Don McLean shares the meaning behind ‘American Pie’

Don McLean shares the meaning behind ‘American Pie’

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  1. If you REALLY want to know the true meaning of the song, here's an idea…look up the lyrics (all the verses), and see what you think. It's not some simple patriotic American song, and it's not just about some musicians dying in an airplane crash, ffs. This is on par with all the idiots thinking "Born in the USA" was the ultimate American anthem.
    I'm sorry Tucker, this interview was complete shite. Or maybe I'm just annoyed that "the meaning behind American Pie" was…dodged.

  2. It’s like so simple do a task but America needs straw men to rep for intensity it’s no conscious objector to being born American or fighting against the other side the robot In us that believes the distortion of validity is a test for what we archive

  3. Took my Chevy to the levee. The Chevy is Don, a Levee is a water run off canal in the heart of the city where everything in the city drains into. So Don took his life's dreams to the heart of america ( a levee in the middle of the city) and found America (the Levee) is empty.

  4. Oh the irony. You can almost hear him scribbling down the words he needed to Google…!

    “I’m a very basic man – like a dog”!!

    Oh boy!

  5. Great interview again by→ TUCKER, he never fails to inform & entertain [with proper balance!]
    …a cool analogy and perspective into the music & politics parallels I had not only missed but had not considered before! And I thought I caught all the back drops to this movie called "Life" LoL ▬ Peace Out ~n~ God Speed

  6. I think Don Mclean should tell the truth about what he sang in that song or just stop such comments that song deserve THE TRUTH, or just keep to be silent and let the song talk for it self.
    With my regards
    Mahmoud Mottaghipour

  7. It’s obvious that Don McLean’s gift is divine. I love all of his music.
    Happy to hear he’s a fan of Tucker

  8. Keep drinking fluoride water people. CNN, FOX news. It's all propaganda. Receive the gift Yehushua has given and repent.

  9. Wait a minute… when I saw Don McClean in concert in 1981, he told the audience that the meaning behind American Pie is he never has to work another day in his life.

  10. I don't like chevrolet vehicles…
    Drove my Dodge to the lodge but the lodge was locked… lol

  11. One of the best singer songwriters of this genre,without a doubt,his voice was so smooth and the lyrics were amazing.Vincent is a masterpiece of lyric and his genius comes through in this song.
    Thanks for having this guy on your show,he's an American treasure.

  12. "…Makes you think that important facts are being delivered and profound thinking is taking place." That actually reminds me of "Hook" by Blues Traveler. LOL

  13. I’m a new (legal) immigrant, only just being instructed to this Legend, it’s going to be fun listen to his music for the first time! Here I go

  14. 0:24
    "A cliche bomb. A dense cluster of familiar phrases designed to convey the impression that important facts are being delivered, and profound thinking is taking place"
    That pretty much describes Tucker in a nutshell. Actually, now that I think about it, that pretty much describes the Fox FakeNews Media, in general.

  15. OMFG so wrong! This song was clearly about how music lost the greatest when the plane crashed. The big bopper, Richie valens and Buddy holly all died and hence the song, the day the music died.

  16. This made me seriously reflect on America. Thank you Fox, for being REAL news. IT's so good to hear what HE thinks <3

  17. Glad to see this interview. But aside from broad descriptions of what the song means, I still haven't heard what some of the specific lyrics mean. I have my own assumptions like most do, but it would be nice to have some clarity.

  18. it means change the radio station, because you're about to hear a long, coma inducing bore of a song. Yes, everyone on the planet knows the song and can sing every word of it, not because it's a great song, but because it's been endlessly played over and and over again and you're all conditioned to it. it's ranks right along side of "Ice Ice Baby" and everything the Beatles ever recorded. Enough already. A dry levee? is he talking about the outside wall of a levee? because it should be dry, and if it's wet, your dumbass and your Chevy are about to be washed away.

  19. Perhaps the reason that a guest can't answer Tucker's questions is because they are often based on false premises.

  20. When Joe Wash was interviewed about his song 'Rocky Mountain Way', he replied " If Id'e known id'e be singing if for the rest of my life… I would of written a different song ".

  21. Isaiah 28: the drunkards of Ephraim. Good old boys drinking whiskey and rye..Ephraim represents the Anglo-Saxons, who live in the USA and elsewhere such as Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. This speaks about the manipulation of the body and mind through WIFI as a vehicle to release spiritual attacks and holographic overlays on the senses through this weapons system. (He probably didn't realize that when he wrote it.) The tribe of Ephraim concocted spiritual weapons to attack it's own citizens, which started in the USA. This technology has now been installed throughout the world; an electromagnetic grid through cell phone towers. We have all been turned into antenna through the finely powdered metals and nano tech falling in and onto us through the chemtrails. Its ALL in the Bible- this is what the ENTIRE Bible is about. All these news stations are just mouthpieces or horns for the deep state/military industrial complex's agenda. Repubs and Dems are the two pillars of the temple of the Philistines which Samson tore down. They work in collusion together, one against the other, to create fake controversies, while those behind the scenes are manipulating the whole show, and creating a false dialectic between the 2 parties. They are both two pillars of the same temple.

  22. I give him infinite kudos for referencing "the day the music died" as the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper. If you haven't yet check out "Chantilly Lane" by The Big Bopper. Absolutely incredible. And I'm kinda convinced that from that time (1959) to late 1963 Americans were really convinced rock and roll was dead forever. Chuck Berry got busted for driving while black, Little Richard "found god" (whatever that means), and Elvis was making movies instead of rocking. It was like, "Here lies rock and roll. 1935 (or thereabouts) – 1959. You had a good run." Of course there were all kinds of secret hits before the Beatles tapped America hard but it was only the die hards keeping it alive.

  23. It's all about Buddy Holly. Besides leaving behind one of the most brilliant and consistent catalogs in rock and roll history Holly also released the best rock and roll album of the 50's titled The "Chirping" Crickets. Forget the blue back drop cover with the four lads holding two electric guitars uncomfortably like senior citizens, Holly sang with BALLS, and the album was fillerless. Not even Elvis did that even though his first two albums probably sold a kajillian more copies. The "Chirping" Crickets is 12 stunners, one after the other.

  24. vanessa schofield sorry i must be really dim but i still dont know what it was about., it was a brilliant song though and don maclean is a legand .

  25. Don McLean complements tucker on how he asks great, deep questions. Don McLean does not answer said questions. Carlson doesn't get the joke.

  26. 99% can't answer the core question including Don Mclean! He never said what the lyrics meant!!! Complete garbage…but I guess that's what he wanted…does anyone really know the meaning to rock songs?

  27. He would have ruined the song if he had explained it. You have to be of a certain age to connect to this young grasshoppers.

  28. This is irony coming from the Creator and you still can't see the message, but that is also written, you come face to face with the truth, you don't embrace it, instead you hate it and talk about it as if is your own. You bake a pie, you like the way it looks you like the way it tastes and you like what it smells like but everyone come to an end when the plate is wiped clean.

  29. Read WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE CANYON by David McGowan and you know exactly what the true meaning of the song is. 😢 🙏🙏🙏

  30. the day the music died: Big Bopper one hit wonder (who cares) Richie Valens (two hit wonder, one was a cover ) if they didn't die nobody would really know who they were when their songs came on the oldies station. It's the day Buddy Holly Died dammit! 🙂 So many great artists from the 50's.

  31. Don McLean made a Great deduction about Tucker Carlson. "Asking a Well thought out question." It is amazingly only a 70's song writer/singer could have put so Socratic and correct. Greatest generations may well be behind us.

  32. "Bloviating" (!?)…love it! I memorized the song in '72 while living 15 ft. underground in Vietnam; never forgot it.

  33. I heard Don McLean live in concert as the warmup act for BS$T at the RPI Field House in Troy, NY. He introduced American Pie as a brand new song…it had not yet hit the charts…we never heard it before. He received a massive standing ovation after playing it. It hit the charts maybe a week or two later. I will never forget that incredible moment in time. Thank you, Don.

  34. I'm still not sure what he's saying in the song, but it came out when I was deployed to my first overseas tour in Africa, and it ranks up there with Horse With No Name by America.

    The music of the 60s and 70s is the most important music ever written. There are no more great rock bands, no more Elvis Presley's.

  35. Sad to see the best song writer in history in a show that's not worth the CCD chip that recorded it, that being said the song is a metaphor of Mclean's struggles to keep his music alive as Rock and Roll and then heavy metal hit the scenes in the 60's and 70's as he beautifully mixes actual facts of the era with his struggles. I can see where a man like Tucker can be so confused with the lyrics, all he hears is America in it and thinks its about the good old days. Only a small minded person like Tucker can think that " puff the magic dragon" is a children son or that American Pie is about the good old days. Idiots

  36. This…must be one of the vapidest interviews I've ever gazed my eyes upon. Maybe I'm just a cucklord, but I think most of what was said here was void of any meaningful substance, such as claiming or quantifying a position. Yet despite this ambiguity, there is an obvious implicit theme that is almost never substantiated.


  38. That was a very broad "meaning" to the song, but I think if he were to talk about all the meanings of every line we'd have to take a college course on it. The song is so deep one interview wouldn't be enough. Love this song.

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