Deadpool vs Logan Fight Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Marvel X-Men Movie Clip

Deadpool vs Logan Fight Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Marvel X-Men Movie Clip

Okay Prefect Kayla Get the Kids out of here, Logan! Find an another way out Wade, is that you? Striker finally Figured out How to shut You up Wait You don’t Have to Do this Maybe You do I can help, let me handle Go Did I Get them Yeah Let’s go I can’t Go Kayla come on I have to Stay here You Take them Go Go Go left Left What? We go left, You can’t see, trust me…

100 thoughts on “Deadpool vs Logan Fight Scene | X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Marvel X-Men Movie Clip

  1. Screw you Tom Rothman for allowing No mouthed Deadpool. Rothman did this and now he's gonna get his grabby hands on the Spider-Man movies

  2. Wait Deadpool can dispense sword blades like wolverine can with his claws I didn’t know that is that only in this scene or what I’m serious I’m not allowed to watch Deadpool because he is rated R and I’m a kid so plz tell me

  3. I like how they “looks good? leave a like” notification comes up when his swords come up like.. no it really doesn’t look good

  4. while watching this video I was waiting for the real deadpool to drop in and shoot this abomination.

  5. Where would a sword the length of your entire arm go when retracted??? either no one thought of this, or poor wade here can;t scratch his nose without popping his swords first

  6. Can someone answer me this please? Is this wade from the beginning and has transformed into this? Or a clone of wade much more powerful? I know wolverine says “wade is that you” but if it is wade how does he turn out like this ? Ive never really understood what happened and by the way the last time i saw this was years ago so sorry i just don’t don’t remember much

  7. Hey guys I have one question to ask you all. So this used to be Deadpool back then until they rebooted the x men movies and made new ones. And made a better version of him , then in Deadpool 2 he time travels back in time and he kills that Deadpool that was fighting Logan. but how does this work like does that mean he knows that used to be him???. Can you guys comment down and tell me how this works.

  8. Funny how Wade Wilson just stood there and watched as Wolverine climbed 2:27
    He be like, yeah man take your time, imma wait here.

  9. 1. How does dead pool bend his arm with those blade retracted?
    2. Why does Scott have to scream when opening his eyes?

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