Ciri’s Story | The King Of The Wolves πŸ”΄ Streaming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In 2020 BLIND – Part 6

Ciri’s Story | The King Of The Wolves πŸ”΄ Streaming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt In 2020 BLIND –  Part 6

hey what is going on my friend what is
going on it’s Candroid here welcome to my streaming
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in 2020 blind ah this is series story the king of the
wolves and we are getting started right here right now as you know thank you for
joining me thank you for joining this live stream I am pumped up
I’ve actually this is actually the third time that I’ve done it the very first
time my capture card screwed up and my computer glitched and now I got a new
capture card and I tried to with a huge capture card I tried to do
it with super high settings in OBS and I just messed it up and I literally recorded I streams contacting bellend
wish to be Henry the Emperor’s five Hendrick was operating incognito when
that war rabbits land this listener to gather intelligence about Syria Syria
generals arrived too late attending first make sure learned nothing from the
spies sports but the wraiths had failed to find his notes there on to read them
and knew that Syrian have been a guest of the bloody baron
and that should quarrel which and she quarreled with the wish so anyway thank
you so much guys for joining me on my very first public livestream I’m sitting
here on my couch being a little lazy I need to get a webcam that can zoom up as
I’m sitting back nice and relaxed but we’re basically we’re leaving off
exactly where we left off in part five this is part six thanks for joining me
on this video here on part 6 of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt I’m so stoked up
stoked third time is a charm I was streaming for an hour and I had
the wrong settings in my OBS and when you tried to replay the stream thus it
was horrible you couldn’t replay it it would buffer
for it forever so I know for a fact that this is gonna work but I might end it a
little sooner because last time I went for an hour and might now I might be
fair and only make it a half an hour but
anyways we’ve got to gather some wolfbane
me and Brett Cup and you know this is my blind playthrough I’ve never played The
Witcher 3 before but I’ve played this a little bit let’s just I’ve this little
bit that we’re playing right now I’ve played
I’ve done it three times pissed off to say the least
I was pissed off because I was really making I was really doing a really good
stream that last stream lasted an hour 15 minutes and it’s just such a pain in
the ass when you spend an hour and 15 minutes of your time into something and
it screws right up it just really pisses me off
so it’s a pain in the ass so we’re gonna get going here a little bit faster and I
have this is some real game it’s these pretty flowers wolfbane okay just so you know
but yeah third time’s a charm so I’m sorry to take away some of the realism
oh fuck no walls did this oh my god yeah I was talking to them elastic so
we’re talking about a marrow-sucking liver-eating creature of some foul
descent oh it’s gonna be the wolf King right the king of wolves that’s what
we’re doing right now but yeah so if you’re live with me now like when my
last livestream I had someone who was live with me and he said hello or he
asked me if The Witcher is fun and The Witcher is a lot of fun thank you buddy
for commenting and if there’s anyone live watching right now
which I don’t believe there is maybe somebody if your life don’t be shy
say hello can droid I’m watching you frequently watching you Andrew can drew
it anyway don’t forget to like hit that Bell and subscribe I’m sorry for not
getting rid of those Sooners but yeah this is intense
this is intensely intense I was like oh my god how am I gonna how am I gonna
kill this king of wolves I’m pissed off that I have to tell you a
third time bachelors McDonagh
oh yeah that’s how we did Charlie’s Angels stuff she is sexy as so I’m just
gonna whine and bitch and whine just a little bit more about how I had to read
you this again you’re lucky we came this way and then I’ll just get into it but
it’s a pain we was returning from hiccups when Brooke attacked I managed
to flee yeah we found a corpse in the woods it was
messed up dude first we was returning from hiccups when Ruth attacked I
managed to flee yeah we must get the leash or these are
powerful not shorts well might be reward you for coming the werewolf down oh yeah
need to see you not take us to your dealer lead us lead us yeah anyways yeah
but for most of you who are watching and following this episode you obviously
this is first time you’ve seen this right so I’m gonna quit whining and
complaining and we’re gonna enjoy this like it’s the first time that I’ve seen
it okay I’m gonna start pretending right now he was any money thank you is it bad that I want to see her in a
bath now I’m bad I’m not bad she’s hot that was a great story what I need to
find her understand I need every last bit of information available I
understand don’t you see it so happens my wife and
daughter are missing as well are two pounds and exchange find my loved ones
and I should tell you about the girl you seek oh how could you lose your loved
ones fine I’ll help you I’ll find your family but then you’ll give me every bit
of information laughs you have more wood holding the basket for me protection don’t stare I’ve not drunk horns plated
is a token on what would fight when you see the mast but vanished after the new
moon is if the wife of shadows what do you mean vanished precisely that gun one
morning you found them gone you try to search
for them sentiment out Rosa why they’re not certitude is one victory control
peasants last-second brine fording a living person but just don’t know how
you saw it lemons no but swamp – marshy woodland
let’s see have hard to find knocks if you know kids are hard so on this is the
price I’m glad to be going through this again because it’s it is nice it is cool
maybe they were kidnapped cutting the enemies not worth mentioning well this
is a pretty and angry peasants is over no more terrorized a finger against my
family any margin live in eating dirt long seeds I just want everybody to know that I
like bakemax and french fries
okay and then you should also get into the into the chat box and drop a hello
if you’re watching this I need more information I’ll need to know a lot more
than that can I see their rooms what floor I need
crews anything to latch on to I’m not gonna stranger pour through want me to
find them or not or do and let me work fine let me do my job let me do my job
damn it I’m a Witcher I like how he’s very The Witcher is very investigators
you know he’s got a you know it’s like la new or right the winters gotta get
all this things straight through all of us back straight learning everything he
needs to oh you don’t want to throw anybody
jammed again jammed again Oh tomorrow’s rooms Family Matters everybody’s
favorite – yeah everything will be as he left it I am NOT gonna just completely
rob me blind of anything I could find right but let’s take a look at this was
this one candlestick it’s damaged broken very perceptive of you
Perrault oh you felt the jiggle do I feel jiggle I felt fresh flowers he
expects them to return any minute take some excuse me excuse me excuse me
excuse me of course I have a joint earlier to
break before I started this third play to make me walls a different color
something you staying here not painting right sighs this painting the Baron and his wife look happy enough
a little gagarina what’s Nance I don’t wonder he wanted to well I don’t
get too upset what’s on the other side they have to do this for a third time
but hey this is the funnest and greatest game I’ve literally ever played I
totally love this game and that along with fallout 4 but you see what’s going
on here the bloody baron do you know what’s going on this is a typical
domestic violence abuse case the bloody Baron’s wife is getting bloody yourself
getting a few punches and the bloody baron knocked a hole right in right in
the wall here and what’s their what’s their fix oh let’s put put the picture
up cover the hole up right that’s exactly what I’ve done right now ah very
good idea very good idea bloody baron what do you got going on in here it gets
interesting piece of the wood looks like the stem of that candlestick it
certainly does since there hmm fight might have happened here I don’t
look for crews I got a look at the plate it’s more clues those flower smell nice
what the heck is this some kind of scratch mix heavy object how heavy how
heavy could that have been hit who knows looks like a scratch to me looks like a
werewolf scratch so I wouldn’t say heavy objects alright well I forget what the
hell do you know I’m just kidding what the hell huh rest of the
candlestick and the wine stinks somebody smashed a bottle from Tucson yeah after
loose Santa hasn’t died wonder where to leave
me wonder whatever to lead you look it’s a wonderful set of marijuana oh yeah
let’s follow it it’s similar to lilac and gooseberries see what’s happening I
do look at the robonaut you are smoking some Longbottom leaf – right on buddy
that is what I’m smelling right now I wonder if they’ve got Longbottom leaf in
the skin is there anything in here at all I don’t think there’s anything in
here but we’ll take quick peek mocks what Nessus sandalwood and something
else well I got my own smoking pipe for
Longbottom leaf it’s this letter to Tamara we are more like a family we
support each other and help each other survive tough moments grapple with past
for each of us has a past so you needn’t worry about anyone digging into yours
we’ve got a rule never ask more than someone offers on their own the past
doesn’t matter to us only the future does that and our common fight against
evil and depravity against perverse and loathe some practices of all kinds okay
Tamara thank you for that what else do you have for a wuss yet which it needs
to get paid I need to get paid or I need to get laid but L can hear a doll you
would stick with pins like voodoo voodoo magic that’s a voodoo magic happening
here if you are watching the replay with me and you’re chilling out and you’re
watching this replay don’t forget to comment the favorite food that is what I
have commented in the live chat Burgers and Fries yell why is this locked
I demand access everywhere that was the deal talking around meanie found a dog in
tomorrow’s room tell me about it yeah what could possibly be so interesting
about a dull Witcher looks like it might have been used for some sort of black
magic where tomorrow get it black magic look you vomit oh my teeth order are you
bother me winces oh just good enough food a thing of that sort
make the dog with me on hands you made the doll with your own hands are you the
one yeah that’s really interesting this is trace no offense better not
great with your hands are ya what aren’t you tights in wooden rights see what a
bitch of a grown woman you could trouble with wooden rag see and I’m thinking
I’ve missed something need to take another look yeah somewhere in the
floorboards you gotta follow the scent a lovely
scent of lilac and gooseberries and cannabis oh yeah damn train brakes off
screw something else that smells of juniper incense some sort of folk
talisman protective question is against what much else here against the witch
dude against the witch that’s what baron don’t talk in around I
demand an explanation for this amulet recognize this amulet hmm yes I’m
wearing it any idea where she got it no any witches
are coming women in the area I’ll shoot leads need black baths when there’s a
cunning woman Enid cops bitching about it
she’s only recently arrived he found it was a suit so she chooses the poems wary
of strangers Nichols well that’s good colors are not good I also noticed there
is uh some I’ve been out of science I fighting around bit of a scrap gone on
in their flight wait talking about so someone was attacked properly your wife
or daughter whoever it was trying to defend themselves with a candlestick
miss the attacker punctured the wall instead they hustled to oh I’ll talk
about the thing about this not knowledge I was drunk
we’re going mother tomboy work damn you were the only ones my castle if you want
your men aren’t something three times nothing not so one of them interesting somebody spilled wine on all over the
landing I stepped in it I need new socks now Lucius woman all give your man hair velu soldiers good and modernize II don’t
know it was it matter statue are in plenty of troll around the council this
guy is full of excuses oh I made the crazy voodoo doll
oh I spilt the one oh I did this crap wow you are individual mister bloody oh
my god well you know what I never caught that the second time that I did it right
that this guy who was literally talking about the Peller and how the Peller went
batshit crazy killed his own father with an axe and
then he goes crazy talks to ghosts and he has sex with his goat which I never
caught right animal lovin that’s interesting the goat princess which I’ve been
appointed with trying to find this goat and but then again you haven’t seen it
yet I said I have but I’m totally gonna let you guys know the moment that
because I was saying earlier we had to replay this party because my last stream
that I did totally messed up I messed that stream up hardcore and when you
tried to replay the stream is it was not working out right
it was loathe and load and load and hence that’s why we’re here again in
this beautiful game but hey you know what’s great about having to do another
playthrough right after is you catch little things that you miss because
you’re talking too much right no I wasn’t talking too much I just missed
that that that unique detail of how the Peller likes the screw is go and I met
this pillar dude he is quite the fellow Oh fine I’ll open the damn door for you
come on what did you do to deserve my presence well you did a number of things
a number of things hang tight you yo sorry about that
nature calls and I am wearing a blanket because it’s minus 24 LM in a basement
and it’s cold what sucks how cold this but I’m I’m super fired up I that I can
stream now streaming is a lot better than uploading hours and hours of
editing hours and hours I can literally just dream stream a game stream hours
and hours and hours and I got so excited about that and I decided to tweet with
my settings and mess my settings up and I decided hey I’m gonna stream for an
hour straight painting buddy can you talk okay that’s okay you don’t even
need to talk Anna francha and Tamara stretcher two lovely
ladies who definitely weren’t getting beat by the bloody baron but yeah I’m
just so happy that I can stream now I’m just a little upset that I had a little
a slight little hurdle a slight little roadblock where oh well I streams for an
hour Oh mol yaro sweet i streamed for an hour
straight hour and fifteen minutes and my stream didn’t turn out oh well big-big
oh well I’m gonna cry me a river right I’m like who the hell cares it’s okay
we’re here we’re doing this again having a lovely wonderful time and I’m
just so happy to be streaming here with you guys because some of you will be
interacting with me of course not at 4:30 in the morning right I’m sorry that
I’m up so late streaming right now but I really wanted to get some content out
and to play some of this game as well because I’ve been just dying to play
this game and but I’ll get to a normal streaming scheduled during the day when
people can actually join in and watch me stream right instead of at 4:30 in the
morning which is what I’m doing right now but I’m enjoying it because
sorry would seem like crazy old hag I’ll talk with you another time what do we
got here guys what we got going on here tapping at Ricky’s you guys doing we gotta find the peller’s Hut in black
borough black borough I actually live in a neighborhood called Marlborough
so we’re kind of similar a keen little bit but yeah I love how this Griffin
look at this dead Griffin’s head it’s it’s uh it’s uh it’s tongue is like just
its tongue is literally just sticking out it’s it’s hilarious whoa this is
awesome I literally dismount to get in the
conversation a chat with it a lot what I can’t do delusion level 2 so I have to
I just want to ask them what they want with the pillar what do you want with
the pillow you want them to give you what he deserves and that is because
conjured out these sets of the game that maybe it’s next in EdTech spouse tend to
eat very poor Edric do you know what’s really unique about The Witcher series
the TV show and this game like he said he done conjured arteries or whatever I
don’t even know if I’m saying that correctly but the grammar and the
English and the intellect in the speech of the folks in the show and in the game
is just it’s like wow what the hell are you even saying your grammar is like
hardcore you know what I mean thank feel like an idiot
cuz I don’t know what the hell those means like conjured obvious sees
obviously means he did some bad shit that is how I would say that or hey hey
he did some bad shit right but these guys are really sophisticated just so
happens I need the pattern alive so if you agree well only no yes or no design let’s hear
it the T of moment leaves for his belly and covers boils with mallow a few days
never be good as new multi but if it don’t work we’ll be back move out boys
I’m just absolutely stunned at these graphics they’re just absolutely amazing
absolutely done a matrix friends all worked out and of course the scenery is
very stunning absolutely stunning I it this game is just stunning I have just
loved it it’s an absolute masterpiece I put the Jolly Rancher in my mouth because it
will help me to shut up and play the game and also relieve me of my my
pasties which happened from smoking should I bring what CK I need you have to see the Tellarites interesting you were expecting me I as
the bounds declared our Shoop they shall come home instead she’s right and death
and that the womb should disperse them the white and thus becomes immense never
lie you know what’s very interesting is this gentleman is a psychic I think
that’s what this what a pillar is made of spruce wood strong smell juniper
protect some Peller means shaman or local charlotte meaning out of our
secrets first or hooligans club that tempered with an incense of Earth smoke
and juniper Ferrara to protect her protect her from what sir designed to
protect it from what the message she was evil all around wanted to possess her
own magic bullet oblivion the dark sources emerged called magic can you be
more specific tis not from that speech not for the
touch a small protective charm not the theme or a panic adieu I see were you uh you made this didn’t you
you make the amulet all right she was the fella after the way of his
forefathers hug the steel rocker was amulets guy he protected well you didn’t
clearly see he’s definitely lost it is talking about himself in the third
person right and he’s got a bunch of rooster legs attached to his princess
none better than princess for finding things princess which princess princess we have laws without plates
those men must have scared her off let me get back to the other end without
the cunt now God won’t work oh you lost your goat
will you help me if I bring the goat back princess princess where you got to
go fine I’ll get your goat the Bell the
little bells ringing she loves it really bring the Chivo father but for what
but beware of wild strawberries raspberries – yeah treacherous as beasts
girl I always keep an eye out for him okay I didn’t catch this at first
because I I had I discovered oh no way I know you need to climb like that
I had discovered that princess the goat does like raspberries and wild berries
just like this Heller is telling me now and and I just caught that and because the
goat runs off and goes somewhere where there are berries and where there is a
full that I have to fight which is not fun
you know it’s China and I was trying to figure out how on
earth I don’t know if you guys were remembering some of the previous
episodes I was trying to figure out how to equip a torch and how to equip kind
of this ringing Bell for instance I’ve got some bowls
can you dance with me I’m the one wolf you guys have gray wolves who loves this music this is the best
music ever who thinks that’s cool that like look
those are the guts off of the wolf rent limit Wolf’s liver and now and then it
goes away I think that’s cool I love that detail I never saw I didn’t catch
that each other for amazing
but I figured out I finally figured out how to use a torch because I had to
figure out how to use this belt and in my last playthrough it actually took me
a few minutes to figure that out so do what fable you know this really
reminds me of fables sometimes the swordplay everything I took a while for
me to get used to and it didn’t take me a while maybe Steven took me too I’m
just I would play the game and I would stop playing the game and I would play
it stop bagging for a week because I had a little butch videos but now I’m happy
to get out air princess I’m happy to play this game come on you come on my
friend how cute is this much what a huge
compared to action watch what a cute little mission the wild patches driver
it’s yep do I really have to keep this battle
friend Apollo come on honeysuckle come on how do you see this what happens
she’s like no I know there’s some I’m really happy the dirt doesn’t go
after princess right away to kill princess and I bet the bear would if I
wasn’t filling a barrel right away and engaging the barrel I wanted to see if the bear legs the
likes the the Bell oh I noticed there’s a corpse on the
ground I never examined the corpse last time oh my god I just got my ass whoopin
that Varrick that was totally retarded come here you know like Bell steel oh that was a little difficult I was
worried that I was going to die I feel bad that I killed a bear I’m quite a
there I’m quite an animal-loving person but of course the bear is gonna kill me
look at this we got a corpse of this pretty good-looking chick here but I can’t interact with her whatsoever
here’s some blood from where she died she probably just got too close to pick
some berries and the fair came out and the bear killed her
I never even caught that last time well I seen that last time where I’ve seen
your body there but I never did it in any investigating
which is just quite something yeah poor lady spy go on mister go or
princess you’re not a mr. go you’re a female golden princess I’m sorry I’m
just thinking about that lady with green hair got killed by a bear it’s pretty
cheap this beautiful weather the weather
changes like last time around this time it was like raining you have to have oh
that’s great girl likes goats for this goat he’s happy she’s happy
come on Princess the pillar is gonna give it to ya
I hope the bear light doesn’t dump this be kind of sick right – come on dudes like that somehow Oh huh ah yeah reunited together that’s so
cute I love I pets I’ve gotten my effete Neko
my cat can we talk about Anna and tomorrow now that Kevin where they might
be human events look we leak blood the living being the
living beep oh he led rolls his eyes fine be right back a living being about to go here you know
I caught a rat with these two or a rat well
this is some pretty crazy shamanistic stuff it cut open a rat oh yeah yeah get
that get that all on around there I’m gonna have a heaven have a vision we see
but no wonder your eyes Anna just child okay
where is she mentioned a child knows why Alice Nana was pregnant
she was she miscarried I didn’t mention it fry baths or a shiny
door forgetful while the Baron for drinks a lot there
have anything to do with his wife’s miscarriage foul-tempered ears and heaps
of fun this footage I thought it’s there it makes his temper even Fowler did he
abuse his family and I came to you you must have noticed something the Paris
old nip like The Princess and the Nikita so what she’s a wise based only comes to
those who suffer interesting yeah so this confirms my suspicions that
the bloody baron was beating his wife bloody it which is not funny wise will
catch the bottom the bottom will help lead the wolf to the loved ones actually
suck the blood of pregnant women with their fetuses they don’t tap these are
being cursed and witches mistresses if the white wolf can’t lift it he should
bring me its blood blood will always find keep drip but I need to know where
this botch link is but before I do why do you need the sex blood dude why do
you want its melodic blood blood blood it binds me for one tease the living and
the dead sure what do you
at times a century is too short for two brothers the record sign one dies before
things are set right the other then prints his blood to the death whereas
the attitude here words for father’s Eve he mixes the blood with men herbs and
hence feet he drinks to reconcile the date of the lead there shall be none for
father’s eight this year Wow really interesting and this is what
a lot of shamans do like for real right you mentioned forefathers Eve very old
custom to die napped death lurks in every fuckin puddle Randy fuck now they
could die their earthly matters unresolved then they required or then
knock-knock peace forefathers II must be performed like the ton of candles to me
and through the dark call them by name appease their in grants only then may
they depart in peace Wow I’m gonna let the cursus one which
ended her bottlings curse never tried myself though I know you need to bury
under the threshold give me tonight before the I roll the ritual of naming
that’s another customer human Melbourne dwarven ancient spirits an embrace they
honor not its meaning when a spirit slander and the spiritual aging aspect
will answer seek very interesting and it’s always good
that you probe I got a recommendation from a viewer actually commented on one
of my videos that I actually exhaust all aunty all the conversations with the
NPC’s right I know I skipped a little bit of what the bloody baron was saying
because I wanted to get here because I replayed it or anybody you should always
go through and listen to everything that they’re saying alright get all the
information that you can because I definitely learned a bunch but what the
Peller is telling me here so now I need to know
where the watch thing is whatever acting I gotta find the boxing first seeking at
midnight near the grind that lies empty if what you say is true that they’re not
aware that great is the Baron the Baron knows all the Baron
knows somewhere than he’s letting on really it’s the truth
the Baron is entitled truth above everything he’s a bit of a it’s a bit of
a bastard that Baron let’s save this game right there and we made it
I’ve actually this is the part where I made it too and I ended the video and so
yeah it’s fantastic I haven’t proceeded I haven’t gotten past this point so
we’re back to the blind playthrough I haven’t played past this point yet I
have no idea what happens next I haven’t gone anywhere but I really quickly want
to just equip my torch because I that’s my new skill I learned how to equip a
torch thanks to this mission and screwing
around with it for a while as well there we go
I gotta press on that one you know
that is cool see I know how they use a torch down so proud of myself but yeah
all right a picture golden bye bye princess man hello white wolf wise wolf
what is it the wolf’s mate let’s learn a little bit of history
about this guy from the village come here often when help they need the
pellet they seek help with what with the Contin piece must be made but they must
then wait for forefathers aid or when an evil spirit runs wild in a hosted drive
the spirit of the pelican and if I needed say a love potion then to the
which you would be said northern manner for the para bat a love potion
oh yeah the Peller can’t help me with that let’s see what the pillars got the
sail reeds because I need a stuff diagrams okay but we do got some who got
any health potions we got lots of ingredients for oh yeah
we go down a little more we got Marsh adorable spirit I really am in love with
these little item menu thinks this is just so cool I love the little pictures alkyl hessed it’s a red bottle it looks
like it would be you know it looks like there would be tough
well thank you guys so much for joining me on this livestream
I hope this livestream is the winner because as you know I’ve been whining
and playing almost this entire livestream and I want to apologize for
that but I had fun doing it over again with you guys and I want to thank you
for joining me on my adventure and joining me on my very first public
livestream that hopefully works it plays back and works awesome but I really want
you guys to let me know that you’re enjoying this content that you’re
enjoying the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt with me go ahead and like this video go ahead
and ding the bell icon so that you know when we’re live next we you know promise
to be live on a decent hour next time and don’t forget to subscribe so that
you can join us on this amazing on join me on this amazing fun time together so
I am looking forward to seeing what is next after this I’m gonna maybe get a
little bit of something to eat whatever and then I’m gonna continue on and with
the very next episode part seven immediately right after I quickly review
this last video so please join me and if you’re just catching the replay thanks
very much for catching this stream replay and watching this video and I
can’t wait to see you on part 7 rock and roll this is can droid signing out peace
out y’all one more thing thanks for watching take care

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