♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (revellers chatter and laugh) ♪ (electronic dance music) ♪ – Cute little fake animals. – Ah, I saw this the other day.
This is great. – (Ylvis) ♪ Dog goes woof ♪
– “Dog goes woof.” Okay, that’s fascinating. – (Ylvis) ♪ And mouse goes squeak ♪ ♪ Cow goes moo ♪ ♪ Frog goes croak ♪ ♪ And the elephant goes toot ♪
– I like the rhythm. – (Ylvis) ♪ Ducks say quack ♪
– Is this a children’s show? – “Blub.”
– (Ylvis) ♪ And the seal goes ow, ow, ow ♪ ♪ But there’s one sound ♪ ♪ That no one knows ♪ ♪ What does the fox say? ♪ ♪ Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! ♪
– (giggles) – ♪ Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! ♪ ♪ Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! ♪
– (laughing) Oh, that’s silly.
– (Ylvis) ♪ What the fox say? ♪ ♪ Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! ♪
– (cracking up) – (Ylvis) ♪ What the fox say? ♪ – What do the fox say? – (Ylvis) ♪ So beautiful ♪ ♪ Like an angel in disguise ♪ – You think there’s
some significant meaning to this? – (Ylvis) ♪ Will you communicate
by mo-o-o-o-orse? ♪ ♪ Mo-o-o-o-orse? ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Mo-o-o-o-orse ♪ – (Ylvis) ♪ Mo-o-o-o-orse? ♪
– Well, they definitely have a sense of humor.
– (Ylvis) ♪ How will you speak to that ♪ ♪ H-o-o-orse? ♪
– (laughing) – (Ylvis) ♪ H-o-o-orse? ♪ ♪ What does the fox say? ♪ ♪ Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow! ♪
– (cracking up) – They’re twerking.
They’re definitely twerking. – (Ylvis) ♪ What the fox say? ♪ ♪ Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! ♪
– (cracking up) – ♪ Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! ♪
– This might confuse the children, actually. ‘Cause all the sounds
were pretty authentic until we got to the fox! Hmm. – (Ylvis) ♪ A-hee-ahee ha-hee! ♪
– (laughing) – Where do you find these things? (laughs) – (Ylvis) ♪ The secret of the fox ♪ ♪ Ancient mystery ♪ (laughing) – (gasps) Oh!
– (Ylvis) ♪ Somewhere deep in the woods ♪ ♪ You’re my guardian angel ♪ – You’re gonna tell me
this got ten million hits? – (Ylvis) ♪ What is your sound? ♪
– More? ♪ (fox scats) ♪ – That is weird. – (Ylvis) ♪ Will we ever know? ♪
– There’s a girl fox. – All right! Go, fox!
Yeah, he’s cool. He’s got the moves. – (Ylvis) ♪ I want to know! ♪
– ♪ (fox scats) ♪ – ♪ Bibbity-up-up-ay-dum ♪ (chuckles) Those guys are great. I love it. – I’m not quite sure what to think. (movie reel clicks) – (Finebros) So what are
your first thoughts about the video after watching it?
– Oh, I loved the video. I think it’s just great. – The very first thing I thought was
the old Star Wars movie. Like at the bar, you saw all those different crazy looking people at the bar. – Some fairy tale. Bypassing Walt Disney
and going to Tim Burton. – I could see Jimmy Fallon
doing something like that. – I thought, “Oh, it’s for the kids,” and then I saw the guy
drinking the wine and I went, “Oh, it isn’t exactly for kids. Okay.” – Modern version of a children’s show,
except it’s also for adults. But I don’t know what the point was! – Was this a music video? Is it about relationships
with grandpas and grandkids? Or is this just a loon? Now, as I’m thinking back on it, did grandpa snort on something
while he was reading the story? – (Finebros) What was the song about?
– What the fox say! (cracking up) What the fox, man! – About animals and their verbiage–
what do they say? – Does it go along with a book? Maybe it’s the lyrics for the book. – That the fox is one’s guardian angel, that one needs a guardian angel, that the animals make all kinds of sounds,
but they watch over us? – (Finebros) Could you imitate for me how they said the fox sounded?
– I wish I could. – Meeny-meeny-mao-mao. – Quack-quack-quack-quack-ha-how! – Wak-wak-wak. Cha-cha-cha. Chee-chee-chee. – Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding. Sorta like a bell. – Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! – Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa. Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa. – Cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh! Yeah! That’s what the fox say! Cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh-cheh! – I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a fox. They could be right.
I don’t know! (laughs) – Doesn’t sound like any fox–
but then I haven’t met many foxes. At least not animal foxes. ♪ (guitar riff) ♪
– (Finebros) PLAYA!!! What do you think
the purpose of the video was? Why did they make it?
– What– what’s the purpose of any video? Isn’t it to entertain us? – I think for children. – It could be for a commercial,
to promote a book perhaps. – I think to promote the guy and his song. The song and the singer. – (Finebros) Well, do you think
that the song is trying to be serious or is it a joke?
– (sighs) I don’t know. – I don’t think it’s serious at all. – I think, on some levels,
it could be trying to be serious. – Well, I laughed. It’s very much like Saturday Night Live, and like Jimmy Fallon
does the parody videos a lot. – It certainly wasn’t comedy. – (Finebros) Actually, the song
was not meant to be serious. It was intended to be funny. – Oh, I would’ve never taken it that way. – I think it was probably engineered to, “Hey, let’s start something. Let’s find something that will catch on. If it goes viral and you guys take off”– this is probably their big hit
on whatever they’re doing. – (Finebros) So this video
doesn’t actually come from America. – Really? – That’s surprising.
I thought it was American. – Well, it’s in English. – Everybody in the world speaks English. Some of them probably speak it
better than the ones here. – (Finebros) This is from Norway
and the people that made it made it to promote
the new season of their TV show, which is a late night talk show.
– (laughs) Well, I guess it would make me
want to watch the show. – It certainly is gonna get people watching. – Maybe their TV show’s
about animals that come on as guests. – Maybe the guy’s name is Fox. They’re talking about what the fox says. – Well, I think that’s pretty smart. It’s a faster way of getting the word out. – (Finebros) This video
has gone crazy viral recently. Why are tens of millions
of people watching this? – First of all, it’s pleasant. So many of the music videos
I watch are bizarre and hurtful and unpleasant. – There’s nothing offensive
about anything in this video. – Since they played it straight,
it has an endearing quality to it. – It’s very childlike, and I think that does appeal to people. You know, we all want
to feel that safe, secure thing that we felt as kids. – Having the Gangnam beat, you know,
and that sound to it, which is so popular right now, and the production values are astounding. – When you talk about
Gangnam Style and this, I think… it’s an escape. If you have to go off into La-La Land, what does that say about you? – (Finebros) So what
are your final thoughts, that a video from another country
can get this popular here? – Maybe they just have
a really good PR agent. – I come from another country,
so I think– I’d love to see things from other countries. – It shows you how small
the world’s really getting. – That’s what the Internet’s all about, it kind of equalizes
everybody in every country, and enables people to see
what other countries are doing. – I hate to say it,
but we’re a little egotistical here in America and we think we’re THE thing, and we’re really not always just the thing. This is a very creative world
and when you get around the world in different places,
you see things that are phenomenal, that people create. And that’s the cool thing
about the digital age is we’re gonna get to see that. We’re gonna get to experience that, where we might have missed it, you know. 20 years ago, we would’ve missed that! – Hey, guys! I guest starred
in a recent episode of My Music and it was wild and crazy. I recommend that you take a look at it. Click down below and you’ve got it. “Who’s your pal?”
Love ya! Hugs and kisses. Bye bye.


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