Devastating images show Hurricane Dorian battering Bahamas

Devastating images show Hurricane Dorian battering Bahamas

100 thoughts on “Devastating images show Hurricane Dorian battering Bahamas

  1. You can blam government killing so menny people stalling herricain stoping it on dime holding it more two days thin turning it come on man

  2. No other solution >> preserve the rainflorest – plant trees on the tropical and equatorial regions include Africa W/S and Amazonia

  3. Year after year, the media make it sound like the end of the world. I'm old enough to remember this
    scenerio every season. It sells head lines. Only now,. in the shade of 'climate change', a bell rings with every other word . If folks really took things seriously, homes and buildings would be built differently. With aerodynamics and earth
    bracing. But it's all destroyed the same way year after year. Profits and
    insurance payout…Or not, the only emphasis.

  4. My family lives in Bahamas 🇧🇸 I moved from there when I was only 7 months old because my mom feared that it would be a hurricane 🥺

  5. We need to stop rebuilding these places that are constantly destroyed by these storms only to have them destroyed again and again. Enough already, move somewhere safer.

  6. Very many in harm's way… "Say: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God sufficeth. Verily, He is in Himself the Knower, the Sustainer, the Omnipotent." "Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!" ~ Baha'i Prayers

  7. Republicans don't care about climate change or the destruction and loss of life & property and the HUGE COST TO AMERICA. IT'S A CHINESE HOAX.. as you can see.

  8. Im not buying it. Just when the Clinton's where about to be indicted for killing Epstien, a 'hurricane' appears out of no where. DO they think we are stupid??

    There is no hurricane, its fake news.

    MAGA Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q. MAGA MAGA MAGA, Maga MAGA Do!!!!!!!!!

  9. Is this actually fake news like Hollywood? Something is amiss about this particular hurricane. It doesn’t make sense and the blocking people from making comments or asking questions is just wrong. Where are the real videos that regular people usually do? Why just news videos not showing actual devastation?

  10. President Donald Trump spent the day visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, and tweeting political grievances as a massive hurricane prepares to barrel up the East Coast of the United States.

  11. West Palm beach a mandatory evacuation. Yeah, good to evacuate.
    Turtle eggs damaged and mating season impacted by Dorian. Dorian destroyed eggs and nut's.
    How these reporters are able to take coverage on seashore beach with girl's interview🤔. Aren't they suppose to be blown away?

  12. The boy that drowned his parents need to be arrested for have known for weeks this storm was coming..Shame on you..

  13. This hysterical lady reporter is standing on a windy Florida beach where the hurricane is not, with people taking selfies. Good theatrical setting. Say it with more drama, "18 to 23 FEET STORM SURGES!!!"" She loves talking about "DEVASTATION!!!!" and "MANDATORY EVACUATIONS!!!" Once again, idiot TV people are leading the way.

  14. Dude YOU'RE in the news room with ALL the computers and journalists. Why are you asking the poor girl on the beach with no cell reception what is happening in another country????

  15. I’m praying for Florida too because my online bestie lives there 🙏 and the Bahamas 🇧🇸!! Hope they are Ok!! 😔

  16. I asked the Lord on Sunday Morning if He would Calm the storm. He said, because we ask not, therefore, we have not… so I asked. HE is near us when we PRAY.
    I prayed that the U.S. would be spared the Storm, and not hurt families with devastation…
    God did answer my prayer of Faith. I am thankful.
    O Lord, I now join my prayer with Pam Gilley's prayer and help the people in the Bahamas. Father, we ask in Faith. Hurricane Dorian CEASE! amen

  17. The weekend was filled with violence, tragedies, and a massive hurricane sitting off the Florida coast. So what did Donald Trump do? He played golf. He played a lot of golf. The man can’t be bothered by the fact that this country is very quickly descending into Hell, and he couldn’t care less about what happens to American citizens

  18. Hopefully this doesn't spoil a good golf outing for Mr. President today. Let's all pray for Donald and ask God to spare his precious golf course built on a sand bar.

  19. So, why didn't they evacuate? My heart aches for those who died but come one, people! Get out of there! I did hurricane disaster relief after Katrina hit. I'm so sick of stubborn people, who think they should ride out the storms! Your lives are worth more than your cottages, & homes! Get to safety! If the idiot reporters want to up their lives in danger, so be it. Get to a safe area!

  20. Living on an Island a few feet above the ocean in a hurricane prone area is rolling the dice every few years, best to visit in between storms and after the damage has been repaired.

  21. Commander Clueless flaunts his incompetence: Trump: "I'm not sure that I've ever heard of a Category 5." Hey dumbnuts, this is the fourth Category 5 hurricane to strike the United States during your presidency. Irma, Maria, Michael, Dorian. They don't come any dumber than Chump.

  22. President Dumbo Chump sent repeated tweets this weekend claiming that hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama, and then got butt hurt when the National Weather Service corrected his dumber than a 5 year old claims. The National embarrassment continues.

  23. Thank God, President Trump (!!!2020!!!) saved Alabama from being wiped off the map by this terrible storm. True genius. And Omnipotent.

  24. this girl is still standing ??!! how can there be a storm when she is standing outside ?? we get this kind of storm in canadian prairies as an average day !

  25. I've lived in VA Beach most of my 57 years. We are in the possible path of many hurricanes, and have gone through a couple of hits from some serious storms. But, I can't even imagine sitting through a cat.1 for 2-3 days, much less a 4-5 for that long. That has to leave a permanent scar on some of those poor children who were stuck in there.🙏

  26. Hope you people at FOX know, that the reason so many of us viewers are watching the timely Dorian events on your network, is because “We are confident, your Network won’t Blame Our Current President for all the Destruction being Caused By Dorian..”

  27. This woman says that the hurricane damages the turtle eggs which are important to the ocean's ecosystem. It's a shame she never acquired a proper education. Hurricanes are born and feed off the ocean which means hurricanes ARE a part of the ocean's ecosystem. Pathetic.

  28. lets build a stupid weak wooden structure near areas with 200 mile an hour hurricanes. and cry about the damages like morons. gfys

  29. Its time for this island ,to evacuate forever, move to mainland, away from the beaches,& stop rebuilding in a disaster PRONE, area. Why keep fixing something that will just get destroyed again.Move off coastal areas, instead of taking supplies there,bring them to the mainland, help them here, its insane to keep throwing money @ an unfixable problem.

  30. You know when a hurricane coming you see that endless flow of traffic leaving the area and that other lane going into the area completely empty. I'd be that crazy dude in that open road leading into the area full speed into the hurricane direction. looks like it be kind of fun to me if I didn't have any valuable property down there.

  31. No way that gusts are anywhere near 190 mph as stated.
    It's a relatively weak hurricane.
    Devastating, yes, but mostly due to rain damage.

  32. Do NOT send any donations through "charitable organizations", the government officials will take it and split it amongst themselves and the people in need won't get much of anything. This is a regular practice with Bahamian governments especially against the island of Grand Bahama. The prime minister is refusing to lift taxes off donated goods to force people to go through these "charitable organizations". Help is needed but by more direct means to ensure the people in need get what's needed. Please don't forget how the Haitian people received little to nothing after the earthquake through these " charitable organizations". The Bahamian government is in cahoots with them

  33. There was almost NOTHING here about the Devastating Images Show Hurricane Dorian Battering Bahamas as in the title. FOX CLICK BAIT!

  34. These are man engineered,they are manipulating the weather, with CERN,and HAARP,they found out too, that they can induce Earthquakes any where,using HAARP technology,back in 1990's already, it is very secret,Bob Fletcher use to work in Government,of Montana,he had to sign the paper's to allow them to use that weather control technic,but he said he later regretted signing those paper's.Look up U.S. Military Bob Fletcher,where he talk's to a senator Herbert Kole,and it played out just what he warned back in the 1990's.

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