Dr. Baden challenges Jeffrey Epstein autopsy results

Dr. Baden challenges Jeffrey Epstein autopsy results

100 thoughts on “Dr. Baden challenges Jeffrey Epstein autopsy results

  1. I think it is good that those people stand up! We dont want to be fooled by the Government again and again…… Time for the truth!

  2. Whoever “killed” Epstein entered the prison as inmates ( reason for extra jumpsuits) and left the prison as paramedics (reason why they removed him)

  3. How do you get to a point in your life where you can just order a hit on someone so obviously and still get away with it?

  4. It’s crazy how this is still being looked at even though everyone in America who not getting money in there pockets knows this guy was killed

  5. Why is Epstein's assistant Lesley Groff currently in hiding and protected by armed mercenaries?? Seems like shes afraid for her life.. suspicious activity

  6. Foto shopped,.?? How long are you people …not noticing that it's two sides of the same coin to distract and try to bring about a fake reign of God.. the LORDGOD is about to smash the ties of the last kingdom to burn the earth, and À¹create a new heavn and earth. For US..,,..5 evangelism prophecy ,Apostles, pastors teachers..gearing us up to be Kings And Priests Forever…. *

  7. You will never find out who did it no footage nothing he was going to give names big ones they made sure he never talk again – he never hanged himself

  8. That picture doesnt even look like him. Chin was way to small, and his teeth are not crooked like they are in the pic. Not to mention, why is there 10 jumpsuits in his cell??? HE WAS ON SUICIDE WATCH!!!!!

  9. Telling me he was cleanly shaven as well?? Getthefukouttahere! We all know this was not a suicide!

  10. I think he was murdered.
    Im glad he is gone.
    Very sorry the women will not get to see and get their justic in this horrible man.
    All of his money,property, belongings should be divided up to his victoms.
    We ALL know what he did.

  11. He was protected. The camera system is all of a sudden down? He’s probably was still raping children in his jail cell.

  12. Family made a mistake hiring Dr. Baden. He’s now 85 years old. His glory days ended long ago. He’s just too old to be handling autopsy cases or discussing them.
    He used to be quite a respected authority, but now he comes off as confused and addled.

  13. 0:20 pretty sure this violates youtubes terms and coditions and if a private channel had posted it they would have recieved a strike……….

  14. How come Fox won't even allow viewer comments on some videos? Is that because Fox is now owned by Disney, and Disney leans Left?

  15. Dr Baden knows so much and is so appreciated. He is a loved M. E.
    If anything happens to him we all feel we’d know who would most likely be guilty.

  16. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case you see the one prisoner one blanket rule is completely out the window, you also see that the blankets are made of cloth and not paper like has been said by police earlier! I liked AMTV's video much better of Jeffrey Epstien being led from the prison in an unmarked police car very much alive and walking into witness protection! At least AMTV did tell the truth about the Suicide HOAX!

  17. I do not believe the photo at 0.23 seconds into this video is Epstein #1 Epstein had a tooth missing upper right side 3rd tooth back # 2 he did not have a faded scar on his upper lip. I believe a look a like was killed and Epstein was put into witlessness protection by the Clinton's and the Royal family because he had to much on them and if they killed him he had it set up for all the information to be made public. And where is his girl friend? she is probably with him wherever he is.

  18. He for sure got his head stamped on for a "lesson" then strangled (he was injected with something too, what was that!?)

    Edit: jeffry was incredible smart. He must of had a safe plan encase something like this happened (to release all info on the others ect)

  19. I have admired Dr. Michael Baden since HBO's Autopsy show premiered. I agree with him 100% on this. There's no way this was a suicide, it's a cover up and a poorly botched job at that and there are still people who think otherwise, smh.

  20. Interesting that this surfaces immediately after Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes monologue pointing out Hollywood's connection to this pedophile.

  21. Ends off with, Will see if this goes anywhere? WHAT? Are you not a journalist, do your job and make sure questions get answered

  22. Everyone with 1/2 a brain (and paying attention) knows he was murdered and we were lied to by fake news saying it was suicide.

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