Devaronian Species Biology, Society, and History

One of the most striking aliens in the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope is the aptly named Devaronian. With red skin, and two horns on his head, he looks an awful lot like classic images of the Devil himself. But hey! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Today we’ll be talking about the biology, society, and history of the Devaronian species. Devaronians were from the planet Deveron, which was covered in jungles, rivers, and valleys. They were humanoids that shared many traits with humanity but their mouths held pointed teeth; their ears also came to points; their eyes could be red, purple, or brown; and their skin could be red, brown, pink, green, or other shades in between. The males and females of the species were fairly different from each other. The males had horns growing from the tops of their usually bald heads, and the females had hair and much smaller bumps on their heads. Their blood was black and had a uniquely silver base. They had two livers that constantly cleansed their bodies of toxins, which allowed them to be highly resistant to poison. They discovered that they could use sulphur as a stimulant to enhance their speed and strength. Their society was governed by a Matriarchy. Males were free to govern, it’s just that most of them had no interest in politics. Similar to their biological differences, the Devaronian males and females had inherent societal differences as well. The females were known to be more thoughtful and serious, while the males tended to crave adventure, longing to explore the stars. Despite that desire, the males were devoted to their families and would send any earnings they made home to help support them. The Jedi Order realized that the Devaronian people were more frequently force-sensitive than most other species, so they established the temple of Eedit on Devaron to train any children they discovered, and the students wound up being mostly female because the males preferred to travel the galaxy and not adhere to the strict doctrine of the Jedi. Devaronians were one of the species of the galaxy that developed hyperdrive technology completely on their own, so they began exploring well before the Galactic Republic made their way to their corner of the galaxy. Because of their early exploration they were a common sight throughout Republic space. And that’s about all we know about the Devaronian species so far. So that’s it for today. Are there any other species you’d like to see me cover like this? Let me know in the comments and check out this playlist to see the species I’ve already done. If you haven’t already, please like this video; subscribe to the channel; follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; and consider checking out my Patreon page. As always, thanks for watching, and may the Force be with you.

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