Dan Bongino: Elite media’s Iran propaganda is ‘shameful’

Dan Bongino: Elite media’s Iran propaganda is ‘shameful’

100 thoughts on “Dan Bongino: Elite media’s Iran propaganda is ‘shameful’

  1. Iran has suppresses his citizens for Decades…they teach citizens how to Hate the US…!! This going on Generation to generation…!!
    Is unfortunate IRANIAN have Become PC'S…!!
    The government doesn't want citizens to prosper…is very obvious…!!


  3. Trump's strategy has been consistent from day one. He is anti-war, but he is also anti-weak. He doesn't want to invade deserts of sand like the neocons, but he doesn't want to put his head in the sand, like the isolation nuts, either.

    It was the same over Syria — withdrawing troops from a conflict that is someone else's business, but a missile strike if you use chemical weapons.
    You saw it with North Korea — fire and fury and then historic negotiations.
    The same with China. Tough tariffs, but look at what's happening this week. They're coming here to sign a deal.

    This is the Trump Revolution: Pragmatic, non-ideological. He approaches issues as a problem-solving businessman.
    It's actually a revolution in ideas and it goes way beyond foreign policy. He is combining the best of traditional conservative ideas with positive populism, appointing conservative judges and leading the way on criminal justice reform, cutting taxes and boosting family leave.

    Cutting regulations, by the way, given a massive boost last week with new plans to reform the environmental bureaucracy that's blocking infrastructure construction and cutting low wage immigration.

    The result? Well, we know the story by now, but we see new chapters every month. Another positive jobs report on Friday. Unemployment again at a 50-year low. And here's the most important part: earnings rising, not just for everyone, but fastest for the lowest-paid, ending nearly 50 years of stagnation.

    Who backed the human and economic catastrophe of the Iraq War? Who brought in the disastrous 1986 Immigration Reform, creating the broken system that Trump is trying to fix? Who let China into the World Trade Organization, devastating American manufacturing to the point where we literally can't even print Bibles in America?
    Who pushed ruling class trade globalism that spawned the disastrous NAFTA, putting so many Americans out of work in the heartland? And who assaulted the American family with policies that collapsed marriage rates and family stability?

    No, not the evil Trump — it was the now VERY weakened Republican and Democrat "Establishments" who did this to America. These never-Trumpers are apologists for an elitist ideology that is anti-worker, anti-family and anti-community. So they can write whatever pompous, self-righteous nonsense they want in The New York Times. The establishment Republican Party is not coming back. It is dead, killed by their policy failures and Donald Trump's policy success. They're like pampered aristocrats in pre-revolutionary France in powdered wigs and fake beauty spots as they witter to each other, "My dear, Trump is so vulgar!"

    Well, maybe he is. But if you're someone who has finally got a job after years on the scrap heap, you'll take that over elegant failure. If you're a patriot who is finally seeing America stand up to China and defend our borders, you'll come to the same conclusion.

    After Trump, it will be a different Republican Party. And for American workers, families, and communities, that is fantastic news.

  4. ما ایرانیان ,عاشق مردم آمریکا هستیم!!!!
    و این رژیم اسلامی است که دشمن اصلی آزادی درجهان است!!!!!

  5. Fox get off your butt and report the FBIs apology for ILLEGALLY WIRETAPPING the Trump campaign and Trump! Trump was right, and didn’t lie after all.

  6. And as the Treasonous Pelosi falls back to her Russian Collusion “Snuggie”…..The Lying,Seditious ,Corporate Media ,Parrots EVERYTHING Skelator Barbie Vomits..

  7. Real reporters dont use the internet for knowledge 1st hand,,,,,,,,,,,, we the people decide what media to watch for info or entertainment ! if we vote dumb then thats on us ,,, remember , there electronic voting machines made in china and soro's has a hand at selling voting machines. dont take my word ,, look it up!

  8. The majority of those who trampled the flags are regime paid instigators. The vast majority that did not trample the flags, are the real heroes that will eventually be responsible for Independence! Freedom is a good thing! 👍🏻

  9. Liberals have learned the rules of power. Lie, cheat, steal , manipulate, slander, libel, whatever wins. They've chosen to not only fight dirty but to fight the dirtiest.

  10. We all know liberals use their media power to attack their enemies and build up their own causes. It can't be said enough because they obviously won't report on themselves.

  11. The best so far comment made by a non partisan, was don't follow in my footsteps, I stepped in something. Repubs are swallowing crap, majority can't wait for closure. Enough is enough.

  12. Father, forgive them; for they (dems) know not what they do.  Father, forgive her; for she knows not what she is saying.

  13. Amazing how Iranians won't trample our flag but our own citizens will. We have football players who make millions putting on a uniform and playing a game and they trample our flag, our heritage, and our country while our soldiers put on a uniform and give their lives protecting us for a 100th of what those ungrateful NFL bastards make to spew hate and corrupt anyone they can. What shame we let that go on. Most NFL fans these days are little more than useless eaters.

  14. sounds like pelosi would rather have killed Putin then the terrorists thats killed so many of our people..id love to see the evidence against putin for real.cuz Congress's word aint worth crap for that matter neither is an FBI agents..setting people up like vommon dirty cops..its disgusting

  15. Our politicians erect temples to the devil and arches to baal while putin builds 26,000 christian churchs..hmmm..ill have to think about that one..pelosi is a witchbwho would trust any of them..they want war with Russia. Americans do not..

  16. chatter has it that some of those onboard were suspected "agents" and opposed to arrest and detain and cause worldwide troubles they 'accidently" shot down the plane, problem solved and then say "opps. my bad, sorry"

  17. Traitors have to be elimnated–otherwise we will always have CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT.Amricans need to see how bad it's become…

  18. The Democrats are trying no they are dividing the country in a bad bad way it will be a sad day in our country when the ship go down

  19. Was Pelosi upset when the Obama administration sold Putin 20% of our Uranium?…That's right,she was the Obama administration.

  20. …the people of Iran will eventually obtain their freedom from theocratic oppression – I wish them every deserved success!!

  21. Blabla lets git errrr done. I wanna c jail time !!! THE END !!! The people have nooo choice to nicely get rid of this part of our corrupt nasty false B.S lefties.

  22. Please no more Geraldo on Fox or Hannity. I think Dan Bongino is a lot more American then Geraldo! Geraldo pushes Dan's buttons and one day Dan s going knock the little weasels block off. // If you remember "Desert Storm," maybe you'll remember Geraldo was kicked out of the Phase Lines of our attacking troops, because as a dumb Cub Reporter he gave away the positions of our troops! He was sent to the rear. /// Now he's calling out our POTUS like Geraldo knows more then the POTUS! GEZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  23. I think there really is something medically wrong with Pelosi. Why won't any medical people intervene and get her some help? Sad.

  24. I am too old, but believe me, I have watched the tragedy of American Embassy at the 80´s in Teheran , the assessination of American Marines in Beirut, the extermination of the Christian majority in Lebanon, and more, more tragedies boosted by this crazy, demential , evil creation named "The Islamic Iranian Revolution… And I swear, that if other American President have had the same strong resolution than Mr. Trump is keeping about Iran, I am sure this barbarian criminal revolution would be erased from history. I stand for Mr. Trump, for the Freedom and for the heroic Iranians who are now fighting for their lives and future. Go´d Bless the Liberty and her defenders.

  25. 0:42 Don't forget we have Orwellian/Marxist tech group that does the same in America. Behold, *Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and countless Democrats mainstream news media asset* that is suppressing views of Conservative, Republican, Christian, and True 1st/2nd Amendment loving, gun-owning patriots.


  27. Exodus 23:1“You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness" With Trump now admitting that he lied about an "imminent attack threat" and embassies being attacked, just like Bush Jr lied about Iraq having "weapons of mass destruction" and "They are building nukes", Just like EVERY! Republican President lied since Vietnam, to bring in US troops in order to attack leaders of other countries, and start wars. These immoral lying Assclowns that support Trump, are no different than Any Cult member, That lie, cry, whine, deflect, make excuses and blame others for their Cult leaders corruption and lies. ANYONE! that supports Trump is a proven immoral idiot,  Romans 1:25 " .. they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator"

  28. Thanks Dan , you just added another word to my vocabulary
    “Obamonation”😂 God bless Australia 🇦🇺 Iran 🇮🇷 & the American people 🇺🇸✌️✌️✌️✌️

  29. Why are the Leftist propaganda machine allow to thrive in this country? We know they're lying to the gullible mass, but we allow them to do it. This is sad!

  30. Someone who Cant Understand Normal Thinking, Pelosio and clan get a brain please..I stand by the president. Good relations between US and RUSS is the only way…Don Bongino..awesome..

  31. As I said before and I will say it again 😉 sometimes you got to sit back and watch the world burn 💪😈… And right now The Liberal's three ring 🎪 is burning. So I say to everyone else just sit back and watch'em burn.

  32. Iranians wants a free & democratic society?! Wow! Why will they want that?
    Democratic party especially here in California dont believe that. They think Iranians wants a dictator to rule Iran.

  33. Why are we putting up with the third in line to the Presidency trying to bully the President, Nancy, you didn’t win the Presidency, Donald Trump did, get over the 2016 election already, this woman is dangerous & should be removed immediately for a psychiatric evaluation

  34. I’m ashamed to say I use to like Pelosi. Didn’t really agree with her but she was sane at least. Lately she is unhinged.

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