Close encounters with bears, wolves & moose in ALASKA 🐻 Denali National Park, Wildlife Photography

Close encounters with bears, wolves & moose in ALASKA 🐻 Denali National Park, Wildlife Photography

Oh! There’s some bear poop. Bear poop. Hey, bear! Hello fellow adventurers! We’re Doris & Matthias,
looking for wildlife and adventure. Alaska: Impressive glaciers, high peaks and complete remoteness. But we were mostly excited to find wildlife… … roaming in its natural habitat. and there is no better place than
Denali National Park! Named after Mountain Denali,
North America’s highest peak, this area is true wilderness. You can only explore it on a local bus and get off wherever you want. to hike the backcountry. But be aware! Even though there are
no trails and hardly any people around, you’re never really alone. Because this is the home of
Alaska’s Big Five. Let’s get right to number 1. In Europe caribou are known as reindeer. Did you know that they are the only deer
where male and female both grow antlers? Caribou migrate further than any other land mammal. Some of them travel more than 5000 kilometers a year. That’s more than traveling from
New York to Los Angeles. Dall sheep are the Northernmost
wild sheep in the world. Their horns grow through their entire life,
unlike antlers which are shed every year. “Oh, no!” To be safe from predators, they live
at high altitude – very high altitude. Can you spot them?
We neither. They’re huge, so huge!
Their shoulder height of up to 2.3 meters makes them taller than
the average basketball player. Moose shed their antlers every year.
This makes them 30 kilos lighter. Can’t believe how they can balance this on their head. Because they’re so “a-moose-ing”. *awkward silence* There are around 70 wolves living in 10 packs in Denali. Naturally wolves are very shy and rarely seen. Luckily, these pups are still very curious and
came out on the street to check out our bus. Wolves have gone extinct in Europe and right now their numbers are growing again. What a shame, that the return to their origins, causes such an emotional debate
in our home country Austria. Would be great, if they find
a welcoming home there. Seeing Grizzlies in the wild – for the first
time ever – that’s what we came here for. And Denali totally lived up to our expectations. Can you believe that this busy bear eats
more than 100,000 berries a day? “Yeah!” Brown bears are on top of the food chain.
They can easily take down a huge moose. But they mainly eat berries, grasses and roots. While hiking in bear country, we carry bear spray,
are very cautious not to surprise them and watch out for tracks and traces. We’re just hiking up the “Cathedral”. Hey Bear! This is a bear track. There are more bear tracks. Oh! There’s some bear poop. Bear poop? All of this – is bear poop! Bear poop! Someone had a lot of berries, and leaves.
I’m checking if it’s still warm – but it’s not! Hey bear! Probably better to turn and take another way. And that led us to this little fella.
And he beats the big five in cuteness. The Arctic ground squirrel found a rather “cool” way to survive the long harsh winter. While it sleeps for eight full months, its body temperature drops as low as –2.9 °C. the The lowest measured in a living mammal. Their major organs slow down,
while others shut down entirely. Alright, have a good sleep little friend! Denali was for sure a big highlight
of our trip through Alaska and we definitely recommend going there. Find more of our Denali adventure
over on Instagram (@bugsandbears). Which one of the Alaskan Big Five
was your favorite? Let us know and comment below. If you would like to see more animals in the wild, subscribe to our channel and become part of our
wildlife travel community. See you on the next one …
… and stay curious!

19 thoughts on “Close encounters with bears, wolves & moose in ALASKA 🐻 Denali National Park, Wildlife Photography

  1. Your footage is stunning! Love vlogs like this that include fun facts. My husband has been to Alaska but we hope to go back as a family for sure!

  2. Very well done episode! Do you have a nice zoom lens to get those shots of the moose and bears? Going to Denali is near the top of my bucket list–looks so amazing! Oh, and thanks for the few fun facts; I learned something πŸ™‚

  3. Wow your scenic shots are incredible! A-moose-ing! Hahaha. I want to visit Denali so bad, seeing Grizzlies in the wild is amazing!

  4. Wow gorgeous aerial view of Alaska Doris & Matthias. I just found your channel & it’s really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your Alaska trip. Fun watching. I just subbed. If you are free, please visit my travel channel. Thanks

  5. catching up on my lost episode because i was away last week overseas πŸ˜€ – guys! the aurora is just bliss man! damn that moose is HUGEEE! A MOOSE SING LOL

    is bear your fav animal? haha

  6. Wow these are some amazing encounters! I think the squirrel's definitely win in cuteness but the moose is my favorite!

  7. Another awesome video guys, I'm always super impressed by your cinematography and editing. I have a kind of weird obsession with bears, I just love watching footage of them in the wild. Amazing to see how close you got. Did you ever feel in any danger?

  8. Such great shots and I love your style of editing with graphics! I've been to Alaska once before but only explored a little portion of Denali, so I would love to go back and explore more of this gorgeous park.

  9. Just amazing footage I love the bears, how did you get so close! There is so much of Alaska I can't wait to see, thank you for sharing. #YouTubeAustria #Alaska #Denali

  10. It was hard to pick, but our 3rd grade class had the most votes for the wolves. We don't see these creatures in Florida. Thank you for the video.

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