Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Wolf

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Wolf

Hi, I’m Jay French at JayFrenchStudios.com.
Today I’m going to teach you how to draw a wolf. Okay, to draw a wolf, and in this case,
we’re going to concentrate on the head, you want to start with- we’re going to do a front
view, forward facing, sort of an elongated sphere, slightly ovular. One of the most common
mistakes is the distance between the eyes and the top of the head. It’s much higher
than most people realize. They have a very tall forehead because they’re usually nose
down looking up at you. Now the ears start below the top of the head generally, again
from this angle. We want rounded tips, not too pointed or you get a catlike appearance
and they come almost to the outer edge of the head. The inner line widens as it gets
into the body, the main part of the head. We’re going to get some very peculiar, fuzzy
lines in here and hair inside the ear. Generally, outside it’s longer fur on the head, so you
can get some wide looks there. There’s also a long distance between the nose and the eyes,
so we will put the nose almost towards the bottom here because as I said, we’re often
nose down looking up. I’ll just give an impression of the darkness there for now. Of course,
the most distinctive feature on a wolf if the eyes. You want then almost straight at
the top, curving downward, rounded on inside but you want to have an angle of darkness
that goes out to those two points. Small pupil. We have a little white for having some life
in it. To see the consistency and fur patterns variate from wolf to wolf but generally you
usually have some type of eyebrow highlight, such as this and usually and usually a highlight
coming from the front of the ear. You usually have a dark streak on the nose, again, not
always, of course like if you’re drawing a white wolf but you night have just a little
bit of shading there. The definition of the nose muzzle. Of course, we want a very distinctive
under shadow to the eyes and this will go into the neck, then you barely will see the
lower jaw. That’s how you get started with drawing a wolf.

100 thoughts on “Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Wolf

  1. @sm00f8080 no it isnt! O.o it looked like a fluffy warthog who's been punched in the face…now thats harsh. but true ._. srry but expert village needs to view the vids before posting them because i know how to draw better than that. i just wanted a few tips but i think he needs a few more than me.

  2. @501poundmiget
    Its not that bad, I think its because the wolf is sorta facing downwards. So that + the neck, it kinda looked like a fuzzy ball.. Thats the way I see it atleast.. Honestly I have seen worse wolves.

    Other than that, Expert village sucks bawls. Their tutorials are never really accurate. I just like Jay French cus he seems really cool and when he gets on the subject he likes to draw, it really turns out great.

  3. @chloroformo but look at the nose and fluff…there are some pretty bad wolves out there but this does go in the top 10. i dont think it matters where its looking, if you put your stuff on the internet and ur not under 10 years old you better know how to draw alot better than this. all due respect.

  4. @DrLapy90210 it's funny that this "dumb fuck" -me- is probably…no…certainly smarter than you…
    and i can draw a fucking wolf about …157 times better than this…

  5. @sQoupedUdE well if someone decides to call me a dumb fuck just because i said the drawing doesn't look like a wolf than yea…i'll express my point of view

  6. @iMatinee yea when you get STAAAAAAARTEEEEED with drawing something you should think how that something looks
    a wolf's head isn't ROUND

  7. @d3nikk

    'That's not a wolf'? First of all, even if it is not a super realistic wolf it obviously is one, even if it doesn't have all the features, unless your computer – or your brain has issues. But of course it's not going to be super realistic like one, he just did a quick 3 minute thing to show how the basics are done. This is for beginners. -_-

  8. thanks for showing me how to draw the face i drew it and then i drew part of the body and when i was done it looked realy nice

  9. "And that's how you get started with drawing a wolf." Well, if that's how I get started, how the heck do I finish it?

  10. Am i the only one that thinks the top half is fairly good but the bottom half of the wolf looks like a three year old drew it? The nose is waayy bad, the jowls are a bit off, and the whole face needs to be skinnied down while the muzzle needs to be widened. Thats my opinion.

  11. That is really good! Where did you get that pencil? Its cool. What kind of lead is in it? Example: 7-mm or 5-mm or something like that. tell me please!!!!

  12. @BlacklandfireDragon1 guy could do that but in an English that can translate google translator because I'm Brazilian ..
    LOL this "wtf" I laughed ..

  13. @GuavaBobify erm he's just trying to show BEGINNERS on how to get started with drawing a wolf. im sure if he spent more time on the piece it would be amazing. keep in mind that he drew that in 3 min…

  14. I think the folks shooting off negative comments are treating the bottom part of the circle as something that is permanent. If you erase it, after he gets the muzzle going, it looks like a wolf…

  15. @SargentAveryJohnson Now you're getting defensive, you're definitely the furry. And no, it doesn't really matter, though I hate it when people ask a question, then try to cover it up with "my friend".

  16. @roboraptor it none of your buisness what other people do i know i am being a bit of a hippacrite but seriously starting shit over nothing thats just bullshit

  17. nice for people to get started on their way and their own styles. its more a less a basic idea, so i hope people really dont try and copy this step for step cause its to help you build on your own skill and style o-o

  18. I only wish that I can draw a wolf head half as good as this.

    Sadly, the only thing that I can draw is the full body side view of a rather bulky water dragon, and even then it's slightly less than decent. =(

    However, thx for putting up this vid, sir. Now I have some Idea how to draw the wolf head.

    Now I need to learn how to draw an anthro body and get my wolf character fleshed out.

  19. okay,so i tried to do this and it sort of looks……like a stoned donkey-pig-wolf. fuck yeaaaah. -.-

  20. this is a very good tutorial but its hard to undersand the proportions if the camera is not looking from above

  21. ok, 2 mistakes. 1. The right ear is smaller than hell 2. one eye is circular like it's scrunched up, and the other is like it's chinese

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