Essex Miniatures – DBA Early Imperial Romans

Essex Miniatures – DBA Early Imperial Romans

Hello! Welcome to the Mini Showcase . Today we are looking at an Early Imperial Roman Army. This army represents Julius Caesar’s Legion XI Claudia. So this basically is a representation of the 11th Legion levied by Julius Caesar. This is also the earliest version of the Legion that fought in the Roman Civil War, The Year of the Four Emperors, The Batavian Revolt, Trajan’s Dacian Wars, Severus’ Parthian War and the war with the Gauls. So, you can pretty much say it’s it’s seen quite a bit. This Army’s based for
DBA. Now what is DBA? Well DBA is a rule set a lot of ancient tables of enthusiasts
use to play ancient gaming. In the DBA rulebook, the Early Imperial Roman army
is dated from roughly 25 BC to AD 197. Without getting too much into the rules
for DBA. This army is a very aggressive army. The link to what DBA is and how to
play the game is in the top right corner. The figures are from Essex miniatures.
Essex makes a large variety of figures and they also pack armies for DBA. The 15mm range covers everything from ancients up to World War 2. When painting the figures bright colors the army looks a little bit more attractive, so there
wasn’t much washing or shading. Doing Romans is slightly easier as their
regular infantry with more less the same uniform. Painting irregular armies for me is just hassle As you can see here the figures are not
very bad looking. They’re not the most beautiful figures out there at the moment
but honestly they’re not very bad at all A lot of my 15mm army is pretty much Essex I left a few links in the description so if you want to know more about this army or you want to see this is the jump off point to learning more, have a look at the description. Again on the top right corner, there’s a link to a tabletop game using this army so if
you’re curious to see how the game works or even how the army runs click on the
link on the top right. Doing army showcases is pretty new to me so I’m not really sure how much information on how much or what kinds of information to put
in the video so you have any ideas let me know and as usual click to subscribe
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  1. I must say you are really tempting me to take a poke at some of the Essex 15mm Napoleonic minis. Although working on 15mm scale does intimidate me.

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