Cruz: Freshman Dems are radical and extreme with a troubling history

Cruz: Freshman Dems are radical and extreme with a troubling history

100 thoughts on “Cruz: Freshman Dems are radical and extreme with a troubling history

  1. it's funny that they want a green deal the same dozens of investments that Obama did or I should say Barack Obama invested over a dozen times to Green companies or green deals that total the trillion and a half dollars that guess what once the money cleared the Asian Banks they went bankrupt the next day nobody raised their hand to ask for an investigation and thendenasia buys the same dollar amount that was just invested into that country that went bankrupt and Obama Barack sells this magic debt to them and gives them the okay to come into this land by the hordes take over cities and states because of this magic debt on these bogus green deal investments that he made!
    and I pray to our creator that Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Barack Obama and even Michelle Obama that they're investigated and brought to jail because it's time that this country got Justice for the shady business that started with Bill Clinton doing open trade or free trade with Asia sending all American business overseas crippling a state that I lived in which was Michigan then Ohio nobody raised their hand to protesters then comes Barack Obamathen does these bogus investments that were over a dozen that total 2 trillion and a half dollars that disappeared overnight causing us to be in debt to Asia because they bought that same that there was invested into that country's fake companies that went bankrupt overnight.!
    and then he allowed them to build over 13 man-made islands off the coast that house military bases and chemical laboratoriesand that's what you call a treason or a traitor to one's own country so Barack Obama needs to be investigated put in jail Bill Clinton and his family just like Barack Obama and his family needs to have the assets seized because no president makes a few hundred million dollars on a president's salary and I don't want to hear that they sold cookbooks because that will just be more insults ones slapped face.
    nobody raises an eyebrow that all their nonprofit organizations are based in Asia and the middle.!

  2. Those 4 idiots would spark a civil war. And they would lose, because their socialist policies could not support a war. And the citizens who follow them would be disarmed and silenced, oh and starving.

  3. is it just me, or is this video on youtube? >.> owned by google…how do i see all of this fox news stuff, just because i wanted to watch one video i heard about…i literally have watched almost nothing but Liberal media stuff the entire time i've used youtube, i went to watch one video, and now i only see Conservative stuff on my suggestion list.. how is that.. if Youtube and Google, is "biased for the liberal agenda"?

  4. Just keep the radical nonsense flowing. The people in the real world do not see it your way. TRUMP 2020. This is the most important election in history. If the Leftist Democrats win everything you have and love will be gone before you know it but after they take your guns.

  5. yes . try to google trump and the first you will notice is all Liberal media network. You have to type FOX manually to get there

  6. How could these extremist bitches ever have been elected? I think it's more complex and frightening then just voters fed up with a GOP that was too moderate and oppressed the Tea Party candidates! These women were chosen and the election machinery of fraud, disinformation, and corruption was put into motion to elect them so they could carry on the propaganda they were instructed to transmit! This is heresy!

  7. Yup – Diaper-head – Ill'in Ohmar – stupid C – come on nanny/princess Pelosi – why can't you slam these worthless "people"

  8. Just rolls off my back any more..rasist..bigot..because I argue my own beliefs..i know I'm not.but what I'll never do is bow down to these communist…idiots. narcissist.

  9. These commentators are as bad as the leftists about controlling the narrative, have a bit of common curtesy and allow your guest to speak without interruption!

  10. Just a random question- Who is pulling the strings of these 4 members of the squad? Who are they actually performing for?

  11. Aoc talking about making attacks that aren't based on policy?? All she does is battle with identity politics…..

  12. We should not be afraid to stand up for what's right and let these people know we want them out because of there rhetoric and ideas not gender race or religion and your ability to bring the country together and solve problems not create them and blame and shame everyone we need to come together as smart tolerant rational minded Americans and petition for these woman and people like them to be voted out immediately it's time for them to get a dose of there own medicine and this can be done intelligently peacefully and rationaly no matter what they say do it threaten people with we will not be bullied any more with these people's disgusting hatred and anger # Boycott the so called squad # there's more of us then them

  13. The Squad should " Go back to their rat infested countries!" They are a DISGRACE to THIS country! I'm Sick of this crap! Kick their no good arses out of office and smash them like a bug! Unbelievable brazen TASHY HAGS!

  14. These scum are traitors to the west, unpatriotic to America, and hate white people, They are cowards as they shout shite under the United Nations agenda, "special treatment under the law for minorities"
    They do not shout as Congressmen they shout under the law for minorities,
    As racist as you can get to the white race!
    If Americans give these people the right to be anti-white because they are coloured then you get what you pay for!!

  15. It seems to me that these woman are the real racist. No doubt in my mind that these four women are poison to this country.

  16. they the one's that is racist by the way they treat other people of color and religion they don't know what the hell they are saying or doing, if the people of Congress are afraid of these idiots than get rid of them throw them out because they are "racist" and are not doing or acting like they are suppose to, they don't care one dam bit about American people.

  17. Why use your breath of life on threats of impeachment and calling some one a mofo as soon as you are given an office of distinction ? Because Trump is standing in the way of who they are and God have mercy on anyone if they are given anymore power than they have now.

  18. These bitchs are dumber than a box of rocks… I feel that may be even given them to much credit. I have no clue how they even get on tv let alone keep their jobs.

  19. Ted Cruz talking good sense here. If we don't cut the Internet giants down to size, we will be made subservient to them.

  20. Simple racists using white bashing as a means to their grab of power, the weak position of weak people waste if space

  21. They should be looking over their shoulders. It is only a matter of time before a crazy comes after them. Good luck.

  22. The President is treating you four like he would treat any opposition. Stop playing the victim and quit whining that he is attacking because your are "people of color" or because you are women. He is treating you with equality and attacking your rhetoric and your policies. Man up Ladies.

  23. explain one thing to me – under most of those videos overwhelming majority in comments section is against those maniacs so who actually voted for them to become members of congress etc. if so many people does not support their lunatic views?

  24. Americans are looking at the "Squad" like parents do when they are watching the news and all of a sudden Stranger Things pops on. Alright, you little shits! Where are you kids hiding and who gave you the remote? Damnit! This nonsense won't go on another term.

  25. This is just my opinion and I don't know about you guys , but once president Trump's term is over in 2024ย  ( because I know we'll win 2020 ) the only candidate that I feel best to succeed him is Ted Cruz.

  26. Ted Cruz has my vote also break up the ISP monopolies and allow real competition for comcast and all the ISP's so the prices drop and we get fiber to the door.

  27. Unfortunately for you AOC + 3 Squad , President Trump knows exactly how to defend his policies … and attack you bunch of anti-American Socialist little freshman brats , lol …

  28. Lyinโ€™ Ted Cruz needs to 86 the beard. Makes Cruz look like one of those Cuba commies that his dad used to pal around in the old days.

  29. Thank you brother Ted, keep taking a stand for truth's. I will never vote Democratic again! Trump 2020. Black Republican right here!!!

  30. Did she say the word "mandate" as in "MANdate".
    Devastatingly shocking!!!!
    These women are so utterly stupid.
    Women are poor leaders.

  31. Get your squad, all of you! in one area….. in public…. with fore notice…. Please.. please anti-life lefty please…isn't the speaker covered on the "war on terror"? she should take action on this ISISSquad๐Ÿ˜–

  32. Historically breaking up a monopoly only makes it exponentially more powerful. When Standard Oil was broken up into a bunch of companies still owned by JDR it immediately made him the richest man in the WORLD

  33. What abject racists, why are they given a platform for such evil hate!
    They put the lives of my two sons in jeopardy!

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