Dawn of the Dead (2/11) Movie CLIP – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (2004) HD

Dawn of the Dead (2/11) Movie CLIP – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (2004) HD

Help! get back, ana. – Get back!|- just tell me what’s going on! – I told you to get back.|- (siren wailing) ‘… emergency broadcast|here in the milwaukee area.’ ‘The following is information|for local evacuation centers. ‘If you live in waukesha county…’ help! can you help? Please! ‘… 22 robin lane. ‘If you live in southern milwaukee county, |there’s a shelter… ‘ – (siren wailing)|- ‘… 1353 henderson road. ‘If there is no activity where you live, |stay inside and lock all doors.’ – (screaming)|- ‘If you live in jefferson county… ‘this is the emergency broadcast system|for the greater milwaukee area. ‘If you live in racine county, |there is no information available at this time. ‘Please stay inside|and lock all doors and windows. ‘Miller park is no longer|considered a safe haven. ‘Please avoid the stadium|and proceed to other locations. ‘Meanwhile, civil unrest is still being|reported in the area of the riverwalk.

100 thoughts on “Dawn of the Dead (2/11) Movie CLIP – Zombies Ate My Neighbors (2004) HD

  1. I remember MTV played this clip on TV. My older sis and brother. And other brother all got together in the living room. All our faces were in horror and in shocked didn't say a single word it felt so real lol. Then it cut when she crash into the bushes until the movie comes out in theaters.

  2. I always wondered. What happened to Vivian did she run out of the house or what. Because when louis died she was still banging on the door then when louis turned into a zombie it stopped and that's when I was like what happened to Vivian

  3. jesus christ, waukesha, milwaukee? i used to live in kenosha 30 min south, this would be horrifying if happened so close

  4. Filmed like a 80s movie made in the 2000s.
    Upgrade also did that route recently. I think a lot of movies could take note from these movies

  5. Just to remind you… the advertisement for this was โ€œWhen theres no more room in HELL โ€ thus should not make this a zombie movie but rather a demon movie or something like that…
    Thus explains why the โ€œinfectedโ€ are running faster than cheetahs… They sure are dead but their souls are now in hell but their bodies are taken over by hell… this is a bad movie if this was a zombie movie by the way… Zombies are ROTTING humanoids… thus should not be running and if so, they should be instantly torn apart and broken down… If zombies run they will just fall down and get their bones torn and broken… They are supposed to be dead thus rotting…

  6. For all those who say this is the best zombie movie ever: have they ever seen any Romero movies?

  7. I don't like the fact that zombies can run, in 28 Days Later and in Train To Busan they can run because they are not zombies but infected. The difference is that when a person is bitten by a zombie, he first dies and then transforms, whereas when a person is bitten by an infected, he does not die but gets sick directly.

  8. If something really bad is happening… All you need to do is…… Just standing outside and do nothing

  9. I grew up since the beginning of the zombie genre, starting with Night of the Living Dead, black and white movie. Of all of the zombie movies, this is the best one by far.

  10. Guys, why do you want a zombie apocalypse? Furreal? Iโ€”I donโ€™t get it. The amount of 12 year old boys in the comments like โ€œthis would be epicโ€ or โ€œthe zombie apocalypse would be awesomeโ€ is ridiculous. No. Iโ€™m not tryna get eaten thank you very much. And science shows that this is impossible. And even if we do have one, we probably wonโ€™t be alive, so ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ weโ€™ll be safe I guess lol.

  11. I don't think this is the best zombie movie out there, but this opening has always been a favorite of mine. The set up is wonderful

  12. Go and get that gun you idiot whenever that guy got ran over and then maybe just maybe things could have gone her way much better you know the Butterfly effect.

  13. Still the best zombie movie ever.
    World war z maybe goes second.

    Dawn of the dead had intelligent characters. Their decisions were something people would really do in reality.
    9/10 all the best!

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