Dems target Trump’s economy after impeachment fail

Dems target Trump’s economy after impeachment fail

100 thoughts on “Dems target Trump’s economy after impeachment fail

  1. Why not? They have nothing else, as usual, and their voting base is largely clueless enough to buy the lies and believe the great economy is Odumbphuck's doing, despite him doing the opposite of everything Trump has done, and claiming Trump would need a "magic wand," etc, etc, to do what he (Trump) said he would do.

  2. Ha “top “Obama economic adviser …. this is a joke right , first off the economy was horrible during Obama’s term and also why isn’t pelosi chained up and behind bars yet

  3. I'm poor as dirt but I don't hold it against anybody for being rich and working hard Habits of the Rich vs the Poor. Research suggests that daily behavior determines economic outcomes. … Corley looked at 149 measures of wealthy people (defined as those with annual incomes over $160,000 and assets of more than $3.2 million) and poor people (incomes under $30,000 and assets under $5,000) so stop and ask yourself why does someone enter politics broke and come out a millionaire.

  4. How much money did the dems just waste on the hoax impeachment?? And they have the balls to bring this up when it's not even true…. smdh.

  5. As with most of the comments my investments are doing well. However, these people don't care about economic stability. They are fixated on ideals that are alien to economic opportunity and self-determination. Most important, personal bias and vengeance from losing the 2016 election is more important than the country. IMHO, we are in trouble.

  6. Unless they're gonna make it better than trumps economy than what's the point of this? Y'all aren't gonna make it better!!!! So stfu already for Christ's sake.

  7. I'm a conservative I love Trump but let's be honest those 7 million people were thrown off welfare they were not helped off welfare they were throwing off of welfare and told they can do wrk a lot of people were hurt by this welfare Miss Management program and I'm sorry to say it they're stupid and they don't know how to do nothing unless you take them by their hand and show them thrown these people off welfare since a lot of Beggars on the street you know the majority of them are selling it for drugs anyways

  8. Pelosi has no idea what the average person on the street thinks of her. I've never met anyone that actually thinks she's remotely useful as a public servant. Havnt heard a kind word about any Democrat come to think about it.

  9. Pelosi doesn’t need to explain to us anything about the economy because we are not ecomists, we are simple people. We feel the economy when it affects our pockets and right now we are feeling that the economy it’s ok.

  10. Behold the ones who have been holding us all back.
    It's obvious dems hate true success.
    They have done nothing but gnash their teeth for the last 3.5 years.

  11. Let's see what's the coco Sanders will do to our great economy,
    Nobody's can beat Trump economy!!!
    Trump 2020 Trump forever.

  12. Partisan politics aside & step back a moment & consider this. We have the different branches of government & representatives from the different political parties. Their job is to work together (with) their different views which is supposed to be a good thing. A coalition of states (United States) and different political parties forms our government & protects us from the tyranny of one view one party that would want to dominate and take control. The Democrat party are trying to remove our borders remove the electoral college and personal property rights and ability to be self employed in CA, remove first and second amendment rights, giving more power to the government via regulation & taxation and have not stopped since 2016 to remove the current elected president & administration and have broken many laws to do so including FISA laws. The Democrat party and it's leaders have abused their power and are trying to push a radical socialist agenda and need to be stopped. I believe the actual party needs to be investigated (beyond current investigations) and ultimately removed as a party. Having one party that wants ultimate control is very dangerous and should not be allowed.

  13. Pelosi should be in a nursing home. What a joke this dementia sham Queen is speaker still. She should be removed for abuse of power and being drunk on the job all the time

  14. Democrats are not constantly looking for ways to snag pres.Trump; BUT presTrump and his comrades constantly make things that break with the law, that go against the constitution, that polarize, with harassment, with framing, with things that have been taken out of context, that exaggerate, who lie, who strongly went besides truth , those against all honor, those against reliability, accountability. AND that has consequences.




  16. they may be able to push that through to their CNN and MSNBC viewers you have to understand these people still believe Russian collusion. Their constituents are absolutely stupid and they rely on their stupidity. Most of the intelligent ones and even moderately intelligent Democrats have already left. The only people they have left are the progressive liberals that every one of them just wants something for free because they're young and lazy and don't want to earn or work for anything.I think the Fox broadcasters are underestimating the Democrats constituents stupidity. It's sad and funny that most of the Democrats that are left don't even realize that 80% of the country can't believe that they're that dumb. We would be laughing at them if it wasn't so sad they've allowed their hatred by the way which is manufactured hatred because that was created by their media for them too against the president most of these people never even thought about Donald Trump before that and if they did they didn't think anything oh yeah that's just a real estate tycoon reality TV star He's okay after a week of the media pounding he's a racist into their heads I hate him Orange man bad God I hate him I don't know why I hate him but I do

  17. The democrats are about to Sabotage the economy..this is as clear as day.. They have absolutely no concern for the people but they will do anything to retain power including hurt the very people they are supposed to serve

  18. The Democrats are sick! They already have stupid people believing that the country is more racist than ever. With this latest ploy, they are guaranteed to get the votes of the same stupid people. Expect the ignorant to fill your FB feed with this garbage from now till November.

  19. It shows you how pathetic they are. The rust belt was called the rust belt for a freaking reason. Mostly because of these globalist trade deals absolutely killed jobs and then more people moved away which then kills more jobs and then neighborhoods decay and the only people that want to live there are very questionable people who get desperate and do very questionable things. Now even with the Democrats trying to slow down Trump from accomplishing anything we still now have more jobs than they can fill and wages are increasing. It's going to be really hard for Democrats to win Ohio and Michigan and Indiana and Wisconsin when are jobs are coming back. They can still win Illinois because of all the beggars and heroin addicts up there in Chicago. Not to mention there's so much voter corruption there that I'm not sure they can take Illinois. There is a very long way to go to remove corruption from New York City and Chicago. Organized crime has the Democratic party in their pocket. Just like Tammany Hall.

  20. If the people in Chicago and the Twin Cities and Detroit want to continue seeing more and more job opportunities then the last thing they should ever do is vote for a f***ing socialist. I know you're in the union you love your union even though they take a lot of your money but what's the point of being in a union if your factory ups and leaves?

  21. I know how Pelosi plans to do this.
    Hath Trump said….
    For nay the economy isn't as good as he says. For Democrats know if you steal from another you are only helping yourself…… Nancy Pelossssssssssssssssssssiiiiii

  22. You say that the Democrats can’t make the case that the economy isn’t as good as President Trump says but when do the Democrats EVER make a case based on facts? No they will tell a lie and repeat it often counting once again on both the laziness of people to check for facts and also the outright stupidity of people in order to push their agenda. It’s working on nearly every front and nothing is in the bag as far as the 2020 election is concerned. I never thought a first term senator from Illinois would win the presidency his first time around but then we got 8 years Obama so don’t be fooled those lousy traitor Democrats know what they are doing.

  23. This just proves that politicians all need to die and start fresh with new elections. The founders said when govt. Gets big and out of control the only way to remedy it is with bloodshed !!!

  24. Trumps Eco… lol

    He inherited 23 years of California Dem debt, and student debt. You're about to watch the greatest conservative magic trick in last 2000 years.

  25. It's easy to test this economy – apply for a job that you do not intend to take, see if at least you get an interview. That's all the test you need. I dare say, apply to your dream job. Don't let Democrats start applying for jobs that they might get. Then what?

  26. The Democrats has to be the most dumbest group there is! I know the only thing they are focused on is defeating Trump, and they want to get re-elected. We must vote them out of office in every way.

  27. All the money that the democratic candidates have spent trying to beat President Trump. All that money pouring into the economy. There is NO way they can say that this is Obama’s economy. 😁

  28. I truly think the Democrats would sabotage our economy, just to have a chance at a vote!!! They are truly an enemy of our country!!!

  29. The donkey speaking about ears. Where are my Commiefornian fellows? Those who had to flee from the place they were born because they couldnt afford to pay the rent anymore?

  30. Like I keep telling people you could become what you want to become you just have to fight for it doesn't matter the color of your skin get out I make something for anybody's life

  31. Simple. She'll Lie like always, then have someone else affirm the lies. Usually a person has to perform on their job to receive a paycheck. These politicians make more a year then the average American. Do nothing, and still get paid. Something wrong with that!

  32. The Dems complain about not having a president who get things done for the American people while lining their pockets with your tax dollars…. But then attack a president who does good by the American people simply because HE'S NOT A DEMOCRAT and a WHITE MAN exposing their long standing racist and criminal activities…

  33. I hope the democrats understand and know we will support this president to the bitter end and we will fight for him and along side him ! No matter what you treasonous vipers do no matter what venom you spit we will vote for him just to spite you.

  34. Without a doubt worst president in history Obama's top economics advisor giving his professional opinion from the man who doubled our nation debt 😂😂😂 next they will get AOC to give her professional opinion on cow farts…oh wait that happened 😂😂😂 Pelosi is a dumb feministic entitled double standard Affirmative action cynt!!! Trump 2020 beta bytches!!!!

  35. Trump has ruined their plans. The left wants to see a communist America, and he has set them back by 100 years at least. If not yet he will in his second term. He should focus more on removing their base, illegal aliens. A kid or illegal alien is just about all the left has to rely on. Nobody with any sense would vote for a Democrat.

  36. The Commie-crats need to stop! They haven't accomplished a single thing trying to impeach President Trump! But he, in spite of all the insanity swirling in Congress, has managed to create the best United States we've enjoyed for a long time.

    The Dems have shown they can't handle responsibility. Vote Republican forever!!

  37. The Business Owners and Land owners Say So
    We Are American when it comes down to it
    Let us not forget , we work for you you work for us

  38. The US Public Credits Trump More Than Obama for Booming Economy 🇺🇸 💰 🇺🇸 💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸

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