Coated Oven Racks for Self Clean Cycle

Coated Oven Racks for Self Clean Cycle

Your new range comes equipped with oven racks that are suited for self clean cycles. You may notice the difference by
comparing them with other oven racks that are
silver-colored. These gray coated racks are lubricated from the factory with common vegetable
oil. Do not clean of this oil before using
your oven for the first time. It is important that the sides of the
oven rack always have a light coating of vegetable oil. To maintain optimal rack performance you should
reapply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the sides
of the rack after every self-clean cycle or when the
racks become difficult to slide. To clean the racks just leave them
inside the oven and set it for self-clean cycle. They may also be cleaned using soap and water or cleaners. After every cleaning remember to apply the vegetable oil. For more information, refer to your Use and Care manual.

2 thoughts on “Coated Oven Racks for Self Clean Cycle

  1. After self-clean cycle and complete cooling the door is not opening and the LOCKED sign is flashing. Any suggestions?

  2. I can move the latch back to open and no lights are shown on the display but the oven door is still locked? I can see the lock slide in and out but still does not open.

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