ESCAPE THE WEREWOLF! – Roblox Adventures

ESCAPE THE WEREWOLF! – Roblox Adventures

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  1. As an investigator, you can investigate each townsperson. When the sun rises, the Server System gives you three possible roles that the person could be. It is a useful role for the innocents.

  2. As an investigator the first roll is usually the roll the person is ughhhhh (Edit) you were murdered but healed by the doctor which means you get to live again

  3. Denis you were killed by the murder and the doctor had chosen to revive you just in case you died that why you were still alive

  4. Dennis but if he did an episode of The Purge it's very popular I even had to listen to The Purge siren for 5 straight hours

  5. I got a statigy for investigator.

    When you investigate someone and learn the possible roles, ask that person on what role are they and if the get it wrong they are the werewolf or murderer!

  6. One time when I played this game I got the role "psycho" so the first thing I said was "Your eyes look delicious"… I was voted out first.

  7. I knew it was Riff Raff (I paused the video but I'm pretty sure) if possible rolls are Investigator Scholar and Murderer and Denis is Investigator CJ might be Scholar and he even said so what are the chances of him getting one of those three so HAS TO BE RIFF RAFF

  8. Where the heck did the officer, investigator,officer,murderer… these are not even close to that game!

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