Client Kitchen Remodel – Expanding 1940’s Cabin [Sub Zero, Wolf Range]

Client Kitchen Remodel – Expanding 1940’s Cabin [Sub Zero, Wolf Range]

I’m Jenny and the whole genesis of this
project, this remodeling project was the need to have more space in the house. So
we got a contractor out and determined that we could take out a number of walls
which is essentially going to make the house into a kitchen remodel and the
kitchen would be the focus of the remodel – of course naturally. And knowing
that parties always end up in the kitchen and when I have the most room in
the kitchen, that became the primary focus and the whole deal with the
redesign. The house started as a hunting cabin, I believe its earlier than
1932, but they use newspapers in the wall as insulation and we found a world war 2
gas mask in the rafters. So I really wanted these appliances because I knew
they were going to last. With a refrigerator like this the year you’re
not gonna have issues. With a stove like that, not only is it a showpiece but it
cooks well. But I like the longevity factor of these appliances that I’m
buying into something that is just really gonna last.
Bill Hancock at Direct Depot Kitchens he was helping me with the cabinets and
picking out the cabinets that you see here and he was the one who immediately
said you got to work with Joe. This is the guy you got hooked up with, we’re buds. And I was hesitant at first – I’m like what is the connection to appliances and
cabinets? But I figured Bill having been in the business as long as he has and
hooking up with the right designer to say okay here’s how we’re going to
position them in the new space. I said these are the items that I want
he gave me information online he was very receptive very quick and easy on
email to get in touch with. He made the whole facilitation smooth um you know
this is what you’re getting yet this when they’re coming works probably
behind the scenes unbeknownst to me with Bill to make sure everything came on the
same day and who was on first – and that made the experience awesome. Delivery
went fantastic there were no issues no problems and you know Designer Appliances, they made my day. Thanks for watching! please subscribe to our Channel will we
provide helpful tips and advice that will make you an educated appliance
shopper you.

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