Clan Introduction – Brujah – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Clan Introduction – Brujah – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

From down here among the tepid
puddles of waste and piss – you can tell this city is rotten. We’ve seen it before. Everywhere, for centuries. The only change you’ll get is one crooked pig
replaced by the next little piggy – soon to turn even fatter and more corrupt. Change is not an apple that falls when it is ripe – you have to make it fall. Injustice is gunpowder,
we will set it all ablaze fresh blood from the top down even if it means… spilling some.

100 thoughts on “Clan Introduction – Brujah – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

  1. I would absolutely love it if, instead of actually saying anything, the Malkavian's was just a minute of laughing maniacally at a supercut of all the other clans

  2. Smiling Jack and Nines Rodriguez from VTMB , Cristof Romuald and Ecaterina from VTMR are my fav Brujahs. The warrior clan

  3. I love these trailers' art styles, I really hope we get to see what the Malkavian trailer will look like soon. Hopefully, we'll get to play as them again too.

  4. That looks more like the Sabbat than clan brujah, but whatever. As long as you stay true to the first two Vampire the masquarade, i'll bite.

  5. Since its developed by Modern paradox interactive, its probably gonna be shit. Especially since nobody from the original game is working on it. Its just another "assassins creed black flag" or "battlefield hardline" or the new "Prey" or the new "Rage". Just taking a name and setting to make money off its name

  6. Если в игре такие заставки галимые будут то это отстой

  7. Please please let the combat be good. I'm all for a great story like the vampyer game but the combat SUCKED. I hope they all the powers in the books and have great combat….

  8. third person? this game is not swtor. this is a action rpg for 3rd person!!!!! fuking studio bring 3 rd person you fucking money langering douchebags

  9. I wonder if we will get the Tzimisce? Would be cool to able to play as them and join the Sabbat doing evil things 😛

  10. anyone peep the che guevara quote? "change is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall."

  11. I have high hopes but I doubt it will capture the same essence of the first game it had so much character malkavian's were such a joy to play as looking at you talking stop sign

  12. The clan is full of stupid and aggressive plebeians. Not many people remember that in the days of "Redemption" they were a stronghold of aesthetics.

    I can not play for this trash for ethical reasons.

  13. I really like this clan on redemption, but since the first bloodlines with all this anarchy stuff, doesn't really call me. Seems to me too much brainless all this chaos because yes.

  14. Why do they always assume they are fighting for a noble cause and not just their own narcissism?
    Nothing but a bunch of Dany Targarians. Always on about their rights and resisting tyrants just to burn everything in their wake. Entitled little narcissists playing the hero.

  15. How many points of willpower this Brujah use to hold a Molotov cocktail and don't enter in Rõtschreck?

  16. Please let me have the option to be a black girl Toreador, Tremere or Venture. Don't much care for the Brujah and there were no black girls in the first game at all. Any time we are included, even RPG style, were presented as butch or really ugly. Which isn't to knock butch girls, but it's not my thing. Thanks 🙂

  17. I'm suddenly reminded of that poor limo driver who had his limo torched because he parked his only source of income in the path of raging retards angry about the election. Literally clan Antifa.

  18. The Brujah Clan…never bothering to study the little details when brute force is easier to apply. Only good for kicking in doors, not for subtle power plays. Though, they do have their uses…

  19. I'd vastly prefer a day walking thin blood, but if I can kill all the low humanity, murdering scum like the pricks in the Ventrue and Toreador intro, I will be more than happy to play this game.

  20. How to get quickly killed by a Brujah:
    Step 1: Walk up to them.
    Step 2: Say, "Hey guys! Remember Carthage? Bet that sucked for you!"
    Step 3: Enjoy being hacked to pieces.

  21. i wish i could play true brujah i dont care if there is no temporis i just want to punch something to death with potence without being punk rabbles revolutionary ganster

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