Electric Range Bake Element Replacement

Electric Range Bake Element Replacement

Remove any oven racks. Remove the screws for the element. Gently pull out the element. Remove the wires from the element. Install the new element. Test the new element.

3 thoughts on “Electric Range Bake Element Replacement

  1. I should have looked at your video before I tried change the heating element; the connector wires got pushed back into the oven wall. I tried to reach them with fingers and tweezers and just pushed them further out of reach. How do I find them from behind?

  2. Thank you for posting this. So why do the directions say you need a philips head screwdriver? Looks like just the nut driver is required.

  3. Excellent video, GE. Great name and reliability. I still have two perfectly working electrical kettles, stainless steel…from about 60 years ago. One of the best and free methods of advertising….is word of mouth from a proud owner.

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