De’Aaron Fox Challenges Call of Duty Champ Censor in Black Ops 4 | Battlestations

De’Aaron Fox Challenges Call of Duty Champ Censor in Black Ops 4 | Battlestations

– Wooo! I need a kill. [Shooting] – Yo, don’t you throw a grenade at me, bro. Why you throwin’ grenades at me?! Why are you throwin’ grenades at me?! – Hold on, wait, wait. I said I was gonna throw a grenade, right? I, I know I said I was gonna throw a grenade. [Upbeat electronic music] – All righty guys, so I’m heading
out of my house right now, and I’m heading over to
Sacramento, California to go hang out with De’Aaron Fox and check out his Battle Station. My name’s Doug “Censor” Martin. I’m a professional gamer and a four-time Call of Duty champion. When I’m gaming at home,
this is my Battle Station where I play. I’m looking forward to
getting to Sacramento to see what Fox’s looks like. All right guys, I got
about literally two minutes to get to my gate. De’Aaron Fox is a starting
point guard for the Sacramento Kings. – [Commentator:] De’Aaron Fox,
can he do it one more time? Yes, he can! – [Censor:] And he’s also a big-time gamer. That’s why I’m here in Sacramento. To talk about video games,
basketball and get a good look at his Battle Station. [Doorbell chiming] – Yo. – Doug, what’s up, man? – What’s good, De’Aaron? How you doin’, man? – Appreciate you comin’. I’m doin’ great. – Yo, this place is sick, man. – Appreciate it. Just got it, actually. [Upbeat music] – You have an awesome house.
Can you show me around, man? – Yeah, yeah. No problem, man. And we walk off. – [Censor:] Awkward as shit. [Laughing] – So who’s the best gamer
in the league that you– – I am the best gamer in the league. – You’re the best gamer in the league? – Depending on what–what are we playing? What game we playin’? – Call of Duty. – Oh, me for sure. – You’re the best Call of
Duty player in the NBA? – Not even close. – You’re claiming right now
on camera–this is official– that you are the best NBA
player that plays Call of Duty? – I believe I’m the best
player in sports to be honest. Like, basketball, football, baseball, soccer–I think so. – I would love to
challenge you to a game of Call of Duty to see. – Oooh, I don’t know, I think– – [Laughing] – I think I’d get a kill. – You think you’ll get one kill? – I’ll get lucky. – You’ll get one kill? – I’ll at least get a kill. You’re crazy if I’m not– – In Call of Duty? Wait, like, 1v1 shoot me or something like that? – Yeah, for sure. I’m gonna get a kill. – I will spawn trap you. You
will not even be able to move. – I’m gonna get a kill. Cuz you’re gonna miss a shot. At some point, one kill– – I think I have a better chance
of scoring a basket on you in basketball, than you
have on getting a kill on me in Call of Duty. – Nah, no, sir. – And I know how, like–
I know the level in NBA and, like, I’m an amateur for sure. – I’mma get a kill. – Are we playin’ to 10? – I believe so. – Five bucks. – For sure. We definitely–we, we gotta do this. – Five bucks, man. – I can hold my own. [Electronic music] – [De’Aaron:] So here we are. – Wow, man. [Electronic music] – I got a little bit of help with this. So, like, I’ll usually watch TV on this. Uh, just watch sports whenever. – I love these lights. I love
the purple, the purple, the posters, McDonald’s All American. – Ay, we play on that goal. – [Censor:] This one over here? – [De’Aaron:] Yeah, we play on that one. – Yo, five bucks I make this. Ready? [Laughing] [Electronic music] – [Censor:] What are we
working with over here, bro? – So, over here, this is
Reno’s setup, my bro. This is me right here. Both of our games are usually set up on these, and then
we have computers set up on these. – Do these things recline? Like, can you, like, go back on these? – Yeah, they recline. And then if you take the pillow off, you see a fox! Since my last name is Fox
I just thought it’d be a cool lil’ thing, and green
is my favorite color. That’s why I sit in the green chair. [Soft music] So… – I’m sorry, man. I was just
dozing off for a second because I just know how
easy this 1v1’s gonna be, man. – Ah, that’s crazy. – I’m gonna just use this
controller right here, I guess, this little default– – He’s a pro, though. He’s
already at an advantage. – I don’t have, like–I don’t
have my normal controller. I’m just gonna use this
one and just clean him up real quick. De’Aaron is gonna use this
matte black one right here. – [De’Aaron:] Yeah, I’m
goin’ with the Scuf. – This is good. I like
the pattern on it, too. That’s cool. And you like the four
paddles on the back, too? – Yeah, I like the four. You play with the two? – I use two. – Yeah, I play with the four. – All right, so you got
your Scuf gaming controller, You have your HyperX headset. What
about your PC down here? – Oh, so my PC was actually
made by GeForce. They did everything. This is an actual screen. – [Censor:] That’s cool. – [De’Aaron:] You can see inside of it. – This is a pretty good
setup, I love how you have the two desks, and they’re
kinda connected with these wires and these lights
that you’ve put up, man. – [De’Aaron:] They’re pretty new. – I love the lights. I love the computer. The controller I don’t like, obviously. – Actually, I’mma tell you
the reason that I have both of these on my desk usually is because I still have friends that like playing GTA. So, with this you can’t play a racing game because
you’re always gonna be going the fastest that the car can go. – You gotta hold it all the way down, and you can’t because of this. – Nah, so, like, you press
it, and it’s basically the equivalent to holding
this all the way down. – Full force. – So that’s why I have
this so when I play that, like, you can ease it. – All right, what class are you gonna use? – I’mma just go with the KN with– – This is solid, bro. – The hybrid mags and a grip. – [Censor:] Okay. I’m gonna use the Maddox, man. I got Maddox– – Wait, this is a pro player. – [Censor:] You don’t need this.
You don’t need that. I’ll keep the lightweight–you know what? No, let’s use dexterity. – Of course. – Yeah. No stuns? Just guns? – We can take it off–no stuns. – Straight gun? – Yeah. – All right, cool. Um, I’m just checking all
my settings real quick. OK, I’m good. All right, we got default controllers, Black Ops 4, 1v1,
first to 10 kills, five dollars on the line. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. [Electronic music] – [Game Character:] Leave no man behind. – This is weird, bro. – Controller’s low. – I have not used a Scuf controller– [Shooting] There we go. All right, let’s see what you got, De’Aaron. – Wooo, I need a kill. – He doesn’t even care
about the win. He’s just lookin’ to get one kill–that’s it. – No, I’m not supposed to win. Underdog mentality. [Electronic music] – So what was your first
game you played when you were a kid? – It was, like, a fishing
game, some fishing game. – Wait, you talkin’ about Bass Fishing? – Is that Ba–yeah, Bass Fishing. – Yeah that’s the Sega
game from back in the day. – I don’t understand why
I loved that game, cuz I don’t fish. I’ve never
fished a day in my life. And…maybe cuz it was,
like, out of the norm? Out of the ordinary for me. But, like, I loved that game – What was the game that
made you turn into a gamer? – CoD 4. For sure, like, bro I didn’t
even have my own– – Playstation?
– PS3 Account. – Me, too. – So me and my brother shared
a PS3. It went up to, what, 10 prestiges? – Yup, to Gold Cross. – And the Gold Cross, yeah. So I, like, got his, got his
thing up to the Gold Cross. – Hit me with your best fronthand.
I wanna see if I can block it. Let’s go. – Oh. – Go ahead, go ahead. [Gaming music] – Oooh! [Laughing] – [Slow-Motion] Oooh! [Slow-Motion] Oooh! [Laughing] – Yo! – [Censor:] Dude, this is–
split screen is not it, bro. – You have a much faster gun. – I have a Maddox but– KN is really good too, though. [Shooting] – Yes, sir! – I think–dude. I’m not losing this game. – Underdog mentality! – Split screen is not–
I got vibration on on this thing, too. Hold on a second. – I like playing with the vibration. [Laughing] [Electronic music] – [Censor:] Do you game every
single day? Do you game, like, twice a week– – Bro, I play the game too much. – You game every day? – I–what? Every single day, like–
cuz even on the road, I have the Asus monitor. – You got the games portable? – No, I don’t–so I don’t like
the little, the carry box. – Juju has that, you’ve seen him
on his Instagram stories? – Yeah, I tried it–like,
it’s just, it’s too bulky. – I feel you, man. – So I used the–they
have, like, a little travel monitor that you can, that you can take. So I use that. I always have
my PS4 with me, but I usually play games that I don’t do.
So, like, I don’t play 2K that often, so I’ll play, like, Madden, UFC. – You get tired of it from
playing all day, and, like, actually playing basketball so you
wanna do something different. – Yeah, I don’t wanna come
home from practice and then see a virtual ball bouncing. – When you’re gaming, what
type of snacks are your go-to, like, cheat snacks? [Electronic music] – Yo, I love these, like– – What is that? – Takis. People got me on this in high school. Like, at my high school,
everybody would eat these. So we’re gonna open this up. This is an elite snack. – It looks like pasta
noodles or something, man. – Yeah. – I don’t even wanna know.
I’m just gonna try it, OK? – Bro, it’s great. I just go like–I put the whole thing. If I have a go-to snack, this is it. This is the one. – Yo. – Yeah, it’s good, ain’t it? – Yo. [Laughing] – [Censor:] C’mon. – [Game character:] Throwing cluster grenade. – Yo, don’t you throw a grenade at me, bro. Why you throwin’ grenades at me?! Why are you throwin’ grenades at me?! – [De’Aaron:] Hold on, he
put up, he put up a shield. – Only because you
threw a grenade at me! Bro, I literally–
am getting so mad right now. It’s 4-4, dude. You’re actually making this really close. So your setup is pretty dope, man. Is there anything else you
would wanna add in to it? Or is it complete? – I think I have enough
screens, TVs–like, everything I think is perfect. – You know what I would
add if I was you, man? – What? – A decent controller. [Laughing] [Electronic music] – Would you rather have your
son follow your footsteps with basketball or gaming? – Um, I would say basketball. Now, I wouldn’t force it upon him, but I feel like he’s
gonna be around the game so much that he’d wanna
play basketball anyways. I think it’d be cool to
have, like–you’ve seen it– like, a father and a son,
both making it to the NBA, and I would say basketball for sure. – That’s a great mindset to have, man. – But, if he’s 5’6″… you gonna have to hop on them sticks. – Yeah, “Son, here’s that Scuf
gaming controller, man.” – For sure. – I like that, that’s good. – That’s a tough–that was
a tough question, though. – So, who do you like to
game with most on your team? – Yogi plays a lot of Blackout,
but I don’t play Blackout. Um, I don’t think anybody else
on the team actually games like that, so I’mma go with a former
teammate, Justin Jackson. – Do you play with a lot
of players in the league? – Uh, no, not really. Um, cuz guys like Ben and KAT, they play on, uh, they play on PC. – They play on PC now? – Yeah, they play, they usually play–they usually play PUBG, though. But KAT does have a PS4. He does play CoD. I play with Dennis every once in a while, Dennis Smith. I’ve known
him since high school. I’d probably say I play with
Dennis and Justin the most. – [Censor:] Yo, hold up, bro, hold up. Come over here, come over here, c’mon. – Camp time, guys! – He doesn’t wanna die, he’s
on game point where– – We play to win around here. Ahhh! [Electronic music] – Dude, you got eight kills. – We were playin’ to win. – You amassed a Prestige, man. – This is hard, but obviously, like, you didn’t have your
controller, so it’s kinda– – Listen, everyone at home
is automatically gonna say that I’m taking the L for this
either way so it don’t matter. – Oh, no, and I got a moral victory
right here. This is a moral victory. – Where’s the five dollars at? – I feel great.
– Do we have five dollars? Dude, well-deserved money, man. Go buy yourself something nice. – I’mma just go get a bag of Takis. – You got a sick pad, you
got a sick battle station, and before we go, there’s
just one last thing I want you to do, all right? This is Space Invaders. I know
this is way before your time, but I played this a little
bit. I just wanted to know if you could beat my high score. – OK. Push Player One, OK. – I think you’re good. That’s it. – OK, who am I shooting at? – You gotta shoot at
these alien things, cuz they’re tryin’ to destroy your spaceships. – Oh. Like, how do you become good at this? Ahhh! – Oh, he shot you. You got two more lives, though. [Laughing] – You got one more life. This is it, man. Do or die. – C’mon, yo. – Oooh, he got you! – So I didn’t beat it? Aww. – [Censor:] That’s it, man. – I’m not playin’ that again. I’m not playin’ that again. – I’m Doug “Censor” Martin.
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