be the next Rank King. Every opinion you have is just totally right.
– Yeah, I know. – Gosh, we need to hire you. Miles, can we fire you and hire Jamie? – [Miles] Yeah! (Eugene and Jamie laughing) – Do you want us to do that? – Yeah!
(Eugene laughs) You know, I don’t think
you’re pulling your weight. – I agree.
(Eugene and Jamie laughing) – Before we begin let’s
talk about three criteria for this Rank King episode for cereal. – Okay.
– Number one, packaging. The aesthetic, the font, the
color scheme, the mascot. – Does it look cute, does
it look like the creators of the box put time and effort into making this box scream, Cereal. – Oh, nevermind, you need
to get a fashion house. Number two, most important
of all, the taste. – Yes, mm-hmm. – So although we don’t endorse eating the most sugary cereals you can, I’m gonna rank them based on
just pure taste and experience. – The crunch, you know, the mouth feel, we’re gonna turn Chicken
Watch into Cereal-E. – #BrandedIt, #Copyright, #Jamie – #ChrisWatchOut – (laughs) Oh! – You know Chris Reinacher too? – Mm-hmm. – Why you know everything about us. – Yeah. – Third and final test,
which is very important, the soggability, that’s not a word. Do you? – The–
– Sogginess. – Soggy factor. – Oh Soggy Factor, the
third and final criteria, the Soggy Factor, that’s the worst. – We need it to withstand the crunch. – Do you think this will be the
best Try Guy’s episode ever? – I mean, I think so,
I think the fans agree. (everyone laughing) – Actually, I don’t want
you to replace Miles, I want you to replace Zach. – Jack Douglas tried to do that. – He did, but he’s also not Jewish so this is more sympatico. – Yeah, we’re both probably
gonna lose our hair, eventually. (Eugene laughs) Can you edit that part out? – No, we’re not, we’re
not editing that out. This is viral video, baby. We’re going crazy, oh man! That was my Keith impression. – [Jamie] Veins pop out. – [Eugene] Oh, it’s so gross. Are you ready to rank the
top 23 cereals in America? – Yes. – You will get to rank your choices first. I don’t get to say
anything, at the very end, I’ll close ranks and show
you my final ranking. – All right. – [Both] I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up. – Let’s bring on the first cereal. (air whoosing) Corn Flakes. – [Eugene] Before we open,
let’s talk about this packaging. – I think it’s a little
plain, I mean, on the package it says the original and the best. We’re gonna challenge that notion. – Also, I get it, it’s the
morning, it’s a rooster. – Yeah.
– Where’s the originality? Where’s the unicorns? – When I wake up, the
first thing I wanna see is a rainbow. I wanna see bright colors. I wanna see neon. I wanna see big prints
and I don’t need someone to tell me that they’re the best. I’ll let their cereal
speak for themselves. – Wow, how do I adopt you. I’ve never wanted kids. Oh I hate when they show
that there’s fruit in it on the packaging but there ain’t no fruit in the actual cereal.
– Yeah. That’s what we call false advertising. – Wait, is that fried chicken on the back? – Yeah.
– Oh my god, it’s Keith. – Let’s put the milk in first? – Oh no, the Internet’s gonna go crazy. – All right, here we go. (cereal rustling) – Do you eat cereal every day? – I have cereal when
I want to have cereal. – Cheers.
– Yeah. (upbeat electronic music) – Taste the corn.
– Mm-hmm. – Taste the flake. – I feel like when you wake
up, you don’t wanna eat corn. I’d say a little bit on this side. – So just a little lower than center? What’s the soggability like? – Mmh.
– It gets mushy a little fast. – Yeah, let’s move that down a little bit. – You already wanna
move this down further? – Yeah.
– All right. (animated explosion booming) – Frosted Flakes. – They’re great! This is one of my top ones as a child. – I like the aesthetic,
it’s kinda like retro, – Mm-hmm.
– but like 1980s. – A little 80s.
– Yeah, yeah. – [Eugene] You know, they’ve always stuck with Tony the tiger, I think he’s one of the most famous
– Yeah. – cereal mascots.
– very nostalgic. Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Eugene] He’s kinda like a jock, hanging out with the kids, being like, yeah, they’re great. (cereal rustling) – Here we go. (upbeat rock music) – Mmh, just one up in Corn Flakes. – The frostiness really,
really makes it a winner. (upbeat rock music) – Dare I say, that’s less
soggy than Corn Flakes. – I think it’s also
’cause they’re thicker, so the crunch stays a little longer. So where would you put Frosted
Flakes in your ranking? – Right here.
– Okay. (animate explosion booming) Oh are you okay? (laughs) Alexandria!
– Alexandria! (Eugene and Jamie laughing) Come on! – Or maybe it’s ’cause it’s Wheaties, she felt the strength. – Yeah. – An American classic, what
is the actual tagline, again? Wheaties–
– Russell Wilson. – No, a breakfast of champions. – Yeah.
– They’re very iconic in American breakfast lore. You know, since the beginning
they always featured a very famous athlete as the cover for, I don’t know, every
month they switched out? But this has been going on for decades. Packaging-wise I do think
– Yeah! – [Eugene] it’s interesting. – I don’t think people
are looking at cereal to give them sports information. – What other profession would you prefer? – Like the Daily T. – For a gossip cereal box? – Yeah, you teens would like that. (Eugene laughs) And if you don’t agree, I’m
right, you’re wrong, shut up. (hands clapping) – I think we’ve graduated
from corn to wheat. (epic instrumental music) – Nope, they’re soggy already.
(Eugene laughs) These taste very healthy,
which I’m not a fan of. – And the Corn Flakes taste less healthy? – Yes, at first they
tasted sweet, but then when I got to the wheaty part of it. It was like, hmm I don’t
know what’s going on here. – So you actually do like a little corn in the morning, maybe? – Yeah, maybe I should just
go home, chug a glass of corn. I will put them below Corn Flakes. Sorry Russell Wilson. – He says the separation
is in the preparation. – That’s good to know. You don’t just get cereal,
you get some therapy. (Eugene laughs)
(epic instrumental music) – Thank you Russell Wilson
for this morning time therapy. That’s actually correct, yeah. If you got problems, get some Wheaties. (animated explosion booming)
(cereal box thudding) (spoon clangs)
(Jamie laughs) – [Jamie] Captain Crunch. – Now this is a very iconic cereal. Look at this packaging, what do you think? – Yeah this is what I think
of when I think cereal. I love the color scheme. I don’t think many people are captains. I don’t know if captains eat cereal. I don’t know if they– – [Eugene] This captain does. – [Jamie] I mean, yeah. – Oh and look at the back. – Wow. – There’s more games on here. – [Jamie] I think little kids are the ones that are usually eating this. (playful instrumental music) Mmmm.
– You like that? – Yeah, I think after a
while it might get your milk nice and peanut-buttery. – It’s got the mouth feel
of peanut butter, right? – Yeah!
– It’s a dense cereal. These are all very flaky. Soggability, they’re still crunchy. – Oh, yeah!
– I think it’s the shape and how dense they are. This is the most I’ve seen you eat any of the cereals so far. – Yeah, this is gonna go
right above Frosted Flakes. – Yeah, I’m into it. – Mm-hmm, you go captain.
(Eugene chuckles) – So now–
– I underestimated him. – You did. – I feel bad. – No it’s okay but now
you wanna be the captain. – Yeah, now I wanna be captain. Yeah, you are the captain. – I am the captain, now. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Pops. – [Eugene] This was also a
staple of my childhood diet. – Do they pop?
– No. – Oh, come on. More false advertising. – [Eugene] The only thing
that really stands out for Pops for me is the yellow of the box. – [Jamie] Points for packaging, yeah. – [Eugene] It’s always
yellow, ’cause a lot of these tend to be red and blue. Ah this is taking me back, nostalgia. (cereal rustling) Whoo I don’t really eat
that much sugar anymore, and I’m feeling some type of way. (upbeat dance music) Significantly less sweet. – Yeah, I do like the texture. – Yeah, the texture’s different, like a caramel popcorn.
– Yeah – Yeah, like a kettle corn. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. So points on texture.
– Okay. – Yeah, now for the soggy factor. – They get a little soggy but they have so much air pockets in it,
– Yeah. – and a lot of layers that it gives you still a little dimension in ’em after.
– Yeah. I’m going to put it, it’s
going to be right here. – Oh a perfect spot.
– Right in the middle. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Fruit Loops. – [Eugene] And who can forget Toucan Sam. – Aww so cute. – Isn’t he fun?
– He looks so happy. – He is, he’s a–
– I’ve never seen a salesman as happy as Toucan Sam. – [Eugene] He’s always in the
forest sharing the Fruit Loops to the other forest creatures. – He’s really raising the next generation. To be so kind, so sharing. – He’s more of the rainbow unicorn we’re looking for.
– Yeah. – And they’re advertising
a free book, that’s great. – Well I love the
aesthetic of Fruit Loops. Gorgeous cereal, and the taste. (upbeat salsa music) – It’s great. – Yeah, it’s fun. Dare I say it, a gay icon, Toucan Sam. Kellogg’s I’m sorry if you’re
not into that branding. It’s official now,
Eugene from the Try Guys, Toucan Sam, totally gay. But you know, a positive impact on children and the rainforest. – Yeah, you go Toucan. (Eugene laughs) You’re gonna be an activist. – [Both] Soggy factor. – A little soggy, but not that soggy. – Yeah, I think it help because it’s a little thick. – I’m gonna put this as our new leader. – (gasps) Above the captain?
– Yup! (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Kix. – And it’s kid tested, parents approved. What kid wants to buy
stuff that says test in it? This feels slightly
mature, aiming at adults to buy it for their kids
and therefore the packaging is a little dull. – When their parents pack
a snack for their kids, they’re gonna pack them cereal? – [Eugene] This is one that
some people do eat dry, I think. – A little Ziploc bag.
– A little Ziploc bag. – Open it up.
– That’s right, open it up, – Put it in your mouth.
– and put it in your mouth, and eat it.
– And. I think we should try it, just dry.
– Just a little, yeah. – Yeah, almost like a cracker. – Put a little milk, just a dash.
– Yeah. (fun upbeat music) – Oh this does taste parent approveD. Not a party in my mouth, it’s like a wake. (church bell tolls) – And it got soggy. – It almost, and it’s a little soggy. The outside is slimey. This is definitely healthier,
there’s way more vitamins. There’s not a nutrition
criteria in this episode. If there was, this ranking
would look completely different. – I think I’m gonna put
this second to last. – Oh interesting. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Cocoa Puffs. – [Eugene] So big thing about Cocoa Puffs that everyone knows, it turns
your milk to chocolate milk. – Oh yeah.
– The mascot is a cuckoo, ’cause he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
– Ohh. – They literally drive him insane. I don’t think it’s a
great message for kids but these better be really tasty. Do you like chocolate? – [Jamie] I love chocolate. (packaging crinkles) – Uh oh. – I think you might need to pour me a lot. – Mom says no. Just enough to see if it turns brown. – Okay. – You just need a touch, yeah. Oh, see it’s already turning
brown just by touching it. (upbeat techno music)
(cereal crunching) – Mmm yeah, taste like chocolate. – It taste like really
burnt ends of the brownie, if it puffed up. Now try to milk and see if it
tastes like chocolate milk. (upbeat dance music) – Mmm.
– Eh, not quite, true chocolate milk.
– Yeah. – But definitely taste like
it was affected by the cereal. – Chocolate notes.
– The milk has chocolate notes.
– A little bit of chocolate. – You are so fancy.
– Thank you. – I am finding that
any of the ball shapes, the outside gets a little slimy. But I think it’s almost
like it’s the outside slowly getting soggier towards the inner. But at least the inside is still crunchy. – I’m gonna put this on top. – (gasping) He’s a chocolate guy. – Very much.
(Jamie chuckles) – [Eugene] Oh, we got a chocolate ranker. (Jamie’s voice drowned out) Hot take from Jamie. What’s the next Game
Time you want us to play? – Connect Four, could be fun. – Oh, but with us on a giant Connect Four. You have to connect us and you drop us in. – Yeah.
– Who do you think will win? – I say Ned might win, he’s
a scientist, he’d be saying I love, I love playing Connect Four with Wesley in my wife. (hands clapping)
(Eugene laughs) You know, when I get home, I’m gonna give my wife a big hug. She’s so talented. – You sound like Ned
mixed with Miranda Sings. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Life. I like the packaging, yeah
it’s very colorful, bright. It has a little bit of life to it. – Wow, good one and it’s smaller. You might pick up that it might be a little healthier already. First, Chex style cereal. – Oh yeah.
(cereal rustling) I do like the Chex style.
– So the healthy ones you give me bigger servings. – Yes, I think it’s a
good thing to practice. It’s kind of a boring name though. Here’s your bowl of Life. – Yeah, let’s see if I’ll be disappointed or excited about Life. (uplifting instrumental music) (Jamie moans) I wanna
stay 11 for a long time. This is not good.
(Eugene laughs) – The flavor is non-existent,
these Chex style cereals, while very fun and
crunchy in the first bite, once you hit the third they get so soggy. – And I think I’m gonna
put them right here. I took a bite out of Life
and I wanted to spit it out. (Eugene laughs) (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Apple Jacks. – They look like Fruit Loops, but they’re sweetened cereal
with apple and cinnamon. There’s no mascot, the
stem of the apple shape is a cinnamon twig, and I like the green. We don’t haven’t had many green boxes so far.
– Oh, yeah! – Oh you already smell that cinnamon?
– Oh yeah. (upbeat rock music) Mm.
– You like that? – Yeah
– Yeah, it’s crisper. – Yeah and it has more
of a distinct flavor. – It’s got that little
spice from the cinnamon, which I enjoy.
– Yeah! I would say that the
profile is more refined. – It’s like the Fruit Loops,
like it’s a little soggy, but– – [Alexandria] I feel like
the green kind of deters you ’cause red and yellow make you hungry. – Marketing psychology from
our very own Alexandria. – Food baby fact. – Props to Apple Jacks for
taking a chance on green, which usually turns people off of food. – Or they just, they’re clueless. – Where would you put this? – Right here. – That is– – I can appreciate the
nice flavor profile. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Whoa. – Raisin Bran.
– So Raisin Bran gets a little of a bad rap for being what people
call older people food. The box is purple, first
purple box I’ve seen. – Yeah, I like the packaging. And look at this little guy,
I mean look at that smile. I mean, come on, how can you say no to someone who looks like that. (Eugene laughs) – I don’t know, the way
he’s putting in the raisins could be interpreted as a sinister. I think he’s like, you thought this was a regular oatmeal cookie, ah and there is raisins, surprise! You know what bran is right? – Bran’s like a type of wheat.
– Wheat. – You don’t like the smell.
– Uh uh. – That’s the smell of grandmas. Let’s go for the taste. (upbeat instrumental music) Oh it’s so funny watching
a child eat Raisin Bran. – I mean come on. (Eugene laughs) Grandma what are you doing? (Eugene laughs) – I kinda like Raisin
Bran, ’cause I’m old now? I do think it’s a more exciting
flavor for a healthier dish, because it has the bran,
which is a little darker, and then raisins give it a little kick. – I’m gonna disagree with you. I’m gonna put this at the bottom. Sorry, grandma. – Why do you hate the taste so much? – It just doesn’t appeal to
my eleven-year-old taste buds. – And that’s a very
mature, fair assessment. (animated explosion booming) Hot Take from Jamie. What’s one type of video
you’ve always wanted us to try. – Conspiracy theories. – Ooh, aliens, Big Foot. – Mermaids, and that’s why
you need to collaborate with Shane Dawson. – Look at you, you just produced a video. You hear that Shane Dawson,
we’re coming for ya. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Ooh. – Cookie Crisp. – From the old commercials there were like these burglar cartoon characters that were obsessed with Cookie Crisp. One of them being the dog
that would go, “Cookie Crisp” and they always advertised
it as many cookies. – Wow, that sounds amazing. – Yeah, so you’re very
attracted to the packaging? – Yeah.
– I mean it’s cookies. It’s cookies.
– And look the shade of blue, is like, I feel like Keith would like this box. – Yeah this is a very beautiful blue.
– And that’s Zach. – Why is that Zach? – [Jamie] For the calendar
thing he was a werewolf. – [Eugene] Wow, you remember
everything, that’s a deep cut. I have noticed that all of these cereals including the sugary ones
have a chockfull of vitamins. – [Jamie] Oh wow. – Because I guess that would be the other, only draw for parents to buy these. Oh there’s an included
added sugars section in this one, wow.
(Jamie speaking faintly) (cereal trickling) Only eat a few. – Okay.
– I’m gonna be your mom right now. (chuckles) – Cookie Crisps.
– Cookie Crisps, all right. (cereal crunching) (playful fun music) – Expectation, reality. – They’re not terrible,
but the expectation of being this happy wolf,
howling for cookies, is sorely missed. These Cookie Crisps do not taste anything like a real cookie. The flavor’s almost like stale icing. We got a old birthday cake. – I’m gonna–
– And the soggability, I mean, they’re still crunchy. – Yeah,
– They’re still crunchy, – yeah.
– but I don’t care. – I take umbrage with their lie. I’m gonna say, below Corn Flakes. – Okay, but above Life?
– Yes. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
(upbeat instrumental music) Special K Original, the packaging is like plain. – This one does not have
the strawberries in it. – Oh, what are you doing, guys. – That one’s the best one. That’s the one, when I was in college, me and all my girlfriends were like, Special K with strawberries. What, that’s the shit. Even my guy friends were like, whoa, Special K with strawberries. This does feel more like an adult cereal, – Yeah!
– right? – There’s rice in this one, and go. (upbeat instrumental music) Rice, see?
– These taste like Corn Flakes. – Corn Flakes but with the puffiness of the rice, yeah.
– Puffier, yeah. I’d say the sogginess is
better than Corn Flakes. And since–
– Mm try again. – Let’s see. Hmm, okay.
(Eugene chuckles) Sogginess is the same as Corn Flakes. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna put it one above Corn Flakes.
– Okay, interesting. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Fruity Pebbles. – [Eugene] They’re the Flintstones. You heard about the Flintstones? – nope.
– So it’s like a cartoon that reimagines like modern
stuff in the prehistoric era. – Packaging, pretty high points. – It’s fun and pooling
off of a well known brand. – Yeah.
– That’s like if they had Billie Eilish here. – Yeah, that be great. – Yeah it’d be like, Fruity Pebbles. – They’re so excited to eat this cereal. – I like that you were really valuing the emotion coming from the characters. – They’re literally
jumping with excitement. – And it makes you wanna jump.
– Their feet are pointed like this. – Let’s see if our feet point
like that when we eat them. – Yeah these look pretty great. (upbeat jazz music) My feet, what’s happening,
what’s happening? Oh man, these are great. – [Both] Wow! – I don’t know if this is
the taste you’re reacting to, or the fact that you’ve had
over 13 boxes of cereal. You were literally vibrating. – Yeah!
– Do you need a break? – No, I’m good. – No children were harmed
in the making of this video. (Jamie laughs) – Oh, these are soggy. – Yeah I think ’cause they’re so small, they got soggier, faster than
say like the Fruit Loops. – Yeah, I’m gonna put
them, below Captain Crunch. – Mm, but you love the fruit flavor. – Yeah, I do like the fruit flavor. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Honey Comb – I remember really liking Honey Comb. Really huge, blown up cereal pieces, – Yeah!
– honey comb pattern and just the title, it’s
kind of in your face. – Yeah, this cereal knows what it is. Wow, these are really good.
– (chuckles) Do you like it? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I like the texture of Honey Combs. Just big old puffs, they’re
like the waffle fries of cereal. It’s good, it’s like
a subtle honey flavor. – Yeah, the soggy factor. – They get like a little wetter, but they’re not super mushy. – Yeah, I would put this in front of Pops. So I’d say like, leading in
front of the healthy cereal. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Rice Krispies. – Snap, Crackle and Pop!
– Yeah. – They’re elves, you can see by the ear, which means they’re probably smaller. He’s a chef, he’s a sailor person I think, and he looks like, also
a captain of some sort. They look kinda retro though, the animation, right?
– Yeah! – It’s like they have,
they look a little old. I will say there’s a weird lack of detail in this negative space. This needs like, Snap, Crackle, Pop. (cereal trickling) – All right.
– We gotta do the test of the sound. – Yeah, ASMR moment. (cereal crackles) – It’s working.
– Yeah. – The problem with this though is that if you wait the whole time
they’ll probably get soggy. (upbeat funky music) Rice Krispies.
– Yeah, it’s okay. – They get soggy very quick.
– They get soggy really quickly. I’m gonna think that it makes up for it, because if you use them in different ways, like the Rice Krispies
treat which is so iconic. So, I’m gonna put it right here. – Oh so below Honey Comb but above Pops?
– Yeah. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s beautiful, they look like
they’re gold flakes in there. Just like glistening
behind the white backdrop and the rainbow letters. – There’s literally sparkling. – I mean, come on. – Is this the only one where they have sparkle dust on the cereal, I think so.
– This is so amazing. – I think think it’s
always funny when they make the cereal anthropomorphic,
where they make the cereal – A person.
– want to eat his sisters and brothers. – [Jamie] That’s cannibalism. – It’s dark, twisted, and
they must be really delicious. You ready to see if we’re gonna be cereal cannibals?
– Wow! Oh my God. – Or cereal killers? (upbeat dramatic music) Your mom, she liked it. Oh my god, there’s all, they’re all alive. – All of them.
(Eugene chuckles) – Oh wow, and they really
wanna eat each other. I’m really into this branding. – This is Zach. – Why is that Zach? – Glasses.
– Oh that is Zach. Oh no, I don’t like sports. – Oh come on, I wanna go home. (Eugene laughs) I care about you and I just,
I don’t wanna get hurt. – I love cinnamon flavored things, so let’s try Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you ready?
– Yeah. (upbeat instrumental music) (Jamie moans) – These are excellent. – Yeah!
– These are tasty. – Mm-hmm.
– Oh they’re almost like little mini french toasts, cinnamon toast.
– Oh, yeah! – Oh!
– Oh my gosh. – Is that what they’re supposed
to mean the whole time? They’re supposed to be little mini toasts? – [Miles] Yeah. – Mind blown.
– Blown! – It does get soggy, because I think it has a crunchy sponginess
to it that I think, soaks up the milk really fast.
– Yeah. – But the flavor is really good.
– Mm-hmm. – I’m gonna make some changes here folks. – Uh oh.
– Oh, it’s about to get crazy. – It’s about to get crazy.
– It’s about to get crazy, okay. Captain Crunch going in
front of Fruit Loops. – Okay.
– Fruity Pebbles going behind Tony the Tiger,
– Frosted, Tiger, uh huh. – And then Cinnamon Crunch
behind Captain Crunch. – Oh interesting. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Frosted Mini Wheats. – [Eugene] Packaging’s okay. – [Jamie] I like the packaging. – Yeah, it’s simple.
– It’s a little plain. – Whole grain wheat, that’s like shredded, and they’re all clumped together and they absorb all the milk
and they have frosting on top. Look how chunky it is. (upbeat instrumental music) (cereal crunching) – It really did absorb all the milk and then when you bite it,
it goes right out, mmh. – Frosted Mini Wheats,
’cause they’re wheaty have a branny flavor and
the frosting is so sweet, I don’t think that they’re
the most compatible flavors when you put them
– Yeah. – on each other.
– I agree, definitely got soggier. – But I love the way it absorbs milk. – Yeah.
– It’s like a sponge. – That’s like creativity
and that gets points. – No, I don’t like it as much now, ’cause when it gets soggy,
it then tastes like a sponge. – I’m gonna put them below Pops. – Good placement, yeah. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Reese’s Puffs. – You know, I quite like this cover, because it’s so close to the candy. – It looks like they just took those little peanut butter bites and just shaped them in the– – Oh yeah, ’cause they put ’em in the cup – Yeah.
– and then they made it. That’s very clever.
– Yeah. – [Eugene] I’m not a huge
peanut butter person. – [Jamie] But I can like respect it. – But I respect it,
– Yeah. – that’s right. – Oh look, some of them are like lighter, and some of them are like
darker, does that mean? – One’s chocolate, one’s peanut butter. Make sure to get a dark
and a light in a bite. It tastes a lot like a–
– It taste like peanut butter. – A peanut butter cup,
I’m really impressed. Alexandria’s been enthusiastically
nodding to cereals, and this whole time we’ve
been eating this one she’s been grinning maniacally,
going like, yeah, yeah. – Like, oh yeah. – Soggy factor, still got a good crunch. – Mm-hmm, if you’re like a
hardcore peanut butter fan, eat it with this one. If you just like peanut butter,
you go with Captain Crunch. I just like peanut butter
so I’m gonna put this below Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
– Okay. – Next Hot Take from Jamie. You know this video will
have a lot of viewers. – Mm-hmm.
– They’re all gonna get to meet you. So do you have anything you just wanna say to them right now, just to introduce yourself.
– All right. Hi world, it’s me Jamie. I hope you’ve liked this video. We still have more left but
I would just like to tell you right now to subscribe. Oh also, please like this video, and comment below what you thought. You should do all that right now, I’ll give you about
three seconds, thank you. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Honey Nut Cheerios. You know, I think these will
be competing with Honey Comb. – Yeah, you know, I think
these were actually the cereal I ate most as a kid, I think
it’s because my parents thought that it might have been
a healthier option. – That’s what my mom thinks. – But I also actually enjoyed the taste. What’s his name? Thanks to Buzz and his
worldly goodness, it’s Buzz. He used to be in more commercials
where he would be like, Hey gotta go, uh, oh it’s a honey go uh. That was his voice, he’s very wholesome. – Yeah!
– Everything about Honey Nut Cheerios are very wholesome.
– And he’s like charming. – Yeah, he’s a good guy.
– Yeah. – He’s a good guy.
– He’s a bee that won’t sting you. – That, mmh. I actually like the gradient, I don’t know I just think this is a classy box. Here we come, nostalgia train. – Choo-choo.
– Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, it tastes exactly as I remember it, it was good cereal. – Let’s tastes sogginess. (upbeat dance music) It stays crunchy, yeah. I’m gonna put this below
Rice Krispies but above Pops. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Next, ah! (spoon clatters)
(Jamie laughs) – Alexandria! – I’m sorry I shouldn’t have stood. – Trix.
– Don’t you know that Trix are for kids. Yeah, it’s a fruity cereal and the mascot? – I love the mascot. – Trix, the rabbit, he
desperately desires the cereal and every commercial he’s chasing to get a taste of the cereal and the
kids never give it to him. And they say, “Silly
rabbit, Trix are for kids.” He’s like Wile E. Coyote, if the Road Runner was this cereal. Although he’s smiling here, you better believe he’s dead inside. (cereal trickling) Fun shapes though.
– Yeah. (upbeat electronic music) It tastes like Fruit
Loops, a little fruitier. – Smaller pieces and a little fruitier. This is almost too like syrupy sweet.
– Yogurty sort of. – Yeah, it’s like the fruity is too sweet. – Yeah.
– The Fruit Loops had a little more bright sugary flavor that I like, I don’t think
this is as good as Fruit Loops. – And these got soggy pretty quickly. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna rank this below Fruity Pebbles.
– Oh, okay. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Yay, you didn’t hit me. (Eugene laughs) Honey Bunches of Oats,
– Mm-hmm. – 30% more almonds, oh yes! – [Eugene] I remember when
this came on the scene. This was, I think, the
staple for many of us. High school, college years,
thinking I want a delicious but healthier breakfast cereal. – It looks pretty old, that
doesn’t look that appetizing. (Eugene laughs) – See it’s so funny ’cause
it looks appetizing to me, ’cause I’m an old person. Look at all those nuts.
– Protein. – I mean, yeah, ’cause
there’s bunches of oats. I kinda like this dark navy,
I’m enjoying the photo realism of this honeycomb, this is like, hitting me on all my old-person levels. (cereal trickling) – Oh my god, there’s a bunch. – Don’t eat all of that. (cereal crunching) The bunches of oats are
good or do you not like it. – I don’t know what’s happening, (Eugene laughs)
there’s like Corn Flakes with the flavoring of Honey Nut Cheerios with oats and weird. – It’s like a combo, it’s like a, someone took all the flakes, and made them ultra, Ultra flakes! But now I’m eating and I’m
like, wow this is a lot of crunchy brown stuff. The bunches of oats are
so caramelized and hard, that it makes everything else go soggier in your brain, faster. – I don’t like it. I’m gonna put it. (laughs) I know. (Jamie and Eugene laughing) Oh you guys
– Oh, you’re standing – aren’t even ready.
– and that means you’re traveling.
– Oh no! I’m putting it below those weird cookies. (animated explosion booming) – Are you ready for the last one? And this is the one you’ve actually been waiting for the entire time. – Yes.
– What is it? (Eugene vocalizes) (cereal box thudding)
– Lucky Charms, oh yeah!
– Lucky Charms. – And this time it has new unicorns. – What?
– Do all these other cereals have unicorns? I mean, come on. – When did Lucky Charms get unicorns? Maybe they’re just trying to up Toucan Sam in the gay icon category. Hearts, stars and horseshoes,
clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows,
and the red balloons. – [Jamie] Now with unicorns. – [Eugene] Exactly, so this is Lucky, he’s the opposite of Trix the rabbit. So he’s running around with his Lucky Charms
– Oh, wow! – and all the kids are chasing him, ’cause they want Lucky Charms and he says, “You can never get me Lucky Charms.” You seem to say A-plus on packaging. – I mean yeah, I mean come on. Look at me, look they’re
showing all the unicorns that you could get in your mouth. – Visually stunning, taste,
do you like the marshmallows? (upbeat instrumental music) You love it, you love it.
– It’s great. – Maybe I’m in the minority I just never been a huge fan of the
marshmallows in these. They’re just so styrofoamy. Jamie, give me your bowl,
on behalf of your mother. – Oh soggability. – It’s in your mouth
Jamie, you can tell me. I saw you put in 12 spoonfuls. – What’s the soggability Jamie? – Mm, it’s great. (cereal box rustling) – Whoa, Jamie, number one. (animated explosion booming) In the truest potential
fashion I could have hoped for from an eleven-year-old
Lucky Charms, number one. Raisin Bran, number 25,
23, how many are there? I’ve had too much sugar. Now it’s time for me to rearrange these in the correct order and close ranks. (epic instrumental music) I’m gonna go from the worst to the best and re-rank these the way I envision it. Due to how terribly
they advertise something that did not taste the way it should have, Cookie Crisps is my worst cereal. You don’t call it Cookies Crisps, have it taste nothing like a cookie. Frosted Mini Wheats, I don’t get it, I just don’t think whoever
came up with this was sober. I’m gonna go with Trix,
strangest, most artificial flavor, and I really hate how
they treat that rabbit. I think I’m traumatized
by those commercials. Silly kids, give Trix a taste. I’m gonna put Fruity Pebbles down here. – Okay.
– I really don’t like how small these are. – At some point you’re
gonna put Raisin Bran? – Way above other things. Ooh child, welcome to adulthood. I’m putting Life, it’s a little boring. Wheaties, not my favorite. Rice Krispies, why would
I need a Rice Krispies when I can have it as
a Rice Krispies Treat. Kix, balls can only get you so far. Right above that, I’m
gonna put Corn Flakes, nothing special, nothing
great, nothing bad. I’m putting Special K, I
want everyone out there to get Special K’s with strawberries. Raisin Bran, lucky number
13, didn’t get to the top. Look, Raisin Bran.
– I don’t know how it could get to the top. – Number 12.
– Oh! (Eugene laughs) – The marshmallowy goodness, like you just didn’t let the milk go into the thing that’s why you think it tastes styrofoamy ’cause it just melts, it’s like chocolate. – Above that, I’m putting Pops. Can’t go wrong with Pops. Apple Jacks, cinnamon, mm, amazing. So these are my top ten. Number nine, Honey Comb,
you can’t beat that shape. Fruit Loops, Toucan Sam,
gay icon, what can I say? Honey Bunches of Oats
baby, it’s still good, and you’re gonna love it once
you get to college, I swear. Frosted Flakes, I think
they’re the best flake. Number five for me is Cocoa Puffs, that’s a good chocolate flavor. And the milk, I get it, it’s fun. Number four, Reese’s Puffs, they taste a lot like a Reese’s Cup. I’m gonna put Honey Nut
Cheerios as my number three. I mean you need something
that’s not gonna clog your entire system. My number two, between Captain Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, oh wow, the crunches just got to the top. Hmm, who’da thunk it. Captain Crunch, number two.
– Oh, wow! – Cinnamon Toast Crunch, number one. What is going on, I never
ate either of those as a kid. But wow, blown away. Okay so this is my final ranking. Number one, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, all the way down to my
last place, Cookie Crisp. I feel like you’ve had way
to much sugar for today. – Yeah.
– I think you should go home, and eat a vegetable. But thank you so much for joining me. How was your first viral video experience? – It was great, yeah. – Are you still mad that I put Raisin Bran towards the middle. – Yeah, you know, I still don’t
think I’ll ever understand the reason behind that, but you know. – [Both] I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up. (upbeat funky music) – This is like how Keith
feels after Eat the Menu. No god, oh okay. (Eugene laughs) – And he also gets that weird face where he just stares off in the distance. – Yeah he’s like, I don’t
wanna eat anymore Taco Bell.

100 thoughts on “Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Cereals

  1. Drop your cereal rankings below and if you live in Portland, Seattle or Vancouver don't forget to get your tickets to our FINAL shows!

  2. 1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    2) Reese’s Puffs
    3) Cap’n Crunch (The Peanut Butter kind, the normal kind is way lower. I bent the rules oof)
    4) Honey Nut Cheerios
    5) Froot Loops
    6) Lucky Charms
    7) Honey Combs
    8) Cocoa Puffs
    9) Apple Jacks
    10) Pops
    11) Cookie Crisp (I like it, fuck off)
    12) Honey Bunches of Oats
    13) Rice Krispies
    14) Kix
    15) Special K
    16) Life
    17) Raisin Bran
    18) Frosted Flakes
    19) Corn Flakes
    20) Frosted Mini Wheats
    21) Trix
    22) Fruity Pebbles
    23) Wheaties

    Froot Loops is the only fruity cereal that tastes right. And whoever came up with wheaties and it’s offspring is mental. Get that out of my vicinity

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    That unique taste, so creamy w/ a crunch?
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    Peanutbutter chocolate,
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