Eating Fried Spiders in Cambodia

Eating Fried Spiders in Cambodia

Between Phomh Penh and Siem Reap cambodia is a village called Skuon aka the spider village spider-man’s got that game the locals eat spiders become a tourist attraction not only for foreigners but for people from Cambodia as well i
watch this buy over like a dozen spiders don’t know how they
do it but they but it then and then people eat it hmmm kids kept calling me spider-man because they
thought that my beard was hairy like a spider it was live about twenty minutes ago crawling on me one bite spider man and it actually tasted quite good which proves the point if you deep fried
anything at least for americans it’s pretty good crunchy spider man i may need to get more of these tastes like chicken here we’ve got a live one the cousin they’re cousins should I eat the live one? okay yeah i don’t know about that, you heard them oh my lord is he going to what should i do next what should i eat next let me know leave a comment and subscribe

34 thoughts on “Eating Fried Spiders in Cambodia

  1. Spider Man! LOL Wonder what they would think about my husband & his full beard? Do they have those fried, whole baby chickens? I seen a video several years ago and had been wanting to try it.  Always wanted to try Balut, too! What did the tarantula really taste like? Great video by the way! Looking forward to more! Take care & travel safe! 

  2. Loved this video dude. I'm going to Cambodia in a few weeks and plan to record/document my travels and I'm definitely going to get some video of me eating these things.

    So they never bite ever? Like… ever? I've never been afraid of spiders at all and have handled tarantulas in the states but even there the trainers told me to be gentle or I'm getting bit pretty hard.

  3. Another slide show video for more Cambodia and Burma.  Share on!  Thanks Jeremy!  /watch?v=65YswcfH2W8

  4. I used to make Cobra Marijuana soups almost every weekend when I was living in Cambodia, in the 80's. I was Marijuana farmer but now marijuana in Cambodia is illegal…thanks to USAID.

  5. actually if you eat it you could be toxic spider food is not really good you'll die I mean get sick because like I learned because like I'm in high school now I'm late 29 years old because I said that I stayed back

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