Creepy Cat Eye Glow – Science on the Web #69

Creepy Cat Eye Glow – Science on the Web #69

(dramatic music) – That eerie glow is
doing noting to dispel the myth that cats are
simply agents of Satan. – What glow? (upbeat music) – [Woman] Cats get a bad rap when it comes to superstitions and folklore. Let us list a few ways in
which they’ve been maligned. Stealing the breath of babies? Nope. Just eager to cuddle up
and siphon off a little body warmth from you, thank you very much. Creatures of the night? Not so. They’re most active at dusk and dawn, which is why they have the sudden desire to knead a lump of invisible
dough on your chest at exactly 6:00 AM. – [Man] But one thing they are guilty of is fixing us with an emerald light that emanates from their eye holes. – [Woman] Turns out their
glow in the dark gaze isn’t a portal into another dimension or even Satan’s anus, but rather a neat little trick that help
them see in the dark. – [Man] Let’s review. Light enters the eye and a photoreceptor transmits the information to the brain, except that light doesn’t always make it. – [Woman] Unless you’re a cat and your eye is outfitted with a special iridescent layer called the Tapetum Lucidum. This layer is located behind the retina and around the optic nerve and
acts like a kind of mirror. – [Man] For cats, the light
passes into the eyeball, bounces off the Tapetum Lucidum, and reflects with its own eye, allowing it to see in dark environments. – [Woman] The eyes shine
most notably at night because that’s when the pupils are dilated wide enough for the Tapetum
Lucidum to be visible. That’s right, you’re seeing directly into the cat’s disco mirrored soul. – [Man] But hey, it’s
not just cats that have the ability to create tiny lanterns out of their eye sockets. Deer, dogs, cats, cattle,
horses, ferrets, and even Medusa all sport an upgrade in nighttime vision with varying degrees of light intensity and color, depending on
pigment in the retina and substances in the Tapetum. – [Woman] Sorry humans
and some other primates, you are not eligible for this upgrade, but keep creeping with those
night vision goggles anyway. – However, none of this explains why this cat can moonwalk. See now, that cat has
to be an agent of Satan. – Oh yeah, now we have a question for you. Besides cats, which animal do you think is a contender for world domination? Let us know in the comments below and to keep the videos coming, make sure to subscribe.

66 thoughts on “Creepy Cat Eye Glow – Science on the Web #69

  1. Makes me wonder why humans haven't developed this reflective eye thingy. Seems like something evolution would want us to have. Would be quite handy ^_^

  2. @Stuff to Blow Your Mind asks: Do the emerald green beams emanating from a cat's eyeholes give you the creeps? Find out why #cats can fix you with with laser-like stares in this episode.

  3. Octopus definitely octopus, the mimic octopus is the main contender. Shape shifter, color changing and the ability to squeeze through very small openings just to name a few

  4. The Sloth is DEFINITELY an agent of Satan. While he's slowly creeping around, it plots against humanity to kill us ALL!!!!! O-o

  5. Nonetheless, eligible or not, I've seen plenty of human eyes come out looking like glowing red demon orbs in Polaroid Instamatic snapshots.

  6. If were talking bout animal world domination id say wild rabbits would actually be in the top 10. They eat any plants they can and burrow through everything and they multiply like well… rabbits xD and wed never see it coming cuz most humans find rabbits cute, fluffy, and just downright funny .

  7. If the cat's eye is orange or yellow it can reflect to a demon eye. Well i looked under the bed my cat turned back to me with yellow eyes and then i jumped out and ran off to tell my mom and dad there was a monster under the bed

  8. I wish we have eyes like these animals. But why do our pictures come out with a scary red glow from our pupils when we take pictures from camera flashes.

  9. I'm a cat lover so I'm gonna say that you guys are from Satan for saying it ;-P
    As far as world domination, definitely the domestic dog.
    Here's why:

    1) Dogs are dishonest – they are buttering you all up for a mass human execution when they get their en-mass telepathic signal from Sirius. When a cat is pissed off, they re honest about it, when they are happy with you, they will show it.
    And anyone who cries to get what they want is manipulating you.

    2) Dogs range in many sizes, tiny to bloody huge. The bloody huge ones (and some of the tougher small ones) could tear apart a whole family if they snap – just wait for that Sirius signal…
    Cat (domestic of course) are all tiny compared to humans and would get either held down by someone nice to keep them under control or lets face it; cat vs human – the cat doesn't stand a chance. I can't say the same thing about some of those dogs.

    3) Dogs demand to be taken out every day for a walk to continue their recon of the human race – again, waiting for that Sirius symbol.

    4) Dogs are like a bunch of yes men – again, dishonest. Machiavelli believed similar things, at least to your face.
    A cat just tells you like it is:
    Dog = Machiavellian
    Cat = Crazy honest wisdom guy – like a Taoist.

    5) Dog is the reverse of God. Why people equate this to dogs being god is plain stupid. Everybody knows that an upside down cross represents the Devil.
    So god reversed represents the opposite of god – the Devil.
    Dog = god in reverse = The Devil
    Cat in reverse = Tac… erm, sorry, I'm getting nothing outta that = Cats are harmless
    Remember that the Devil likes to use deception and especially gang ups – Wait for that Sirius signal…

    6) Remember this old saying (paraphrased): "The best trick the devil did was to convince everyone that he was god and that god was the devil."
    Cats are honest but a little rowdy around the edges – typical soldier of god or hero type – often misunderstood, but HONEST nonetheless to their peers.
    Dogs fawn and beg and try to please whoever is the 'alpha' – typical maniacal killer's trick to give us all a false sense of security

    7) Ye dog owners have all been fooled:
    Cats are here to save us from dogs, that is why they seem so independent – they are all training as holy warriors to stave off the impending Sirius caused Dog Apocalypse.

    8) Science has proven that cats can understand a lot more than you might think – But they don't like being given orders and are more independent minded.
    Dogs slaver (jaws) to please every command.
    Would you trust someone who explains to you honestly why you can shove that order up your rectum, or a slavering yes-man?
    I'd trust the honesty any day over the slavering yes man – after all, that yes man could switch at any stage to someone else's slavering yes man if they are stronger than you (since dogs only follow the Alpha)

    PS: I hope you all realize this is a joke post :-).
    I'm only saying this because some crazies actually believe in that Sirius and Dog stuff. Not me. I'm also an Agnostic, so the religious stuff was also a joke, but I'm sure that was pretty obvious.

  10. I used to have red eyes what does that mean could I see in the dark too? or see an excessive amount of red light?

  11. shibas. not just dogs in general but shibas. They're all that cats are but they're dogs. May as well be another species

  12. Back in the 90s, I wore contact lenses that had this effect under UV light (although not deliberately). I frequented a goth metal nightclub which was in almost total darkness, lit only by UV lights. Many of the other clubbers, being goths, genuinely, GENUINELY, thought I was a vampire. I didn't even know that was a vampire thing… O_o

  13. most people say that if a cats eyes glow green they are good Kitty's but if a cats eyes glow red there is an evil spirit within the cat. it is being carried and transferred somewhere else.

  14. fuckkkk uuuuu .. with that spider pic .. fuckkkk I'm trying to sleep .. and we have those big ones here at my house … Fuckkkk

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