Coronavirus: Matt Hancock calls for 250,000 volunteers to help NHS

Coronavirus: Matt Hancock calls for 250,000 volunteers to help NHS

While this is a great time of turbulence,
it is a moment too that the country can come together in that national effort. As the next step in that effort,
today we launched NHS volunteers We’re seeking a quarter of
a million volunteers, people in good health, to help the NHS for
shopping and the delivery of medicines and to support those who are shielded to
protect their own health. The NHS volunteer responders is
a new scheme set up so that people can come and help and to make sure that the NHS and the local
services that are needed get all the support that they can. I can also announce that the
call we made at the weekend for people to return to the NHS
has been incredibly successful so far. So far, 11,788 people have
answered that call. 2660 doctors, over 2500
other health professionals and pharmacists and
6147 nurses. And I pay tribute to each and
every one of those who’s returning to the NHS
at its hour of need. In addition, from next week 5,500
final-year medics and 18,700 final year student nurses will move to the frontline
to make sure we have the people we need in our NHS to respond to this
crisis. In total, that’s over 35,000 more
staff coming to the NHS when the country needs
the NHS most.

30 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Matt Hancock calls for 250,000 volunteers to help NHS

  1. The tory Party have raped the NHS for 10 years now they want the people that lost their jobs to come back and work for free. You scummy little parasite.

  2. Why 250,000 volunteers when we have 250,000 people who could really do with an income right now?

    Self-employed people who aren't allowed to work and have no income can do voluntary work instead?

    Anyone that has just lost their income probably doesn't have the time or finances either.

    You're not self-isolating if you're out volunteering.

  3. I heard they already left and returned back to the EU because of your diatribe. Let's get 250,000 healthy people, sick..

  4. People have been organising & volunteering for the last 2 weeks. Heartless Tories playing catch up once again. Why not just put Cummings in control, implement his genocidal plan & have done with it? Was it not the Tories under Thatcher who considered letting Northern towns & cities 'die' in the 80's rather than act? Yes it was.

  5. If Matt Hancock is such a great health secretary then why can't they let him get on with his job and get someone to give the speeches who actually inspires some confidence? The guy makes me nervous in same way that I would be if I was in the back of a car being driven by a five year old…

  6. While this is a great time of turbulence I could still slap his face.Dont know why, just could.

  7. UK coronavirus live: 12,000 former NHS workers to return and emergency hospital to open as death toll rises ►

  8. …"Announce"

    Words of duplicity delivered like a fuckign team leader at a galling projections meting.

    Translation: We're sending retired burnt out Doctors, sucker-volunteers, & children to "the front lines" to perish or witness others perish as a direct result of our negligence. We have more PPEs than any other country in the world. We are making a staggering Three & a half ventilators per day.

    I wouldn't trust these scumbags to burn down a hay barn.

  9. I don't know what is freaking people out more. The global virus… or the fact that Tories, of all people, are now talking about expanding the NHS.

    The world truly is in chaos, when the Tories want more nurses, What next? Concern about the welfare of the elderly and disabled?

  10. I’m off to work cant believe a word these lying scumbags come out with…remember those massive skrypal lies…still the same liars talking FOH 🤮🤮🤮🔥🔥🔥

  11. One minute we are told to stay indoors the next we are asked to volunteer he also states that tube and trains should all be fully functioning after warnings of people being cramped close together, is he trying to make people I'll?

  12. Isn't this the health secretary who said that this wasn't something to be concerned about, that it wasn't that serious, that we didn't need to put anything in place when all this reared it's head ???

  13. Everyone go on Netflix and watch season 1 episode ten of my secret terrius and skip to 53 minuet it is a Chinese drama and it proves this virus is a man made weapon from China don’t believe check yourself

  14. Yeah asking people to volunteer. Yet politicians will be enjoying there Easter break.
    Stand side by side with the nurses, doctors and volunteers at the hospital's that's what politicians should do if they genuinely want to inspire people.

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