Classic Caillou Gets Grounded On Black Friday

Classic Caillou Gets Grounded On Black Friday

Requested by Elias D. Man, I am so freakin bored as freakin
usual. What the hell should I do? Oh, I know what to do! Since today is
Black Friday, I will go Black Friday shopping at Best Buy with my mom’s
credit card. Yay! I am now here at Best Buy. Wow! An Xbox 1 x. It looks really nice. You
know what, I’m gonna buy that as my Black Friday present so I don’t have to wait
until Christmas. Here you go.
Thank you and thanks for shopping with us at Best Buy. Have a
nice day. Thanks, you too sir. I am going to go on my bank account to
see how much money I have. What the hell! It says I spent 350 bucks
on an Xbox 1 x video game console from Best Buy using my credit card. I didn’t
even buy that. And who could have went to Best Buy with my credit card to spend so
much money on an Xbox. We just did burger-flipping second. It
must have been but no good classic Caillou. He must have found my credit card in
my wallet in my purse and then snuck out of the house to go to the Black Friday
sale at Best Buy to get an expensive video game console while I was upstairs
watching TV oh my god he is going to be so busted when he gets
back hello mom how are you classic ano how mother truck in various
need to best buy and spend three hundred and fifty bucks on an Xbox without my
permission it’s Black Friday and we always go Black Friday shopping every
year and you refuse to take us this year so I had to do that I’m sorry
it doesn’t matter classic are you I just want to skip going this year because I
don’t want to spend more than 100 bucks on buying you and your brothers and
sisters things you want you are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded
grounded grounded grounded for two eight four nine four six five oh nine two four
seven oh five six one two eight five four one two six seven years go to your
room before I call the cops on you and give me that Xbox right now so I can
return it back to Best Buy and get my $350 back please don’t take my xbox back
to Best Buy you

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  1. The thing I hate about Black Friday is when fights break out like Walmart and everything and it be and security has a hard time getting everyone under control when everything's discounted all that but thanks for doing my request by the way

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