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Dustinsfishtanks,com Bringing it to you on a Sunday Baby! How is everybody doing? Oh
my lord its Spring! My trees are all blooming out. I’ve got these dogwoods that are amazing.
These big purple colored trees and the Tulips are all out and LIFE’S FREAKING GREAT. LIFE’S
GREAT. i’ve got sandals on in the green house. I
am typically bare foot but I hope you and your planted tanks are doing well and that
you have had an awesome week. I am excited. I’ve got a great cichlid species
here today for you all.. This is a fish that I haven’t kept for awhile and I think it is
kinda a curve ball as well. But first I have to give a shout out to my
man rich webster who is out in DC who told me to get my channel tightened up. So I am
going to be going back through all of my videos and putting together play list and tags. Shout
out to the people from way back in the day when I just used to load a video and leave
it titled “Video 14” Thanks to you for watching so long. So I am trying to tighten up all
of my channel for you all…. I am also going to be throwing those old videos
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videos did from back in the day. Here’s what’s going on folks,I’ve got a fish
I want to talk about today….. I’ve also got three awesome thing at the END OF This
Video. So It’s been awhile since I kept this fish, I got this sweet fish when I left the
country on a study abroad to Germany- That was an amazing time and think that all of
you should do that if you have the chance. Wei gehts Mein Deutsh leute! 🙂 I came back and I was like, I wanna setup
a Cichlid tank Son. Talk about Neolamprologus brichardi Shout out to Tony Tercia. I don’t
have it and I haven’t kept it in a long while but….Neolamprologus brichardi Cichlids.
Lake Tanganyika in east Africa. Supposedly in the wild they have schools of 100,000 of
these fish just chilling in a massive school. They have got the sickest, longest tail fin
as well as their top fin. This picture doesn’t do this fish justice. Very cool looking, and
what else I like about this Neolamprologus brichardi is that its got this really cool,
chill, lurking in the shadows kinda personality which isn’t like most cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.
You can keep them in a smaller tank. I hear you can keep Neolamprologus brichardi in a
15 gallon. I kept them in a 29. You also wanna check out, “the ricks” channel. Some of the
fish you might want to keep this with, Lelupi. which is another AWESOME fish I’d like to
talk about. another small cool cichlid. You can keep this fish with Julidochromis and
compressorsceps. For aquarium plants. I would keep this fish with Anubias and java fern
as those are hardier plants. Folks, I gotta tell you, I had a great time
doing that promotion with Joey and his Ultimate, King of DIYGuide.
Thanks for everyone who came and was down with that promo. Another thing. I am now shipping plants to
Canada now,,,,awe yeah. This is exciting for me. I know it has taken awhile but I am pumped
to finally be offering this but we had some stuff to go through that was a pain in the
details. Sorry it took so long but hey- Its done now…. There is a link on www.dustinsfishtanks.com
there is also a link on the face book fan page. There are also several spelling and
grammar errors that I need to correct but that is why I do videos….. Let’s see here….
1. I am shipping plants to Canada now. 2. I did something with Joey
3. and I just did a video about Cichlids…..Hmmm Hmm, that’s three big old clues folks….Big
clues as to what I am doing. ALSO We are talking to a real, real nice sponsor
about doing another contest for you all… That’s right, open to everybody…..High tech,
Low tech, Almost No Tech. Talking to a nice sponsor about that. One of the prized will
be about 800$ worth of stuff… So that is going to be really sick, You can get more
details on that on Dustinsfishtanks.com and if you are on my email list….and if you
aren’t, get on there and that is going to be a global contest folks and that is going
to be really sick…. Not going to release who the Sponsor is yet but…. And I’ve gotta say too folks. I’m excited
about having my premium content rolling. You get the extra emails from me each week that
are exclusive to you. You also get custom help. I’ve got goldfish, I’ve got silverfish.
Goldfish get a call every wednesday night at 7 pm. Its called the “tank talk where people
call in and we speak about your tanks. Its great. “Oh god, dustin’s trying to sell us
something on his youtube channel….. ” Yes I am and its bad ass so you should check it
out on dustinsfishtanks.com/fishtankpeople You should check it out…. So that’s what I’m doing.I’m having a good
time. I am shipping aquarium plants to canada and I’m rolling baby…. I am sweating cause
its hot in here… I’ve got baby tears coming out of my years
folks and I’ve got some stuff to show you… I am having a good time, I hope everyone is
having a great week. I sure as heck am. I’m going to go frolick around and play in
these tanks. but I’m gonna give you folks a quick tour around. Look at this baby tears getting hit with full
son… I’ve also got water SPRITE 😉 not wisteria….
in a high KH with the cinderblock. Everybody make it an awesome week and tank
on people. LATER

41 thoughts on “EASY BEGINNER CICHLIDS: Species Sunday

  1. Awesome video Dustin, glade it came out now cuz I'm about a week away from finishing my tank-cycling and starting my brichardi/pulcher culture tank.

  2. Awesome video. Cant be happier that I came across your channel just as I was starting on my planted 26gallon (uk) tank. Hours of entertaining videos to watch keep up the good work

  3. I love my N. Brichardi's !! The Princess of Burundi! Lyre-tails are beyond beautiful !!! I keep them in a heavily planted tank..Check them out (on my channel)…..AWESOME parents and just cool behaviors…….Tanks Bro…. 

  4. Brichardi and leleupi would make good, stately tank mates.  You want caves, rock piles, pH around 8.0-8.2, and they won't bother plants.  Prepare to raise newly hatched brine shrimp for the spawns.

  5. Glad to hear you're having an awesome week! Everything happening at once, eh? I'm certainly excited about everything you've got going on!

  6. Whats Up, I totally suggested to the rick awhile back that he ought to be doin a 1 on 1 with you when he started these up just sayin I thew that up on his post  , lookin out for ya D…See ya nxt Sunday.

  7. I love your energy Dustin I've been trying to get some brishardi's for a recent build. I'm check out TheRick's site for that video. Can't wait for your contest bro.

  8. Why don't you "big dogs" ever talk about Betta ?
    Love your channel and I have a PLANTED  BETTA tank !  
    What about heating water in a microwave for a tropical tank ?  Can not find any info about this.

  9. At 3:30: I got fun stuff to tell you.. My thoughts, oh, and that stuff before wasn't fun? But now, you shipping plants to Canada?! HURRA!!

  10. The whole time I'm watching this I'm like, "Dustin you need some Wu-Tang Sunglasses".  Your squinting was making me squint…Your special eyes need your own brand.

  11. lol im keeping brichardi and leleupi together and the brichardi HATE them…will not stop chasing them.  actually all the fish i have in there hate the leleupi…its weird

  12. I have been doing a bunch of Facebook LIVE as
    it fits my quick style – Click here to follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DustinsFishtanks.
    And EVERY DAY I do 30 second
    videos on Instagram: Click here to follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dustinsfishtanks/

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